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Correct List of New Publications.

391 A new Lullaby, with Variations, composed and so well conceived, in point of liveliness,

dedicated to tbe Princefs Cbarlotte, by F. H. and dce adherence to the theme, that we Barthelemon. 25.

with they had been more numerous : lo Longman, Clementi, and Co.

judicious a hand might have given us The « new Lullaby” is a delicate little more than three variations, without the theme; and the variations, which are five danger of fatiguing our attention. in number, are constructed with taste and Tom Clewline, sung by Mr. Dignum a: the The judgment, Mr. Barthelemon has written

atre Royal, Drury Lane, written and composed the whole with due attention to both the

by William Linley. Is. Thompson bands; we can therefore recommend it to practitioners on the piano-forte, not

“ Tom Clewline" is a pleasing chaonly as a pleasing, but a very improving finoothly, but Mr. Linley has not always

racteristic ballad ; the melody moves exercise.

paid fufficient attention to the accent; and " Elvers Heb," a Gire, composia by J. W. The bass might, in a few places, have been Calcott. 28. 60.


more scientifically chosen; as, for in« Elvers Hob" is among the most fance, in the third bar of the last stave of agreeable of Mr. Calcott's vocal produc- the first page. tions. It comprizes four movements; the first of which is in. 2-4ths moderato, Psalmody improved; containing upwards of les the second in 2-4ths larghetto, the third in

venty portions of the Psalms of David, and

thirteen Hymns for particular occasions ; the 6-8ths allegretto, and the fourth in 2-4ths

Music selected, adapted, and composed by Wil. moderato. The effect is pleatingly varied

liam Gresham, Organist of Dunstable. 6s. by the folo parts which the author has ju

Preston. diciously introduced ; and the different movements succeed each other with a This collection of church and chapel Atriking relief.

music, belides the compiled compositions, The Union, or mutual Harmony, written by W. Te Deum, Jubilate Deo, Cantate Domi

contains adapted interludes, and a new Swords, and set 10 Mufic by J. Sanderson. Is.

Thompson. no, and Deus Mifereatur, composed by

the editor, who professes so to have conThe melody of the “ Union," though structed them, as to express in his music not remarkable for its originality, is

“ the accent, and fyllabic quantities of smooth and easy, and presents the ear the words." We have attentively perused with a natural and connected succession of the whole, and find the selections made pallages. The bass, we are obliged to with tolerable talte and judgment; but fay, is not always the beft that might do not discover any thing striking or 10have been adopted; yet, it is no where vel in Mr. Grelham's composition ; nor offensive to the ear, except in the first bas does he appear to have attained any new of the last stave in the first page.

and improved inode of expressing General Kosciusko's grand March, composed and accent and syllabic quantities.' The arranged (witb Variations) for obe piano- book, however, contains fixty-four quarto forte, by Mozart. is.


pages, and presents the reader with a col. This pleasant and animacing march, lection, decent in the aggregate, and by the addition of variations, is converted which may be found a convenient acquiginto an agreeable and improving exercise tion to country choirists. for the piano-forte. Indeed they are all

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A CORRECT LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. The following is offered to the Public as a complete List of all Publications within the Month.-- Aurber's end Publishers, wbo defire an early Notice of their Works, are intreated to transmit copies of the fame. ANTIQUITIF.3.

The life of General Lazarus Hoche, conITER Britannicum; or that part of the taining particulars respecting the Invasion of

Itinerary of Antoninus which relates to Ireland, &c. Translated from the French. Britain; with a new Comment, by the Rev. 25. 63.

Ridgway. Tbomas Reynolds, 4to. coloured maps, 18s. bds.

Cadeil and Davies.

The new Illustration of the Sexual System The Life of Samuel Johnson, L. L. D By of Linnæus. By Robert John Thornton, M. D. James Boswell, Esq. a new edition revised, and No. 1, to be continued every three months, augmented, 4 vols. 8vo. Il. 8s. boards. and completed in 14 numbers, u. is.cach. Dilly,

H. D. Symonds.




28. 6d.





should be carried on in the Court of King's The Spaniards in Peru, or the Death of Bench, and Common Plcas. 25. Rolla, a tragedy, in five acts, translated from

Brooke and Rider. the German of Kotzebue. By Miss Plumptre;

MATHEMATICS, &c. and the original of the admired Play now per

Mathematical and Philosophical Repository. forming at Drury-lane, under the title of By T. Leybourn, No. 7. 28. 6d. Glenvinning. Pizarro. 29. 60.

Phillips. Principles of Algebra, second part, or the The Force of Calumny, a play in five acts, true theory of equations established on Matranslated from Kotzebue, by Miss Plumptré, thematical demonstration. By William Frend. Phillips.

Robinsons. The Castle of Montval, a original tragedy, in five acts, now performing with universal

Advice to Commanders of His Majesty's applause, at the Theatre Royal, Drury-lane, Fleet serving in the West Indies, on the by the Rev. T. S. Whalley. 2s. 6d. Phillips. preservation of the health of seamen, by

The Noble Lie, from the German of Leonard Gillespie, M. D. Surgeon to the Naval Kotzebue, by Maria Geisweiler. IS.

Hospital, Fort Royal, Martinico.

Cuthell. The Captive of Spilsburg, as performed at Facts and Observations relative to the nathe Theatre, Drury-lane. 15. 68. Stace.

ture and origin of the peftilential fever which The Horse and the Widow, as performed prevailed in Philadelphia, in 1793, 1797, and at the Theatre, Covent Garden, taken from 1798. By the College of Physicians of PhilaKotzebue, and adapted to the English Itage, delphia. 9d.

J. Phillips. by T. Dibdin. is.


The Medical and Physical Journal, conWhat is She? A comedy, performed at the ducted by Dolors Bradley and Willicb, No. 4. Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.

to be continued monthly, price 2s. Phillips. Lungman and Rees.

Further Observations on the Variolæ Vac

cinæ, or Cow-pox, by Edward Jenner, M. D. French and Italian Verbs, regular and ir

28. 6d.

Law. regular, upon an entirely new construction 15.

Practical Observations on tlie Diseases of Richardson.

the Army in Jamaica, as they occurred beElements of Geography, expressly designed

tween the years 1792 and 1797. And on the for the use of schools, hy the Rev. H. S. I.

means of lessening mortality among the troops, Bullen. 3s. 6d. And a Sett of Outline Maps, and among Europeans in tropical climates. as Trial Exercises, adapted to the above. Is.

By William Lempriere, apothecary to the

Hurst. forces, 2 vols. 13s. boards. A Praxis of Logic for the use of Schools,

Longman and Rees. by obn Collard. 5s. boards. Johnson.

An Eray on the most rational means of Philosophical Questions, selected for the preserving Health. With Anecdotes of Lonuse of the upper claffes in schools, by Ralph gevity. 35. boards.

Wallis. Hartley, teacher of the Mathematics, Berk

Remarks on Mr. John Bell's Anatomy of hamsted. 35.

Murray and Highley. the Heart and Arteries. 2s. 6d. Robinsons. Dilworth improved ; or a New Guide to

An Effay on the Causes, early signs, and the English Tongue, by S. James, formerly prevention of pulmonary Consumption, for the of Christ's Hospital. 15. H. D. Symonds. use of Parents and Preceptors. By Tbornas

The Crested Wren, by Edward Auguftus Beddoes, M. D. 5s. boards.

Longman and Rees. The Enchanted Mirror, a romance. is.

The Physician's Vade Mecum, by the Newbery. Rev. Fosefb Townshend. Fifth Edition. 45. fewed.

H. D. Symonds. A digested Index to Durnford's and East's Term Reports in the Court of King's Bench, from 1785 to 1798 inclusive, by T. E. Tomlins, Account of the regular Gradations in Man, of the Inner Temple. 8vo. 125. boards. and in different animals and vegetables, and

Butterworth. from the former to the latter, by Chorles Decrees of the Court of Exchequer in Tythe White. 4to. Ius 6d. boards. Dilly. Causes, from the usurpation to the present The June Fashions of London and Paris ; time, by Hutton Wood, volume the 4th, and containing seven beautifully coloured figures, last, 155. boards.

Robinsons. of ladies in the actually prevailing and most Jurišical Arguments, by Francis Hargrave, favourite dretles of the month; intended for Esq. including those delivered by him on the the use of milliners, &c. ani of ladies of Will of Peter Thellufor, Esq. 4to. vol. 2d. quality, and private families residing in the il. IIs. 6d.

Robinsons. country, to be continued monthly, is. 6d. The Case upon the Will of the late Peter

Carpenter and Co. Thellufion, E1q. by Frantis Vesey, jun. Esq. A complete and uniform Edition of the works barrifter. 55. sewed. Brooke and Rider. of the late Sir William Jones, including all

A Synopsis of Practice; or General View of the Papers in the Afiatic Researches, &c. the Time when the proceedings in an action with corrections and additions left by himself,

Is. 6d.




upon them.

28. 6d.

Lift of New Publications,

393 6 vol. Royal 4ta. embellished with a portrait, Grove Hill, a descriptive Poem; and an and 61 other copper-plates, 61. 6s. bds. large Ode to Mithra, ornamented with fine en. paper, 20 guineas.

Robinsons. gravings, royal 4to. Il. 45. boards. Arch. The Medical and Physical Journal, con- A French Epiftle in versc, from the Devil ducted by Doctors Bradley and Willich, No. 4. to Peter Pindar, 1s. 68.

Cawthorn. to be continued monthly price 25. Phillips. Songs, Catches, &c. by 7. Guy, of the

Essays and Treatises on moral, political, Bedford Lodge of Free Malons, 3s. and philofophical Subjects, by Emanuel Kant,

H. D. Symonds.
Professor of Philosophy in the university of
Koenigsberg, vol. 1. bds. Richardson. Speech of the Right Hon. John Foster, in

The English Negociator, French and En. a Committee of the House of Commons of glish, composed of familiar letters and con- Ireland, April 11, 1799, on the Union with verfations and letters on commercial corre. Great Britain.

Robinsons. fpoadence, by J. A. Romain. 55. Richardson. The Speech of Lord Sheffield, April 22,

An Interview between the Spirit of Pope, 1799, on the subject of an Union with Ire: and the shade that afTuned his name. 6d. land, Is. 6d.

Debrett. Hatchard. The Speech of Lord Minto, in the House Report of the Committee on Finance, upon of Peers, April 11, 1799, respecting the the Court of Justice, and Offices dependent Union with Ireland, 2s. 6d. Stockdale. Clarke and Son.

POLITICAL ECONOMY. The Annual Register, for the year 1792. A Digest of the locomę Tax, with expla. 2 parts, 135. boards.

Rivingtons. Datory notes and observations, by William The Annual Register, (Proprietor of Withers, Esq. Recorder of York, 2s 6d. Dodfey's) for the years 1792, and 1793;

Richardson, each 8s, 6d. half bound. Otridge and Son. An Account of the Proceedings of the Go

The Debate at the General Court held at vernors of the House of Industry in Dublin, the India House, December 6, 1798, respect for two years, ' is. Cadell'and Davies. ing the Pension granted to Lord Hubart, 2s.


Debrett. A Vindication of the Church of England, A Letter to the Lord Mayor, on the high intended as a refutation of Mr. Towgood's price of Coals, by a Citizen of London, is. arguments on which he grounds his diflent,

Cawthorn. by T. Andrews, is. 60. Cadell and Davies. Historical View of the Rise, Progress, and Eight Sermons, containing answers to sone Tendency of the Principles of Jacobinism, popular objections against the neceility of the

Wright. credibility of the Christian Revelation, preachPractical Philofophy of social Life, or the ed in the present year, before the University art of conversing with men, after the German of Oxford, at Bampton's Lectures, by William of Baron Knigge, by P. W'ill, Minister of the Barrow, LL.D. 75. boards. Rivingtong German Congregation in the Savoy, 2 vols. Sermons preached before the University of 8vo. Ios. boards. Cadell and Davies. Oxford, in the year 1798, at a lecture founded METAPHYSICS.

by the Rev. John Bampton. By the Rep.
Antient Metaphysics, vol. 6, which com- Charles Henry Hall, B. D. ss. boards.
pletes the work. 4to. 155. Cadell and Davies.


Sermon occasioned by the death of the Rev. Review of a Battalion of Infantry, including Richard Winter, by John Humphreys. Dilly. the Echellon Maneuvres, illustrated by a se. Journal through the North of England, and ries of engraved Diagrams, with a Description part of Scotland; with remarks 'the face explaining the Duty, and ascertaining the fitu- of the established Church of Scotland, and ation of the Officers; forming an Introduc- feceffons therefrom. Reflections on Party. tion to this System of Military Discipline. distinctions in England, &c. designed to pro8vo. 8s. 68. boards.

Egerton. mote brotherly love and forbearance, by Rowe Relation of the Military Operations in Ire- land Hill, A. M. 2$. 61.

Chapman. land, in consequence of the Kanding of the Conliderations on the Nature and Efficacy French troops in 1798. By an officer who of the Lord's Şupper, by Vicefimus Knox. D.D. served in the campaign. 2s. 61. Egerton. 35. haards.

Dilly. The second part of the Light Horse Drill, Sermon proached to a Country Congregaintended for the use of the Volunteer Corps. tion. To which are added, Hints for Şere By a London and WęAminster Light Horse mons, intended chiefly for the use of the Volunteer. 75.

Egerton. younger clergy, by W. Gilpin, Prebendary Q

Salisbury. 8vo. 6s. boards. Cadell and Davies. The Heiress of Montaldi, or the Castle of A Country Parson's Address to his Flock, Bezanto, by Mrs. Anne Ker, 2 vols. 75. to caution them against Jacosin Teachers,

Earl and Hemel. who intrude themselves under the specious

pretence of instructing youth, and preaching Innovation, a Poem, 4to. 2s.6d. Christianity, by Francis Wollafon, Rector of Cadell and Davies. Chislehurit, is.

Wilkiç. MONTHLY Mag. No. XLV.


2s 6d.




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4s. boards.


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Sermons on the Chief Doctrines and Duties young Officer, 2 vols. 12mo. (3 livres 75 of the Christian Religion in their natural or- cent.) Paris, Lepetit. der, by William Dalgliesh, D. D. 2 vols 8vo. Les Barons de Felpheim, &c. A German Story 125. boards.

Dilly. not trandated from the German. By Pigault The Christian Monitor for the last days ; Lebrun, 4 vols. 12mo. (9 livres) Paris, Barba. or a caution to the profesiedly religious against Sainte Hélène et Monroje, &c. Saint Helen the corruptions of the later times, in doctrine, and Monrose, or Aerial Adventures, a true difcipline, and morals, by John Owen, M. A. Story, 2 vols. 12mo. Paris, Lepetit.

Cadell and Davies. Le Mariage de la Sæur du Diable, &c. The

Marriage of the Devil's Sister, a mystic RoTravels in the Interior Districts of Africa, mance, i vol. 18nio. (1 livre) Paris. Lepetit. in the years 1795, 1796, and 1797, by Les Enchantemens et Metamorf bojes des Génies, Mungo Park, furgeon. Illustrated with &c. The Enchantments and Metamorphoses Maps and Plates ; with an appendix contain- of Genii and Fairies. 4 vols. 18mo. with ing geographical illustrations of Africa, by plates, (4 livres) Paris, Lepetit. Major Rennell, 4to. sl. 113. 6d. Nicol, Le Nouveau Diable Boiteux, &c. The New New FRENCH BOOKS LATELY PUBLISH

Devil on Two Sticks, being a philosophical

and moral picture of Paris, published and enED AT PARIS.

riched with Notes. By Dr. Dicaculus of LouAntiquités Nationales, &c. National Antiquities, or a Collection of Monuments to atlit vain, 2 vols. 8vo. of 560 pp. with two plates the general and particular History of the (7 livres 50 cent.) Paris, Buiffon. French Empire, &c. By Aubin-Louis Millin, Unis, sec. Historical and Political Enquiries

Recherches bistoriques et politiques sur les Etats volume v. Paris, Drouin, rue de Vaugirard, respecting the United States of America. By No. 1348.

Condorcet and others, 4 vots. 8vo. (18 livres) Collection complète dés toutes les parties de l'Atlas

Paris. Mineralogique de la France. A complete Collection of all the parts of the Mineralogical

Memcires Politiques et Militaires pour servir a Atlas of France, hitherto delineated. By A. Chistoire fecrette de la Revolution Francaise, &c. G. Monnet, Inspector of Mines. Paris, Didot, History of the French Revolution, extracted

Political and Military Memoirs of the Secret, rue Thionville, and the Author rue et Maison from the Manuscript Memoirs of the different des Enfans-rouges, 4to. (36 livres) Choix des principales pierres gravées, &c.

Generals, 2 vols. 8vo. (6 livres) Paris, A

Buifion. Selection of the principal engraved Stones, formerly of the Collection of Baron Storch, Travels to Constantinople, Italy, Germany,

Voyage a Constantinople, &c. Voyages and and now in the Cabinet of the King of Prussia, Hungary, and the Iles of the Archipelago, with explanations relative to Mythology and the Arts. By Frederick Schlichtegroll, vol. i.

I volume. 382 pp. 8vo. (4 livres 50 cent.)

Paris, Marad..n. folio, 108 pp. Nuremberg.

Traité élémentaire de-Trigonométrie, &c. AR Cours d'Arithmétique Decimale. A Course of Decimal Arithmetic, &c. By C. Lewal, tilineal and spherical. By S. F. Lacroix, 220

Elementary Treatise on Trigonometry, recParis, Besse, Place Maubert, No. 41.

Le Délire des Passions. The Delirium of the pp. 8vo. (4 livres 50 cent.) Paris, Duprat. Pallions, a Novel. By F. Pages, 2 vol. 12mo.

Palais Maisons et autres édefices modernes de (3 livres) Puris, Artaud, Quai des Auguf- Rome, &c. The Palaces, Houses and other

modern Buildings of Rome. By Percier, Form tines, No. 50.

taine and Bernier. Jean Clergeot. John Clergeot, or the dan

Nouvelle Suite des mille et une nuits, &c. A ger of changing one's Name. A Novel, 12mo.

new Sequel to the Arabian Nights Entertain(2 livres, stitched, with plates) Paris, Artaud.

Bibliorheque Britannique. The British Library, ments, translated by Galland, and found or a Selection of English Works, periodical and

among the papers of that celebrated writer,

2 vols. 12mo. with plates, (4 livres 50 cent.) others; Memoirs and Transactions of the Societies and Academies of Great Britain, Alia,

Paris, Cailleau. Africa and America, in two series, Literature New FOREIGN Books IMPORTED BY J. DE and Arts and Sciences. By a Literary Society, BOFFE, GERRARD STREIT. . 21 volumes of 5 to 600 pp. each (36 livres) Geneva, Mangęt and J. J. Paschoud, and

Vailliunt, Oiseaux d'Afrique, la 8 liParis, (42 livres)Magimel, Quai des Augustins. vraison avec 6 gravures, in 4to. coloré, 18s. Recherches Historiques et Politiques sur Malthe,

Voyage en Istrie et Dalmatie, la 6 livrai. &c. Historical and Political Enquiries re

fon, in folio. specting Malta, with plates and a map (3 premieres livraison, à 1l. 155. chaque non

Voyage en Syrie, Phénicie, &c. les cing livies) Paris, Desennc. Publius Virgilius Maro, &c.

The Work's épreuves.

Et épreuve à 21. 125. 60. of Virgil, une volume folio, printed on vel

(Luvres poithumes de d'Alemberi, 2 vol. lum paper, and only 250 copies thrown off,

7s. with 23 plates (900 livres, or without the

“Flora Atlantica, les 6 prémieres livraisons, pilte buo livres) Paris, Didot the elder.

in 4to. 71. 10:. Tidit, &c. Felix, or the Adventures of a

Le même papier velin, 151.



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Syo. 155.

Lif of Diseases in London.

395 Costumes de Paris pour 1797, 12 livraisons, Bourbon Conty, écrites par elle même, 2 vol.

in 8vo. Ios. Oeuvres complettes du Cardinal de Bernis, Nouveau Diable Boiteux, ou la bleau philo. 3 vol. 4to. broché, il. 115. 6d.

sophique et moral de Paris, 2 vol. 8vo. 108. De l'Homme et de ses rapports les plus Théâtre de l'Hermitage de Catherine II. intimes, 8vo. 75.

2 vol. in 8vo. 125. Maladies des enfans, par Champon, 2 vol. Dot de Suzette, I vol. 8vo. 2s. 6d. in 8vo. 125.

Voyage à la Mecque, in 18 mo. 35. Lettres originales de Rousseau sur la musique Pougens, Eilai sur les antiquites Ju Nord, in 12 broché, 3s 6d.

et les anciennes langues septentrionales, in 8vo. L'Abeille Françoise in Evo.

3 s. Antiquité celtiques, principalement sur Histoire de Pierre III. Enipereur de Russie, celles du Bugey, consideré comme berceau du 3 vol. in 8vo. ing. 18s. Delta-celtique, par bacon-Tacon, 2 vol. in Caractere de Théophrafte, d'après un ma

nuscrit du Vatican, Grecet Latin, in 8vo. gs. Correspondance secrette de Charette, Stofflet Nouveau Principes de Géologie, in 8vo. 75. Puisaye Frotte, &c. 2 vol. in 8vo, broché 1os. De la Peinture considerée dans ses eifets sur

Mémoires historiques, politiques et mili- les hommes en général, in 8vo. 53. taires pour servis à l'histoire secrette de la re- Voyage à la Chine, par Huttner, traduit de volution.

l'allemand, Paris, an 7. in 18mo, broché 35. Mémoires historiques de Stephanie Louise de

8vo. 145.

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From the 20th of April to the 20th of May.


No. of Cases. Ephemera Typhus Mitior

3 Menorrhagia Lochialis Peripneumonia Notha

4. Mastodynia Catarrh

7 Rhagas Papillæ Ophthalmia




Herpetic Eruptions Dyspnea

Tinea Cough

Tabes Mesenterica Cough and Dylpnai

14 Ophthalmia Phthisis Pulmonalis 6 Hooping Cough

5 Hæmoptoe

4 Although we have advanced beyond Arcices

3 the period in which winterly diseates geAnalarca


nerally prevail, the weather Itill continu. Hydr.thorax

ing very cold, we have had a large num. Hepatitis Chronica


ber of cases of catarrh, dyspnea, cough, Cephalalgia

and rheumatilin. Hemicrania

The instances of ophthalmia, which

3 Ophthalmia


have lately occured, have been uncomEpiftaxis

à monly numerous. This may probably Amenorrhea


be attributed to the long continuance of Menorrhagia difficilis

3 east and north-east winds. This disease Chlorofis

4 has been distinguished by nosologifts ac3 cording to the part of the eye which has 5 been the seat of it, or according to the

remote caules by which it has been pro? duced. It has lometimes its feat in the

6 Hæmorrhois

membranes of the eye, when it has been

denominated ophthalmia membranarum : 4

when it has appeared chiefly on the edges 3

of the eye-lids it has been termed ophthalmia tarli.

These two kinds are however very fre

4 quently connected. This disease often Hypochondriasis

5 appears in connection with scrophula or Palpitation of the Heart

i fyphilis, in which case it is very liable to Chronic Rheumatism

occur on every flight occasion,
It has lately been produced in several



Enterodynia Diarrhea Vomitus Durpepfia Gastrodynia



Dyluria Herpes Tinea Plora Jaundice Hysteria


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