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1799.] Marriages and Deaths in and near London.

163 In Cateaton-Street, J. Krain, efq. a planter which were remarkably gentle, he had all in Demerary.

the urbanity of the true gentleman in the best In Hereford street, Mrs. Willes, relict of sense of that appellation. He was a man of great Mr. Justice Willes.

liberality and candour; nor had he any exAt Streatham, the youngest daughter of clusive attachments to any feet or party. He Lord W. Ruffell.

was, above all, remarkable for the unvaryIn Artillery-lane, Mr. Stephen Clarke, ing sweetness and equanimity of his temper, many years upper marshall of the city of in which he had the rare felicity of pofleffing London.

as a gift what others are obliged to labour In Cursitor-street, Chancery-lane, Mr. W. after as a virtue. Mr. Mulso was always fond Thomas, attoriley.

of polite literature; and gave to the world, At Hammersmith, Mr. S. Nayler. leveral years ago, a novel, entitled “ Sem. At Hoxton, Mrs. Frances Bell, widow. proniles and Calistus," which was very well

Aged 82, Mr. Thomas Payne, a respectable received by the public. It is grave and pabookseller at the Mews-gate, Castle-itreet. thetic; nor is it recommended only by fenti

In Southampton-ftreet, Strand, aged 77, ments of virtue Nightly interwoven in the F. A. Martelli, esq.

piece, for to recommend virtue is the role At London-wall, Mr. Thomas Boultby, and entire aim of the work; and the deathcurrier.

bed, particularly, of the vicious character of At Hampstead, Mrs. Langford, relict of the the piece, is drawn in colours that, we doubt late Robert Langford, efq. of Entham-hall, not, have touched the heart of many, an inOxon.

genuous youth. Mr. Mulso also poflefled an At the Earl of Effinghani's, in Wimpole- eafy vein of poetry; but his performances in ftreet, of an apoplectic fit, William Beckford, this way went no farther than the circle of erq. of Somerly-hall, Suffolk.

his friends. So temperately did Mr. Mulso At Hackney, aged 83, Mrs. Cotton, widow use life, and so gradually and evenly did the of Thomas Cotton, efq.

whole man seem to wear away together, that Aged 81, Mrs. Catherine Wood, relict of his friends, who watched his declining years William Wood, efq. of the India-house. with a tender solicitude, had Hattered them

In Upper Grosvenor-street, Edward Bishop, felves he would be fpared the agonies of a efq. of Peter-house, Cambridge, son of E. painful exit out of life, and enjoy that euBishop, esq. army agent.

ibanasia which is the sole remaining with of In Eflex-street, F. Barlow, esq. many years

It did nos prove so: the last secretary of the Crown-office, and deputy- weeks of his life were tried with sharp pain, clerk of the crown in the court of King's- which he bore with firmness, conscious of Bench.

his situation, and as not wanting those prinNear Blackheath, after an illness of five ciples which might enable him to meet death years, Mrs. E. Miller, wife of Capt. Simon with a manly composure.-Mr. Mulso was Miller, of the navy.

brother to the juftly respected Mrs. Chapone, In Northumberland-street, Mrs. Cranage, and married the fifter of Gen. ral Prescott, a wife of Mr. Cranage, coal-merchant.

lady as eminently calculated to inspire, as At Brompton-grove, ayed 86, Mrs. Ni. her husband was to feel,'che delicacy and cholson, widow of the late Mr. Nicholson, tenderness of that attachment which was of Cornhill.

only interrupted by his death. In Dean-street, Soho, Harman Leece, esq. Ayed 32, Mr. Follet, better known by the

Feb. 7th. At his house in Charlotte-itreet, familiar appellation of Jack Follet, who has Bedford-Iquare, at the age of 78, Thomas fo often excited the wonder of majesty, the Mulso, Esq. the eldest son of an ancient approbation of the gork, and the laughter of family in Northamptonshire : he inherited the little Easter and Christmas gentry. He there a small paternal estate, but was him- was the son of an itinerant actor; but what. self broup. ht up to the law, and acted for ever abilities the father might have poffefled many years as secretary to his uncle, Dr. in the oratorical way, it is certain Jack could Thomas, the late Bilhöp of Winchester, and never make any progress towards attaining as commisioner of bankruptcies: engage- the celebrity of a Roscius: he therefore ments which prevented the tedium generally wilely availed himself of the advantages naoccafioned by a want of regular employment, ture had given him in an athletic frame, at the same time that they were not incon- and strong muscular powers, by turning his fiftent with leisure, and the easy enjoyment thoughts to pantenime; in which he lo of life. Mr. Mullo lived amongst a pretty well succeeded, that he has scarcely left his large circle of friends, by whom he was equal as a representative of a clown. He had equally respected and beloved. His judg. a particular method of walking, in a position ment was found, his taste elegant, his heart in which his knces were lo inverted as nearly affectionate, and his mind imbued with the to touch the stage; a triking proof of the purist sentiments of virtue. He poflefled a strength of his muscles. At one period of vein of genuine humour, ever chastened by his lite his agility was equal to his strength, delicacy and politeness ; for in his manners, and he has frequenily taken leaps which Har

advanced age.

lequin could not accomplish, to the no small indebted for considerable preferments in the chagrin of that motley gentleman. He per- church, and some good appointments for his formed at Covent-Garden for about seven children. The Duke of Leeds very early in years previous to his death ; and, from his life entered into the political world. Soon open disposition and honest bluntness, con- after he became of age, lie was introduced ciliated the good opinion of all his brother by family interest into the house of com. performers, by whom his premature death is mons, where he took a decided part in fa. unanimously regretted.

vour of Lord North's administration, and At his seat at Moor-park, in Hertfordshire, against the claims of the Americans. Dur. Thomas Bates Rous, Erg. son of the late ing his father's life he was called up to the Thomas Rous, Esq. for many years chairman house of peers, in 1776, by the title of Baron of the East India company, and one of the Olborne of Keveton. At the age of 23, his most active members of that body. The late grace married Lady Amelia D'Arcy, only Mr. Rous was bred to the sea, and at an surviving child of the late Earl of Holderearly age obtained, through his father's in- nesse, and in her own right Baroness Conyers, terest, the command of a ship in the East by whom he had two sons; George William India company's service. In this capacity, Frederic, the present Duke of Leeds; and being particularly patronized by the late Lord Lord Francis. This marriage proving unfor. Clive, and indulged with profitable voyages tunate, he was divorced from that lady, by by the court of directors, he made a rapid act of parliament, in May 1775. In 1777 fortune, which was foon after increased by the marquis was appointed Chamberlain ta his father's death. Captain Rous had, prior the Queen, and next year Lord Lieutenant to that event, returned from the sea-service, and Custos Rotulorum of the West-Riding of settled in Worcestershire, and in 1774 stood York. Poflesing these places, he for a cong a candidate for the city of Worcester, on the fiderable time supported the ministry; but ministerial interest in opposition to Sir Watkin Lord North's measures being carried much beLewis and a friend, the populat candidates ; yond the principles and opinion of the mara and, after a long and expenlive election, was quis, he independently voted against them, successful. In parliament he supported the and was in consequence deprived of his lieuadministration of Lord North, and was by his tenancy: still, however, retaining his post in lordship’s influence brought in again for that the queen's household, which he kept till city in 1780. Attached to Lord North, he 1781, when he resigned it, and was succeeded entered warmly into the coalition, and as by the Earl of Aylesbury. When the Rock, long as he fat in parliament opposed Mr. Pitt. ingham administration came into power, in This conduct lost him the interest on which 1783, they restored the uis to his lieutehe itood at Worcester; and he has not sat in nancy, which he enjoyed till his death. He parliament, since. Captain Rous not only seems, however, to have inclined to the Shel, opposed Mr. Pitt in the house, hut in a well- burne party; and when that noble lord came written pamphlet, entitled “ Observations on into power, and concluded the peace, lis lord

be Commutation ProjeEr," (1786) spiritedly ship was one of the most zealous supporters of and unanswerably attacked that measure, it, and moved the address on that subject in the Three years afterwards he published another house of lords. When his friends, or, proq pamphlet, entitled “ An Explanation of the perly speaking, those with whom he had pomistaken Principles oz wbieh tbe Commutation Act litically acted, came into power in 1783, his is founded. These performances, as the au- lordship was appointed ambaffador to France; thor of the " Literary Memoirs of Living bụt was superseded in the appointment before Characters" justly observes, were supposed he quitted England. When Mr. Pitt came to contain the strongest arguments urged on into administration, he accepted the place of that lide of the question. Captain Rous hav- Secretary of State for the foreign departing for many years lived in the county of ment, in which office he continued eight Worcester respected and beloved, some time years. In 1786 he was appointed Highsince renigved to Moor-park, where he died Steward of Hull, an honorary post to which suddenly.

ng emolument, and little influence, is at. On Thursday, January 3!, at his house in tached; and, on the death of Lord Godoi. St. James's Square, of an abcess in his fide, phin, he was appointed Governor of the Francis Oborne, Duke of Leeds, Marquis of Scilly Ilands. In 1789 his lordship married Carmarthei!, Earl of Danby, Viscount La- his lęcond wife, Miss Anguilh, daughter of timer, Baron Oiborne and Keveton, and a the Master in Chancery of that name; and Baronct in England, and Viscount Dumblaine the same year, by the death of his father, in Scotland. The duke was born in 1751; became Duke of Leeds. In 1795 he resigned the care of his education was entrusted to his place as secretary of State to Lord Grenthe late Dr. Jackson, who executed the im- ville; and since that period he has occa, portant trust so much to the satisfaction of fonally voted with and against the ministry. the noble family, that both the late duke In private life the duke hus ever been reand his father honoured him with their pa- fpected and admired for his elegance, accom, tronage and esteem. To the former he was plishments, and polite conduct.


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without a single pupil: his admirers were, State of the trade of the port of Newcastle however, enthusiastic ; but his enemies were in the year to December 25, 1798:

inveterate and implacable; even to them his Ships, Coastwise, Over jea, Total, loss as a preacher will be severely felt. Inwards

1091 248 1338 Outwards 4738 570


Married.) At Cumberland, Mr. Wilson, Exclusive of thips which had no ladings. sadler, to Mrs. Wyły. Coals cleared outward :

At Brampton, Captain Burrough, of the Coastwije, Over sea, Total, navy, to Miss Ann Ewart, of that place. 395,960 44,460


At Great Salkeld, Mr. Thompson, to Miss Chaldrons, of 53 hundred weight cach. Byers. The quantity coastwise is greatly Thort of the Ac Aldingham, Mr. Westmoreland, to year preceding, and that over sea exceeds it. Miss Westmoreland.

Married.] At Durhaa, Emanuel John At Kirklinton, Mr. Haliburton, of CarMartini, esq. of Hamburgb, to Miss Hays, of life, to Miss Jane Waugh, of Seat-hill. Durham

At Brigham, Mr. Fisher, of Cragg, in SetDied.] At Newcastle, Mrs. Pattinson. Mrs. murthy, to Miss Hudson, of the same place. Christian Crow. Suddenly, Charles Wren, Captain Leathorp, of the hon. East India camEsq.

pany's military establishnient, to Miss Hall, At Burn-hall, near Durham, Henry Meth- grand-daughter of Thomas Hall, esq. of old, esq. captain of the Durham Light-horse · Gamblesy. Volunteers.

Died.] At Carlisle, suddenly, Mrs. Martha Ac Dislington, aged 16, Miss Dobson, Wilson. At an advanced age, Mr. George daughter of Mr. Philip Dobson,,coal-viewer, Scaiffe. after an hour's illness. Aged 90, Mr. James At Whitehaven, Miss Barrass. Mrs. Brags, Moore, taylor.

wife of Mr. John Bragg. At Littleharle Gower, the feat of the At Cockermouth, Mrs. Graham, wife of Right Hon. Lord Charles Aynsley, the Hon. Mr. J. Graham. Miss Mary Barns. Aged 36, George Edward Collingwood Aynsley, his Miss S. Brown. Jordship's youngest son.

At Denton-Mill, in the prime of life, Mr. Suddenly, on the 27th of January, the Rev. John Robertshaw. George Buiby, minister and master of the free At Colby, near Appleby, the Rev. Mr. grammar-School at Hexham. As this extra- Earle. ordinary man was not much known beyond the province in which he lived, justice de- Married. 7 At York, Mr. Scott, attorney, mands that an acknowledgment be made to to Miss E. Thompson, of Berrington, Dur. his departed genius. It has been the fate of ham. Mr. Robert W. Hotham, to Miss the greatest men, whilst living, to stand in a Eastburn. diminished point of view; but when by death At Leeds, Mr. Joseph Smith, of Selby, the clamours of invidious calumny became merchant, to Miss Sinith, of the same place. filenced, a funeral oration has raised trophies At Sheffield, Mr. Samuel Coldwell, of of praise to their memories. Had Mr. Busby West Stockwith, to Miss E. Goody, of Donpofteiled an able biographer, a history of his caster. life would have formed an interesting article At Hull, Captain William Collender, to in this department of our work. His talents Miss Moxon, niece to General Ellerker. as a writer, had he not lived in a country At Finghall, Mr. Thomas Lumley, of clouded with local prejudices, would have Patrick-Brompton, to Miss Gargrave, of the placed him at the head of the composers of former place. sermons. A few years ago he published a dis- Died.] At York, aged 78, Mrs. Garforth. course as a specimen, which he promised, if Aged 76, Mrs. Williamson, widow of the approved of, to succeed by a volume: it met, late Mr. John Williamson, sheriff of York in however, notwithstanding its merit, with very the year 1771. David Lambert, esq. of Malinconfiderable encouragement. No preacher ton. Mrs. Blanchard, wife of Mr. W. Blancould be more a master of the passions : he chard, printer. Aged 30, Mr. J. Darley, could always command the tears of his con- surgeon and apothecary. gregation. His works had at once the piety At Hull, Mr. Samuel Akam, brewer, and pleasing fimplicity of Addison; the logic Suddenly, Mr. Everingham, aged 76. Mils pf Blair; and many of the fine sentimental Lundie, daughter of Mr. T. Lundie, fhiptouches of Sterne. His temper, which was owner. In the prime of life, Mr. Thorpe, warm, was ill-calculated for his office as surgeon. Suddenly, Mrs. Darling, widow. master of the grammar-school. As a teacher At Beverley, aged 59, Mr. Robert Kirby', he expected that clearness of comprehension a bachelor, who having but few relations, in a boy whịch maturer years only could has bequeathed considerable property tn å give. Such, indeed, was his austerity, that number of poor housekeepers and mechanics. for several years the grammar-fchool was Aged 73, John Joliņstone, esq. many years



two years.

an eminent physician at that place. Mifs Morley. Mr. James Wright, to Miss KingsFletcher, filter to the wife of Mr. Alderman ley. Mr. Richard Briggs, corn-merchant, to Hall.

Miss Rider. Captain Thomas Charnley, to At Brafferton, aged 94, the Rev. Isaac Miss Fallow field, of Preston. Mr. J. Hewitt, Wilson, 61 years vicar of that parish. cabinet-maker, to Miss Smith, daughter of

At Leeds, aged 72, Mr. Tolson. Mr. Captain Smith. Mr. W. Lucas Rcay, to Miss Featon, woolstapler. Aged 105, Lazarus Robinson. Captain Hassler, to Miss Forrest. Levi, a Jew, well known in the neighbour- Capt. Robert Marshail, to Mil. Sarah Law. hood of Leeds, as a vender of hardware. At Preston, Mr. Benjamin Thomas, of Li

At Whitby, Mrs. Holt, widow of the late verpool, to Miss Eliza Lodge, of Preston. T. Holt, erg.

At Blackburn, Mr. James Hayhurst, timberAt Sykehouse, suddenly, aged 28, Ms. merchant, to Miss Walmsey. William Hunt, one of the West-Riding yeo- At Leyland, near Chcrley, Mr. B. Metman cavalry.

caife, of Mors-hall, Hool, to Miss Betty PilAt Pudsey, near Leeds, aged 24, Mr. Jo- kington, of the former place. seph Staw.

Died.] At Lancaster, Mr. Henry Cork. At Thirsk, Mrs. Dent, wife of W. Dent, Mr. Alverman James Barrow. esq.

At Liverpool, aged 60, Mr. L. Oliphant, At Thorne, Mrs. Wise.

formerly an African merchant. Peter Haftey, At the vicarage near Bingley, aged 87, efq. Mrs. Brown, wife of Captain Brown. Mıs. Parkinson, formerly of Fewston, near

Mrs. Plumbe, relict of John Plumbe, esq. Otley.

Mr. William Edmonton, Turgeon. · Mrs. El. At Bridlington, aged 66, Miss Ether fton, wife of Mr. J. Elfton.

Mr. James Carter.

Heeron, haberdasher. Mr. Chew. Mrs. At Harrogate, Mrs. Thackwray.

Clark, wife of Mr. Clark, flour-dealer. Aged At Pontefract, Mrs. Shaw, relićt of the late 63, Mr. Edward Houghton, four-dealer. Rev. Mr. Shaw, vicar of Ardiley, near Wake- Aged 81, Mr. Betson Bradstock, many years field: she has left the whole of her property, a tide-surveyor. Mrs. Walton. Mr. John amounting to 15,000l. to her maid-fervant, Dugdale, baker. a young girl, who has lived with her about At Withinshaw, W. Talton, efq.

At Crupsall, aged 94, Mrs. J ine Barlow. At Selby, aged 64, Mrs. Rylah.

At Kochdale, John Roydo, esq. At Kirkby-under-Dale, at the Rev. Mr. At Presto!, Mrs. Sarah Barnes, widow of Bourne’s, aged 69, Mits Twigg.

Mr. J. Barnes, baker. At Bentham, the Rev. Thomas Benifon, At Salford, Mrs. Kinafton, wife of Mr. nearly 60 years lead-inaiter of the grammar- Kinaiton, distiller. school.

At Blackburn, Mr. George Ainsworth, late At Mattersey, near Bautrey, Mrs. Cart. of Liverpool. Miss Ann Baxenden. Aged 58, wright, wife of Mr. Cartwright, formerly of Mrs. Walınsley, reli&t of the late Mr. B. York.

Walmsey, attorney. At Lofthouse, near Harewood, Mr. L. At Ormskirk, aged 72, Mr. Joseph Barrett, Dickinson, who kept the Harewood Arms formerly of Manchester. inn for many years.

At Croft, near Winwick, aged 84, Mr. At Marton, near Skipton-in-Craven, the Richard Speakman. Rev. Reginald Heber.

At Manchester, Mr. Robert Lowe, cotton

merchant. Aged 82, Mrs. Ann Smalwcod, There has lately been efablished in Liver- late of Chapel-Milton. Mrs. Walton, relict pool a library on a very large and magnificent of the lrte Mr. M. Walton. Aged 80, Mrs, icalc, 350 gentlemen having fubferibed ten Atkinson. Mrs. Hallsworth, widow of Mr. guineas each for the erection of a building, J. Hallsworth, and engaged to support the institution by an annual subscription of to guineas. A more On the night of the 8th of February, two detailed account of this delign, fo highly ho- decent-looking women perished in the snow nourable on its promoters, will appear in our ncar Nantwich: they were discovered about next number

two hundred yards from a public-house at the Married.] At Lancaster, Mr. George Mor. Hough, where they had called, and drank ville, merchant, to Miss Whiteside.

some warm ale. The same evening a man At Manchetler, Mr. Nathan Wood, to Miss perished about a quarter of' a mile from his Demilla, of Rhodes, near Middleton. Mr. own house at Wybunbury. Wm. Tate, portrait-painter, tu Miís Hulme, Married.] At Chester, Mr. Strongfellow, only niece of Thoma, Hodgen, efq. of Salis- attorney, to Mrs. Powell, widow. Mr. Stan. bury. Mr. John Gillett, te Miss Beever. ton, bookseller, to Miss Armitage. Mr. Edward Hardman, lurgeon, of Bolton, to At Bowden, Mr. John Leidler, brewer, ta Miss Alice Whitlow, daughter of the late Mifs Rigby. Mr, Whitlow, of Broughton. Mr. W. Ains. At St. Oswald's, Mr. James Hyatt, of the worth, to Mrs. Penry, widow.

Oxford light dragoons, to Mils Williams, of A: Liverpool, Mr. Moses Casson, to Miss Beaumaris.








At Aldford, Mr. Paul Miller, to Miss E. At Newark, Mr. Chapman, of the George Brafley:

and Dragon inn. Aged 33, Mr. D. Holt, At 'Asbury, Mr. John Bailey, to Miss printer. Gallimoor, of the Royal Oak inn.

At Arnold, Samuel Hage, a labouring man, At Presbury, Mr. Gaunt, to Mrs. Whicl- . wlio, imprudently standing too near one of the don.

mill-thatts, was unfortunately killed. Died.] At Chester, Mrs. Stanford, wife of

LINCOLNSHIRE. Mr. Stanford, tallow-chandler. Mirs Neo Fron an agricultural survey of the county ville. Mr. John Monk, formerly proprietor of Lincoln, drawn up by the secretary to the of the Chester Courant. Mrs. Turner, wife Board of Longitude, it appears that the exof Mr. Turner, hair-dresler. Mrs Gregory, tent of this county is calculated at 2,888 wife of Mr. Gregory, cheese-factor.

square miles, or about 1,804,000 acres: of At Moor-side, near Netton, aged 91, Mr. which, taking round numbers, 234,000 are John Matthews, a liberal benefactor to the wolds; 148,000 heaths; 777,000 low-land; poor.

and 718,000 miscellaneous. The rental of At Macclesfield, Thomas Warolle, esq. the whole is thus estimated : Mr. Ridgway, ironmonger.

Wolds, at gs. per acre 195,696 At Tatton, William Tatton, efq.

Heaths, at 8s. 4d.

49,333 At Bidston, Mr. Thomas Watmough, aged Low-lands, at 235. 803,504 61.

Misceilaneous, at 145. 502,656 Married.) At Repton, Mr. Stringer Tonks,

£1,551,189 to Miis Ann Dawson, of Foremark-park.

Average per acre 16s. 91d. Died.] At Derby, Mrs. Clara Maria Broade, Married.] At Lincoln, Mr. Green, of daughter of the present and fifter of the late Helle, to Miss Bygot, of Barton. Captain Thomas Broade, esq. of Fenton Vivian, Staf- William Collenden, to Miss Moxton. "Mr. fordshire.

J. Clarke, late of Grantham, to Mrs. A. At Egiston, Edmund Marsden, miner, aged Keriheval, widow. 95, leaving a widow aged 91, 8 children, 56 At Stamford, Serjeant Daniels, of the Rutgrand-children, and 38 great grand-children. land fencibles, to Miss Hart, of Uppingham.

At Mackeater, aged 63, Mr. Wilson. At Gainsborough, Mr. James Wainwright, At Makeney, aged 84, Mr. G. Bradney. to Mifs Blyth.

At Alfreton, aged 89, the Rev. Mr. Carr, At Bourne, Mr. William Masley, of Lonvicar.

don, to Miss Henrietta Holland, of the for

mer place. Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. R. Revele, At Uppingham, Mr. Bellington, to Miss of Staunton, near Plumptree, to Miss Wilson, Seflon. of Rempitone.

At Rickworth, Mr. Wright, to Mifs At Newark, Mr. Thomas Wilson, brazier, Bunning, of Effingham. to Miss Jackson, eldest daughter of Mr. John At Westborough, Thomas Reeve ThornJackson, wharfinger,

ton, esq. of Brock-hall, to Miss Susannah. At Scriveton, near Bingham, Mr. Crane, a Fremeaux, of Kingsthorpe. Mr. Thacker, respectable farmer in Thorney-Feu, to Mito of Horbling, to Miss Mitchelson, of Dowlby Grace Sampey, of the former place.

Decoyl. Mr. Walker, jun. of Spillby, to At Mickleorer, Mr. Hodkinson, baker, of Miss Blackburn, of Friciter. Derby, to Miss Earl, of the former place. Died.] At Lincoln, aged 52, Mr. Thomas

At Southwell, the Rev. William Chaplin, Compton. Mrs. White, wife of Mr. White, of Tathwell, to Miss Isabella Frances Sutton, surgeon of the 34th regiment. Aged 67, youngest daughter of Sir Richard Sutton, Mr. John Cowper, senior choral vicar of the bart. of Norwood-park.

cathedral, and master of the chorister, having Died.) At Nottingham, aged 74, Mr. served 60 years in the cathedral. Aged 24, Thomas Tunney, formerly an upholsterer. Mr. Matthew Lund, baker. William RobAged 91, Mrs. Edenborough, mother of Mr. son, a labourer of Lincoln, aged 61: his body, Edenborough, of the Exchange.

was discovered in the river Witham, half a Suddenly, while on a visit at Mr. Lock- mile below the town, into which he is supten's, Spread-eagle inn, aged 29, Miss Sarah pored to have fallen, bing intoxicated. A Rowland, of Chaddesden in Derbyshire. Aged private belonging to the North Lincoln militia 24, Mrs. Wilson; and a few days afterwards, was found frozen to death near that city. aged 21, her fifter, Miss Lucy Smith. Aged At Gainsborough, Mrs. Bourne, wite of 93, the Rey. Timothy Wylde, rector of Mr. Bourne, jun. The Rev. Mr. Butler, of Beeston, anú vicar of Winkfield in Berkshire. Langstort. Mrs. Cox, widow of the late Mr. F. Cox. At Stamford, aged 95, Mrs. Thompson, wiAged 63, Mr. William Howitt, alderman, dow. Mrs Mafon, relict of Col. Maion. Elwho served the office of mayor in 1784 and ward Rhodes, itage-coachman, whole de.co 1796.

was occalioned by the coach overtu uning At Crosswell Butter, Mr. Joseph Marriott, against the bridge in Cannington-lane, by a respectable' farmer and grazits.

which his back was broken; the gun hale



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