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in the army.



that city.


At Leven Grove, the Hon. Isabella Cary, At Prescott, aged 19, Mr. Thomas Bradrelict of the late Hon. Gen. George Cary.

shaw. Mr. Edinonds, formerly an officer At Knottingley, Mr. Brown, attorney at law.

At Childwail, Mrs. Gascoyne, relict of At Silkstone, near Barnsley, aged 84, the late B. Gascoyne, eiq. Rev. Samuel Phipps, vicar of that place. At Pietton, Mrs. Pre.ion, daughter of Mr.

At Wakefield, Mr. J. Meggitt, bookfeller. Ald. Pritchard. At Bradford, Capt. Wr. Weatherstone, of the 84th regiment of foot.

Married.) At Great Neiton, Mr. Thomas At Cotting worth, aged 66, Henry Wm. Haiwell, to Miss Whitehead. Robinson, eiq.

Died.] At Chester, Mr. Thomas Sutton. At Howden, Mr. Robert Middlebrooke, Major Cole. Mr. Roger Cotgrave, tilk-dyer. surgeon.

Mr. Hickion, shoe-maker. At Selby, Mrs. Fothergill, wife of Mr. At Primrole Hill, aged 92, Mrs. Margaret Fothergill


At Sale, Mr. Bradthaw White, Son of C. Married] At Lancaster, Mr. John Thomp- White, esq. of Manchester. fon, merchant, to Miss M. Wright, daughter At Boughton, near Chester, aged 84, of the late Dr. Wright.

John Brailey, Esq. formerly puit-master at At Manchester, Mr. Wm. Kay, manufacturer, to Miss Fray, daughter of Mr. Thomas Fray, of Withy Grove. Rev. Thomas Dlarried.] At Derby, Mr. Thomas Boden, Gaskell, one of the masters of the grammar- baker, to Miss Ellis. school, to Miss Ann Rigby.

Mr. James

At Gloflop, J. Tomlinson, efq. of CoFisher, to Miss Ann Makin, of Salford. Mr. hinedge, to Miss E. Bradbury, of Blankhead. Joseph Parr, attorney, to Miss Chamley of At Kirk-Langley, Mr. Bowyer, surgeon, Blackburn.

of Brailsford, to Miss Copestake. At Warrington, Mr. John Boyer, to Miss At Wingerworth, J. S. Sydney, esq. of Blackburn. Mr. B. Furnivall, of Oldham, Penhurst Castle, Kent, to Miss H. Hunlocke, to Miss M. Rollingson. Mr. G. Furnivall, daughter of Sir H. Hunlocke, bart. to Miss L. Chorley.

Died.] At Mealham, aged 64, Mr. ThoAt Liverpool, Mr. Wm. Phillips, mer- mas Jewsbury, the greatest part of whose chant, to Miss E. Robinson. Mr. Rd. Rof- life was fpent in conducting the collieries, in fon, upholder, to Miss A. Bushell. Mr. Rt. the lordships of Oakthorpe and Meatham, Wilson to Miss E. Griffiths.

with great benefit to his employers, and At Winwick, Mr. Thomas Atherton, to much credit to himself, as a faithful and Miss Layland.

skilful agent. From his principal occupaAt Childwall, M. D. Carr, esq. of Cork, tion of superintending collieries, he spared atto Miss Dawson of Mossley Hill.

tention sufficient to become, though not a At Blackburn, Mr. F. Chadwick, of professed, yet certainly an ingenious surveyor Preston, to Miss H. M. Whitehead.

of roads, and an accurate engineer of canal At Wigan, Mr. E. Chamley, to Miss navigation. To his practical knowledge fie Blinkhorn.

added a taste for natural philosophy, a study, Died.] At Manchester, Capt. Thomas which he found to be an agreeable companion Smerden. Mr. T. Burton, of the Red Lion of his leiture, and an enlightened guide of Inn. Mr. John Jenkins, bruih manufactu- his labours. Mr. J. lived to reap the fruits

Mr. Wm. Pearson, small ware of his goud conduct; his honesty and industry nufacturer. Mr. John Wriglit, taylor. Mr.

enabled him to establish a numerous family Smith. Aged 34; Mrs. E. Corbett, wife of in a respectable manner, to place several of Mr. Matthew Corbett, of that place: Her his kinsmen in advantageous fituations, and affectionate and peaceable deportment, in the to bequeath good fortunes to his children. several relations of wife, mother, and friend, At Meller, Mrs. Esther Wild, wife of Mr, deservedly procured her the esteem of all who Wild. knew her.

At Willington, aged 78, Mr. Dethick. At Liverpool, aged 82, Mrs. Richardson. At Ashborne, Mr. Slater, organitt. Aged 41, Mr. Mofs, cabinet maker. Aged 88, Mr. Robert Weithead. Mr. John Lup- Married.] At Nottinghain, Mr. Needham, ten, broker. Aged 71, Mr. John Wilson, hosier, of Alhby de la Zuuch, to Miís Tupott. farrier. James Worthington, M. D. one Mr. Nath. Rutt, of London, to Miss S. Prenof the original promoters of the Liverpool tice. Mr. John Billings, hofier, to Miss A, Difpenfary. Ufariah Uzuld, esq. captain of Lockton. Mr Winrow to Miss M. Sturt. his Majesty's ship Acteon. Aged 77, Mr. J. Mr. Wm. Cotton, grocer, to Miss Southern. Grimshaw. Mrs. Armstrong, widow. Mr. At Newark, Mr. Reynolds, bruthmaker, John Porter.

to Mifs Wilson. At Raatord, near NottingAt Warrington, Mrs. E. Wilkinson, wife ham, Mr. J. Hewitt, factor, of Oxford, to of Mr. J. Wilkinson, cotton manufacturer. Miss Pike of Apsley.

At Ormskirk, aged 70, Mr. John Jefferies, Died.] · At Nottingham, aged 22, Mr, Eun-smith.

John Flint. Mr. Sam, Walker, butcher,






1799.] Lincolnshire.... Rutlandshire.... Leicestershire, &.c.

417 Aged 20, Mr. J. Yates, son of Mr. Yates,

LEICESTERSHIRE. whitelmich. Mr. Summers, shoemaker. Married.] At Leicester, Mr. W. Cumber* At Newark, Mr. Geo. Stephenson, chemist, land, holier, to Mis Bell, Mr. Dowley, jun. &c.

Mr. John Ridge, sen. taylor. M. Ed. to Miss Richards. Elle, publican. Mrs. Stainton, publican. At Garthorpe, Mr. J. Thompson, watchMrs. Emblow, wife of Mr. Emblow, joiner. maker of Atherstone, to Miss S. Hickling. Mr. P. Marshall, linen-draper.

At Preitwould, R. Andrew, jun. esq. of At Bramcote, Mrs. Pickering.

Harlefton Park, Northampton, to Miss At Mansfield, Mr. John Andrews, parish Packe, daughter of J. c. Packe, efq. of clerk.

Prestwould. At Allockton, near Bingham, Mrs. Marriott. Died..] At Leicester, aged 82, Mr. Burges,

At Gedling, near Nottingham, Mrs. Big- manufacturer. Mr. Orten, hofier. John fby, widow of the late Rev. J. Biglby, rector Howard, efq. only son of the late celebrated of St. Peters.

philanthropist. Mr. R. Rors, auctioneer.

Aged 61, Mrs. Chamberlain, wife of Mr. Married.] At Lincoln, Mr. John Atkin. Chamberlain. Mrs. Roberts. fon, to Miss Briggs. Rev. Mr. Wingfield, At Great Wigsten, aged 75, Mr. John of Bull wick, to Miss Forkinham, of Lincoln. Goodrich, grazier. At Witherby, Mř. . Mr. Wm. Norton, baker, to Miss Alher. Kiss, farmer.

At Bliborough, Mr. R. Stephenson, brewer, Ac Stapleford, aged 8o, the Right Hon. of Beverley, to Miss S. Ranby.

the Earl of Harborough, Viscount Sherard of At Louth, the Rev. Mills to Miss M. Stapleford, and Baron Letrim in Ireland. Taylor, daughter of Mr. Taylor, brewer. His lordthip was in holy orders when he fucMr. Morris, attorney, to Miss S. Spencer. ceeded to the earldom, and he resigned his

At Barton, Mr. Wilson, to Miss Foster. church preferments in 1773. He erected a

At Branston, Wm. Elis, jun. esq. to Miss church at Stapleford, about the year 1789– Curtois, daughter of the Rev. P. H. Curtois, one at Saxby, and another at Teighin Rutlandof the former place.

shire. His lordíhip generally resided at StaDied.] At Lincoln, aged 80, Mr. Sam. pleford, in the midst of a numerous and reBristow, shoemaker. Aged 82, Mrs. Bell, spectable tenantry, whom it was his greatest widow of the late Col. Bell. Aged 91, Mrs. delight to make happy, and the whole tenor Polgrave. Mrs. Ellison, aụnt of Rd. Eilisón, of his life was distinguished by great suavity esq. M. P. Mr. Wm. Richardson, drum- of disposition; and a heart of universal benemajor of the 34th regiment of foot; who shot volence. himself through the head in consequence of At Market Harborough, Mr. Tho. Goodbeing much involved in debt.

win. At Sleaford, Mr. Benson. Mr. Ouzman, At Ulle tho.pe, Mrs. Sawbridge, wife of publican. Mrs. Harmston.

Mr. Sawbridge, maltter. At Sweaton, Mr. Holderness, farmer. At Lutterworth, aged 76, Mr. R. Murphy. At Boston, Capt. Nath. Night.

Aged 71, Mr. Wm. Killpack. At Stamford, Mrs. Gunning, reli&t of the At Ashby de la Zouch, Mr. Hilditch, who Rev. Mr. Gunning, Miss Norcliffe. Aged presided over the school at that place for the 84, Mrs. E. Allen, fifter to Mr Allen, senior last 30 years. alderman. Aged 85, Mr. Wm. Budd. Mr. At Hinckley, Mrs. S. Nutt, relict of Mr. Watley Searson.

J. Nutt. At Falkingham, Mrs. Holdens.

At Belgrave, Mrs. Denshire, widow. At Scothorne, near Lincoln, Mrs. Patter- At Ravenstoke, the Rev. Mr. Clayton. ton, wife of Mr. Patterton.

At Brigg Mrs. Aker, wife of Mr. Aker, Married.] At Wolverhampton, Mr. Noel, merchant.

of London, to Miss J. Smith. Thos. Pearson At Whyham, near Louth, aged 26, Miss Tettenhall, to Miss S. Gibbons.' Wm. BrisE. Trolove.

coé, esq. of Edgmond, to Miss E. Farmer. At Bourne, Mrs. Presgrave.

At Walsall, Mr. Wm. Whitmore, of At Uppingham, Mr. John Cooke, druggift. Şneyd Farm, near Bloxwich, to Miss ş.

Ar Rauceby, Rev. Mr. Pugh, rector of Quinton, of Bloxwich. Cran well, and vicar of Rauceby.

At Shenstone, Lieut. Wm. Green, of the. At Wraghy, aged 40, Miss Anne Moody. , Navy, to Miss Turner, daughter of W. TurAt Tongue-end, near Bourne, Mr. Measures.


At Tettenhall-Corbet, Howard, esq. Marı ied.] At Ayfton; Wm. Kemp, esq. to Miss Bishop, daughter of the late Dr. of Belten, to Miss Box of Ayitont

Bishop, of Wolverhampton. Died.] At Uppingham, Mifs Birch. Mrs. Died.] At Weston Mrs. Esther Hipkiss, Holmes, wife of Mr. Holmes, publican. widow of the late Mr. John Hipkiss, japanner.

At Belton, near Vppinglim, aged 100, At Newcastle-under-line, Mr. John ArmMrs. Dickenson.

strong, - cornet of the 29th light dragoons, At Exton, aged 59, Mr. Thos. Kirk, Mr. whose death was occasiuned by a fall. J, Kirk, brother to Mr. T. Kirk.

At Leck, aged Mr. Conclitt, attorney. MONTHLY MAG. No, XLV.



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Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. Elking- Married. At Worcester, Mr. John Bristow, ton, tea-dealer, to Miss Richards. Mr. jun. currier, to Miss Hall, of Acton BeauWm. Glover, of London, to Miss M. Booth, champ. John Hodges, Esq. of Birch-Bo of the Wheel Inn. Mr. C. Lloyd, jun. au- rough Hall, to Mrs. E. Easthop, relict of the thor of " Edmund Oliver,” “Poems,"&c. to late Mr. Easthop, of Witley. Miss S. Pemberton, daughter of S. Pemberton, At Astley, Mr. S. Cartwright of Bewdley, efq. Mr. Jones, plater, to Miss Bryad, of to Miss Sheward of Sud-Green. Chaddelby Corbett.

At Bengworth, Mr. Hatch, maltfter, of At Coventry, Mr. Picard, to Miss L. Per- Evesham, to Miss Watkins, of the former kins.

place. At Chaddesley Corbett, Mr. Broad, timber Died.] At Worcester, Mrs. Evans, Sister of merchant, to Miss Reynolds, daughter of the the Rev. Dr. Evans, Prebendary of Worcefter late Mr. Reynolds, attorney.

Cathedral. Mr. Farley, sadler. Aged 74, J. At Coleftill, Mr. Tawney of Dunchurch, Smith, Esq. Aged 37, Mr. Timothy Matto Mis E. Edkins

thews, attorney. Mr. Dillon, sen. Aged 80, At Packwood, Mr. J. Gilliver, of Poles. Mrs. Pound. worth, to Miss M. Brooks.

At Aldington, near Evesham, Mrs. Laugher. At Solihull, Mr. Kendrick, to Miss E: At Evelham, Mr. Lloyd, wool-Itapler. Ingram, of Withwood Green.

At Kidderminster, aged 73, Mrs. Walker, At Brisnall End, Handsworth, Mr. James of the Angel Inn, which house the had kept Willmore, to Miss S.A Gem, of Birmingham. more than 40 years.

Died.] At Birmingham, Mr. Joseph Bat. At Pedmore, near Stourbridge, aged 77, teson. Mr. Price. Mr. Prothero. Mr. J. Mr. Wm. Franks. Ward, attorney. jun. Mr. S. Barnes. Aged 26, At Hill-House, Witley, Mr. John White, Mr. Wm Hazledine. Mrs. Eliz. Timmins. farmer. Aged 64, Mrs. A. Green, and a few days afterwards, aged 54, her husband, Mr. Wm. Green. Mrs. Redfearn, Mrs. Watts of the

Married.] At Castle Froome, Mr. Shelton, garrison. Miss Noble, daughter of Mrs. surgeon, of Bromyard, to Miss J. B. Derry, Noble. Aged 63, Rev. Wm. Thompson. daughter of Mr. Derry, of the Birchen.

At Aymestry, Mr. John Palmer, son of Mr. Mrs. Wright, widow. Mrs. Horsey, wife of Mr. T. Horney, Mrs. Moore, wife of relict of the late Mr. John Palmer, of Leint

Palmer of Yalton-Marsh, to Mrs. M. Palmer, , Mr. W. Moore, glass-cutter. Mr. Long, hall Earls,' who was grandfather to her prefell-monger.

sent husband. At Coventry, Mr. Alten Jopron, silker. Mrs. Holmes, wife of Mr. R. Holmes. Mrs. of the Tate Rev. W. Skinner, formerly Pre

Died.] At Hereford, Mrs. Skinner, reli& Singleton, wife of Mr. Singleton.

band of Hereford Cathedral. Mrs. Thomas, At Coughton near Alcester, aged 89, Mrs.

wife of Mr. F. Thomas, builder. Wilkes. At Sutton Coldfield, Mr. Nicholson, many

At Warmbridge, Mrs. Parry.

At Gatsford, Mrs. Dew, wife of Mr. Dew, years parish clerk of that place. Mr. Hay

farmer. wood, jun. farmer. Mrs. Dudley.

At Camp hill, Mr. Richards, brewer.
At Henley in Arden, aged 88, Mrs. Jago,

It is not commonly known that the much wife of the late Rev. R. Jago,of Smitterfield. admired White Horse on Cher Hill, near At Maxstock, Mr. Joseph Palmer, Turgeon. Chippenham, was cut only about fifteen years

fince, by three or four gentlemen of Colde, Married.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. P. Heath, allifted by about a dozen labourers. It was jun. to Miss M. Webster.

completed in a few afternoons, the earth being At Bishop's Castle, Mr. Wm. Hughes of first removed, and the space filled up with Shrewsbury, to Miss Home of Bishop's Cattle. chalk. The length measures thirty-seven

At Highley, Mr. Geo. Longmore of Coulyards, the heighth twenty yards, the brooke-Date, land Surveryor, to Miss Powell yard in diameter, and the nag-tail nine yards. of the former place.

This curious work of art is diftinctly visi. At Smithcott, Mr. Jeffreys of Farley, to, ble in several directions over a space of 39 or Miss Collins of the Walk-Mills.

40 miles.

Mr. Webb, now a respectable At Clungerford, Mr. Jolun Pugh of Stor- furgeon, of Melksham, was one of the permore, to Miss M. Urwick of Beckjay.

fons who affitted in laying it out, and who At Ellesmere, Mr. Jas. Priscoe of Penley, contributed towards the expence. to Miis S. Dicken of Lee. Captain Byrne of

Married. 1 At Gloucester, John Birch, efq. Liverpool, to Miss Lee of Elleimere. At Wem, Mr. Jolin Wilion, draper of Cul. of the Westminster Volunteers, to Miss

of Charlotte Street, Bloomsbury, and Lieut. Shrewsbury, to Mits Moreton of Go ton.

Albinia Raikes, third daughter of R. Raikes, Liedo] At Shrewsbury, Miss Alterley of

Erq. of Glouccíter. Miniterley. Mr. R. Williams of the Plüme

Ac Stapleton-house, Jacob Elton, Esq. to of Fathers. Mr. Jago, officer of Excise.

Mifs Charloiit Young of Pondlands. At Ellcfmerc, Mr. E. Wood.



eye one



Oxfordshire....Northamptonshire, &c.

419 At Thornbury, Mr. Richard Shute, of the Merchant, has the superintendence of this Cuftonis, to Miss Willis, of Thornbury. establishment.

At Tetbury, Mr. Strutt, to Miss Cave. Died.) At Aylesbury, aged 35, Mr. S.

Died.] At Cirencester, Mr. Whatley, or. Potter, formerly of Lincoln. Miss Chaplin, ganist.

daughter of Acton Chaplin, Esq.

At Aston-Clifton, Mrs. F. AlHeck. Married.] At Banbury, John Heynes, Esq.

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. of Chipping Narton, to Miss Kening, of Married.] At Upton, Mr. G. Crawley, to Steeple Arton.

Miss Canwell. At Adderbury, Rev. S. Parker, to Miss Djed.] At Attersbury, aged 94, Mr. Wm. Pain.

Weston, who retained his faculties unimpaired At Diddington, Mr. George Arnold, of St. to the last. Neots, to Miss Chapnian, of the former place. At Overton Waterville, aged 81, the Rev.

Died.] At Oxford, C. F. Ward, Esq. Mr. Smith, rector of that place. M. A. and Fellow of University College.

CAMBRIDGESKIRE. Mr. Thomas Franklin, many years cook of Married.]

At Cambridge, Mr. Robert Wadham College. Mrs. Benneft, wife of Johnson, farmer of Chesterton, to Mrs. FolkMr. Bennet, ihoemaker.

ard, fifter to Mrs. Dale, of the former place. At Banbury, Mr. Richard Wheatly, bro- At Elsworth, Mr. William Whitechurch of ther of John Wheatley, Esq. of Wardington. Haflingfield, to' Miss Whitechurch. Aged 79, Mr. Thomas Pinfold, watchmaker. At Wilburton, Mr. D. T. Myers, linen

At Deddington Paper Mills, near Banbury, drapor, Stamford, to Miss P. Crow of the aged 74, Mr. John Emberlin, senr.

former place. At Upper Norton, aged 84, Mr. John Hol- Died.] At Cambridge, aged 81, Mr. P. lier.

Hellendaal, a well known composer of music, At Thame, Miss Hollier, daughter of Mr. and organist of Peter-House chapel. Mrs. Hollier, attorney.

Briggs, widow of the late Mr. S. Briggs, clerk At New-Bridge Mill, aged 38, Mt. John of King's College chapel. Mrs. Ellis, wife of Badcock.

the Rev. Mr. Ellis, reétor of Molesworth. At Bolney, Anthony Hodges, Esq.

Mrs. Daw, lifter of Mrs. Ellis.

At Tyd-Gute in the Ine of Ely, Mrs. Married. At Daventry, Mr. Hall, draper, Trollope, wife of Mr. Trollope, merchant. to Miss Morgan.

At Barnwell, near Cambridge, Mr. Brown, At Finedon, Mr. Abel, bookseller, of wife of Mr. J. Brown, printer. Northampton, tu. Miss Stanton.

At Ely, Miss Page, sister of Thomas Page, At Cosgrave, Rev. John Bright, rector of Esq. Gratton Regis, to Miss S. Battams.

At Witchford, near Ely, Mr. Thomas At Culworth, Rev. John Thos. Flesher, Cave. rector of Tiffield, to Miss R. Bicker, daughter At Stretham Ely, Mr. J. Read. of the Rev. T. Bicker, vicar of Cosgrave. At Newmarket, Mr. James Prior, late of

Died.] At Northampton, aged 94, Mrs. Aspley in Suffolk. Lucas, reli&t of Alderman Lucas.

Aged 81, Mrs. Shelton, relict of Mr. Shel- Married.] At Norwich, Mr. John Wilson, ton, formerly master of the boarding school, to Miss E. Woodrow. at Daventry. Mrs. Clark, wife of Mr. At North Waltham, Mr. Jofeph Ransome, Clark, coach-maker. Mr. William Munno, to Miss E. Drake of Mayton-Hall. baker, whose death was occasioned by a fall At Yarmouth, Mr. William Chapel, to from the top of a high wall.

Miss Scott. At Wansford, Mrs. Rose.

Died.] At Norwich, aged 40, Mr. William At Yarwell, Mrs. Trayford.

Mendham, whose death was occafioned by a At King's-thorpe, aged 95, James Fre- loaded cart pailing over his body. Aged 72, maux, Esq.

Mrs. Thurgan. Aged 16, Mr. J. Sprinngall, At Peterborough, Mr. John Horden, book- son of the late Mr. Springall. Aged 29, Mt. seller.

C. B. Woodcock. Aged 80, Stackhouse At Braunston, aged 77, Mr. Wooton, soap- Thompson, Eng. Age: 67, Mr. P. Amyot. boiler.

Aged 85, Mrs. S. Hammant. At Furthoe, Mrs. Pittam, wife of Mr. At Burnham, Rev. Mr. Nelson, a younger Pittam, farmer.

brother of Lord Nelson.

At Foultham, the Rev. James Athhill. The important establiment of a Military At East-Dereham, Dr. Bagse. School, which has been a considerable time Ac Fakenham, Mr. Hall, school-master. under consideration, will speedily be com- At Swaffham, aged 62, Mrs. Sampson, menced in this county, under the auspices of wife of Mr. D. Sampson. the Duke of York, and the Chancellor of the At Postwick, the Rev. B. Robertson, rector Exchequer. The expence of the buildings is of that place. to be defrayed by government. The fons of

SUFFOLK, officers, either in the army or navy, who Married.] At Ipswich, Cap. Vachell of the have fallen in the service, are to have priority 45th regiment, to Miss Willett, daughter of of claim to admission. Colonel Gaspard Le- J. Willct, efq.





Rev. W. Clearke, A.M, Rector of Nor- furviving the reputed Mrs. Pud, to make thi ten, to Miss Jervis, daughter of the late mortifying disclosure ; he has therefore said Rev. Mr. Jervis, of Ipswich.

in his Will, “ I leave to Mrs. ';” (menAt Sudbury, Mr. English Tiffin, farmer at tioning her maiden name) “ commor.ly cal. Bulmer, to Miss Abbott.

led Mrs. P, my wife without the cere, At Great Blakenham, Rev. John Lyford, to monly, &c. &c. &c." Miss J. Lodge, deughter of J. Lodge, esq. This disclosure forced from Mr. P-, from

At Gumdisburgh, Mr. John Mauby, far- the nature of the case, in order to secure to mer, to Miss Wake.

the beloved object, the provision he had inAt Melford, Mr. W. Mothersole, quarter- tended for her, has, from obvious causes ope. master in the Suffolk provisional cavalry, to rated fo calamitously on her sensibility, as to Miss Mills of the George Inn.

leave her friends almost without the hope of At Elmswelė, Mr. George Langham, to her ever again recovering the tranquil stato Miss Ann Jacob.

of her mind; although the greatest pains are Died.] At Ipswich, aged 40, Mr. James taken by all who know her good qualities, ta Garrod.

seize every transient opportunity of soothing Mr. S. Maw, aged 29. Mrs. Forfer. and consoling her. One of the children of At Bury, aged 87, Mr. F. W. Everett. this afflicted and interesting family is a for, Mr. Jellit, taylor:

of an age to have thought of taking orders, M. P. Bulton, daughter of the late j. and this circumstance, with the apprehenfion Bolton, furgeon.

that his profperity and views in life might he Suddenly, at Ingham, aged 65, Mr. Steel, frustrated in some degree, by the secret his farmer.

father's death has revealed, contribute to At Rifhangles, Mrs. Barker, wife of P, overpower the sensibility of the muther. Barker, esq.

Mr. P-, had obtained na preferment in At Woodwele, Mr. Thomas Harvy, far- the Church, nor had he been folicitous on the

subject. Though very much deformed he At Biddlestone, Mrs. Croure, wife of Mr. was very active in body as well as mind, and J. Crvure, furgeon.

had particularly diftinguished himself for At Hawstead, near Bury, Mrs. Bigsby, many years in lahorious equestrian exercifes. Felict of Mr. W. Bigsby.

He was of a social and amiable disposition; At Baxted-Hall, Rev. J. W. Polęy. yet fond of retirement, and the comforts of

At Boreham, Mrs. Hoare, widow of R. his own family; in the happinefs and eduHoare, esq.

cation of which, he was unceasingly occuAt Fostock, Mrs. Owers, wife of Mr. pied. It is greatly to bę lamented, that the Dwers, farmer.

tender companion of more than twenty years At Ludbury. aged 64, Mr. Carlin.

of his life should have been rendered fo miMr. J. Spurling, of the Bear Inn.

serable by a discovery which the law requires, At Chelmworth, Mrs. Raynham, wife of and which could not have been avoided, but Mr. J. Raynlıam, farmer.

by Mr. P-'s, furviving her. For he has faid

to the writer of this artiele, “ Accident Dięd.] At Totteidge, the Rer. Mr. Wm. brought me acquainted with a woman of P- chaplain to the late Lord Rodney, merit, affection, and esteem, bave united me and private secretary to that Admiral, during to her by every tie, but the formal one of a the greater part of his active services on board church; and this ceremony not complied with the fleet in the West Indies, and at St. Eu

at the proper time, I cannot now adopt, withStatia. "From the emoluments of the several

out a disclosure, which muit be accompanied employments under that noble Lord, so fore with many painful considerations, and proba. tunate in the latter part of his life, added to bly with many future disadvantages to her

and a share of prize money, and the appointment my

family.” of diftributing it to the ships companies, un

Let sympathy then for the sufferings of the der the Admiral's direct command, Mr. P innocent and beautiful (for he has left two made a competent fortune ; and by his con. charming daughters)-ieal a wound which duct continued to engage the esteem of his has been involuntarily afflicted by the depatron to the last moment of that patron's parted parent! and let protection hold out the life. Upon the recent death of Mr. P-, a

hand, aird not of probrium point the finger, to most unlappy discovery has unavoidably been the surviving parent, whose grief and rehribi made, which has involved the most of his lity on this occasion, prove her so highly derelatives in great distreis of mind. It appears serving of commiseration and regard. that the lady who was to affectionately be. loved by Mr. P, and by whom he has left A considerable embankment of land from five children, was never married to him; al- the sea has lately been completed on the though the was supposed to be his wife by Effex coast, in Tellingham parish. This em2!1 the neighbourhood, and was universally bankment is a mile and a half in length, and esteemed. In the distribution of his property, 32 feet in its base, brought off in an angular for reasons concerning the nature of one part direction, 7 feet in height, to a surface of 5 of it, he felt himself compelled in case of not feet's the top: it is divided by ipacious dykes


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