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ACADEMY, Diffenting one at Brisol, Bankrupts and dividends, in November 910 account of 700

December 1002 Swedish, particulars re- Bafingitoke, description of

783 speaing

731 Bavaria, Elector of, his judicious plan of goat Glafgow, account of 765 vernment

633 Accent, pronunciation by, remarks upon Blind, indigent, inftitution for at Edinburgh 680

858 Achard, of Berlin, his mode of extracting Bolton in the Moors, description of thát town, fugar from the Beet Root, 555 &c.

775 Addison, one of the coarseft writers of his Brabant, its etymology

847 day in point of diction

551 Brunswick green, mode of preparing it 638 Agriculture, ingenious hints for improving it Buenos Ayres, on the river La Plata, ac932 count of

785 ..letter of Mr. Marsh respecting 730 Bürger, origin of his Leonora

602 Agricultural Report, for July 1789 588 Burke, remarks on his character

595 August 676 Busby on ancient mufic, reply to him 624 September 764 Cambridge, fagellation at

532 October 844 Camel, advantages to be derived from transNovember 932 porting this animal to the Cape of Good December 1024 Hope

952 Age, on provision for

947 Carradori's experiinents on the respiration of Alexandria, city of, particulars respecting it frogs

556 811 Caylus, obfervations upon his antient paintAlgiers, new and curious account of 959 ings

791 Alkalies, Dr. Mitchell's observations upon Chatterton, state of facts relative to 770

692 Chin-Fon-Hau, a Chinese drama, account of Altieri Claudes, letter respecting them 536

517 America, observations on a Catholic bishop China, embassy to, its objects, and causes of there 792 its failure

ibid. Ancients, inquiries into the construction of Chinese, general particulars respecting them their large ships, and arrangement of the

594 522

account of their games and amuseAndover town, account of 785 ments

ibid. Anecdotes of eminent persons 547, 626, 713,

games of chance noticed and ex801, 802, 803, 883, 884,885, 977,978,979 plained

600 Animals of prey, nocturnal, on their diger- Coal trade, its progress and present itate 590 tive faculties 556 Colours, experiments on

509 Annuarys, or almanacks, departmental in Mr. G. Hufrey's fyftem refpecting 852 France

558 Commercial Report for July 1799 586 Antinomianism, complaints respecting it 795


674 Apparitions, and second fight, how account

762 ed for



843 Arioso, the Italian poçt, critique on his writ

November 930 ings


December 1022 Arithmetic, an improved method of teaching Conserva, account of, as a fubftitute for rags 678 in making paper

869 Arsenal, marine, Lacedemonian, new one Cordova, description of

787 discovered

858 Corn, confumption of in England 524 Aftrarium, new one, account of 730 Courts of Conscience, observations respectArts, fine, Monthly Retrospect of 559, 611 ing

766, 967 755, 900, 901, 997

their origing practice, Aftronomical observations, French 872 &c.

699 Baking, fermentation for

875 Cow-pox, the observations upon 691 Ballad, Norwegian, transated

968 Creaın, fingular phenomena of Bankrupts and dividends, in July 569 Criticisms, critique upon by Mr. G. Dyer 621

.... August 654 Curates, observations upon the late act re.... September 787 fpecting

847 October 825 Dictionaries, Spanish queries respecting 875

A %



...... September


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