Cottier owners, little takes and peasant properties, a repr, of 'Jottings in France, Germany and Switzerland [previously publ. in Peasant properties,and other selected essays] with additions

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Стр. 62 - At the present time wages have risen 60 per cent, while wheat has not increased in price. In other words, the labourer's earning power in procuring the staff of life, cost him five days' work to pay for a bushel of wheat in 1770, four days in 1840, and two-and-half days in 1870.
Стр. 80 - ... ie, her, husband and a farm boy. The smell and dirt were so intolerable that I hardly dared step into the place. Everywhere was the bare earth, or rather mud. This was by far the largest and richest homestead that we saw, and (perhaps because there was more of it) it looked more wretchedly dirty than the rest. Nowhere else did we see seven cows, or a horse, or a servant. " And you sleep here summer and winter? "said I. " Bien sûr, it is so warm and nice.

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