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New. Publications in January.

59 tory, geography, philosophy, mythology, counts of the latest state of literature in and antiquities, and confequently limited France; 2. The most recent events in the to those auxiliary branches, which are ef. department of the arts ; 3. Literary and sentially required to the understanding of artistical notices of rare and valuable the classics. The whole of the latter work works of every description, miscellanies, is to form three volumes' 8vo. the first of biography, &c. &c. which was published in October last. Voss and Co. book and printsellers at

A New Musical Gazette has lately been Leipzig, are publishing a series of prints commenced at Leipzig, published for representing the most renowned French Breitkopf and Härtel, two emineni book- Generals, Each livraison contains the Sellers, who promise to furnish the musical portraits of lix Generals. in 4to. at the world with weekly intelligence of every low price of one dollar eight groshen thing new and interesting in thts depart. (about 5s.). In the first number are likement, wish concise philosophical or histo- nesses of Buonaparte, Hoche, Augereau, dical essays on musical subjects, short ex- Bournonville, Jourdan, and Pichegru : the tracts from the mott important theoretical second number contains those of Massena, works on music, with reviews of the latest Berthier, Bernadotte, Dumas, Kleber, and public compositions, with interesting ac- Moreau. counts of diftinguished artists and vir- One of the most complete Dictionaries tuoi’s, wc, &c.

of the English language now extant is the On the ist of Brumaire, viith year of following, which lately appeared at Strasthe French Republic (October 220, 1798, burg, printed for Levroult.

Phraseoold style,) appeared at Frankfort on the logia Anglo-Germanica, or a collection of Maine, the firit number of a newind valua- more than 50,000 English phrases, exble periodical work intitled “The Paris Li- tracted from the best English writers, re• terary and Artistical Gazotle for Germans," duced to alphabetical order, and transconducted by a learned German at Paris, lated into German by F. W. HAUSSNER, and transmitted to the publishers at Professor at the central school of the deFrankfort. It professedly contains, 1. Ac- partment of the Lower Rhine : to which

is added a vocabulary of all such words * The substance of this and the following, as did not require to be explained by and all other foreign journals, may be looked

phrases. for in the Monthly Magazine.

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8vo. gs.


A CORRECT LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. The following is offered to the Public as a complete List of all Publications within the Month. Authors

and Publishers who desire a correct and early Notice of their Works, are intreated to transmit copies of the fame.

Writers of Italy. By a Member of the ArcaA GENERAL View of the Agriculture of dian Academy of Rome; with 13 engravings,

the County of Lincoln, drawn up for the Il. is. boards, Confideration of the Board of Agriculture.

EDUCATION. By the Secretary to the Board, with plates, The Reader, or Reciter, by the assistance

Nicol. of which any Person may teach himself to

read or recite English Prose with elegance - A Plan, preceded by a Review of fine Arts, and effect. To which are added instructions to tranfmit to Pofterity the Portraits of the for reading Plays on a new plan, 3s. 6d, nost distinguished Characters of Great Bri- boards.

Cadell and Davis. tain and Ireland. Also to encourage British Pilkington's Henry, or the Foundling, "Artists, and to adorn London with Galleries

IS. 6d.

Vernor and Hood. of Pictures, &c. without any expence to Go- The Little Teacher, for reading and spellvernment. By Noel Defenfans, Esq. is. 6d. ing well, 9d.

Darton and Harvey. Law. Lellons upon Life, or Home Scenes, 1s. 6d.

Sael. Aurelio and Miranda, A Drama, as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury-lane, A General View of the History of Switzerfounded on the Romance of the Monk. By land, with a particular Account of the Origin James Boaden, Esq. 25.

Bell. and Accomplishment of the late Revolution. Historical Memoir on Ítalian Tragedy, il. By John Wood, Edinburgh, 6s. boards. lustrated with specimens and analyses of the

Cawthorn. most celebrated tragedies and interspersed with

LITERATURE observations on the Italian Theatre, and Bio- The New London Review, or Monthly graphical Notices of the principal Tragic Report of Authors' Books, is. 6d.

Vernor and Hood.







Economy, with a Scheme of Medical ArThe Trial of Mr. James Parsons, of Pater- rangement for Armies. By Robert Jacksor, nofter Row, for a Libel, 6d. Fiske. M. D. 8vo. 75. boards.

Longman. Reports of Cafes in the Court of Common

NAVAL AND MILITARY. Pleas, in Trinity and Michaelmas Terms, No. V. of the Military Magazine, or Mil1798. By Bojanquet and Putter, Part 4, 5s. cellany, appropriated to the ules and amuse

Butterworth. ment of the officers of the British army, and A Complete System of Pleading. Volume of gentlemen volunteers who are desirous of

(containing Trespass and Scire l'acias.) By obtaining an accurate knowledge of military John Wintworth, Esq. Barrister, royal 8vo. concerns. 29. 60.

Carpenter and Co. 129. beards.

Robinsons. The Naval Chronicle, a new Monthly A Correct Abridgment of the Act, impo- Work, Number 1, 2$. 6d Bunnty and Co. eing a tax upon income, and the Schedule at New Naval Magazine, Number 1, to be full length, for estimating the Income liable continued Monthly, 6d. Harrison and Co. to be assefled, 6d.

A complete Marine Pocket Dictionary, of Trepass, Jordan, West, Parsons. the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German The substance of the Income Act, being Languages; with an English-french and an Abridgment of the Language only ; and a French-english Index. By Herry Neuman, methodical Arrangement of all the Claufes 75. 6d. boards.

Hurst, of the Act. By a Barrister.


Fanna Suecica Insecta, Vol. 1. By Gufia The February Fashions of London and vus Paykull, Naturalist in Sweden, &c. 95. Paris, containing nine beautifully coloured boards,

Richardson, Figures in the actually prevailing and most Donovan's British Insects, Number 1. to be favourite Dreffes of the Month, intended for continued every Fortnight, 2s. Rivingtons, the use of milliners, &c. and of ladies of qua- Jity, and private families residing in the coun- Romances. By J. D'Ifracli, interspersed • try. To be continued Monthly. Is. 6d. with Specimens of Persian Poetry. To which

Curpenter and Co. is pretixed a poetical Estay on Romance and The Secrets of the Engliin Bastile dis- Romancers; embellished with a Frontispiece, closed; with a Copy of the Rules and Or- 8vo. 85. boards.

Cadelland Davies, ders by which the System is regulated. By Helen Sinclair, 2 volumes 75. sewed. a Middlesex Magistrate, is, Rivingtons.

Cadell and Davies. Observations on the intended Tunnel be- The Natural Son, translated from the neath the River Thames, shewing the many French of Diderot, 2 vols. 12mo. 75. boards. Defects in the present state of the projection.

Longman. By Charles Clark, F. S. A. 410. 45. Robinsons. Tale of the Times, by the Author of a Beauties of St. Pierre, 3s. boards.

Goffip's Story, 3 vols. 12 mo. !25. fewed. Vernor and Hood.

Longman. Index to Dodney's and Rivington's An- Rash Vows; or the Effects of Enthusiasti, nual Register, from 1758 to 1792 inclusive, translated from the French of Madame de 2 vols. 145. boards.

Rivington. Genlis, 3 vols. 12mo. Ics. 6d. boards. The Works of the late John Maclaurin,

Longman. Erq. of Dreghorn, one of the Senators of the Lendor; or Early Engagements, 2 vols. College of Justice, 2 yols. 8vo. gs. boards. 12mo. 75. sewed.

Trepafs. Robinsons. Emily Dundorne; or the Effects of Early

Improvement, 3 vols. 1os. 6d. sewed. Low. A Course of Mathematics, Vol. 2d. By Charles Hutton, LL. D. F. R. S, Professor of Song of the Battle of the Nilc, published Mathematics in the Royal Military Academy, for the benefit of the Widows and Children Woolwich, 8s. 68. boards, Robinsons. of the brave men who fell on that memora, MEDICAL

ble day. By the Rev. W. L. Bowles, 4to. Reflections on the propriety of performing

Cadell and Davies. the Cæfarean Operation. To which are Theodore, or the Gamefter's Progress, a added, Obfervations on Cancer, and Experi- Poetic Tale; with Frontispiece, engraved by ments on the fupposed Origin of the Cow Ncagle, 25. 6d.

Vernor and Hood. Pox. By IV'. Sin: 1.995, Member of the Corpo

POLITICAL ECONOMY. ration of Surgeons in London, &c. 25. 64. The Speech of Sir John Sinclair, Bart. on

Vernor and Hood. the Bill for imposing a Tax upon Income, in A Treatise on Sugar. By Benjamin Moje- the Debate, on Friday, December 14, 1798, ley, M, D. gs. boards. Robinsons.

Debrett. An Outline of the History and Cure of Fe- The Substance of Lord Auckland's Speech ‘ver endemic and contagious, more expressly in the House of Peers, on the third reading of that of Jails, Ships, and Hospitals, and the the Bill for granting Duties upon Income, is, (vulgarly called) Yellow Fever of the West

Wright, Indies. To which is added, an Explanation A Measure productive of subftantial Bene, of the Principles of Military Discipline and fits to Government, the Country, the Publig



IS. 6d.



New Publications in January.


Is. 6d.


Funds, and to Bank Stock. By Simeon A Sermon preached in the Cathedral of St. Pope, Is. 6d.

Richardsons, Paul before the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs, The Tests of National Wealth and Fi- and Common Council of the City of London, nance in Great Britain, in December, 1798, the Artillery Company, &c. on the 29th of

White. November, 1798. By Thomas Bowen, is. Considerations upon Frauds in the revenue,

Rivington. addressed to the good sense of the People, 16. Mason's Family Bible, Number 1, to be Hatchard. continued Weekly, is.


Sermon delivered in the Church of Weft To be sold for the Increase of Public Con- Broom wich, on the last day appointed for a tributions, the following new Publica- general Thanksgiving. By William Feffe, tions in English, French, and German. By M. A. 60.

Vernor and Hood. Obadiab Prim, one of the people called Qua- Comfort for the Feeble Minded : Three kers.

Sermons preached at the Chapel, GrubI. Address to the Sovereigns of Europe, Street. By John Bradford, A. B. is. 6d. 2. History of some great Mandarines, 3d.

Trepass. 3. Political Review of the present and A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the future state of Europe, 35.

Diocese of Chichester, at the Primary Visita4. Lavater's Address to the 5 Tyrants, 2s. tion, in the year 1798. By John, Lord Bishop 5. Memorial delivered at Rastadt againit of Chichester, 25.

Robson. His Britis Majesty. By a Jacobin of Ilano- A Sermon preached before the Lords, on ver, 35.

Cawthorn. Thursday, November 29, 1798. By John, Union with Ireland. Cease your Funning! Lord Bishop of Chichester, is. Robson. Oh! that mine Enemy had written a Book. A new Edition, with new Plates, and a Dublin printed, London reprinted. Debrett. number of additional Notes, A Translation of

The fallacy of French Freedom, and dan- the Latin and Greek Quotations, and a Life gerous Tendency of Sterne’s Writings; or, 'of the Author of Derham's Phylico-Theology, an Efia;, Thewing that irreligion and immo. 2 yols, 8vo. 145. boards. Cadell and Davies, rality pave the way for tyranny, and that The unparalleled Favour of Providence S:erne's writings are both irreligious and im- towards Britain; A Sermon preached on the moral. By D. Wbyte, M. D. 6d. Hatchard. late National Thanksgiving. By Robert An Appeal to the Public, in vindication of Walker, F. R. S. E. is.

Kay. John Hanfon, in regard to the prices charged A Sermon delivered in the Church of St. by Mr. Mackeil, smith, for the Iron railings Magnus, London Bridge, November 25th, in the Green Park. To which are added en- and in the Church of Allhallows, December gravings of illustrative drawings. Wright. 16th, 1798, before the Volunteers, in the

Recent State of Ireland: and the only Wards of Bridge, Candlewick and Dowgate. Means of preserving it to the Empire consi- By William Vincent, D. 1. 13. Cadell & Davies. dered, in a Letter to the Marquis Cornwallis. By James Geranty, Esq. Is. 6d. Stockdale. L'Ami des Meres: Journal d'Education, et

The Case of Ireland reconsidered, in answer des Spectacles, ouvrage des lequel en fera to s6 Arguments for and against the Union voir les rapcrt3 qui doivent exister entre confidered," 25.

Debrett. l'Instruction et l'Amusement. Par M. Le Observations on the Political State of the Texier, Number 1, to be continued Monthly, Continent, should France retain her immcnre and completed in 12 Numbers, price of the Acquifitions, 3s. 6d,

Debrett. whole il. Is. to Subscribers. Booley. The Retrospect. A Collection of Tralis French Publica:ions by Dulau and Co. published at various periods of the War; in- Carite et Polydore, par Barthelemy, auteur, cluding Reflections on Mr. Locke's Theory du voyage du jeune Anacharsis, avec une of Government, in producing that Combina. notice sur sa vie, par Le duc de Nivernois. sion of Anarchy, which has airumed the name Chcile d'amusemens physiques et Mathématiques, of Jacobinismı. By John Bowles, Esq. 8vo. propres à exercer agréablement l'esprit de la 6s. boards.

Longman. jeunefle, 2 vols. 12mo. price 6s. par Mr. New Edition, with fine heads, and the Despiau, ancien professeur de Mathématique Arms of the Persons addresled, finely cut in et de Physique. wood, of Juniųs's Letters, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. is. Le prophète consolateur, ou Mathieu Laensboards. Royal Paper, 1l. 155. Vernor & Hood. bergh, almanachi pour l'an de Grace 1739,

Neceflity of an incorporate Union with ouvrage intéreifant, curicux et instructif, leIreland, proved from the Situation of both digé, par le croyant, price, is. 6d. Kingdoms. With a Sketch of the Principles The 4th and last vol. of Mémoires pour ferupon which it ought to be formed, 25. 6d. vir à l'histoire du Jacobinisme, par l'Abhé

Wright. Barruel, 8vo. price 7s. 60. this vol. contains TELOLOGY.

the history of the illuminati ; the application A Discourse preached at the Brethren's of the three conspirations to the French ievoChapel, Bristol, on November 29, 1798. By lution, and a very interesting conclufion. file Rev. 1. Grenfield, is

Mathews L’Irde en rapport avec l'Europe, par Anque. The Efficacy of Courage in a good Caule; til, 2 vols. 125.



32 s.

Abrégé des mémoires pour servir à l'histoire Eilai sur l'Histoire de l'Espéce humaine, 6s. du Jacobinisme, par l'abbé Barruel, 8vo. 6s. Hommages d'un suiffe aux braves d'Unterjuf imported by the same.

walden, 60. Défenje de l'ordre social contre les principes Julic, 28. 6d. de la révolution Françoise, par l'Abbé Du- Théorie des fonctions Analytiques, conte. voisin, 8vo. 55.

nant les principes du calcul différentiel, par Les colons de toutes couleurs, histoire d'un Lagrange, 4to. 1os. établissement nouveau à la côte de Guinée, Léonore de Trauenfein, 25. par Mr. Le Texier, auteur de gouvernenient Lettre à Dumouriez, fur fon Tableau spede la république romaine, zvols.18mo. fig. 125. culatif, 1s. 6d.

Considérations sur La France, par Mr. De Manuel de l'Education des Abeilles, 33. 61.
Mestre, 8vo. 45. 6d.

Marie de Sinclair, 25. 60.
Antidote du Congrèe de Rastadt, 8vo. gs. Mémoires Historiques de Stephanie-Louise
Books imported by Deboffe.

de Bourbon-Conté, écrits par elle-même, 2 Ammorvin et Zalida, 2 vols. 45. 6d.

vols. jos, Analyse des travaux sur les Sciences Natu- Mélanges extraits des manuscrits, de Marelles, 4s. 6d.

dame Necker, 3 vols. 188. De l'Inde en rapport avec l'Europe, 2 vols, Mythologie dramatique de Lucien, Gr.

Lat. et Fr. par Gail, 4to. 98. ? Antidote du Congré de Rastadt, 55.

Ditto, gr. pap. 185. Systême Maritime et Politique, par Ar- Nofographie Philosophique, par Pinel, z would, 5s.

yols. 123.
Le Baron de Felsheim, 2 vols. 55.

Nouveau Spectacle de la Nature, 2 vols.
Biographies des Suicides, 2 vols. 75. 145.
Carite et Polydore, par Barthelemi, 2s. Nouveau Théatre, ou choix des meilleures

Célestine, ou les Epoux fans l'être, 4 vols. pieces qui ont paru depuis 12 ans. 3 vols. 125. 1os. 60.

Opuscules chimiques de Bayer, 2 vols. 145. Les Colons de toutes couleurs, 3 vols. 125. Phrascologia Germanica, or a collection of

Consolations de ma Captivité, par Roucher, more than 50,000 phrases, Engl. and Germ. 2 vols. 6s.

large 8vo. 18s.
Dangers de l'Intrigue, 4 vols. 1os.

Pinacothéque, ou Colle&tion de Tables
Cuvres Complettes de Dumartais, 7 vols. pour multiplier et diviser, 75. 60.
Svo. Il. 155.

Recherches sur les moyens d'exécuter sous Nouveau Tableau speculatif de l'Europe, l'eau toutes sortes de travaux hydrauliques, par Dumouriez, 6s.

par Coulomb, 2s.
Aventures de Faublas, nouv. et belle edit. Réflexions d'un ancien militaire, 6d.
4 vols. 8vo. fig. il. ns. 60.

Principes des moeurs chez toutes les na-
Ferdinand et Constance, 2 vols 4s. tions, par St. Lambert, 3 vols. 125.

Les Petits Emigrés, par Madame Genlis, 2 Traité Analytique de la résistance des Sovols. yos.

lides, par Girard, 4to. il. is. Recherches sur la Geographie systématique Nouvelle Vie de Voltaire, 6s. et positive des Anciens, par Gofjelin, 2 vols. Précis sur l'établissement des Colonies de 4to. Il. 16s.

Sierra-Leone, par WVudfrom, 25. 61.

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THE NEW PATENTS lately enrolled.
JOSHUA COLLIER, FOR A CHEMICAL ing a quantity of any species of em oila

PROCESS FOR FREEING FISH OILS or a mixture of different forts of fith oil
FROM THEIR IMPURITIES, &c. into any convenient vesel, which is to be

PATENT was granted last year to heated to the temperature of 110 or 120 broker, for a chemical process for freeing adding of caustic mineral alcali of the fith oils from their impurities in finell, fpecific gravity commonly described as taste, and colour, and for improved 1.25, or of such strength that a phial strainers for oil and other liquids, with containing 1000 grains of distilled water other instruments for ascertaining their will contain 12.50 grains of these lees, a qualities and atlisting their burning. quantity equal to four parts of the roo by

Of this patent which combines an in- weight of the quantity of oil; the mix genious application of machinery, with ture is then to be agitated, and left to the antiseptic properties of charcoal, hand a sufficient time for the salts and fewell known to all chemists by the striking diments to fubfide, it is then drawn, oft experiments of Professor Lowitz, we fall into another vessel, containing a fufficient give a detailed account.

quantity of fresh burnt charcoal, finely The chemical process confifts in pour- powdered, or any other fubftance porter


Colliers Patent for hiltering & Sweetnery

494, Sections of a Machine for Filtering Waler.

Fig 3. Setion of the Filtering.fi


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septic properties, the box is removed and

References to the plate. heared, till it is red hot, by which means FIG. 1. A.--The cistern into which the The foreign matter escapes through the water or other fluid to be filtered is puta

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