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State of Public Affairs.

243 MR. DUNDAS spoke against it. also observed that he felt it his duty, as

Upon a division of the house there ap- looking to the general interests of the peared for it 55, against it 84.

empire, to see that the directors in LeaThe question respecting the treatment denhall-street should make compensations, of the prisoners in the Coldbath Fields either by exporting bullion or otherwise, prison has been brought before the house for the increased iinports which they drew of commons for the purpose of a fair in- from India. This was the more necelvestigation.--MR. DUNDAS laid on the fary at a time when the company, howtable the examinations taken before the ever opulent, felt it beyond their power to magiftrates at the last quarter sessions import the superflux of Indian wealth into respecting this business. This and several the ports of these kingdoms. The sum reother paper's relative to this subject were mitted annually to Europe from India afterwards ordered to be printed, and amounted to no less than five millions ; also a Conimittee appointed to examine but of this sum the means and capital of into the state of that prison, who were the company did not permit them to imempowered to send for papers, persons port more than two millions.

He was and records.

determined to try in some shape to bring SIR FRANCIS BURDETT withdrew this wealth into the ports of this country. the notice for his motion for the 7th of and before the end of the present session March, on the subject as he wished to he should certainly submit the matter to avail himself of the information that the serious confideration of that house, would arise from the above arrangement.

and crave their advice as to the best means [In our next we thill by enabled to give the of securing to this country that pre-emiresult of this enquiry.)

nence to which it was entitled. The On the motion of Mr. Pitt on the 8th resolutions were read and ordered to be of March, the house in a committee of reported the next day. supply agreed to grant 150,00ol. for MR. DUNDAS on the 15th of March, foreign secret service money for 1799, and after stating that our volunteer cavalry also that an aid of goool. Thould be granted amounted to 30,000 which rendered the to the Turkey company.

provisional cavalry not yet called out, no MR. DUNDAS on the 12th of March, longer necessary, moved that such of the the house having resolved it felf into a läicer as were embodied should be put committee on the state of the finance of on the establishment of fencible cavalry India, gave an elaborate detail of what which was agreed to. On the motion of is generally called the India budget. Af the same gentleman, the bill for reducing ter going through the various calculations the militia from 106,000 to 82,000 was usual on these occalions, he observed to ordered to be printed and a committee the committee that the affairs of the appointed. company were better on the whole than On the 16th of March the resolution of they were in the preceding year by the committee of supply for granting 413,2201. But he did not mean to give 226,000l. for tlie reliet of the luffering this in an unqualified way, for there was clergy and laity of France now in this a disputed article between the nabob of country and the American royalists, was Arcot and the company, which amounted agreed to by the house. to no less than one million sterling. The It appears by a proclamation issued company were trustees for the creditors, of from the court of St. James's on the 15th the nabob who claimed their instaliments day of March, that some attempts have as usual during the last war in India. been making to organise rebellion in The revenues appointed for the payır.ent of this country. This proclamation states, thele initalnents had unavoidably been "That there is reason to apprehend that employed in defraying the expences of divers persons engaged in treasonable tiat war.

If the company were now to conspiracies in the kingdom of Ireland in make good this fum they would of course concert with our foreign enemies are enstand in a worse situation by 600,000). deavouring to incite and ftir up rebellion But when he recollected that since tlie and war in this country.-'That for the year 1786 at which time the accounts of reason the privy council do ftritly order the company had been first put into a and charge, that from and after the 20th of proper train, their capital had been in- March no person whatsoever be permitted creased in no less than eleven millions, he to pass from Ireland into this kingdom, could look without any disinay on this except persons in the public service and deficiency or on any ftagnation which such perlous as shall'obtain a paffpost mnight occur during the present war. He for that purpose from the Lord Liera


tenant or from other persons qualified for at anchor at the mouth of the river Elbe; that purpose in Ireland."

and the next day proceeded for some way During several days the public and up the river, but froin the great quantity particularly the friends of the honourable of ice flowing down, she was obliged to Mr. Grenville were kept in the greatest return, but had not gone far before the anxiety for the safety of the Proferpine struck on the sand abreast of the Scarhorn frigate, in which that gentleman and suite, Beacon, about two miles from land; all charged with an important commission io endeavours to get her off failing, it was the continent, had taken their paslage resolved on the 2d of February that all from Yarmouth. On the 31st of January, hands thould leave the thip and endeavour two days after she failed, she came close up to reach Newark Illand, which was with with Heligoland, from whence the pro- great difficulty effected, with the loss of cured a piloi. The same night the lay 15 lives.

Marriages and Deaths in and near London. Married.] At St. George the Martyr, In Fenchurch-street, Abraham Newman, H. Carrington Bowles, esq. of St. Paul's erg. Church Yard, to Miss Garnault, of Red At Blackheath, aged 78, W. Hopkins, esq. Lion Square.

In Welbeck-ftreet, Mrs. Lukin, wife of Mr. Shirley Forster, of Holborn, to Miss R. Lukin, esg. Sibley, of Illington.

In Frith-street, Soho, Mrs. Chamier, At St. Paul's Deptford, Mr. Finch, wine widow of A. Chamier, efq. of Epsom. merchant, to Miss Rolt.

In Goodman-fields, Mr. John Hammond, - At Shoreditch church, W. Rocke, esq. fail-cloth maker. of Fenchurch-street, to Miss Jenkins, of the In Bloomibury-fquare, aged 73, Mrs. City-road.

Prescott. At St. Jamies's church, John Weyland, At Walthamstow, Mrs. Bennett, relict of jun. esq. son of J. Weyland, esq. of Wood- J. Bennett. esą. caton, Oxford, to Miss Keene, daughter of In Cannon-itreet, W. Stonehewer, esq. W. Kcene, efq. M. P. and niece to the In Bloomsbury-square, Mrs. Wegg, wife Earl of Dartmouth.

of Samuel Wegg, efq. At Walthamstow, W. B. Tarbutt, esq. of In New North-ftreet, Mrs. Dignum, wife Gould-square, to Miss Freeman, only daughter of Mr. C. Dignum, of Drury-Lane Theatre. of J. Freeman, esq. of Cornhill.

In Great Ruflel-itreet, Thomas WilliamMr. Reynolds, author of several dramatic son, esq. pieces, to Miss Manfel, of Covept-Garden At Pimlico, aged 92, Mr. B. Tolley. Theatre.

In Bruton-ftreet, Richard Hopkins, esg. At St. Paul's, Deptford, Mr. T. Dowley, member for Harwich. of Bankade, to Miss Nicholson, daughter of At Greenwich, Miss Susannah Innes, daughR. Nicholson, esq. of Kent.

ter of the late Coi. Innes, of the royal reDied.] At Clerkenwell, Mrs. Foot, ginsent of artillery. wife of Malachi Foot, esq

In Edward-itreet, Mr. Hawkins, At his losgings in Princes-ftreet, Hanover In Caroline street, Bedford-square, Mrs. {quare, W. Lemon, efq. eldest fon of Sir Goodwin. W. Lemon, Bart.

At St. James's Place, the Right Hon. W. At Limehouse, John Fowler, esq. one Hollis Capel, earl of Eflex, Viscount Malof the elder brethren of the Trinity-house. den, Baron Hadham.

His Lordship was In Coventry-street, suddenly, Mr. Fauld- born October 7th, 1732, and married first ing.

Frances, daughter and heiress of Sir C. HanIn Duke-street, Grosvenor-square, Mrs. bury Williams ; by whom he had iflue Elizabeth Coghlan, wife of Mr. Coghlan, George Viscount Maiden, who succeeds to bookseller.

the title and estates, and one daughter, Lady At Bermondsey, Mrs. Charlotte Field, Elizabeth, who married Lord John Monfon. wife of Simon Field, esq.

His Lordhip married Secondly, on the 3d At Highbury-Place, Illington, Richard of March, 1767, Harriet, daughter of Col. Lec, esg. formerly an eminent merchart of Thomas Bladon, by whom he had four fons, London.

now living. The Earl was Lord of the beda In Upper Charlotte-Street, Fitzroy-square, chamber to the late king, and held, at the M:s. Wert; widow of the late Temple time of his Jecrafe, the same appointment to Weit, ésq. formerly Lieutenant-Colonel in his prefent majesty. the first regiment of Guards.

At her father's house, in Aldersgate-Street, In Queen-frect, Westminster, Mrs. Miss Seddon, daughter of Mr. Seddon ; a most Auriol, aurt of the Earl of Kinnoul. amiable and accomplished young lady, who

In Queen-itreet, Mrs. Hardy, relict of was reading by the fire fide, when her dress the late Robert Hardy, etg. purveyor to the caught fire, and he was fo dreadfully burnt board of works.

that the died in confequence.


( 245 )





At Henfingham, aged 56, Anthony Benn, Married.] Ac Newcastle, John Spedding, efq. one of the justices for the county of esq. of Kerwick, to Miss Gibson, fifter to Cumberland. T. Gibson, cfq. of the Newc:fle Bank. C. At Kendal, aged 21, Mr. John Atkinson. Dodgson, erą. captain of the 4th regiment of M:. William Hargroves. dragoons, to Miss Lucy Hume, daughter of At Little Brompton, aged 72, Mr. Robert James B.me, efq. Secretary to the customs. Lowther. Captain Griffiths of the Royal Artillery, to At Seatonworks, Mr. W. Dickinson. At Miss Brandling of Gosforth.

Braystone, aged 23, Miss Ann Ruffel. At Alnwick, Mr. W. Kirkby, attorney, At Drig, aged 29, Mrs. Mary Singleton to Miss Wilson.

Spinster, lady of the manor of Ulpha.
At Hexham, Mr. J. Swinburn, to Miss At Workington, Mr. Sewell, len. Mr.
A. Rich íruíon.

J. Smith, Schoolmaster.
At Hart, Mr. Trizel, of Elnwick, to At Claybrook, G. H Hodgson, esq.
Mifs Martin Jale, of the same place.

At Bolton, near Wigton, aged 81, the Died.] At Newcastle Mrs. Bolam, wife Rev. Dr. Filher, thirty-nine years rector of of Mr. Ř. Bolam, joiner,

Bolton, and formerly matter of the grammar. At Durham, aged 26, Mrs. Jane D'Arcy. school at Cockermouth, whose literary pro

At Hexham, Mr. Robert Hedley, butcher. ductions are numerous and highly respectable, Mrs. Margaret Potts.

as well as generally useful. As a divine h's At Sunderland, Mr. Watson, apothecary. talents were fplendid, and his labours un. At Byker, Mr. J. Johnson, coal-viewer. cealing. He was bigoted to no party, but

At Shiremoor, John Maddison, who was sought truth alone ; in the search of which killed by falling into a lime-kiln, near

he was constantly directed by great goodWhite-hill Point.

ness of heart. In him were united the At Darlington, Mr. Francis Thomson of firm friend, the good and generous master, the talbot inn.

the kind and tender parent; bleft with a At Stockton, Mr. R. Grange, late a mild and forgiving spirit, he passed his long brewer.

life in peace with all good men ; and borne At Norton, T. Wainwright, efq. late of above the fear of death, by the consciousness Graveley, near Stevenage.

of a well (pent life, he erdured his last afAt Durham, W. Alderson, esq. of the fiction with tranquillity and resignation. Durham armed association.

Ai Lington, aged 85, Mr. C. Harrison, At Newcastle, aged 48, Mrs. Greenwell, the oldest common-council man of the corpowidow of the late Mr. Greenwell, tallow- ration of Appleby. chandler.

At Kendal, Mrs. Hancock. At Boonwood, near Dillington, Miss E. At Challen-hall, Mrs. Mary Dickinson, Lock, daughter of Mr. S. Lock.

wife of R. Dickinsva, efq. captain of the At Frankland, near Durliam, aged 89, Westmoreland militia. Mr. Gilbert Snowdon.

YORKSHIRE. AND WEST MORELAND. Lately at Sheffield, the house of Signior Married.] At Carlisle, Mr. S. Holker, Petro, the celebrated maker of fire-works, of Bury, Lancashire, to Miss C. Wilion of unfortunately was fet on fire, and the explo. Carline.

fion was so very sudden and so extremely At Bridekirk, Mr. G. White, of Tal- dreadful, that an officer in the Somerset fenlentine, to Miss Fearon, of Becks, in Em- cible cavalry and several other perfons, who bieton.

happened to be present, unfortunately lost At Warwick, near Carlinc, Mr. E. Tom- their lives. linson, of High Efkett, to Miss Hetherington Married.] At York, Richard Kentish, esq. of Warwick-bridge.

captaia in the Cambridgeshire militia, to Mrs. Died.] At Carlisle, after a short illness, Remington, widow of Richard Remington, Mr. Milburne. Mr. Thomas Little, Attor- efs Mey. Aged 77, Mr. T. Hodgfon, manufac At Leeds, Mr. Joseph Brent, of York, to

Aged go, Mr. Alexander Gracey, a Miss Gascoigne, of Malton. Mr. Moxton, Chelsea pensioner.

surgeon, to Miss Hall. Ac Whitchaven, in the prime of life, At Aldborough, near Boroughbridge, Mr. Mrs. Spittle, wife of Mr. A Spittle, grocer. Jacob Smith, or Givendule, to Miís M. Frete Miss Gibson, late of Barfield. Mrs. R. well, an amiable young lady with a handsome M'Combe, widow. Mrs. Steel, widow of Mr. fortune. See, brewer. Mrs. Frewin, wife of T. At Hull, George Uppleby, elą. nierchant, Frewin, esq. one of the con missioners of the to Miss Elize Fowler, daughter of W. Fowler, cuftoms.

ely. At Cockermouth, aged 37, Mrs. Steel, At Sçarborough, Mr. W. Nable, af Alnwife of Mr. Steel, attorney.

Ms. J. Sim, wick to Miis Sharp, daughter of Mr. Sharp, dyer.




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thip-owner. Mr. John Parker, of Leeds, At Field-house, near Halifax, Mrs. Stanmerchant, to Miss Beilby, of Scarborough. field, wife of G. Stanfield, erg. At Wakefield, Richard Bailey, esq. of

At Wharram, in her journey home from BeBroomfield, to Miss Haist of Wakefield.

verley, Mrs. Taylor, wife of Mr. F. Taylor, At Malton, Mr. Temple, surgeon, to of the east-riding bank, Malton. Mifs Blackburn.

At Whitby, John Mellar, esq. At Huddersfield, Mr. Croflard, to Miss

At Carlton, near Pontefract, Mrs. Lee, Battye, of Finney.

wife of Captain James Lee, of the WestAt Barnsley, Mr. Keir, attorney, to Miss York militia. Mallifon. Mr. Handley, of Wakefield, to Miss Lydia, of Pontefract.

Married.] At Lancaster, Rev. A. Chambre, Died.] At York, Mr. Matthew Cockin, to Miss Rufiel. one of the common-council men for that city.

At Liverpool, Captain Inglis, to Miss Mr. W. Clayton, twenty-two years goaler of Kendall. Mr. R. Wicksteed, merchant, to York-Castle; a situation which enabled him

Miss Tatlock, of Richmond. Mr. W. R. to exercise his well-known benevolence, by Anderson, to Miss H. Corfe. Captain Powa humane and equitable indulgence to those ditch, to Mrs. Jackson. Mr. C. Turner, gununfortunate, and often criminal members of maker, to Miss M. Roberts. Mr. Z. Matthe community, who were his prisoners, not thews, to Miss F. Gibson. Captain Pince, one of whom has ever been heard to complain to Miss. E. Jackson, of the Tide Mills: of his treatment.

At Manchester, Mr. R. Syers, merchant. Mr. William Stavers, formerly of Nor- of Liverpool, to Miss Wright, of Manchester, thumberland. At an advanced age, Mrs. Mr. J. Baron, manufacturer, to Miss S. EaTeasdale, wife of Mr. H. Teasdale. Mrs. twille. Dodsworth, wife of J. Dodsworth, esq. At Chorley, Mr. W. Heugh, attorney, to Mr. Robert Robson, of the white-horse inn.

Mrs. Winstanley. Aged 86, Mrs. E. Battie, a ma.den lady.

At Lindale, in Cartmel, Captain William At Benaffee, near Catterick, Miss Carter, Kellett, to Msifs Mellar. only daughter of Mr. Joseph Carter.

At Cartmel, Captain Carter, to Miss JepAt Thornton, near Bradford, aged 71, the fam. Rev. Joseph Thwaites, many years curate of At Ardwick, near Manchester, Mr. John that place.

Dixon, of Boiton, to Miss Margaret Hartley.. At Whitby, Jolin Mellar, esq.

Died.] At Lancaster, aged 85, John BarAt Wakefield, Mrs. Milnes, relict of Ro

row, esq. late alderman of that place. Mr. bert Milnes, efq.

John Gardner, soap boiler. Aged 67, Mr. At Foston-Hall, aged 53, Mr. William William Parkinson, clock-maker. Aged 80, Shayler, late of Poppleton.

Mr. George Parkins. Miss Howson, daughAt Barwick-in-Elmet, Rev. R. Deane,

ter of the late Mr. W. Howson. Mr. James B. D. rector of Barwick and of Kirkbram, Dearden. Mr. R. Townly, who was killed within the deanery of Dor caster, who, from by falling under a cart. the general confidence in his great integrity, At Manchester, Mrs. Holland, wife of Mr.' by means of small sums entrusted to him, is

T. Holland, jun. Mr. Thomas Rothwell. supposed to have released more debtors from Aged 69, Mr. Benjamin Wildsmith. prison, than any other individual in the

At Liverpool, aged nearly 100, Mrs. Park. kingdom.

Aged 55, Mrs. Waring. Mr. John Carh. At Notton, aged 84, Mr. Robt. Foster, Mrs. Ann Brooks, Mrs. Metcalfe, wife of late of Fryfton.

Mr. J. Metcalfe. Mr. H. Baldwin, brazier. At Crosly-Grange, ageě 76, Mr. Giles Fall. Mr. James Hales, cooper.

At Hull, aged 81, W. Jarratt, esq. Aged Ač Preston, aged 38, James Moore, esq. 86, John Hall, esq.

alderman and banker, who is universally re"At' Leeds, aged 56, lArs. Sharp, wife of gretted as an upright magistrate, an honeft Mr. Sharp, of Gildersom 2.

tradesman, a fincere friend, and a benevolent At Scarborough, Mrs. Clemitha, wife of benefactor to the poor. At Newby Bridge, Mr. R. Clemiha, woollen-draper. Mrs.

near Ulverton, James Machell, esq. Holby, widow of the late Captain Holby, of

At Warrington, Mr. John Fallows, ironHull.

founder. Aged 66 Mrs. Knowles. At Thirik, aged 65, Mrs. Leife, mother At Ormskirk, Mrs. Berrett, wife of the of John Leife, esq. of Sowerby.

Rev. Mr. Berrett. Mr. John Clarke, brewer. At Stokef ey, Mrs. Lee, wife of Mr. W,

At Heylhan, James Greenalgh, esq. Lee, merchant.

John Booth, of Wearden-Fold, near Lcy. At Middle gon, near Pickering, aged 93, land, and Ellen Derbilhire, midwife, of Mr. J. Boys, brother to the late Mrs. Drink- Strawhill, were frozen to death on their re. row,

of Diffeld, who died in her goth turn home. year, in Noi rember last. At the I leanery, Ripper, aged 19, Mr.

Married.] At Chester, Mr. Morgan, supera T.D. Waddi love, eldest son of the Dean.

visor of Excise at Northwich, to Mrs. Boyd.



Derbyshire....Nottinghamshire....Lincolnshire, &c.




At Prestbury, Mr. William Taylor, to . of the late Alderman Kent. Aged 81, Mrs. Miss Weeton, both of Macclesfield.

Hide, widow. Serjeant Roach of the 34th At Farndon, Lieutenant Colonel Nelson, regiment. of the islth regiment of fout, to Miss Ca At Spillby, Mrs. T. Winship. therine Carroll, of Ireland.

At Spalding, S. S. Ingram, esq. last furDied.] At Chester, aged 89, J. C. Worsley, viving son of the late Captain Ingram. Mrs. esq. formerly of Platt, near Manchester. Mr. Cookson, wife of Mr. Edward Cookson. T. Pickmore, sword-bearer.

Mrs. Faulkner, relict of the late Mr. Lyon At Macclesfield, Thomas Wardle, esq. Faulkner. Mrs. Hodkinson, wife of Mr. Hodkinson of At Gainsborough, aged 81, Mrs. Fowler. the old Angel-Inn. Mrs. Orme.

Mr. Peele, of the Lamb. At Upton, Mrs. Brittain, wife of Mr. J. At Louth, aged 642 Mr. Jolin Grant, one Brittain.

of the largest farmers in Lincolnthire. At the seat of George Smyth, esq. near At Stamford, 'aged 78, Mrs. Zharrard, wiChester, Henry Venour, etq. formerly of Bire dow. mingham.

At Sleaford, aged 60, Mr. Robert Theck

stone, of the Angel Inn. Married.] At Derby, Mr. Clark, malfter, At Beesby, near Louth, aged 95, Mr. John of Burton-upon-Trent, to Miss R. Bromley, Walkerby, a respectable farmer and grazier. of the former place.

At Boston, aged 77, Mrs. Brackenbury, At Thorpe, near Alborne, Mr. P. H.rd- widow. ing of Athley-Heath, Staffordshire, to Miss At Seaton, Robert Cobley, fervant to Mr. M, Borton, of the former place.

Skelton, who dropped down dead as he was At Winster, Mr. William Marsden, of threshing in his master's barn. Crich, to Mrs. Mason, of the former place.

RUTLANDSHIRE. Thurlston Grange, Samuel Fox, esq. to Married ] At Manton, Needham Chefel. Miss Darwin, of Stamford.

den, esq. to Miss Slater. Died.] At Stavely, Joseph Sales, a lunatic Died.] At Effingham, Mr. John Bland. who destroyed himself by cutting his throat. Martha Key, who had been lost 13 days, Married.] At Leicester, John Hawksley, notwithstanding the most diligent search, and efq. of Arnold mill, to Miss S. Arnold, an who was at length discovered in a hedge, amiable daughter of Dr. Arnold, of Leicester. where she had perished in the snow.

Died.] At Leicester, aged 62, Mr. Tho. At Pington, Joseph Cocke, a collier, who mas Lockwood, a gentleman deservedly was killed by the falling of a large coal in a esteemed by a numerous and respectable ücpit.

quaintance, as uniting to a strong and culti

vated understanding, the strictest probity and Married.) At Newark, Mr. John Topley, honour.-Leicester Journal. of East Bridgford, to Mrs. Martha Innocent, Mr. W. Brown, hair drefier. Mr. Wright, of the same place.

of the Marquis of Granby Inn. At Bunney, Richard Cole, esq. of Nor At Cotes, near Loughborough, aged 68, manton on the Wolds, to Miss S. Parkins, of Mr. Francis White, a respectable grazier. Bunny Park.

At Blaby, aged 21, Miss Flude, eldeft Died.] At Nottingham, Mr. Hind, Taylor, daughter of Mr. Flude, of that place. Mrs. Lowne, wife of Mr. Lowne, ironmonger. Suddenly Mr. Richard Shelten, one of

Married.) At Wolverhampton, Mr. John the loyal Nottingham infantry. Mr. John Norman, of Birmingham, to Miss Mary Fletcher, formerly a draper.

Chapman, of the former place. *At Crofiwell-butler, near Bingham, aged At Cheadle, Mr. Bakewell, to Miss Keys. 92, Mr. Thomas Bell, formerly a respectable, At Eccleihall, the Rev. R. W. B. Hill, of farmer and publican.

Hough, Cheshire, to Miss Green, of Lawford At Arroid, aged 75, Mrs. Sherbrooke, Hall, Eflex. widow of the late William Sherbrooke, esq. At Burton-upon-Trent, Mr. John Greaves,

to Miss Wilson, both of that place. Deeping Bank, nearly opposite the point At Leek, W. Pepps, jun. architect, or between Crowland and Cowbit, has been de- Newcastle, to Miss Ashton, of the former ftroyed by a flood, in consequence of which, place. 30,000 acres of land were inundateid.

Died.] At Shelton, in the Staffordfhire Married.] At Little Grimsby, near Louth, Potteries, aged 35, Mr. William Smith, mathe Right Honourable Lord William Beau- nufacturer of earthen ware, who had served in clerk, to Miss Nelthorpe.

the capacity of a lay-preacher for several At Spillby, Mr. Edward Micklethwaite, years; and a few days after, Mrs. Smith, his inn-holder, to Miss Elizabeth Culley. Mr. wife, aged 27. George Enderby, cordwainer, to Miss S. Day. At Ecclehall, Mits Painter.

Died.) At Lincoln, Mrs. White, late of At Tamworth, Mr. Samuel Freeth, forBridlington. Aged 63, Mrs. Kent, widow merly of Bindingham.




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