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SHROPSHIRE. The advantages derived by the inhabitants Married.] At Shrewsbury, William Or. of Birmingham from the erection of the well, efq. to Miss C. Basnett, of Yaridon. Union flour mill, may be seen by the follow At Wrockwardine, the Rev. Lawrence ing statement. In London the quartern loaf Panting, minister of South Lambeth Chapel, 4lbs. 5oz. 8dms. was fold on the 2nd, of to Miss Martha Pemberton, of the former February for 84d, equivalent to a loaf of 61bs. place. 202. 7dms. for is. for which the Birmingham At Whitchurch, Mr. Holland, of Wigland, mill sells to its subscribers a loaf of glb. 302. to Mifs Gill, of Burney. Mr. John Clay, Its second flour is sold at 355. per fack. Thus to Miss Jane Dod, daughter of R. D.), efq. Birmingham is supplied with 3lbs. odms." At Bithop's Castle, Mr. James Walters, of bread more than London for the same poftmatter, to Miss E. Beddocs, of the same

place. Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. Richard Died.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Bucknall, corkHowes, baker, to Miss Mary Downing, of cutter and hop merchant. Mr. Probert. Belbroughton. Mr. Samuel Raven, jun. to At Whitchurch, Miss Jane Liversage, of Miss Elizabeth Badger, botirof Digheth. Mr. the Royal Oak Inn. Samuel Rowney, to Miss Elizabeth Bratt. At Loppington, aged 63, Mr. Thomas

At Mansetter, Thomas Freer, gent. one of Price. the coroners of this borough, to Mifs F. At Minsterley, aged 63, Mr. William Wilday, youngest daughter of John Willay, Dawes. efq. of Atherstone.

At Broughall, near Whitchurch, Miss At Afton, Mr. William White, bitt ma- Brookes. ker, of Birmingham, to Miss Martha Green, of Deritend.

Married ] At Worcester, Abraham LudAt Handsworth, Mr. Thomas Butcher, of low, esq. late of the royal greys, and son of Birmingham, to Mrs. Jukes, of the Red Dr. Ludlow, of Bristol, to Miss Gibbs, fole Lion Inn, of the same place.

heiress of Gaisford Gibbs, esq. late of Heya At Cannock, Mr. James Bailey, grocer, wood House, Wilts. &c. to Mrs. Talbot, milliner of the same Diea.] At Worcefter, Mrs. Curtis. place.

At Kidderminster, aged 33, of a declire, At Coleshill, Mr. T. Wallis, alderman of Mr. Abraham Turner, attorney at law. Tamworth, to Miss Drakeford, of Coleihill, At Stourbridge, in the priure of life, Ms. Deice of Charles Oaks, esq.

John Whitgraves youngelt inn of the late At Bromsgrove, Mr. C. Webb, attorney, Francis Whitgrave, esq. of Moiely Hall, Stafto Mifs Ann Mortimer of Devizes.

fordshire. Agci 69, Mrs. Richards. At Harborne, Mr. William Warten, dra At Dudley the wife of Mr. Rann, book. per, to Miss Bradley, both of Birmingham. seller.

At Afton, Mr. Joseph Meddows, of Solo, At Martley, Mr. Spillby, of that place. to Miss E. Brags, of Wilton.

At Hanley Caitle, agei 8o, Thomas Hor. Died.] At Birmingham, Mrs. Carver, of nyeld, efq. universally relpected. St. Paul's square.. Aged 63, Mr. Joseph Ro At the Park, near Kidderminster, Mrs. binfon, late of Temple-street. Aged 81, Chellingworth, wife of Mr. H. ChellingMr. Robert Wheeler, senr. gun-maker. Mr. worth. Richard Hughes, book-keeper, at the Dog Inn. At Impey, near Droitwich, Miss Wall. Mr. William Ward, steel toy maker. Mrs. At Bellington, Mrs. Pratt, relict of James Lloyd, wife of Mr. Lloyd, factor, of Profpect Pratt, eiq. Row. Mrs. Heath, of Great Charles Street. At Churchill, near Spetchley, the Rev. Aged 83, Mrs. Florry, formerly of Cleobury John Apedaile, a catholic clergyman. Dale, Shropshire. Mr. Bennett, fhoen iker, late of Shrewsbury. Mrs. Young, wife of Married ] At Hereford, Rubert Harrison, Mr. Young, minifter. Mrs. Webb, wife of eiq. captain in the 29th regiment of foot, to Mr. E. Webb, draper. Mrs. Lane, wife of Miss M. Chambers, of Whitbourp. Mr. Lane, spur maker.

At Leominster, Mr. B. Caldwell, of BewdAt Stratford-upon-Avon, Mrs. Alice Lucy ley, to Miss Hayling, of the former place. Nafon, widow of the late Stephen Nason, Died.] At Her rord, aged near to, Mrs. vicar of that parish many years.

Frances Rodd. Mrs. C. Mainwaring, eldest At Solihul, after a long and painful ill- daughter of the late Cavendish Tyrrel, erą. ness, and much regretted, Miss Wood. member of that city. Aged 87, Mrs Wal

At Ryton Mill, near Coventry, Mrs. Beck. ker, a widow lady.

At Hill Brickenbill, Mr. Samuel Swin At Leominster, Mr. John Rogers, watchburne.

maker. At Rugby, Hawkins, esq. first major At his feat at Nether Hall, near Ledbury, of the Warwickshire militia.

the Rev. Mr. Powles, one of the justices of At Tam worth, Mr. Thomas Jackson. Aged the peace for Herefordihire. 9c, Mrs. Mary Harding.

At the Hill, ncar Rols, (tire seat of Mrs.





1799.) Monmouthshire... Gloucestershire....Oxfordshire, &c. 249 Clarke) Mrs. Jane Hoskyns, daughter of the At Whitney, aged 66, Mrs. Hoskins, wilate Sir Hungerford Hoíkyns, bart. of Hare- dow of the late Rev. Charles Hoskins. wood.

At Bicester, Mr. William Muffelwhite, one At Benhill Farm, in the parish of Bridstow, of the Bicester loyal volunteers. Mr. Humphry Lycett, formerly of the Swan At Chalcombe, near Banbury, aged 25, Inn, Rofs.

Christian King. At. Derndale, aged 56, Mrs. Jay.

At Withycomb Farm, near Banbury, aged At Mawfield, Mrs. Badger.

94, Mr. Cross, many years occupier of that MONMOUTHSHIRE.

farm, and one of the oldest inhabitants of that Died.] At Chepstow Castle, aged 81, the part of the country. wife of Mr. Williams.

At Rockfield, in the prime of life, after a Died.) At Northampton, aged 20, Miss fort illness, most sincerely regretted, the Rev. Duke, daughter of Mr. Duke, wine merchant. John Harding, rector of Wiverton, Norfolk. Mr. Trotter, of he Excise Office.

At Slapton, John Winkles; as he was fring Married.] At Gloucester, captain Sir Tho- off a gun, the breech pin flew out, penetrated mas Boulden Thompson, late commander of his forehead and killed him on the spot. the Leander, to Miss Raikes, daughter of Ro At Yardley-Hastings, aged 60, the Rev. bert Raikes, esq. of Gloucester. Mr. Daniel, James Gardiner, M. A. rector of that parish, hatter, to Miss Whittand.

cum Denton and chaplain to the Earl of At Tewkesbury, Mr. James Atkins, of Suflex. Chipping Norton, to Miss Milward, of the for. At Borough-Fen, aged 40, Mrs. Walton, mer place.

wife of Mr. Henry Walton, farmer and grazier. At Dursley, Mr. John Moore, to Miss At Daventry, Mr. Aicken, comedian, who White, only daughter Mr. White of by his great exertion, in performing the part Draycott-mills.

of Osmond in the Cafile Spectre, burst a blood Died.) at King's Newnham, Mr. Brierly, vessel, and languished in much agony, for some an opulent farmer.

days, when he expired. At Twining, near Tewkesbury, John Em At Welligborough, Mr. Peter Barker, atbiry, esq. late of the bank of Glover and Cco torney, late of Huntingdon. Worcester.

At Peterborough, Mr. Crane, formerly an At Doynton, aged 93, the Rev. Thomas eminent farmer and grazier. Coker, more than 50 years rector of that pa Thomas Jackson Serecold, esq. a gentlerish.

man of great benevolence to the poor. At Banthop, Miss M. Knollis, third daughter-of the Rev. Mr. Knollis, who was acci. Died.] At High Wycombe, Mr. Charles dentally drowned in the river.


of the Red Lion Inn. At Marshfield, Mr. Wm. Smith, farmer. At Salthill, aged 79, in his way to Bath, At Tilldoun-house, Miss Jones.

for the recovery of his health, John MickleOXFORDSHIRE.

thwayte, esq. of Beeston St. Andrew. He Married.] At Oxford, Mr.W. R. Anderson, was a descendant of the ancient family of to Mifs H. Corse. Mr. James Badcock, of Swyne, in Yorkshire. Newbridge-Mill, to Miss Bullock, of Fife At Eton, Mrs. Dickenson, the wife of Mr, field-Wick, Berks.

Thomas Dickenson, well known for his perAt Woodstock, Mr. Pricket, of Chapel formances on the violoncello. House, to Miss E. Bradford, of the former place.

Died.] At Aspley-Guise, Mr. William At Woodeaton, John Weyland, esq. to Reey, who was killed by a blow from one of Miss Keene, daughter of Whithed Keene, the fails of Aspley windmill, from which he esq. M. P.

had just descended at the moment, when a At Steeple-Afton, Mr. Wing, to Miss violent gust of wind blew the fail over the Millachin.

mill, which struck him on the head, At Churchill, Mr. John Davis, to Miss Ann Brooks.

Married.) At Ramsay, Mr. Charles Mono Died.] At Oxford, Mr. John Beckley, tague Ridlington, to Miss E. Gore, of the serjeant major of the Oxford volunteer corps,

same place. who cut his throat in so dreadfui a manner as Died.] At Huntingdon, the wife of Mr. to occasion his immediate death.

Alderman Slow, much lamented by an affecAged 76, Mrs. Cookfon.

tionate husband, and all her acquaintance. At Shotts, the Rev. Mr. Archibald Bruce, At Ramsey, aged 26, Mr. Thomas Rose, minister of that place, who went that morn cooper, after a lingering illness; he was a man ing in ordinary health, from his own house, much respected. which is a inile distant from the church, and At Yaxley, near Scole Inn, Bartholomew retired as usual into an apartment previous to Plumstead, driver of the Ipswich mail coach, the sermon, where he had searcely been five who was suddenly taken ill on his journey, minutes, when he fell down and expired with. conveyed from the box, and died in less than out a groan.

four hours. MONTHLY MAG. No. XLIII.




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At Downham, Miss Chapman, daughter of
Married.] At Swavesey, Mr. William Mr. William Chapman.
Carter, to Miss M. Hepher, of the same At Athill, near Swaffliam, aged 64, Mr.

Edmund Bufcall.
At Balsham, T. Ramsden, efq. to Miss
Fenn, of that place.

Married.] At Icklingham, Charles Gwilt, Died ] At Cambridge, the wife of Mr. esq. to Miis C. Stephens, of Kencot, OxfordLovelock, patten-maker. Mr. Townsend, an thire. ngenious painter. Mrs. Grundon, the mother At Ipswich, Mr. Thomas Thorby, haberof the late Mr. Grundon, apothecary: dasher, of Colchester, to Miss E. Maw, daughAged 65, the widow of Mr. Anderson, for ter of Mr. Maw, taliow chandler of the for. merly of the Blue Boar Inn.

mer place.

Died.] At Bury, aged 52, Mrs. S. Wood. Married.] At Norwich, Mr. John Filby, roffe, fister of Mr. Woodroffe, miller. woolcomber, to Mrs. Gant, of the White Ai Beccles, Mr. Savage, baker, who fell Horse, Hautboys. Mr. Heatell, baker, to from a cart, and fractured his skull so dread. Miss Watson.

fully that he instantly expired. At Feckenham, Mr. Robert Clarke, to At Wattisfield, aged 91, Mrs. Smith, reMiss Hanson.

lict of Mr. Smith, oil man of London. At Starlton, the Rev. Robert Etheridge of Ai Sproughtori, aged 36, Mr. Durrant, that place, to Mrs. Law, of Pulham Market. farmer and grazier.

At Sparham, Richard Lloyd, jun. ely, of On the road leading from Bury to Saxham, Bawiefwell, ta Miss Elwin, of Bocton. John Lywail, in consequence of the severity of

At Seething, Mr. Leeset, farmer, at Rack- the weather. heath, to Miss Letitia Crabb, of the former At Sudbury, aged 71, Mr. Joseph Godfrey, place.

one of the principal burgesses of that borough. At Wells, Mr. Adam Burrell, of Flitcham, At Lowestoft, aged 79, Mr. James Richto Miss Astley, of the former place.

mond. At Flitcham, Mr. P. Bell, of Caftleacre, to At Long Melford, Mr. Z. Lungley. Miss M. Burrell.

At Woodbridge, Miss Walford, the youngest Died.] At Norwich, aged 36, Mr. William daughter of Mr. Walford of that place. Marks, plumber, &c. Aged 59 Mr. Richard Gidney. Aged 61, Mr. John Taylor, coal Married.] At Colchester, Mr. P. Lewis, merchant, after a long and painful illness. to Miss H. Hollingsworth, of Chelmsford.

Whilst upon an afternoons visit to bis daugh At Thaxted, Mr. Willes, to Miss E. Count, ter in King-street, Mr. Keymer, hawl-ma- daughter of Mr. Count. ker. Aged 67, the wise of Mr. William At Dunmox, Mr. B. Stubing, salesman, of Foster. Aged 68, Mrs. Judith Roper. Aged Leadeniıall, to Miss S. Spooner, of Great Bad72, Mrs. Ann Fell, lifter to the late Mr. Wil- dow. liam Fell. Aged 89, Mrs. Paterson, reli&t At Chipping-Ongar, John Hughes, esq. to of the late Mr. Edward Paterson. Aged 31, Miss Walker, daughter of Mr. Thomas Walthe wife of captain John Simpson, of the ker, surgeor. marines Mrs Clova, wife of Mr. Jofeph At Satfron Walden, Hollis Clayton, of Clova, an eininent veterinary surgeon, in this Great Dunn ow, draper, to Miss Impey, of city.

the former place. At Ayisham, aged 89, the relict of Dr. At Burnham, Mr. Henry Banks, surgeon, Joseph Nicol Scott, one of the ministers of the to Miss Sharp, of Holkham. independent congregation, and afterwards a Dicd.] At Chelmsford, Mr. Thomas Collis, physician. Mr. Thomas Green, fopkeeper. many years governor of the poor house in

At Falkenham, Mrs. Wocdgate, wife of that parith, and why by his industry, care, and Mr. Woodgate, farmer.

cleanlineis, gave much satisfaction to the paAt Sparham, aged 81, Mr. Fisher, an emi- rihioners. nent farmer,

At Halfted, Edwards, esy. one of his At Loddon, aged 17, Mr. John Gibbs, son Majesty's justices of the peace, for the county of Mr. Gibbs,

of Etex. At Downham, Miss Chapman, daughter of At Upminster, aged 84, the Rev. Mr. Mr. William Chapman.

Cuthbert, rector of Latchingdon. At Yarmouth, the wife of William Fither,

Errutum in our last. esq. one of the receivers general for this bo In the article of Mrs. Isaac's death, that

rough. Aged 82, Mr. William Mully, 55 lady is said to have been the daughter of Mr. · years one of the organists of that place. Bailay, it should have been- Mr. Bailey

At Alphington, aged 75, Mr. William Ni- Tailer.” cholls, a respectable farmer.

At Lynn, Mrs. Allen, mother of J. W: At St. Dunstan's, near Canterbury, in the Allen, eiq. of Bury.

family of Mr. Thomas Chatwine, shopAt Great Yarmouth, aged 75, Mrs. Moxon, keeper, the following distresling circumwife of Mr. Moxon, grocer.

fauce took place. The man, his wife, and



Rent-Surrin Sussex.

251 three children, each in the morning, took At Canterbury, aged 88, William Carter, what was supposed to be cream of tartar a:id esq. M. D. many years a physician of this brimstone as phytic ; the effect, however, city. Mr. Charles Dent, eldest son of Henry foon provei deleterious, as the whole family Dent, esq. collector of the excise. Mr. were affected with such alarming symptoms, John Hanree, formerly a baker. that the most ikilful medical ailittance proved At Margate, Mr. Randell, of the Bell inette&ual; one of the children died in the public-house. Mrs. Wiles, the wife of Rd. afternoon, in the evening another, and at Wiles, bricklayer. night their mother. The father, after lin At Eaftry, Thomas Finn and his son, who gering eight days, also expired. The infant were digging chalk in a pit, the earth sudhaving taken but a very small quantity of the denly fell in, and crushed both to death ; anomixture, is the only one expected to lurvive. ther man and boy narrowly escaped the same This melancholy event was occasioned by a fate. fatal mistake in inixing lugar of lead with At Doddington, Mr. Beard, a wealthy farthe brimstone, instead of cream of tartàr; mer, after a few days illness. the sugar of lead having very imprudently At Folkeston, aged 82, the widow of the been kept in the house among fome other late Mr. Henry Bayley. Mrs. Carter, wife articles.

of Mr. Thomas Carter, grocer. At Town-Malling and Wrotham, they At Swalecliff, Milo Lacy, eldest daughter have lately cleared the roads by means of of Mr. R. Lacy, farmer. a new-invented instrument, called a snow At Sitting bourn, aged 74, Mr. William plough; which is pointed in front and thod Leney, killed on the spot by a fall from the with iron, and gradually increases to some top of a loaded cart. thing more than three yards in width, con At Cherry-orchard, near Maidstone, aged tinued in length to about fix yards; and so 72, Mrs. Parks, wife of Mr. Thomas Parks. contrived, that without disturbing the sur At Tenderden, aged 66, Mr. Richard, face of the road, to throw up the snow in Clark, many years master of the Woolpack ridges on each fi.je, leaving a clear space suf- inn. ficient for two carriages to pass each other. At Sheerness, Mr. James Fuller, chief

Married.] At Margate, lieutenant-colonel clerk in the master shipwrights' office of that Anftruther, of the 68th regiment, to Miss dock-yard. Hamilton, daughter of Jacob Hamilton, eiq. At Dover, Mr. Jeaken, brewer, sincerely Mr. Knott to Miss Wiles, both of that regretted. place.

At Leigh, Miss A. Fry, youngest daughter At Orpington, T. S. Salmon, esq. M. D. of the late Mr. Fry, butcher of that place. Miss Pratt, of the same place.

At Ashford, aged 73, Josias Pattison, esq. At Upper Deal, Mr. Edward Miers, clerk Lately at Smeeth, Mary Farris, who was of the Hampshire fencibles, to Miss E. Ann bringing some wood-ashes for a neighbour's Sayer, of the same place.

house in a pail, when the wind being high, At Deal, Mr. Thomas Forward, to Miss the fire caught her apron, and so dreadfully E. Durban.

burnt her, that she expired within four hours. At Canterbury, Mr. William Mayo, of London, to Miss Anne Chandler, of Canter Died.] at Norbiton Hall, aged 71, Thos bury.

mas Lintall, esq. At Darington, H. W. Brooke, esq. to Miss At Ripley, aged 61, Mr. Joseph Geale. E. Tucker.

Mr. T. K roroe. At Barham, Mr. Vincent Page to Miss At Baadam Hill, Miss M. Allan, daughter Mary Fox, of Breech.

of G. Allan, eiq. At Ashford, Mr. J. Barnikel, book-binder, to Miss Wollmanton.

Died.] At Bognoi, in an advanced age, Sir At Saltwood, Mr. John Plumb, musician Richard Hotham, formerly M. P. for the boin the East Suffolk militia, to Mrs J. Taylor, rough of Southwark. To the liberality of this widow of Mr. Taylor, of Lydd.

gentleman, this country is indebted for the At Stone, near Dartford, Mr. Benjamin establishment of the new and fashionable Tanner, woolstapler, to Miss Russell.

watering place called Hoathampton, but betA: Whitstaple, Mr. William Kemp, one ter known by the name of Bognor Rocks, of the company of Dredges, to Miss Mary which was built entirely at his expence, and Turner, of the same place.

was his fole property. He is iucceeded in his At Smeeth, Mr. Fenner to Mrs. Jones, eítates by his great nephew W. Knoit, esq. of Hythe.

As two of the Kent provitional cavalry Died.] At Ramsgate, a soldier belonging were patroling the coalt, one of them in to the West York militia, coming from pailing the food at White Rock, near HaftDumpton along the cliff to the barracks, at ings, was waihed from his horse and was the back of Alkin Piace, Ramsgate, unfor- drowned. The other with difficulty saved tunately fell over, brokc buth his legs and himtelf. arins, and died in about half an hour after At Brighton, aged upwards of 80, Mr. F. wards.

Carter, formerly carpenter and joiner.







At the Cliff, near Lewes, Mr. J. Lambert, At Donhead St. Mary, aged 64, Mrs. King. an ingenious painter of that place.

At Alderbury, aged 88, Mr. Thomas At Steyning, as Mr. Gates, brewer and Goodwin. butcher, was returning home from Horsham At Downton, Edm. Wagg, esq. only ron market, in company with his father-in-law, of George Wagg, efq. of Burton House, near his horse suddenly started, and threw him Christchurch. with a degree of violence on the turnpike, that At Amesbury, aged 68, Mr. John Ather. occafioned his immediate death. Mr. Gates At Fisherton, near Salisbury, Mr. R. Sirwas a young man, and has left a wife and le

man, an eminent plasterer. veral children to bewail his loss.

At Corsham, aged 92, Mrs. Mary Hibberd.

At Calne, Mrs. Jane Oriel, a respectable Died.) At Reading, John Manley, jun. maiden lady, far advanced in

years. esq. late captain in the 33d regiment.

At Pewley, Wm. Butcher, esq. of SherAt Hurst, Mrs. Elizabeth 'Dalby, second cott-house, to Miss Gilbert. daughter of the late John Dalby, esq.

At Abingdon, aged go, Mrs. Turner, re Married.] At Shaftsbury, Mr. Cooper, liet of the Rev. D. Turner, formerly niinifter ironmonger, to Miss Airs. of a disenting congregation at that place. At Netherbury, Mr. Francis, of Castle

At Inglewood-house, near Newbury, Mr. Cary, Somerset,' to Mifs Conváy, of the Brunsden.

former place.

Died.] At Dorchester, aged 77, John Married.] At Winchester, Mr. Butcher, Hawkins, M. D. Mr. James Parsons, glover, woollen-draper, of Devizes, to Miss Terry, &c. the oldest tradesman of the town. of Winchester.

At Poole, Mrs. Lester, the wife of Benj. Died.] At Winchester, Mrs. Jeffreys, re Lefter, esq. lict of the Rev. Mr. Jefreys.

At Sherborne, the Rev. William Glaff. At Portsea, Mr. W. S. Green, a respect poole, rector of Newton Longville, in Buckable shoemaker, who undertook for a wager inghamshire. to drink three pints of brandy in half-an-hour, At Shaftesbury, Mrs. Brickle, reliet of the in consequence of which he became almoit late - Brickle, esq. of that place. immediately convulsed, and died before any At Beaminster, Mr. Dunning, surgeon and medical assistance could be procured. He has apothecary, a gentleman of extensive practice left a wife pregnant and eight children. in his profession, whose loss is fincerely felt

At Andover, aged 94, Mrs. H. Child. and greatly lamented.

At Weston, near Southampton, Miss E. Moffatt, daughter of W. Moffatt, esq.

Some of the most active members of the At Kings-clere, aged 82, Rev. Thomas Bath and West of England Scciety have again Obourn, A. M. rector of Lowerstock and taken into confideration the most effeciual Ewhurst, and many years an active and able means of checking the advance of butchers' magistrate for the counties of Hampthire and

On account of the late sudden severity Berks.

of the weather it is supposed a more than

usual mortality may have taken place among At Purton fifteen two years old heifers have the young lambs, the effects of which may, ing broke from their pasture ground, went into without due caution, he much felt at a future a field, where some yew-trees grew, and in day. They have therefore fuggested to the three days eight of them died, in consequence, moit public fpirited breeders, and other farmas it is presumed, of their having eaten the crs, a sparing fale of ewe lambs for slaughter, branches of those trees.

because they will be wanted, and be likely to Married.) At Devizes, Mr. Charles Webb pay much better, in the end, as stock; and Atty, of Broomigrove, Worceftersh re, to to observe in general, a more than usual Miss M. Mortimer, of the former place. abstinence, from purchasing lamb for focd

At Salisbury, Mr. Andrews, jun. of Wey. is spring, and in the approaching summer. mouth, to Miss Snook, of Eait Harnham. They have also again, as in 1796, strongly

At Westhury, Abraham Ludlow, efq. of recommended all poffible multiplication of Bristol, to Miis Gibus, of Haywood House. pigs, hy breeding on farms, waltes, in inn Mr. Bromley, butcher, of Yockleton, to yı'ds, in villages, even among cottages, and Miss Gardner, late of Venington, Salop. in all fituations where a litter of pigs can be

Died.] At Salisbury, where she was on a reared, preferring, where a choice can be vilit, Niss Mary Ann Wenyeve, aged 24, made, the smaller races, which inay come dau :hter of John Wenyeve, esq. of Bretten- most speedily to pork. This provident care hum. She was a young lady pofteiled of every seems particularly important, when it is conen caring quality, which renders her loss truly fidered how increasing may he the demands, atliéting to her parents, and to her friends in and how precarious the public supply in a filgeneral.

ter country: At Hannington House, aged 59, the Rev. Married.] At Bristol, Mr. C. Smith, to hn Freke, a justice for Dorset and Wilts. Mifs Beck. Mr. Wm. Wiltshire, to Miss At Tilihead,. Mr. James Compton, farmer. Stuker.




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