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State of Public Affairs.

411 the liberty of the press, and the power of he in deference to the judgment of his the subject to associate, and contended at friend had acceded. great length, that there were laws at pre- Mr. Tierney said, that at all events fent in being sufficiently effe&tually to pu- this was an alteration of the law of Scotnith all the abules both of the press and land. In England a person convicted of associations of the people. No man wished a libel was subject to fine and imprisonmore than he did to suppress every at

ment; in Scutland to transportation; yet tempt at sedition ; but as an honest man, the inhabitants of Scotland had one adhe could not see to large a portion of the vantage, which those of England did not liberty of the subject surrendered to the possess, which was that in Scotland no present ministers on such flender grounds. more than a given sum should be demandThe report on which these strong mea- ed for bail : whereas in England the sum fures were founded was less supported by was unlimited, as the sum now proposed evidence than any he had ever seen. The (ool.) was on the ground of the alteration Committee he opposed to the Committee of the relative value of money, yet he very on the Bank affairs, which was composed much questioned if that value sould come of gentlemen o: both parties, but the pre- back to its original standard, that the law fent was coinposed of gentlemen of a cer- would be altered accordingly in favour of tain description, for the most part servants the subject. If the measure was only assiof the crown.

milating the law of Scotland with that of The House resolved itself into a Com- England, he should have no objection, mittee, on the bill for more effectually provided the likeness was to become gesuppressing feditious focieties, &c. On neral, but this was only giving the people the 6th of May, several clauses were pro- of Scotland, a law fimilar to that of Engposed and added to the Bill, among which land, where it was more harsh than the was one for extending the Clause of the Scotch Law. The Attorney-General reLectures in the Two Universities, and to plied to the arguments of Mr. Tierney, the Lectures in the Hall of the Inns of and obferved that in England, the AttorCourt, authorised by the Bencliers of the. ney-General can have no bail until conrespective societies. Another for exempt- viction if he proceeds upon information, ing the meetings of Free Masons, and the although he may have bail upon an indicta Free Mason's Tavern, and the subordinatement found by a Grand Jury. In EngLodges, formed under the fan&tion of the land every private man may have a Grand Master, and which thould be re- Special Jury upon his case, when he exgiltered with the Clerk of the Peace for hibits a complaint against another, in Scotthe County ; and another clause for ex- land he can have no such thing.--He then empting the presses of the Two Universi- took notice of the practice of transportaties, from being oblig:d to take out li- tion in Scotland, and observed that it was

not merely a punishment for a libel, as the The House of Commons on the 6th of honourable gentlemen had observed; but May, having resolved itself into a Com- for an offence which was compounded of mittee on the bill for augmenting bail to

that and various other acts, which togebe taken in certain cales of misdemea. ther was called sedition. The clause for pour, &c. in Scotland, the Lord Advo. extending the bail, &c. was then inserted cate said that since he had first introduced in the bill, and the report was ordered to the Bill,* he had reconsidered a clause be received the next day. which he had intended to move, namely

The House of Commons on the 21st of that in certain cafus no bail at all should May took into consideration the Report be taken, and was of that opinion till, into the state of the Prilon in Cold Bath

of the Committee, appointed to inquire but a learned friend of his (the Attorney General) had intimated a wish that in

Fields. Sir Francis Burdett rose on this stead of taking away bail in any case, it occasion, and entered at great length into Thould be provided that the Judges of the

an elaborate defence against the insinua. High Court of Judiciary sould in cer- tions upon his conduet, in paying visits to tain cafes have a sound discretionary the prohibition from the Duke of Port

that prison; he reprobated in strong terms power, judging

of a case altogether to or land, against his having permission to visit der what sum they pleased to enter into as recognizance of bail, such as might an

prisons in future, and concluded a long swer all the purposes of compelling the speech, with moving the recommitment of party to appear and abide trial; to which

the Report.

Mr. Sheridan supported the motion, on

which the House divided. * See p. 333 of our last Number.

- Ayes 6–


Noes 1471

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ALPHABETICAL LIST of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS announced between the 20tb of April, and the 20th of May, extracted from the London Gazettes..

Davis, J. Wapping, High-ftreet, mercer, June 22.

Davis, G. I minster, draper, June 18.

Dale, R. and T. Martin, Little. Britain, commiffion-broker, op The Solicitors' names are in Italics.)

June 1
ALDUS, J. Cow.coss, victualler. Mr.W!, Warwick-. Douning, G. New-ftreet, oilman, July 2.

Ainsley, E. Longwood, clothier. Gleadoill, Lothbury. Evans, C. and J. Lime-freet, hard warernen, May 29. Abbot, E. and B. Mary-le-bone-îtrect, hatter's. Fairbank, Forreit, J. New Line-treet, woollen-draper, May 14. Ely-piace.

Pearon, H. St. Mary-Axe, factor, May 13. Bury, w. Pilkington, whitfter. W. Hardman, Bolton. Freer, R. Leiceller, nofier, May 16. Badeley, $. and J. Walpole, and J. Woodcock, jun. Haler- Finlyfon, T. Bow-church-yard, linen-draper, May 25. worth, bankers. Lyon and Coliger, Gray's-112.

Fro, J. Beelten, grocer, June 12. Bayley, J. Manchefer, merchant. Edge, Temple.

Fielder, J. and H. Railton, Newgate-ftreet, linen-drapers. Brettargh, w.Liverpool, merchant. Blackfoci, Temple.

July 2. Bayley, R. Mortlake, gardener. Sudlow and Richardson, Mo- Girling, R. West Rudham, malfter, June 5. nument-yard.

Gilson, T. Fenchurch-ftreet, woollen-draper, June s. Bloore, J. Bow-lane, tavern-keeper, Guy, King's Arm's-yard. Grundy, J. Harwich, whifter, June 11. Bentley, W. London-road, cheelemonger. Chunc, Craven-str. Garrett, J. St. Mary-Axe, merchant, June 18. Buckley, J. Northmoor, cotton-manufacturer. Huxley, Temp. Holt, E. Bolton on the Moor, futtain manufacturer, May 14. Bailey, G. Manchester, timber-merchant. Kay and Kenshaw, Hill, T. P. and T. Pitter, the younger, Strand, lacemcil, Mancbefter.

June 1 Carrington, J. Thorpe within the Seken, inn-holder, Mr. Cut- Hill, J. Wood-treet, ironmonger, July 16. ting, Bartlet's-buildings.

Harrison, T. High-ftreet, Southwark, cheefemonger, May 28. Chaplin, W. Watlington, laceman. Adams and Cock, Old yeury. Harrison, E. jun. Leiceiter, fcrivener, July 8. Clipfon, w. Ludgate-hill, vi&tualler. Med!ry, Parliament-fr. Hall, J. Margate, vine-merchant, May 28, Curfon, R. Cliftondykes, drover. Lough, Penrith.

Hall, M. Newcastle, vintner, June 1. Dare, M. Exeter, grocer. Williams and Brooks, Lincoln's-inn, Harris, T. and J. Price, Britici, merchants, June 4. Dennis, H. B. Gainitorough, inercer. Allens, Furnival's-inn. Haycock, R. Wells, merchant, June 11. Dawson, J. Strand, linen-d: aper. Hillyard, Clement's-inn. Jones, K. Rochdalc, grocer, May 21. Downing, w. Strangworth-Forge, iron-mater. Hili and Jackson, J. and H. Barlow, jun, Stockport, hat-manufactuMeredith, Gray's-inn.

rers, May 3o. Entwife, A. Rivington, bleacher. Edge, Temple.

Jolley, w. Fleet-street, haberdasher, June 14. Evan, w. Water-street, Carmarthen, mercer. Field, Friday-ft. Kirkham, T. Capel-treet, Pentonville, silver buckle-maken Ford, w. St. Thomas Apostle, Devon, timber-merchant. Mr. May 28. Fairbank, Ely-place.

Knight, W. Tewkesbury, fellmonger, May 29. Gilbert, R. Reading, draper. Meffrs. Gregson and Smart, An- Lucan, J. York-ftreet, linen-draper, May 14. gel-court, Throgmorton frect.

Lempriere, G. London, merchant, June 8.
Haworth, E. Millhill, J. Haworth, Hampstead, and J. Ha- Lewes, D, and R. Potter, Mansion-house-street, linen-draperen

worth, Ardwick, calicu-printers. Mr. J. Edge, Teinple. July 2.
Hunter, P. Collet-place, merchant. Swan and Stevens, Ola Law, B. Stamford, draper, June 6.

Lintot, J. Shcreham, woollen-draper, May 31.
Haywood, T. and G. Paltreyman, Manchester, callico-printers. Line, W. Hayfield, cotton-merchant, June 6.
Wm. Seddon, Man befter.

Monk, R. Crofton, innkeeper, May 16. Hall, s. Dover-place, mariner. Gregfin and Smart, Angel-co. Middleton, T. Rawclifte, inopkeeper, May 23. Hcelis, E. Oldham, scrivener, Shawes, Neto Bridge-freet. Millier, J. Crooked-lane, school-after, May 15. Harrison, C. Great Surrey-Areet, Ecrivener. fpinal, Surrey-f. Morgan, J. Namptwicli, draper, May 25. Jones, T. Dudley, grecer. Mr. Griffith, Red-lionofriet., Marinali, J. Gre abridge, innholder. May 25. Johnson, E. Greeting, paper-maker. Lyon and Collyer, Malden, J. Wapping-Wall, Stafford tiie warehouseman, Junc tà Gray's-inn.

Mee, R. Kingfurnford, najl-ironironger, June 29. Kirton, J. Gray's-inn, banker. Vernon, Vines, and Fry. Mesle, Si G. Finibury-place, merchant, June 15. Lyons, T. G. Portfea, dealer. Mr. Birkets, Eand-court. Nicholl. St. Martins le Grand, pawnbroker, May 25. Morgan, D. Nan:mell, drover. Jenkins and Jantes, New-inn. Owen, D. Talfame, Cardiga), shopkeeper, May 15. M'Mullen, J. B. New-road, St. George's, fcrivener. Nawley. Oldroyd, c. Ked-lion-street, apothecary, June 8. Owen, E. Amlwch, mopkeeper. Huxley, Trinple.

Oliplant, P. George-yard, merchanit, May 28. Perkins, J. Blagden, dealer. Blake, Cook's-court, Carey-fr. Paddon, J. Exeter, and J. Davison, St. Thomas Apofle, Parks, s. Oldbury, grocer. Baater and Martin, Furnival's-i.

Devon, cornfactors, May 20. Pain, E. Piccadilly, wax-chandler. Maibews, Caffle-firect. Partridge, A. and H, Iliffe, Friday-ftreet, carriers, May 25 Rote, w. Flamicad, har-manufacturer. Adanis an. Couke. Pollard, w. Holloway, cow-keeper, May'25. Reynolds, R. and T. Cheile!, Beddington-corner, callico- Popple, R. Chelsea, baker, May 21. printers. Nicbolls, Great Rufel-friet.

Parker, J. Chancery-lane, Cotton-manufacturer, June 10. Ridout, W. Mancheher, fuftain-manufacturer. Morgan. Pyett, J. and J. Mail, Congleton, cotto! manufacturer, May 29. Raven, B. Apollo-buildings, Woiworih, broker.

Pierce, T. Hoborn, linen-draper, June 18. Roche, A. Craven-ireer, army-brokcr. Ireland, Staple's-11.11.

hillips, J. Brifol, grocer, June 24. Simpkin, J. L. Leiccheri hofier, i hiffau and Tayicy. Price, R. H. Manchetter, procer, June 24. Souddick, R. Waupley, inn-keeper. Wij, Lincoln's-in.-li. Pears, J. and W. Den, Darlington, grocers. June 16. Skrying, 2. Red-lion-treet, Southwark, carpenter. Burl.ilili. Rattray, J. Paternofier-row, woollen-draper, May 18.9 Smith, F. Grosvenor-kreet, taylor. Pool, Palgrave-piace. Redmayne, R. Tooley-street, crocer, May 18. Smith, J. Leyland, grocer. indl, Bartlar's-buil.li.rs. Rici, 1. S. and J. Heapy, Aldermanbury, Blackwell-ball Tapper, w. Paddington, fmith. Hairiitor, Bertick-freet. factors, July 2. Timberlake, R. North Audley-fireet, butcher. Ficdir. Riely, J. Stafford-street, taylor, July 1. Tomkins, Charlotte-itreet, lottery-uffice keeper. Shepbord. Rochelby, T. Chatham, linen-draper, June 4. Taylor, ). Mudiewich, corn-factor. Hities, temple.

Robinson, T. Ten ple, fcrivener, June 18. Walker, T. and R. Manchetter, merchanta. Duckwor!b, Bar- Robertson, J. Fleet-ftreet, oilman, July 2. ret, and Chippendale, Muncboler.

Ramsey, T. Bedale, shopkeeper, June 15. Williams, J. Holborn, vintier. Tallutt, Devonshire-firect. Ruthfield, C. and s. Vauxhall, bruth-makers, July 2. Ward, c. London, fieel and gilt chain-maker. Courter. Roberts, E. Chandus-ftreet, woollen-draper, June 14. Wybere, J. Manchefter, shoemaker. Ellis, Gurftez-ftreet. Kingrove, D. Beverlev, carpenter, June 11. Wondcocks, K, Red-lion-Street, Clerkenwell, clock-inaker, Stephens, J. Tewkeibury, fcrivener, May 21. Lifer, New-inn.

Sewell, w. Clifton, scrivener, May 25. WatiorR. New Malton, woolmonger. Robinson, Flex-freet, Schinoli, C. F. Bristol, merchant, July 24. Whailey, W. Blackburn, victualer. Hodejong Chancery-lane. Svedberg, T. Torrenhain-court-road, cabinet-maker, Judete Williams. T. Caftle-ftreet, Bloomsbury, icrivener. Duill and Spendlove, w. Spalding, draper, May 30. Malbows, Temple.

scort, J. Manchester, carrier, May 29. DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED.

Spackman, C. Bath, broker, June 17.

Simprun, J. Great Cogsefhall, thopkeer, June 3: Avern, R. Birmingham, baker, May 13.

Schinidiug, J. Miles's-lane, merchant, June 1l. Ames, J.S. Bath, lined-draper, May 21.

Sherratt, J. Clarges.street, scrivener, June 8. Arundell, J. Newbury, clothier, May 28.

Stokce, W. Write-horse-ftreet, mariner, June 1. Brown, J. Scarborough, mariner, May 17.

Turale, J. Erikol, merchant, June 4. Bottornley, W. S. Mary Magdaleis, carpenter, May 8.

Troup, Þ. Goodman's Fields, merchant, June 15: Burgess, L. Old-Change, ftraw-hat-warehousemuri, May 18, T'edeico, A. Wilson-treet, merchant, May 31. Bevan, T. R. Basinghall-ftreet, scrivener, Jub 2.

'Townfon, w. Clapperirate, dlate-merchant, June 1. Bailey, W Malmíbury, vitualler, May 21,

Turner, G. Weary-tall, dealcr, June 7. Bell, T. Southgate, winc merchant, june #.

Thornton, T. Brvaditreet, St. George's in the Eaft, dealer, Bates, T. Bedfordbury, mercer, June

June 14.
Bagnhaw, J. C. Savage-gardens, cirntactor, June 22. Wright, W. and T. White, Manchetter, machine-makers,
Butlin, w. Bishopsgate-treet, grocer, July 2.

May 22,
Bird, c. c. Little Abingdon-lireet, merchani, June 15. Wood, J. Borringdon, finith, May 25.
Broughton, J. Little Dean, ship-builder, June 14.

Warfon, J. and W. Wilcocks, Norwich, merchants, June 3. Bromveldi, D. Sunninghill, plumber, June 15.

Wurliedge, R. Great St. Helens, corn-factor, June 8. Counters, J. Huritperpcini, Mopkeeper, May 22.

Woolarton, J. and F. Upjohn, Holborn-bridge, diniilers, Juncle Crass, E: and w. Workington, mercers, June 4.

Wyrili, T. Tapfield, butcher, June 12. Coupee, J. Flainitead, hat-manufacturer, June 8.

Walker, J. Manchester, cotton-maufa&urer, July 4. Carleton, w. Chichefter, china-i20, June 17.

Winditeiger, F. Strand, furrier, June 18. Dart, w. Basinghall-ttreet, bizckweli-hall-fuctor, Junc 8.

Wills, W. Oxford-ftreet, grocer, une 11. Druce, T. Caftington, butcher, May 18.

Yaies, J. Waruford-cwurt, merchant, June 14.


( 413 ) Marriages and Deaths in and near London. Murried.] Mr. Ginger, bookseller, of tical! -he became firmly attached to the Diu Bond-itreet, to Miss Stanley, daughter principles of liberty, both in respect to church of John Stanley, efq. of Glendon Lodge, and state ; and no man has been more zealous Northamptonshire.

in behalf of the freedom of his country, and At St. Botolph's, Aldgate, Mr. A. Ven- of mankind. This favourite idea has, intom, to Miss E. Neale.

deed, been always warmly cherished by the Mr. Williams, of Great Ormond-Street, fectaries in general, and they must be allowto Miss Willis of Anstey, Hampshire. ed to have fanned the sacred flame, and kept

Flower Freeman, esq. of Chelsea, to Miss it alive in the nation, during the most alarmParry of Uxbridge.

ing and critical periods. At St. Giles's, Cripplegate, Mr. J. Burks, After his call to the ministry, Dr. T. was bookseller, to Miss Mary Emmerson. chosen-pastor of the congregation of protes

Henry Kensington, eiq. to Miss Brooks of tant diflenters at Highgate ; this occurred in Hans Place.

1774; and in 1778 he was nominated mornAt St. Mary-le-bone, John Osborn, esq. ing-preacher to the diflenters at Newingtonof Demerary, to Miss Mary Tulloh, only green. In the latter of these offices he fucdaughter of John Tulloh, esq. of Great Car- ceeded the worthy, pious, and amiable Dr. tle-ftreet, Cavendish-Square.

Price, who had been appointed to the conPhilip Perring, esq. of Bishopsgate-street, gregation at Hackney. He continued, howe to Miss Jackson, daughter of Thomas Jack- ever, to officiate at Newington-green, in the fon, efq. of Camberwell.

afternoon, for some years; and his colleague Benjamin Durcombe, esq. late of the West and himself seemed perfectly agreed relative Indies, to Miss Lee, of Mile End.

to all the leading points in politics and reliMr. Gethen, of Cateaton-street, to Miss gion On the 4th of November, 1788, beingthe Williams, of Red Lion-street, Holborn. completion of a century from the revolution,

Mr. John Coape, to Miss Baldwin, eldest that event was celebrated with great solemdaughter of William Baldwin, Efq. of Lower nity; and the doctor, at the request of a Brook-street,

committee, delivered what may be termed a At Deptford, Mr. Cookson, to Miss Fran- civic firmon on the occasion, which was liftences Ann Kennett, of Eltham.

ed to with great attention, and printed afterMr. Davidson, jun. of Fish-street Hill, to wards at the request of the stewards. Miss Teale, of Clapham Common.

While the Society for Constitutional InMr. Thomas Warrington, of Change Al- formation sourished, the name of Doctor Joley, to Miss Eaton of Gracechurch-street. seph Towers stood conspicuous among the

At St. James's, J. W. Roberts, esq. lieu- molt active of its members. He had been tenant of his majesty's reomen of the guard, baliot:ed for in 1982, and continued to act 19 Miss- Mary Dod, of Hampton.

with it until 1794, when the books and paAt Limehouse, Thomas Mafon, efq. of pers were leized by order of government, and Rattcliffe Cross, to Miss Hitch, of Poplar. the secretary taken into custody. On the

At St. George's, Hanover-square, Mr. R. 13th of June, of the same year, the doctor Peckham, of Breaksbourne, near Canterbury, received an order to attend the Privy Counto Miss A. Gowland, daughter of Thomas cil on the day following, which he accordGowland, Esq. of Billiter-lyuare."

ingly obeyed; and was examined relative to Mr. Statham, of Apothecaries Hall, to

the proceedings of a club which boasted of Mrs. Francis, of Water Lane.

the Duke of Norfolk, the Duke of RichRichard Bleamire, of Highbury-place, to mond, the Earls of Effingham and Derby, Miss Jolinson, of Ely-place.

Sir William Jones, Mr. Sheridan, Drs. Price, Mr. John Whishaw, of Gray's Inn, to Kippis, John Jebb, Mr. Erskine, &c. &c. Miss Jones, eldest daughter of James Jones, among its affociates. On this occafion, Dr. esg. of Chiselhurst, Kent.

T. although visibly depressed by the yellow The right hon. John Earl, of Tabby Hall, jaundice, evinced great firmness, and was to Miss Rufiell, of Parson's Mead, Croydon.

dilmisled without being obliged to give bail, Captain Charles Nichol, of the 16th regi- at the voluntary interceflion of a dignified ment of foot, to Miss Kitty Ruffell, North clergyman then fitting as a member of the End, Croydon.

board, and who is supposed to have been the Died.] in St. John's-Square, Clerkenwell, present Archbishop of Canterbury. Joseph Towers, LL. D. diftinguished in the On the establishment of the society called annals of patriotism, in the republic of letters,

“ The Friends of the people,” he was also and in the pulpit of diflenters. Dr. Towers, voted a member. like his great precursor and friend, Dr. Frank- The life of this gentleman presents few

originally bred a printer and other memorable events, his literary labours bookseller.

excepted, which evince a series of itudy and At a very early period of life, from a fin- toil, seldom to be me: with, even in those cere conviction, obtained by reading—that who have dedicated their whole time to letgreat bane of all tyranny, civil and ecclefiaf- ters alone.


lin, was

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His principal works are the following; open enmity to the interests of that great

1. In 1763, “ A Review of the genuine martyr to political consistency, and the geDoctrines of Christianity, &c.” 8vo. with the nuine principles of freedom. Mr. Churchill's Dame annexed.

babits, however, were more fixed than his 2. In 1764, an anonymous " Enquiry into political attachments, for he continued too the question, whether Juries are, or are not, social, too much inclined to the enjoyment judges of Law as well as of Fact; with a of private ease, to be capable of that exerparticular Reference to the Case of Libels.” tion which public stations require. The ill.

3. The first seven volumes of " British nefs which put a period to his life, had long Biography;" the first volume of which was preyed upon him, and was by no means sulublished in 1786.

tained with that degree of fortitude expected P 4. Between fifty and fixty articles in th from a manly character. new edition of the Biogr. Britan. with the In Stamford-street, James Moore, esq. of letter T. annexed.

Cheapfide. 5. In 1773, “ An Examination into Sir In Hill-street, Berkeley-square, aged 60, J. Dalrympie's scandalous attack on the Me- Sir Robert Clayton, bart. of 'Mordern Park, mory of Sydney and Russel.”

Surrey, and M. P. for Ilchester, Somerset. 6. In 1774, “ A Letter to Dr. Johnson, In Prince's-street, St. James's, Mrs. Sarah occasioned by his recent political Publica- Barclay, wife of Mr. George Barclay. tions."

At his apartments in Oxford-road, Lieut. 7. In 1786, “ An Essay on the Life and Col. Commandant W. Troughton, of the late Writings of Dr. Johnson.”

129th regiment, 8. In 1788, « Memoirs of the Life and At Newington-place, Surrey, aged 76, Reign of Frederick III. King of Prussia.”

Cornelius Van Mildert, efq. 9. " Observations on Mr. Hume's History

At Brompton, aged 76, Mrs. Harding. of England.”

At his apartinents at Westminster, Mr. And io.

« An Oration delivered at the Charles Williams, many years one of the London Tavern, on the 4th of November, door keepers and messengers of the House of 1788, on occafion of the Commemoration of Commons. the Revolution, and the Completion of a

At Newington, Surrey, Mrs. Cropley, Century from that great Event."

wife of Mr. Cropley, surgeon. The various Publications of Di. Towers,

At Mile End, Mr. Edward Dampier, for. the boldness of his principles, his unabated merley an officer in the East India Company's zeal and the fide he had taken during the service, Am,rican contest, all tended to render him In the Strand, Mrs. Charlton. conspicuous. The Doctor was admitted, in In Clerkenwell, Mr. C. Wright of the 1779, to the academical honours of the uni- Navy Office. versity of Edinburgh, having received the Ac Surrey-place, Kent Road, John Bryan, degree of LL. D.

efq. Dr. Towers, as a writer, possessed great ac- In Upper Grosvenor-street, the Countess euracy of judgment, and great command of of Dumfries. language; as a man, he was eminent for the In Charles-street, Hanover-square, Miss benevolence of his views, and the disinter- Frances Affleck, daughter of the Rev. Mr. eftedness of his conduct; he was animated by Affleck. an enlightened and ardent attachment to ci- At Queen's Elm, Brompton, Mrs. Colevil and religious liberty, and was distinguish- batch. ed by the most intrepid and inflexible inte- At Edmonton, Mrs. Newman. grity.

At his house in the Tower, John Vidger, in Abingdon-ftreet, Westminster, Mr. John esq. of the Ordnance Office. Churchill, familiarly styled “ Jack Church- At Walthamstow, Mifs Slater, eldeft ill” by the numerous circle of friends who daughter of the late Gilbert Slater, esq. of admired his good humour, and companion- Low Leyton. able qualities. Nobody understood mankind At Hackney, Mrs Walker, of the Ter. better than this gentleman; nobody had a more ready turn for repartee. His wit, though John Ross, efq. of the Navy Pay Office. pointed, was so much softened by a jovial În Charles-street, Cavendith-square, aged pleasantry, that the object of it was content 22, John Davison, efq. to join in the laugh, at his own expence, Ať Illington, aged 66, John M'Cleta without feeling resentment. Mr. Churchill, lån, esq. like his, brother the poet, was strongly in- At the same place, Thomas Galbreath, esą clined towards politics : At one period of his At Vauxhall, William Atkinson, efq. life he was among the most ardent supporters In Berners-itreet, Mrs. Rush. of Mr. Fox, but latterly acted in the most

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E RR AT A. In page 320 of our last number, line 13 of second column, for « Mel Allen and Lawson," read Meil. Pepj's and Aller.





The LITERARY AND PHILOSOPHICAL Ellwood Mrs. Sharp. Mrs. Clark. Mr. SOCIETY OF NEWCASTLE, in reply to an David Johnson, a respectable farmer. invidious passage in the Annual Register, At Carleton, near Eggremont, Mrs. Lue of 1792, have published a statement, that cas, wife of Mr. Joseph Lucas. the society had no existence at the period

YORKSHIRE. there alluded to, and that it has always Married.] At York, Mr. William Kire been one of its unbroken regulations, to chener, of London, to Miss E. Cripps, daughavoid the discussion of any topics connected ter of the late Rev. T. Cripps, rector of with religion and politics.

Cheadle. R. Clavering Savage, esq. of Emley, Married.] At Newcastle, Mr. Thomas to Miss E. Barlow, of Middlethorpe. Gibson, to Miss Cram.

At Sheffield, Mr. Geo. Brown, to Miss E. At Durham, Andrew Anderson, esq. of Peech of the Angel Inn. Tortola, to Miss H. Hetherington of the At Scarborough, Mr. Stephen Temple, to fame island.

Miss Jane Sunley. At Alnwic, Mr. Joseph Falder, surgeon, At Catwick, Mr. Richard Jackson, of aged 71, to Miss Laing, aged 17.

Welton, to Miss Robinson, daughter of B. Died.] At Newcastle, Mr. John Young, Robinson, esq. of Catwick. tanner. Aged 84, Mr. Michael Callender, At Dewsbury, Mr. John Greenwood, surnursery and feedsman. Miss Mary Newton. geon, to Miss Jane Greenwood.

Aged 84, Mr. James Fraser, a native of At Whitby, John Barker, efq. of London, North Britain : At twenty years of age, he cornfactor, to Miss Champion. entered into the Highland watch; and served Ac Bridlington, Rev. Francis Wrangham, in that and other regiments 27 years ; was

vicar of Hunmanly, to Miss Agnes Creyke, at the battles of Val, Fontenoy, Dettingen, daughter of Colonel Creyke, of Marton. &c. and employed the last 37 years of his At Broadsworth, Rev. J. S. Rudd, A. B. life, in the service of one family as a weaver. of Queen's College, Cambridge, to Miss C.

At Belford, aged 9c, Mr. Clement Yelloly. R. Kentish, of Bridlington.

At Heighington, Miss Jepson, eldest At Bingley, Rev. Geo. Hutchinson, of daughter of William Jepson, esq.

Manchester, to Miss Collingley.

At Boffal, Mr. Wm. Arnot of Hull, to A free school at Parlonhy, in Cumberland, Miss A. Galtress of Claxten. founded in conformity to the will of John At Doncatter, Thomas Jennings, esq. Sibson, efq. (a native of that parish) is in a captain in the 4ch regiment of dragoon guards, state of great forwardness. The building is to Miss Clibborn. Spacious and convenient, and the nature of Died.) At York, Mr. Wm. Harrison, surthe foundation so liberal, that the most hap- veyor of taxes. Mr. Francis Hunt. Mrs. py effects are likely to arise from so laudable Bowling, relict of Mr. W. Bowling. Aged an inftitution.

88, Mr. Edward Smith, sheriff of York in Married.] At Kendal, Mr. Brockbank, the year 1764. Mr. J. Kingan, auctioneer. druggist, to Miss Batty, daughter of the Rev. Aged 70, Christ. Rawden, esq. James Mr. Batty of Kendal. Mr. Cragg, surgeon, to Murray, esq. of Broughton. Aged 24, Mr. Miss Cornthwaite.

James Rusby. Aged 81, Mrs. Dorothy At Beetham, Mr. Whitaker, to Miss Hotham, reli&t of the Mr. Rt. Hotham, Margaret Hadwen.

brewer. Aged 76, Mr. Samuel Matthews. At Newhaven, Mr. Wilson, musin ma- At Doncaster, aged 53, Mrs. Swann, wife nufacturer, to Miss Beck, daughter of Mr.

of T. Swann, erq. Beck, wine merchant.

At Bristol hot wells, Mrs. Smith, wife Ac Diffington, Mr. Henry Wilson, to Miss of Mr. John Frederick Smith, nerchant, of Miss Grimison.

Wakefield--the was daughter to the late At Morresby, Capt. Ward, of Parton, to Captain Edward Howorth, and niece to the Miss Harrett.

present Admiral Howorth, both of the royal At Torpenhow, Mr. Wm. Mitchinson, navy. of Plunibland, to Miss Isabella Thompson, At Sheffield, Mr. John Barlow. of Thrtapland.

At Leeds, Mr. Robert Rhodes, Mr. Died.) At Carlise, Mrs. Betty Thompson, Martin Brown.

Aged 77, Mr. Jeremiah widow. Mr. W. Pattinson. Mrs. Pearson. Hailey. Mrs. Garland, relict of the late

At Whitehaven, Mr John Dixon. Mrs. Mr. Garland. Story, relict of the late Capt. Story. Mr. S. At Hull, aged 61,'Mr. Robert Kinder, Williamson. Aged go, Mr. Pearson, form- merchant. Aged 32, Mr. William Morrill

. erly schoolmaster.

Mrs. Appleton. Mrs. Matson. Mrs. Briggs. At Kendal, Mr. Andrew Henderson. Mrs. At Beverley, aged 52, Mr. John Tiger, Mitton, wife of Mr. Mitton, linen draper. Iron-monger.

At Sebergkam, Rev. Henry Denton, vi- At Duncombe Park, the lady of C. S. Duncar of Bromfield and curate of Castle Sow, combe, erg. erby.


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