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I'll try to rid thee of this blessed spell.

FROM MARTIAL. The Bristol parsons can't have got a faintship

EPIGRAM 78. B. VIII. Home from Sienna yet.

THE simple truth I wish to hear,

Nothing so grateful to my ear!" No fear of that.

This, when your speeches you rehearse,

Or long essays in prose and verse, Tafte, hungred, first, this fpitchcock'd rattle- Is itill to me your constant cry, snake,

And 'twere unfriendly to deny. And toasted toad, with afla-fætida.

Come then--But simple truth, I fear, Lo! how his long ears wag! The devil is Will not be grateful to your ear.

pleas'd, His nostrils whiffle--shine his greedy eyes.

EPIGRAM 79. B, VIII. Here-here's an otter’s pluck—an owlet's To a knot of old tabbics, or, ugly as they, wing,

Queer damsels, eternally clung, Dog's tongues; with newts-eye sauce, and You show off your person at park,ball,and play, spawn of frog.

And thus you are handsome and young. What will you drink?-tobacco oil, or gin?

EPIGRAM 6. B. ix. O this is dainty diet !—My wrinkled belly

YOU spread your snares rich John to wed: Grows plump and smooth, and sounds like a

'Tis wisely done, Miss Prue:
brac'd drum.

John will not take you to his bed :
Were but my tail set free-I too would go
Into a monastery.

Why, John does wisely tqo.

ON A WINE-MERCHANT, l'll snap your spell.

EPIGRAM 36. B. x. This book I stole from my old Coptic bishop: THE vileft of compounds while Balderdash "Tis full of Pharao-writing, and contains

vends, Words that break every eharm but those of And brew's his dear poison for all his good saints.

friends, 0! that this ink had never reach'd my eyes! No wonder they never can get him to dine ; Even the right is weak. Stroke back my hair, He's afraid they'd oblige him to drink his That the brisk sparks may light me as I read.

o'yn wine. “ Ahirom! Tuki! Zakarush! Misraim!" (You scratch like a tom-cat-pull in your

SONNET TO HOPE. claws). 66 Abracadabra! Kirlekamath! Woil!

WHERE filent woods their dreary shade


And give new horrors to the gloom of night, Hurrahı !-Live dance, and frolic!--Pulix is if chance the swain his fault'ring footsteps free!

bend, My friend, let me embrace thee!_One more

In terror pauling for some friendly light, hug!

How gladsome beats his heart when thro' the Now at the witches fabbath nay attend

glade Long-absent Imrewhirl the airy reel,

Piercing the clouds he fees the moon's Under each arm a doxy-join their hurly Till mouth and noftrils snort the flames of Onward he springs, with light and vig'rous glee.


And hails the empress of the fainter day: How like a sucking-lamb the old boy wriggles Thus, while thro’life's uncertain paths I rove, His tail for gladness! Scramble up behind,

Should dark despondence sprcad the gatherPulix, on my goat. Your shriveli'd leathern

ing gloom, wings

May Hope's soft lustre, streaming from above, Are for our thousand miles of Aight too feeble.

Dilpel the bodings of a mournful Joom; Cling clorc, and clasp below the cloyen feet.

And when fad friendship marks my parting Now, goat, aloof! --whizz thro' the air to

breath, Bloxberg.

May Hope's benignant beam illume the

yale of death. To LIBERTY.


EPIGRAMMA-AD SOMNUM. That lov'st the lofty hills to rove

SOMNE levis, quanquam certiffima mortis With peace and gentle harmony,

imago, And health robust, and I'miling love, Confortem cupio te tamen effe lori : Should mild compaflion in thy heart

Alma quies, opraia veni; nam sic sine viiâ Yet dwell, attend thy votary's pray'r; Vivere quam suave est ! fic fine morte inori! Deign of thy fragrance to impart, And let me of thy blessings share!

Image of death, my wishes give On take me to some peaceful dell

With thee, kind seep, to lie: With thee and sweet content to dwell.

Thus, without life, how sweet to live?

Thus, without death, to die.


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mild ray,



J. W.

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( 141 ) REVIEW OF NEW MUSICAL PUBLICATIONS. THE Magic Oak, or Harlequin Woodcutter, as fancifully elegant, and leads the ear with

performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent Gar- a gratifying effect to the succeeding, miden, composed by Thomas Attwood. 6s.

nuet, in 3-4 moderato, in the fourth of Goulding; Phipps, and D’Almaine. the original key, which brings us to the THE music of the Magic Oak presents closing movement in 2-4, where we find a reípectable effort of science and fancy. inuch novelty and sprightliness of concepThe overture comprises three movements, tion. The third fonata, which is in D which are calculated to relieve each other, major, opens with a movement in comand interest the attention. The quick- mon time, allegro maestoso, which is folfizp, danced by Mrs. Wybrow, in the vo

lowed by a polihed cantabile, whence we Junteer scene, pofleffes much vivacity; proceed to a lively and engaging pastoral and the Volunteer's March, by which it is movement in 6.8. The fourth piece is in succeeded, is conceived with more no. F major, and commences in 3-4, allegro velty and animation than we generally quisto, from which we proceed to the find in the present numerous productions celebrated old air of “ Saw you my faof this kind. “ Hail, Magic, hail,” ther, saw you my mother,” given with sung by Mr. Townshend, is bold and considerable and well-judged embellishcharacteristic. The change of the time at ment, and the sònata concludes with an “ Still to the chace of Pleasure true,' is andantino movement, which is animated of excellent effect: the resumptions of the and graceful, is separately printed, maformer movement, at “ Then as I wove naged with all the address cominon to this my potent Wand,” is equally judicious; author, and greatly heightens the general and the accompaniment, throughout, is effect. varied with the happiest success. The Ellen of the Dee, Sing by Mr. Dignum, the melody of “ Thou hast giv’n me Free- words by Mr. Ramice the Mufic composed by dom," sung by Mrs. Chapman, is plea- Mr. Rois, Orgamist of St. Paul's, Aberdeen. fingly imagined, but the accent is not al

Longman and Clementia ways juftly laid ; into which error, per- Mr. Ross has adopted for the music of haps, the composer has been betrayed by this plaintive ballad, the time of 6-8, the poet, who attributes two syllables to Larghetto Espressione ; in the choice of the word giv'n, while the musician has which he has displayed much judgment; been obliged to consider it (as indeed, it but we cannot greatly compliment him on really is, in poetry) a monosyllable. “My the advantage deduced from it. He has Mother got Married," sung by Mr. evidently fitten down full of the sentiments Townshend, is a good sea song. “ In of the words, but not in one of those feliDefence of the Blellings,” sung by Mr. citous moments when the imagination, reHill, is truly martial; and the finale, sponsive to the judgment, supplies the ma“ Now sing, now dance,” is striking in terials which the subject demands. The its subject, while the digressions heighten composer sympathises with the poet, but the effect, and contribute to the engaging fails in that elegant conveyance of his conclusion of the piece.

feelings which gives character to the me. Four Sonatas for the piano-forte, with or with lody, and at once warms the heart, and cut the additional keys, and an accompaniment

captivates the ear. (ad libitum), for a flute or violin, composed Book the first, of Original Welsh Airs, for the by J. Mazzinghi. Op. 34. 75. 6d.

piano-forte, with an accompaniment for a Goulding, Phipps, and D'Almaine.

violin or flute, arranged as easy liJons, for These fonatas, in which some well- juvenile practice. 2s.

Rolfe. known and favourite airs are introduced, This first book contains fix Welsh airs, carry with them the stamp of their inge- which, for the most part, are well selected. pious author. The first piece is in G. The “ Milletoe Buth” and “ Margaret, major, common time, con fpirito, and who lost her garter,” and “ Caft away commences with a bold and novel idea, care,” are perfectly Cambrian, while which is well supported through the “ Lullaby,” which the editor has given movement.

The fecond movement, a for three voices, with a piano-forte acpastorale, larghetto, is conceived in a companiment, forms the most valuable pleasing and characteristic style, and judi- page of the compilation: The tender cioully relieved by the last movement in and affecting fimplicity of this little air 2-4 allegretto. The opening movement has always insured it admiration, and will in the lecond piece, in 2-4 andante, is never cease to please those who are at


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tracted by pure nature, and acknowledge which reflects superior honour on the tathat “ beauty when unadorned is adorned lents of Mr. Mazzinghi. No. 2, in com. the mof.''

mon time, andantino, No. 3, in 2-4, lar. Tink a Tink, a favorite dir, introdured in tbe 6-8, larghetton No. 9, in 3-4, adagio

ghetto, No. 6, in 2-4, allegretto, No.7, in grand Romance of Blue Beard, with variations for the piana-forte, with or withou: the addi cantabile, No. 11, in 3-4, andantino, tional keys, by G. Nezot.


No.14, in common time, larghetto, No.15,

in 6-8, larghetto pastorale, No. 21, in These iations are progressive in ex.

common time, moderato, No. 26, common ecution, and constructed with science, and tiine, moderato, and the finale, in 2-4, a due adherence to the theme. The au- fpiritoso, form, perhaps, the most finished thor has availed himself of all the scope part of the ballet. which this species of composition admits, Fird Examples on Singing, by Mr. Bemetzrieand has furnished a useful and pleasing


Skillora, exercise for young practitioners on the piano-forte.

These examples commence with four

notes in F ut fa, succeeded by five notes The Angelic form of my Lort, fang by Mr. In- in E si mi, lix in E fi mi flat, seven in G

cledon, at tbe Tbeaire Royal, Covent Garden, in the entertainment of an Escape into Prijon, ten in D la re, eleven in A mi la, twelve

re fol, eight in C sol ut, nine in G re sol, composed by W. Reeve.

in C fol ut, thirteen in F ut fa, fourteen Longman and Clementi.

in E si mi, and twenty-three in F ut fa. This ballad exhibits very few marks of Among the various forms in which vocal taste and invention. The melody is in- rudiments are offered to the public, the fipid and unconnected, and the bass, ge- present promises a respectable hare of afnerally speaking, unscientifically chosen. liftance; and will be found useful ta The easy and graceful turn of expression thole who thoroughly study them. in the poetry has failed to inspire the Fairy Invocation, a Rondo for the piano-forte, composer with that corresponding ele

barp, or German Aute, written by R. Angance which alone can gratify the judi

drews, composed by S. F. Rimbault. 18. . cious hearer.

Rolfe, Now the Ottoman Porte declares War againft

The theme of this rondo is, generally France. Written, composed, and sung by Mr. speaking, pleasingly familiar. Some pal. Dignum. is. Longman and Clementi. sages we are obliged to object to as not

This plain simple air, though it boasts equally flowing with others; and the dimeither taste nor modulation, is tolerably gressive strain in the relative minor, adapted to the words. The last eight though it serves to relieve the subject, is bars of the tune are converted into a cho

not constructed with that ease and nature rus, which forms the close of each verse ; which the former parts of the composition but we cannot say that the parts are disé would have led us to expect. poled with a correctness perfe&tly matbe- Oscar's Tomb, with an accompaniment for the matical,

piano-forte, written by John Ramice, and

composed by Mr. Ross, Organist of St. Paul's, Eliza, ou Le Triomphe de la Nature, a Pafioral Aberdeen. Js.

Longman and Clementi. Ballet, by Monsieur Gallet. Performed at :be King's Theatre, Hay-Market. Composed lad pofteffes much pathos. Had the com

The melody of this pathetic little balby J. Mazzinghi. 75. 6d.

Goulding, Phipps, and D'Almaine. poser employed more modulation, the ef. This ballet comprises an overture in feci, perhaps, would have been fill more two movements, and twenty-fix changes the subject is juft, while the execution of

impressive ; but his general conception of of melody, independent of the finale. Af- his ideas are clear, natural, and unemter a sedulous perusal of the whole, we

barrassed. have the pleasure to assert its uncommon degree of merit. Tenderness of senti- The Negro's Revels, written by the elder daugh. ment, and vivacity of imagination, are ter of G. S. Carey, compojed by Mr. Am

brose. is. happily contrasted, and display all that

Riley. Experience in theatrical effect which cha- We are much pleased with the present sacterizes the dramatic efforts of this effort of this improving composer. The author. The several movements are, melody is constructed with regularity, throughout, so excellent in their kind that character, and effect. The bass is well jt is only by the minutest examination chofen, and the accompaniment calculated that we are enabled to point out thole to embellish and recommend the air.


[blocks in formation]

March 1.

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIÊS and DIVIDENDS announced between the 20:5

of Jan, and the 20th of Feb. extra£ted from the London Gazettes. , BANKRUPTCIES.

Cropper, J. Welbech-ftreet, coachmaker, March 9.

Cooke, ). Holborn Bridge, natier, March 9, (The Solicitors' names are in Italics. ) Clarke, M. Holboro, pawnbroker, March 16.

Craminond, A. Terrys and Wald, New Bridge-Arest, met ANDREWS, T. Hackney Road, brewer: Willey, Bafing- chants, March 9. bail-freet

Downey, J. South Shields, mercer, March 3. Boafal, T. Crescent, St. George's Fields, cabinet-maker. Dormer, M. Kent-treet, soapmaker, March 2, Taylor, Tooke's-court, Cursitor-street

Daws, M. Tower-bill, upholiterer, Feb. 14. Bateman, J. Ham uer, Flint, hopkeeper. Devon and Tooke, Elwood, J. Brisco, callico prioter, Feb: 19. Gray's-inn

Ellwood, J. ana t. Ifmay Brisco, callico printers, Marc Brunnel, T. Banner-treet, ribbon-manufacturer. Morgan, Falkener, E. Bishop igate-Atreet, grocer, March 1. Bundill Row

Fawell, G. and J. Ambrose, Tichborne-Arect, linen drapers Bevan, T. Portsea, bookseller. Kowell, afex-freet Bailey, G: Mark Lane, mealinan, Harvey and Robinson, Lin- Fliby, C. and R. Crout, Ludgate it. haberdashers, March 1 coln 's-inn Fields

Fawcett, s, Northowram, merchant, March 4. Burnthwaite, w. Ulverstone, miller. Robinson and Sbaw, Foulgar, J. Clare, innholder, March 5. Ulverstone

Fotbergill, T. Fenchurch-itreet, scrivener, March 16. Berger, T. Cockspur-treet, hatter: Atkinson, Cafle-freet, Fozard, J. fen. and jun, and L. Fozard, Piccadilly, ftabis Falcova-Square

keepers, March 19. Cooke, s. Marlborough, clothier, Melis. Jonkins and Jameso Greaves, J. and W. Denison, jun, Liverpool, merchaaten New-inn

Feb. 26. Coote, T. Arundel, merchant. 7. Holmes, Arundel

Gray, J. H. Breehain Lodge, dealer, Feb, 26.
Cross, w. W. Meltonby, corptator. Barber, Gray's-inn Godwin, T. and J. Mallam, Fleet-ftreet, merchants, Tab. 26.
Daniel, w. York, coachmaker. J. Egerton, Gray's-inn Hawkins, J. Carey-ftreet, carpenter, Feb. 26.
Dickens, C. Wentworth-itreet, cheerennonger. Pleicber, Holloway, J Weitbury, shopkeeper, March 26.

Hirit, J. Bradley Milis, paper-maker, Feb, 28.
Deey, w. Cornhill, broker. Dalton and Edwards, Temple Hammond, J. Mancheltei, inokeeper, March 6.
Ixley, J. Lanehead, fune-merchant, Meflrs. Cardale, Hal. Hawkins, R. Seliach, maron, March 5.
ward, and Spear, Gray's-inn

Herries, c. and J. Nailer, London, merchants, March 16. Ivans, J. Bath, cooper Biker, Nicbolas-lane

Bowell, J. Borough, High-ftreet, tobacconift, March g. Fiswick, J. E. Fiswick, and G. Turner, Manchester, ma. Hyland, W. Robertbridge, grocer, March 5: nufacturers. 1. Foulkes, Hart-freet, Bloomsbury,

Haynes, R. Swallow-ftreet, Hackneymas, Feb, 27. Gali, T. Whitehaven, merchant. Clennell, Staples-inn.

Haywood, H. Minster, and Broadttairs, grocer, March 2. Hughes, J. Shrewibury, pedlar. y. Robinson, Craven-build. Holmes, s. Doncaster, leather drefrer, Alarch is ings, City Road

Hammond, T. and E. Stephenson, Penningtou-ftreer, brew. Hartley, k. and B. Fleet-itr. filkmercers. Egerton, Gray's-inn

ers, March 2. Houston, J. H. Edward-Itreet, Soho, mufical intrumento Houitun, ). H. Edward-treer, Soho, musical inftrumente maker. Scott, Warwick-couri, Holborn

maker, March 3. Hall, Ed: Bochcher, taylor, Stuart, Great Prescot-ftreet. Jones, D. Bridgend, Glamorgan, Mopkeeper, Feb. 23. Kanmer, T. Bristol, grocer. Gabald, Lincoln's-inn

Jones, w. Cheltenham, dealer, March 16. Heathcote, J. Liverpool, corn-dealer. Wmak, Bartlet's-b. Jordain, W. Pentonville, linen-draper, March 16, Ibber.ons, c, fet. and jun. High Holbora, table-keeper, Jardine, D. Plynouth, lineo-draper, March q. Butb, Craven.freet.

Jonntun, T. ava D. Jones, Nortou Falgate, chyinift, March 16,
Johnion, R. J. Kew Sleaford, mercer. Lambert, Hatron-gar. Jones, J. Hoburn Hil, woolen draper, March 16.
Jaunifos, Porties, watchmaker. Nowell, Efir-freet

kir.det, s. Kirby in Albfield, malter, Feb. 18.
Lloyd, R? Thavies Inn, Icrivener, Palmer, Grily's-inn-square Xitchen, R. Great Queen-street, coachmaker, Feb. 23.
Leapoli, G. Stowmarket, draper. Swain and Stevens, Old Kay, J. Tildetley, wealer, Feb, 27.

Kinpiun, s. Saint Bride, linen-draper, March 1.
Lee, R. Sherten Magna, baker, MJ. Francb, Cafle.f. 4.kborn Lottu, A. S. Bread-itrect, haberdaiher, Feb. 13.
May, T. Grace-church-treet, haberdasher. mers. Adarns Leverett, s. jun. Coddenham, telhrouger, Feb 19.
and Cooke, Oid Joury

Lewis. T. Bocking, baizernaker, March 4.
Marnias, J. Brixton Villa, Surrey, flater. Juckes, Nicbolas-lane

Lampriere, G. Landou, merchant, April 27.
Montefiore, J. Sun-fireet, scrivener, B.com/club, Haydon-Square Martin, W. Leicefterficids, printie!ler, Feb. 26.
Miller, J. aad F. Child, St. Andrew's-will, builders. High- Malcalin, J. Tardiey, dealer, Feb. 23.
meri, Now inn.

M'Garthy, G. P. and R. W. Vaughan), Britul, taylors, Feb. 25 May, J. Birmingham, merchant. Webb, Birmingbam.

Macklin, J. Rading, coachmaker, $ub. 26. Perkins, W. Gorwell-treet, tone-nafun. Overd 1, firmyn-f Maitermad. G. Selby, brewer, March 28. Phillips, J. Whitecross-treet, butcher. Morgun, Lunduli Rózu Morton, Wi Lutterwortil, grocer, March 6. Halley, C. and J: Fonepan, Bull's Head-couri, merchants. M'Farlard, J. Chichester, mercer, Murch 7. Macdougal and Hunter, Staple's inn

Moore, R. Surrey-treet, taylor, March 9. Pricket, E. Warwick, férivener. Snart, Stiple's-inn.

Marthal, J. Broughtonfield, corn-deact, April 17. Paltsua, J. jue. Coventry, watehinaker. Brown, Bedfordo Nevill, T. Birmngham, buttonmaker, Feb. 25.

Oldruyd, Red Litreet, Clerkenwell, a pockecary, March 2. Rof rear, J. Lyncombe and Whidcombe, mason. Melrs. Pearce, w. Chwick, carpenter, Feb. 2. Brandford and Sweet, Temple,

Partington, J. Boringhall-itreet, warchoatemen, March s. Rubens, w. Orwelltry, Thupkeeper. Horne, Six Clerk's-effice Peckhain, K. and w. Bartholomew, Austin Friars, mera Sexton, A. Crich, grocer, Mifrs. Macdougal and Hiwiter,

chants, Marci s. Si ples-inn,

Prynn, R. Bath, draper, Feb. 23, Shuard, D. Rochdale, druegit. Hartley, Gray's-inn

Potter, R. Manlioniute-itreet, and J. Gregory, March 2. 7 a, lor, B, High-It seer, southwark, linen-draper. Mefrs. Page, W. Eyden, dealer, March 14 Sherwood and Parrell, Canterbury-Square

Ruth well, w. Mai.chetter, inanufacturer, Feb. 19. Thorne, P. Newington Butts, dealer in spirits. Pearjon and Reeve, E. Leeds, liuen-draper, Feb. 25. Collingwood, Sf. Saviour's Churibyard

Ryland, w. Robertibridge, grocer, March 5. Vickers, J. Newareet-syuart, fpermaceti refiner, Mathews, Richardson, D. Mancheiter, and J. Richardson, Ratcliffe, Cafle-freut, Holborn

callico printers, March 6. Wardell, T. Newcastle, corn merchant, Wilfon, Lincoln's-inn Rowlands, L. and J. Liverpool, cora merchants, March 19. Fields

Roberts, W. Wood-treet, haberdaher, March 9. Wardale, B. D. Great Suffolk-Arcet, foap manufacturer,

Rich, J.s. (partner with J. Heapy), Aidermanbary, Black Wili, Warwick-squari.

welthall factor, Feb. 23.

Sunith, H, Upper Thames-îtreet, coal merchant, Feb. 16. DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED.

Stevenion, J. A. Phenix Row, tea-dealer, March 16. Amber, W. B. Midhurit, tallow.chandler, March 4.

Scott, J. Manchelter, carrier, March 14. Antoniette, F. Bond-ftreet, milliner, March 16.

Taylor, c. Maiditone, paper-inanufacturer, March 1, Bennett, J. len. Batley, and J. Bennett, Sands Mill, rrer- Thompfos, J. Plymouth-Dock, inercer, Feb. 23. Chants, Feb. 18,

Urmiton, w. of the Taunton Cattle India:nan, March Burgets, w. Southwark, hosier, Feb. 16.

Wilton, R. Dudley, diaper, Feb. 18. Buckler, W. and A. Buckler, Poultry, linen-drapers, Feb. 19. Williars, H. Bath, linen-draper, Feb. 23 Bartout, W. and T. Bartoo, Coleman-itr. grocers, Feb. 22. Willans, W. Bathey, woolftapler. Feb. i. Bottomley, W. St. Mary Magdalen, carpenter, March 30. Ward G. a:14 Patrick Thompion, Manchester, and T, Lovelin Bainbridge, w. Gerrard-street, carver and gilder, March 2. Paulertpury, merchants, March 7. Bell, w. Liverpool, vinegar merchant, March 15.

Wood, J. Preiton, linen draper, March 3. Barber, M. Liverpool, merchant, March 7.

Young, W. Rainsyate', vintaer, March 2. Boyce, Jofeph and John Boyce, Bordesley, brass founders, Young, W. Manchester, victu uter, March 14. Marchii.

Young, C. Duver, coachmaiter, Aprang.

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Errata in our laft.-Page 5, col. 2, line 34, for 150 read 105 vowels; line 48, for fever prefixes, read seventy prefixes, Page 21, col. 1, line so from the bottom, for 9d. read gs. col. 2, line 7, for three buffes, read three hundred; line 14, for 211 barrels, read 2 barrels; line 2, 3, and 4 from bottom, for 1. substiture s.

Several enquirers are requested to observe, that the last volume closes at page 556; the Word Finia was omitted in a considerable part of the impression.





43. sewed.


12s. bds.

A CORRECT LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. The following is offered to the Public as a complete List of all Publications within the Montb.- Authors and Publishers wbo desire an early Notice of their Works, are intreated to transmit copies of the same.

AGRICULTURE, PLANTING, &c. THE Art of Aoating Land, as practised in

A Discourse on the Study of the Law of the County of Gloucester, shewn to be Nature and Nations, introductory to a Course the most preferable. With an Examination of of Lectures on that Science, by James Mackwhat Meflrs. oswell, Davis, and Marshall, intojo, efq. barrister.

28. 6d.

Johnson. have written on that lubject, by I. Wright, An Address to the People of Great Britain 38.

Scatcherd. on the Doctrine of Libel, and the Office of A Treatise on Forest Planting, compre- Juror, by George Dyer, B. A. hending the Culture, &c. of planted and na- Trial of Mr. John Parsons, Bookseller, for tural Timber, and on Hedge Fences, the a Libel against John King. 15. 6d. Parsons. Construction of Stone Walls, &c. by Walter Nicol, 8s. bds.

Scatcherd. The March Fashions of London and An Abridgement of Hortus Kewentis, 8vo. Paris, containing nine beautifully coloured

Scatcherd. Figures the actually prevailing and most

favourite Dresses of the Month, intended for Anecdotes of the Founders of the French the use of milliners, &c. and of ladies of quaRepublic, and of other Persons who have di- lity, and private families residing in the counftinguiihed themselves in the Progress of the trý. To be continued Monthly. Is. 6d. French Revolution, volume the first, 55.

Carpenter and Co. bds.-being a new edition, corrected throughout, The Ladies' Annual Register, or a Sketch and brought down to the present time. Phillips. of Polite Literature of Fashion and Manners,

Memoirs of Colonel Edward Marcus De- for the year 1798. 35. 6d. sewed. Hurft. fpard, by James Bonnarine, his secretary when

Supplement to the Remarks on the Signs king's superintendant at Honduras, &c. is. of the Times, with many additional Re

Ridgeway. marks, hy E drvard King, esq. 4to. 35. Nicol. Biographiana; by the Compiler of Anec

An ealy System of Short Hand, first indotes of diftinguished Persons, 2 vols. 8vo. vented by Jeremiah Rich, improved by

Johnson. Dr. Doddridge, and now reduced to a plain

Method that it may be learnt without any The Virgin of the Sun, an adınired Play Other Atlistance. 55.

Palmer. in five Acts, by Auguftus Vor. Korzebie, tani- The Analytical Review,(new Series) No. 1, lated from the genuine German edition, by

IS. 60.


The Political and Moral Uses of an Evil Anne Plumptre, the translator of Lover's Vows, and of the Count of Burgundy. 2s. 6d. Spirit, by George Hanmer Leyccjter, A. M. Phillips.

Egerton. Poverty and Wealth, a Comedy, as


Dialogue between Mr. N and his formed at the Theatre Royal, Copenhagen, Friend, Emigrant Priests, containing Animadtranliated from the Danish of P. A. Heiberg; versions on Duverger's Works. 6d. Wallis. by C. H. Wiljon, efq. 25.


Part IV. of a Welsh and English Dictionary, Feudal Times, or The Banquet Gallery, by William Owen, F. A. S.

The work a musical Drama, as now performing at the will be completed in two more parts, each Theatre Royal, Drury Line, by George Col- containing upwards of 16,000 words. Price man, the younger. is. 6d. Cadell & Davis. 6s. each part, in 8vo. and ros. 6d. in 4to. The Peckham Frolic, or Nel Gwyn, a

E. and T. Williams. Comedy. Is. 64.


The second Volume of the Cambrian Re.

gifter. Price 8s. and jos. 60. in boards. The Itinerant: being a select Collection

E. and T. Williams of interesting and picturesque Views in Great Britain and Ireland, engraved from Original No. VI. of the Military Magazine, or MisPaintings and Drawings of eminent Artists. cellany, appropriated to the uses and amufe. Folio. 31. 155.

White. ment of the officers of the British army, and

of gentlemen volunteers who are defirous of A complete Introduction to the Know- obtaining an accurate knowledge of military ledge of the German Languages, by George concerns. 25. 6d.

Carpenter and Co. Crabb. 75. 6d.

johnson. The Eighteen Manæuvres, as practised

by the Infantry, with plates, &c. Fragments of Scottish History. 4to. Il. 15. 55.

Chapple. boards.

White. Abridgment of the Act pafled the gth of Journal of the most remarkable Occur- January, 1799, for exempting Persons servrences at Rome upon the Subversion of the ing in Volunteer Corps from the SupplemenEcclefiaftical Government in 1798, by Rich- tary Militia. 3d.

Chapple. ard Duppa. 4s. bus. Robinsons. Military Figures, for the use of the Ca.








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