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611 and 613 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, $1,000,000 PAID-UP CAPITAL,

$500,000 Acts as Executor, Administrator, Assignee, etc., alone or in connection with an individual appointee. Executes trusts of every description known to the law. All trust assets kept separate from those of the Company. Burglar-Proof Safes to rent at $5 to $60 per annum. Wills kept in Vaults without charge. Bonds, Stocks and other valuables taken under guarantee. Paintings, Statuary, Bronzes, etc., kept in Fire-Proof Vaults. Money received on deposit at interest.

JAMES LONG, President; JOHN G. READING, Vice-President; MAHLON H. STOKES, Treasurer and Secretary; D. R. PATTERSON, Trust Officer.

DIRECTORS.- Jas. Long, Alfred S. Gillett, Joseph Wright, Dr. Charles P. Turner, Wm. S. Price, John T. Monroe, W.J. Nead, Thos. R. Patton, John G. Reading, Wm. H. Lucas, D. Hayes Agnew, M.: D., Jos. I. Keefe, Robert Patterson, Theodore C. Engel, Jacob Naylor, Thomas G. Hood, Edward L. Perkins, Philadelphia; Samuel Riddle, Glen Riddlé, Pa.; Dr. George W. Reiley, Harrisburg, Pa.; J. Simpson Africa, Huntingdon; Henry S. Eckert, Reading : Edmund S. Doty, Miffintown; W. W. H. Davis, Doylestown ; R. E. Monaghan, West Chester: Charles W. Cooper, Allentown.

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This Company furnishes ALL DESIRABLE FORMs of LIFE and ENDOWMENT INSURANCE at actual NET
COST. It is PURELY MUTUAL; has ASSETS of nearly TEN MILLIONS and a SURPLUS of about Two MILL-

SAMUEL C. HUEY, President.

HENRY C. BROWN, Secretary.

WM. H. JONES, The Dealer in Agricultural Implements, Seeds and Fertili

Removed to 2043 and

2045 Market St., Philadelphia, THE

Pa. Cheapest and largest variety. Every conceivable implement of farm use, harness, seeds and fertilizers. It is a curiosity, and of great interest to every utilitarian

to see the establishment. If you LATCHLEY'S

cannot get here, write for wants

I am in communication with all TRIPLE ENAMEL

the Agricultural implement buil

ders in the U. S.


Do not be argued into buying inferior
goods when you can get THE BEST
for the same money.

308 MARKET ST., Philadelphia.
Ho For sale by the best houses in the trade.

No. 1508 Brown Street,







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A Boarding and Day School for girls of all ages, will reopen ninth month 28th, 1885.


tion as Teacher in a school or family. Apply to Eli M. Lamb of Baltimore, for qualifications and character.


Young men prepared for college or business. Degrees conferred upon young lady graduates. Timid and backward pupils privately tutored. Careful attention to little boys and girls.

JOSEPH SHORTLIDGE, (Yale College), A. M., Principal.

portraits in Crayon. Orders received for China Painting, Oil, Water Colors, etc. Lessons given in the above branches.

STUDIO, 1420 Chestnut St., Phila. Room 40_Elevator.

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Settling accounts, correcting trial balances, opening and closing books of firms and corporations, etc.

TRUSTS SOLICITED. Security given. Refer by permission to Clement M. Biddle, Dr. J. A. Paxson, Logan, Emery & Weaver, Hicks & Dickey. JACOB JANNEY & CO.,

531 Commerce Street.

All the new Fall Styles, Moquettes and Velvets.

Choice Body Brussels, $1.00 to $1.25. New Patterns and Finest Quality Tapestries, 75C.

Best Ingrains, 750. Lower Grades Cheaper.

THOS. C. LIPPINCOTT, (Opposite Wanamaker's.)


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N Second-day morning, (Tenth month 26th), the

general Yearly Meeting assembled. In the men's meeting Thomas Foulke appeared in supplication before the calling of the representatives from the quarterly meetings. These were all present except five. The minutes introducing ministering and other Friends in attendance from neighboring yearly meetings were read, and the credentials sent in to the women's meeting. The six epistles from corresponding yearly meetings were read, to the edification and comfort of many minds. A committee was appointed to respond as way opens, and a small committee to assist the clerk in preparing the exercises of the meeting for publication, was set apart. The meeting then adjourned.

In the women's meeting, the usual calling of representatives from the constituent quarterly meetings, elicited the information that all these were present except twelve, for the absence of five of whom sufficient reason was given.

Certificates were presented for Harriet E. Kirk, of Horsham Monthly Meeting, Penna., a minister; Abigail R. Paul, of Salem Monthly Meeting, New Jersey, a minister; Rebecca K. Hall her companion from the same monthly meeting; Thomas Foulke, of New York Monthly Meeting, a minister; Isaac Hicks, of Westbury Monthly Meeting, Long Island,

a minister; Watson Tomlinson, of Byberry Monthly Meeting, a minister; Charles Kirk, an elder of Horsham Monthly Meeting, Pa.

These Friends, bringing minutes, were very cordially welcomed by the Meeting, and this welcome was also warmly extended so others who were present without credentials. In the women's meeting Harriet E. Kirk knelt in prayer, asking of the Father of life and light his baptizing presence and blessing.

No strength is ours, but we look to thy hand for help in thy work and service.” Abigail R. Paul expressed her sence of blessing in the reception accorded to her, and her grateful remembrance of past days of baptism and proving-when Friends of this meeting took her lovingly by the hand and strengthened her to go forward in the service of her Master, when she had known the Divine Call. The times of the Lord's refreshing are not at our command. Not always the mount of spiritual elevation, but the valley of humiliation is often our needful experience, in which is learned the secret of the Lord. Her aspiration was that we may be among the blessed ones who are found doing our day's work in the day time.

A committee of two from each quarterly meeting to examine the Treasurer's account was appointed ; also a committee to collect the exercises.

Emily Canby here addressed the meeting, exhorting to a living faith in the truth of God. The revelation is progressive from time to time, as we advance in Christian experience—as we rise in elevation the view widens, and we must not confine the faith to that which we could perceive at earlier stages of experience.

An epistle from Ohio Yearly Meeting was read. This document was indicative of christian love and zeal.

Martha S. Townsend spoke feelingly in exhortation to the youth here gathered, and to those who were present from other portions of the vineyard of the Lord. She called all to fuller dedication of life to the divine service, and desired that they may be faithful in attendance at our meetings, and to every social and religious obligation. After a few moments spent in matters of routine, the meeting adjourned.

SECOND-DAY AFTERNOON. In the men's meeting, the session was opened with fervent prayer for divine guidance, by Thomas Foulke.

The review of the minutes of the morning session, and the appointment of clerks then occupied the at

tention of the meeting. Levi K. Brown was chosen rah Jane Dare and others had much to say in regard clerk, and Edward Stabler, Jr., assistant clerk. Not- to the valuable suggestions respecting the conduct tingham Quarterly Meeting's report asks that the of life, which these epistles had brought to view. Yearly Meeting appropriate $250 to defray part of the Mothers were exhorted to seek a qualification to use debt due on that meeting house. This was referred in their own homes these principles of purity, temto a special committee: Francis Thomas, and others. perance and holiness that were breathed forth in such A committee to settle the treasurer's account was a spirit of fraternal love by our various yearly meetappointed : R. P. Bentley and others. A nominating ings, as they sat in solemn assembly, seeking for the committee was set apart to propose the names of anointing of all wisdom and of all truth. Friends to constitute the Representative Committee. A committee to reply to the epistles was then apThese were Wm. W. Moore and others, and they are pointed, and the meeting adjourned. to act jointly with women Friends. The report of

THIRD-DAY MORNING. the Representative Committee for the past year was then read, and the matter of providing homes for In men's meeting a proposition was presented by Friends attending the Yearly Meeting was taken up Eli M. Lamb on behalf of the First-day School Asand discussed, and the subject was placed in the sociation, which held its annual meeting the previous hands of a committee.

evening. For nearly 20 years a large number of The meeting then adjourned. In the evening a Friends have been working in the First-day School meeting of the Baltimore First-day School Union was interest in the Society of Friends. Within the limits held in Lombard street meeting house.

of this Yearly Meeting, nearly all the monthly meetIn women's meeting, the Representatives reported ings have had such schools existing among them. that they were united in recommending the appoint. These have reported annually, but have had no ment of Annie F. Matthews for clerk, and Elizabeth recognition nor oversight from the Yearly Meeting. Koser for assistant clerk. These Friends were ap- Last evening, the large body of Friends gathered here proved.

expressed a desire that he should present for the conThe reading of the epistle from Illinois was the sideration of the Yearly Meeting the plea of the next business. It was characterized by a cheerful Baltimore First-day School Association for its friendly and hopeful spirit, expressing an earnest desire for recognition of their work. Mordecai Price thought the spread of our simple and noble christian princi- the subject might now be referred to a committee. ples and testimonies. Rebecca Price spoke briefly on Hiram Blackburn favored referring it to a committee. the work and service of the young, encouraging these Progress is the immutable law of our being. Other to be willing to do any duty which is revealed to religious bodies work for their children in this way the mind. Harriet E. Kirk had an offering of en- and we ought to make use of the First-day School as couragement and exhortation. She could testify that an educator for the good of our society. none need seek in vain for the bread of heaven.

Cyrus Blackburn thought a committee might take 'Speak Lord for thy servant heareth !" should be the the subject under consideration and report to our voice of the soul on entering our religious meetings. next yearly meeting. Then there will be no complaint of dull meetings, William Williams thought the committee should and there will be many to testify of the deep things report to a future session of this meeting. A comof God. There are works of righteousness for all to mittee was accordingly named for this service, and be engaged in, and in a healthy church all must work directed to confer with a similar committee of Women for the Master. Other short testimonies were born Friends, should such be appointed. on the same topics.

The meeting then entered upon the consideration New York epistle was next read to the edification of the First Query. Thirteen meetings for worship, of the church, and to the comfort of some who were three preparative meetings have failed to be attended : ready to faint by the way. Alice Robinson spoke and those near the middle of the week have been warmly of the unity she had with the recommenda- neglected by many. tions to vigilance in the upholding of testimonies to Thomas Foulke, Solomon Sheppard, Jonathan K. temperance in the use of all things and of abstinence Taylor, Eli M. Lamb and Isaac Hicks all spoke imfrom that which is liable to injure the best life. Oth- pressively on the duty of attending meetings. Sever Friends spoke of the need of striving after that eral others followed in feeling testimonies which receptive and earnest spirit without which we cannot were timely and appropriate to the occasion, after offer acceptable worship, or render available service which the session closed. to the Heavenly Father.

In the women's meeting, at opening, A. R. Paul The Philadelphia epistle was next read. This al- addressed the meeting at some length in regard to so was responded to with a warmth and religious the inward and spiritual baptisms known to those earnestness which showed that many hearts were who walk in the pathway of true dedication. touched and cheered.

The reading of the minutes of the Representative Indiana Yearly Meeting's greeting was cheering Committee was next in order and was proceeded with. and joyful in the acknowledgment of Divine favor, The proceedings of this body were important and and stimulating in its recommendations to profound interesting, but consisted largely of the care of propdepth of exercise in all reforms that our times call erty intrusted to its oversight and guardianship. The for, and that are pointed out to the faithful by the disposal of the Lombard street property is reported spirit of truth-the comforter, yet the reprover. Sa- to be not yet effected. The distribution of Friends'

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