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his arm and two ribs broken, and one of his

brilliant actions of the last war. The sword feet nearly cut in two.

of the French officer was given him in comAt Whapload, Mrs. Perkins, widow of Mr. pliment, and he was immediately appointed T. Perkins.

to the rank of first lieutenant over several At Fleet, near Holbeach, aged 34, Mrs. senior officers. Between the conclusion of Sarah Johnson.

the last war and the commencement of the At Spalding, Mrs. Harmston. Aged 68, present, Captain Gamble had the command Mrs. Brown,

of a party of marines on board the Porcupine, At Caneby, near Spittal, aged 86, Law- Commodore Brabazin, on the Irish station. rence Monk, erg.

After the commencement of the present war At Langtoft, Mr. Treen, late grocer at he served on board the Majestic and the Uppingham.

Bellerephon; in the latter of which, his conAt Edenham, Mr. Hoglay.

duct on the memorable first of June was so At Waddington, aged 17, Miss Fieldsend. meritorious, that Admiral Palley ever after LEICESTERSHIRE.

hewed him particular marks of his attenA benevolent undertaking has been com- tion. After Lord Howe's victory, he had menced the town of Leicester to open an leave of absence for fonic time; and in 1796 ASYLUM for INDIGENT GIRLS, from the was made captain. During the last year he age of 12 to 16. The design is to place girls commanded a party of marines on board La within that age, who appear to be objects of Pompie, Captain Vafour, till July, when he compasion, under the care of an intelligent was taken ill-a dropsy enlued, and was the and experienced matron, to be instructed and occasion of his death. employed in every kind of household work, fewing, &c. and to qualify them for good Married.] At Walsal, Mr. Josiah Adams, fervants. It has been proposed for the pre- to Miss Garrett, of Wolverhampton. sent to hire a convenient house for the recep- At Wolverhampton, Mr. Thomas Sandals, tion of ten girls, the expence of which is to Miss E. Talbot, of Walsal. Mr. Mitchell, eftimated at 100l. per annum. The present to Mrs. Brearkey, of the Angel inn. Mr. John subscriptions amount to 701. From the tub. Cardale, of Bilfton, to Miss E. Smith, of Icribers at large two committees are to be Brierley. chofen, one of ladies, the other of gentle- Died ] At Stafford, aged 73, Mrs. Ferny. men, who are to have the direction and con- hough. troul of the establishment.

At Lichfield, aged 84, Mrs. Horbery, relict Married.) At Leicester, Mr. Joseph Coley, of the late Rev. Dr. Horbery, canon of that of Burton-upon-Trent, to Miss Jennings. cathedral,

At Enderby, Mr. John Harris, carpenter, At Highlin's Park, near Burton-uponto Miss A. Crowther.

Trent, Mrs. Dicker. At Ashby de la Zouch, Mr. Gibbs, organist,

WARWICKSHIRE. to Miss Newbold. Mr. Hopkinson, to Miss Married.) At Birmingham, Mr. W. Holt, Ward.

to Miss Maria James, whose joint ages make Died.) At Eafenhall, in the prime of lifc, little more than 30 years. Mr. Martin, of Mrs. Sael, wife of Mr. Sael, mercer, of Co- Ham-green, to Mrs. Barnes, of Norgroveventry,

mill. Mr. Edward Price, to Miss Ward. Ac Thornton, aged 91, Thomas Willett, a Mr. Richard Lynhall, of Solihull, to Miss labourer, who had lived in the time of ten Ann Evans. Mr. Henry Tranter, to Miss vicars of that place,

Stone, both of Maxstock. At Swepitone, aged 99, Mrs. Jarvis, wife At Warwick, Mr. Tomes, of Loutham, to of Mr. R. Jarvis: they were born in 1700, Miss Cotton. and married young.

At Sutton Maddock, Mr. Richard Phillips, At Enderby, in an advanced age, Mrs. of Brockton Farm, to Miss Mary Vaughan, Pyne, relict of the late V. Pyre, esq. of Weston-wood.

Ac Sheep head, Mr. Thomas Enimerson, Died.] At Coventry, in an advanced age, of Captain Farnham's troop of Leicestershire Mr. Gcorge Owen, filkman. Mrs. Willerton, yeomanry cavalry: lie was.followed to the relict of Mr. Willerton, ribbon-manufacturer, grave by near four hundred menibers of the Mr.John Worton, whitesmith. Mr. Cleaver, club to which he belonged. - Henry Lydall, of the Chace public-house. returning from Sheepthead, was fmothered At Birmingham, Mr. Charles Hearley, in a snow.drift near his own house on Charn- factor. Mrs. S. Lloyd. Miss Charlotte Collins, wood Forest.

of the White-horse inn. Miss Eliz. Fletcher. At Croft, aged 40, Richard Gamble, esq. Mr. Edward Standley, locksmith. Mr. W. captain of marines. The patronage of the Blythe. At a very advanced age, Mr. John late Duke of Rutland introduced this gallant Potts. Aged 85, Mr. James Harrioti, caroficer to the service of his country by a con- penter. Henry Perkins, esq. sen. merchant. million in the marines: within a few months After a confinement of five years, Mrs. Rad. of which appointment he was in that ever- nall. Suddenly, after eating a hearty Tupper, memorable engagement betwixt the Flora aged 18, Mr. James May, builder. frigate and La Nymphe, one of the most At Acciter, Mr. Cox, grazier.






Near Merriden, at an advanced age, Mr. poft-master, of Bishop's Castle, to Miss ElizaBellison, farmer.

beth Beddoes. At Radway, the Rev. Mr. Thomas Cham- Died.] At Worcester, Samuel Roberts, a bers, rector of Shernal.

soldier, who fell under the wheels of a loaded At Coleshill, Mrs. Dale.

waggon in a state of intoxication, and was so At Brinley, near Coventry, Mr. Henry dreadfully bruised, that he expired within Watts, steward to Lord Craven, celebrated as half an hour after the accident. "Miss A.M. a very ingenious agriculturist, particularly for James, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. his improvements in draining marihy lands. James, one of the prebendaries of the cathe

At Stratford-upon-Avon, aged 28, Mrs. dral. Aged 93, Mr. Samuel Corbyn, Quaker, Tindale.

formerly a linen-draper, and one of the

oldest and most respectable inhabitants of Married.] At Shrewibury, Mr. Breck, to Worcester. Mrs. Cox. “Mr. Joseph Lukins, of London, At Wickenford, aged 102, Mrs. Tilsey. to Miss Griffiths, of Leogor.

At Stoke-Prior, Windfor Harris, esq. Mr. At Overton, John Owen, esa, to Miss Richard Blower, of the Tything near Wora Corne, of Stowbridge.

celler. At Hodnet, Mr. Lamb, of Portman square, At Dudley, Mr. Daniel Hodgetts, hopto Miss Sarah Walters, of Hodnet.

merchant. At Tong-castle, Charles Durant, esq. to At Droitwich, Mrs. Romney, a maiden Miss Eld, daughter of Francis Eld, erq. of lady. Slighford.

At Kidderminster, Mrs. Davis, widow of Died.] At Shrewsbury, aged 61, Mr. Hay- the late Mr. Davis, glazier. ward, late of Nesscliff. Aged 51, the Rev. At Burford, near Tenbury, in the prime Mr. Lucas, late minister of the dissenting of life, Miss. Letitia Wheeler, daughter of congregation on Swan-hill, who had laboured Mr. Wheeler, of Upton. under a paralytic affection for nearly two At Elmbridge, Mr. William Williams, a years, and in consequence of which had re- few days after the death of his eldest son. figned the pastoral office, in which he was A man at Feckenham being employed to lately succeeded by the Rev. Mr. Weaver. clean a gun-barrel, put in a large nail, red Mrs. Prichard, wife of Mr. Prichard, whip- hot, to dry it, which setting fire to some maker. Mrs. Hayward, wife of Mr. Hay- powder left in the barrel, was forced out, ward, hair-dresler. Mrs.Oliver. John Manly, and entered the man's head to the depth of a weaver, who returning from Shrewsbury, four inches, who languished two days after, funk into a snow-drift near Baschurch, where and then expired. he remained a whole night before he was difcovered : he has left a numerous family, of Owing to the late heavy rains, and fall of which he was the honest and industrious íup- snow, the waters in the neighbourhood of porter. Miss Whitfield, of Condover. Hereford are much out. The river Wye has

At Park-lane, near Leek, Mr. John Hand. completely overflowed its banks, and has At Ludlow, Miss Maria Holland.

been higher than at any period since the At Bishop's Cattle, aged 72, Mr. Richard food of 1795. The Lug and smaller streams Williams.

are so much swoln, that the low grounds in At Whitchurch, Mrs. Kempster.

their vicinity are entirely under water. At Acton-Burnett, Mr. Cooper, many Married.] At Brompton Abbots. Mr. Tho. years agent to Sir Edward Smith, bart. Dew, farmer, of Netherton, to Miss Ann

On Clun-Forest, Jane Hamer, having pe- Dew, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John rished in the snow on her way from Kniglitan Dew, of Upper-end. to Clun.

At Thornbury, the Rev. John Taylor, At Coalbrook-dale, aged 23, Mr. Mark A. M. to Miss Pearce, only daughter of the Gilpin, jun. Quaker, and clerk to the Coal- late Mr. Pearce, furgeon, of Ross. brook-dale company.

Dicd.] At Hereford, aged 82, Mrs. D. Sarah Pinches, fervant to a farmer'; as the Phelps, of St. Qwen’s-street. Afcer a lingerwas riding with corn to the mill, the horse ing and painful illness, Mrs. Jones, wife of threw her into the water at a place called Mr. J. Jones, maltīter. Mrs. Gwalter. che Bridges, near Wentnor, when the sunk At Leominster, aged 74, Mrs. Evans, relict under the ice, and could not be extricated of the Rev. Henry Evans, late of Bylett. till the had perished.

At Peter-church, Miss Seward, daughter

of the late Rev. Mr. Seward. Married.] At Feckenham, Mr. John Hut- At Huntington, a: an advanced age, Mrs. ton, to Miss Mary London. Mr. Thomas Adams, widow. Martin, to Miss Barnes.

At the Court of Whitney, Mr. Wm. HayAt Dorn, Mr. John Dunn, jun. to Miss wood, an opulent and respectable grazier. Mary Phillips.

At, Kingstone, aged 99, Mrs. S. Gunter. At Alcester, Mr. Sn.ith, to Miss Butler, At Little Birch, suddenly, Mr. George of Feckenlani.

Bethel, of Lyíon, formerly a glover in LeoAt Bishop's Cafile, Mr. James Walters, miniter. Haying called at a friend's house, MONTHLY MAG. NO. XLII.












in his way home, without the smallest fymp- Died.) At Northampton, Mrs. Douglas, tom of previous illnets, he exclaimed wife of Mr. Douglas, cabinet-maker. Aged “ O Lord! I am struck to the heart!" and 79, Mr. James Hollis. almost instantly expired.

At Mišdleton-cheney, aged 67, Mr. Wm. At Bodenham, at an advanced age, the Gramshaw, of the Dolphin inn. Rev. Dr. Bewicke, vicar of that parith.

At Welford, Mr. George Bliss, member of Major Haime's troop

of yeomanry cavalry. Married.] At Monmouth, Mr. Richard At Willow-lall, near Peterborough, Mr. Powles, mercer, to Miss Margaret Wanklin, Joseph Newton, a respectable farmer. of Olbaston.

At Newnham, aged 82, Mrs. Hickman.

At Paulerspury, Charles Macawley, a poor Married.] At Ampney, Mr. Isaac Hew- aged man, who was sent thither from Bucks lings to Miss Mary Day, and Mr. Jacob How- on an errand, milled his road in the snow, lings to Miss Betsy Day, brothers and sisters. and was frozen to death.

At Nympsfield, Mr. E. Prout, to Miss At Stoke-bruern, Thomas Rawbones, who Mary Dangerfield.

in going from Grafton Regis to Blisworth, Died.] At Gloucester, the Hon, and Rev. mifled his road, and was frozen to death in Lord Francis Seymour, Dean of Wells. Stoke-bruern field.

At Cirencester, Mr. Brown, an eminent grocer.

At an advanced age, on her way to · Died.] At Court-garden, Richard DavenBath, the Hon. Mrs. Vixen, nearly related port, esq. to the Rutland family.

At Marsh-gibbon, at an advanced age, Mrs. At Cheltenham, aged 80, Mrs. S. Tom- Elizabeth Croke. linfon, widow of the late Dr. Tomlinson, At the Four Athes, near High Wycombe, daughter of Thomas Foley, esq. of Stoke- aged 55, John Bates, efq. Edith, and great aunt to the present Lord Foley.

Married.] At Elstow, Mr. J. W. Willis, to

Miss Maule, of Cardington Cotton-end. A chemical experiment to produce artificial cold, first discovered by Mr, Lowitz, of Died.] At St. Ives, Mrs. Mary Clay, a Petersburgh, was lately tried at Oxford by Quaker. Mr. Walker. It consists in mixing inttantaneously four parts of crystallized muriat of The subjects for Sir William Brown's lime reduced to powder, with three parts of prizes this year are: for the Odes, Pontifex light, dry, and fresh snow; by which mix- Italia exterris; and for the Epigrams, ipseture Mr. Lowitz funk Fahrenheit's thermo- dixit. meter from 32 above o, to 55 below o. The On Sunday, the roth of February, as Mr. fame mixture, as repeated by Mr. Walker, Muncey, of Impington, was going to Camonly funk the thermometer to 48 below o; bridge, he observed a handkerchief upon a but upon mixing the same articles, previoully (now-drift; and, on approaching the ipot, cooled by art to 40 below o, the thermo- discovered a woman of the name of Wood meter sunk to 63 below o.

cock, buried in the snow, who had been Married.] At Oxford, Mr. W.F. Beddall, milling fince the second. It appears, that to Miss Hunt. Mr. Brown, to Miss Smith. as she was returning from market on Sa

At Witney, Mr. William Lanskcar, to turday evening, about half a mile on this Miss Perrott, of Newcastle-under-Line, Stat- side Impington, her horse farted, and fordshire.

threw her off with her basket, in which were At Cornwell, Mr. John Dunn, junior, to some meats, candles, &c. After wandering Miss Mary Phillips, second daughter of Mr. a considerable distance fron the road with her Philips, of Dorn.

basket, she became exhausted, and sat down At Chipping-Norton, Mr. Tho. Higgins, under a but in expectation of the Inow abatto Miss Fisher, ot Mitcham, Surry.

ing. Being much fatigued, it is supposed the Dicd.] At Oxford, aged 76, Mrs. Gardner, tell alleep: the fnow was drifted over her to relict of the late Mr. Gardner. Aged 64, the height of several feet; and he remained Mr. Jones, taylor; and two days after Mrs. in that situation eight days without any Jones, his wife, aged 66. Aged 70, Mr. B. sustenance, except what he received from Tisdale Gardener.

eating the snow. She heard the bells ring At Wheatley, aged 87, Mr. Richard Sheen. for church at Impington, Hifton, and Chero

At Burford, Mirs. Partin, wite of the late terton, on Sunday the 3d, and frequently Mr. Pattin, an eminent banker and mercer of heard people palling near her. She beat down that place.

the snow as far as her hands could reach,

which formed a space that enabled her to Married.] Thomas Reeve Thornton, efq. breath easily: and it was so light, that she of Brock-hall, to Miss Susannah Fremeaux, frequently read in an almanack she had with of Kingsthorpe.

her. When the snow began to waste on SaAt Wellingborough, Mr. Stanton, grocer, turday, she stripped a branch from the hedge to Miss Winrow,

under which she was confined ; and finding





1799.) Norfolk.... Suffolk....Hertfordshire, &c.

171 fe could thrust it through the snow, for- At Hingham, the Rev. Mr. Buck, master tunately thought of tying her handkerchief of the grammar-school, and vicar of Deepto the branch, by which means she was dis- ham. covered ; and is now living, with no other At Ayltham, aged 34, Mrs. Ainge, wife injury than the loss of her toes.

of Mr. Joseph Ainge. Married.] At Canıbridge, John Castleton At Wymondham, Mrs. Spauls, wife of Miller, esq. of Queen's-college, xto Miss Mr. Spauls, sugar-baker. Pagett, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Wm. At Funden-hall, Mr. Gray, sen. farmer. Pagett, of Totteridge in Herts.

Died.] At Cambridge, Mrs. Martindale, Married.] At Iprwich, the Rev. P. Houghrelict of Mr. Martindale, attorney.

Mr. ton, minister of the octagon chapel, to Mrs. Dawson, stone-mason. Aged 86, Mrs. Sa- Taylor, widow of the late Mr. Taylor, surville, formerly a school-mistress. Mrs. Sarah geon. James, relict of the late Mr. Thomas James, At Stretford, the Rev. Mr. Leeds, to Miss formerly printer of the Cambridge Journal, Philippa Eatłgate.

At Burwell, aged 80, Mr. Stevenson, an Died.] At Bury, Thomas, the youngest son opulent and respectable maltīter.

of Mr. A. Hunter, upholder. Mrs. John

fton, a maiden lady, aged 61. Aged 64, Mr. Married,] At Norwich, Mr, F. W. Ste- William Church. Mr. Lionel Mayhew, an venfon, one of the Norwich association, to opulent farmer. Miss H. Wilkins. The Rev. Francis Wil- Aged 76, Mr. James Peake, upwards of liam Robe, to Miss E. Wolverton. Mr. M, 32 years governor of Bulcam House of InSmith, formerly of London, to Miss Hen, dustry. of Wymondham.

At Somerly-hall, Wm. Beckford, esq. At Loddon, Mr. Jenny, shopkeeper, to At Melford, aged 73, Mrs. E. Bowers, Miss Brame, of Lowestoft.

late of the Ram inn. Mr. Thomas Corden, At Diss, Mr. J. Musgrave, of London, to builder. Miss Williams, of Diss.

At Lowestoft, aged 27, Lieutenant EastAt Yarmouth, H. Popplewell, esq. to land, of the North Lincoin militia. Miss Mary Ann N. Taylor. Mr, Samuel At Great Wenham, Mr. D. Rift, a reHowes, timber-merchant, to Miss Goodens, spectable farmer. of Potter Heigham. Mr. James Laws, to At, Nayland, in an advanced age, Mrs. Mrs. Bean,

Jones, wife of the Rev. Mr. Jones. Died.] At Norwich, aged 84, Mr. Jere- At Nedging, Mits Martha Bolton, daughmiah Spurrell. Mrs. Olletts, of the Half- ter of the Rev. Mr. Bolton, who fell from a Moon inn. Mrs. Howlett. Mrs. Buffey. horse as she was riding to school, and was Mr. Chamberlain, shoemaker. Aged 7 years, pressed to death by a loaded waggon pafling Ann Dybald, who having been sent by her at the same instant. aunt for fome water, fell into the river, and At Wood-Ditton, a private of the West was drowned.

Aged 47, John Brunings, Suffolk supplementary militia, who was found bricklayer, who was found drowned in Thorpe frozen to death. The body was discovered Upper-reach. Aged 64, Mrs. Pardee, wife by the barking of a spaniel dog, who Aew at of Mr. Parllee, of the Bell inn. Mr. Wm. the person who first approached his master, Perowne, publican. Mr. Larke, formerly of whom he had continued to watch three nights the Hand inn. Mrs. Porter, wife of Mr. R. and days without food. Porter. Aged 81, Mr. Cook, who expired whilft on an afternoon's visit to a friend. Died.] At his feat at Cole-green, aged 23, Aged 77, Mr. Tho. Wallby. Mr. Nichols, the Right Hon. George Nassau Clavering the clerk of St. Gregory's parish, who at- Cowper, Earl Cowper. In the fpring of last tended the funeral of Mr. Cook the day be- year his lordship fell from his horse, and refore his own death. Mr. J. Talbot, of Lon- fused to be bled; to which neglect his phydon. Aged 39, Mrs. Hawkes, of the Ribs sicians attribute his premature death, occaof Beef inn. Mr. R, King, book-binder. fioned by the bursting of a blood-vessel in the Aged 72, Mr. Thomas Boyce, shopkeeper. lungs. Miss M. Herring. Mr. Edward Callon, for- At Baldock, after a lingering illness, Mr. merly matter of the Duke's Palace work- Fitzjohn, an eminent inaltiter. house.

At Great Gaddesden-place, aged 91, Mrs. At Mulbarton, Mrs. Bates, relict of John Crawley, relict of the late J. Crawley, elq. Bates, eíq.

of Stockwood, Bedfordshire. At Whiponsett, Mr. Nathaniel Raven, groe-r.

Married.] At Chelmsford, Mr. J. Clarke, At Sprouston, aged 89, Mr. Edward Davy, brazier, to Miss Sarah Clarke, of the Duke'sa respectable farmer.

head. At Back heath, aged 83, Mr. William Bur. At Colchester, Mr. Joha Jackson, grocer, rowes.

to Miss Hibbs, of Walton Le Soken. At Madder-market, aged 60, Mrs. Earl, At Hockrill, Mr. Tyler, coach-maker, to wife of Mr. C. Earl.

Miss Taylor, of Bishop-stortford.





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At Elmstead, M. Theophilus Bridges, of At Rorinham, Mr. Heard, of the Green the Cross-keys, Colchester, to Miss Powell, Lion inn. of the academy at Elmstead.

At Drapers, near Margate, Mr. James At Brentwood, Mr. John Maypowder, Beale, farmer. aged 24, to Mrs. Mascal, of Motc-house, At Wingham, Mrs. Elgar, wife of Mr. aged 76.

S. Elgar. At Purleigh, Mr. John Harris, blacksmith, At Hastingleigh, Mrs. Kidder, wife of to Miss Moss, of Brentwood.

Mr. Kidder.
Died.] At Witham, aged 23, Mrs. Isaac, At Tenterden, Mr. Jof. Breeds, a respecto
wife of Mr. James Ifaac, and eldest daughter ahle farmer. Mr. Edward Wicken, cooper.
of Mr. Bailey, af Woodbridge, a most amia-
ble and accomplished woman: she had been Married.] At Pendhill, Joseph Seymour
married scarcely four years, when a rapid Briscoe, efq. to Miss Stephana Law, youngest
consumption fnatched her from a small cirèle daughter of the Rev. Dr. Law, archdeacon of
of affectionate friends, and from an infant Rochester.
family which she was rearing in domestic Died.] At Ongar-hill, near Chertsey, John

Kirkpatrick Elcott, efq. formerly a merchant
At Black Nobley, the infant son of Danzie at Malaga.
William Rayment, esq.

At his apartments in the King's-Bench pri-
At Chamsick's Farm Felfted, Mr. Williamson, Edward Beavoir, efq. late of Farnham.
Ffitch, member of Captain Tuffnell's volun-
teer cavalry.

Married.] At Chichester, Captain George
At Springfield, Mrs. Harrod, wife of Mr. Stephens, of the Montgomery militia, to
Harrod, farmer. Mrs. Price, widow of the Miss Steward, daughter of Colonel Steward,
Jate Mr, Price, mill-wright,

of the royal artillery. At Hitchin, J. Collison, sen. esq,

Died.] At Ticehurst, Major Sayer.
At Rickling, Mr.John Cannon, farmer. At Newick, Mrs. Jenner, widow of the late

At Saffron-Walden, Mrs. Hopwood, wife John Jenner, esq. of the Victualling-office.
of Mr. William Hopwood. Suddenly, Mr, At Horsham, Mr. Deane, corn-chandler,
John Hale.

and three days afterwards Mrs. Deane, his

widow. It is remarkable, that Mrs. Deane, Married.] At Deal, Mr. Thomas Forward, who was in perfect health when her husband to Miss E. Durban.

died, requested that his funeral might not be A¢ Teston, Mr. William Beníted, of Maid- hurried, as she was confident one grave would ftone, to Miss Harding, daughter of Mr. serve them, which was the case. Harding, of Tefton.

At Sandwich, Mr. W. S. Huntley, of Married.) At Templeton, near Hunger. Dover, to Miss E. Cocking, of Sandwich. ford, T. Rendall, esq. to Miss Pinckney, of

At Rochester, John Ford, esq. alderman, Wilsford. to Miss Mary Foru.

George Thorhill, esq. of the General Post-
At Whitstable, Mr. Wm. Uden, of the com- office, London, to Miss Sarah Pennington, of
pany of dredgers, to Miss Nancy Charison, Reading.
At Aylesford, Captain Page,

to Mrs. Died.] At Abingdon, after a short illness, Amherst.

Dudson Rawlins, efq. a man of very large
Died.] At Canterbury, at an advanced age, property.
Mrs. Pattefon, wife of Mr. Patteson. Mr. At Newbury, Quarter-master James Leach-
John Butcher. Mrs. Turner Mrs. Ann man, the oldest of that rank in the service,
Stroats. Aged 72, Mr. Minter.

having borne his warrant 39 years.
At Deal, Mrs, Finnis. Lieutenant Read. At Reading, aged 86, Mrs. Jennings. At

At Wootton, in a decline, Mr. L. Baker, an advanced age, Mrs. Wallis, a Quaker, junior.

Aged 91, Mrs. Sturdy. At Rochester, Mrs. Roberts, wife of the late J. Roberis, erg. Mrs. Rice, wife of Married.) At Winchester, Mr. Butcher, the Rev. Mr. Rice.

of Pewsey, Wilts, to Miss Gilbert, of the At Maiditone, Mr. Benjamin Ruck, senior, former place. bricklayer. Mrs. Lowen. Mrs. E. March. At Southampton, Colonel Gordon, to Miss Aged 87, Mr. H, Pope. Mrs. Burr.

Johnson. Mrs. Lucas, to Mrs. Blanch. At Dover, Mrs. Beck. Mr. Hans White, At Andover, Mr. Bennett, of Froyle, to surner of Major Lewis's company of artillery, Miss Lywood, of Eastondown, with a fortune his wife, and two of their children, who of 30,cool. were killed by the falling of the bank against Died.] At Winchester, H. Foulkes, esq. which their hut in the castle was built. of the Cheshire militia. Mrs. Kade, of the

At Newington, near Sittingbourn, aged 64, Plume of Feathers. In St. Lawrence workMr. John Murton.

house, aged 105, Mary Martin. At Appledore, "Mr, Thomas Adams, farmer At Tichborne-house, aged 83, the Dowager and grazier.

Lady Tichborne, relịct of the late and mother At Alh, aged 89, Mrs. Wood.

of the prelent Sir H. Tichborne, bart.


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