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dulge in a high degree, and are frequently so giddy, as to be rendered very unfit for devotion. Some of the conjurers accompany the divers in their boats, which pleases them very much, as they have their protectors near at hand. Nevertheless, I was told, that in one of the preceding fisheries, a diver lost his leg by a shark, and when the head conjurer was called to an account for the accident, he replied that an old witch had just come from the coast, who, from envy and malice, had caused this dilaster, by a counter-conjuration, which made fruitless his tkill, and of which he was insormed too late; but he afterwards thcwed his suþerority by enchanting the poor sharks so effectually, that though they appeared in the midst of the divers, they were unable to open their mouths. During my stay at Condutchy, no

accident- ofssthis kind happened. _

If a shark is seen, the divers immediately make a signal, which, on perceiving, all the boats return instantly. A diver who trod upon a hammer oister, and was somewhat wounded, thought he was bit bya shark, consequently made the usual signal, which caused many boats to return; sor which mistake he was afterwards punished.

The owners of the boats T some- '

times sell their oisters, and at other times open them on their own account. In the latter case some put

* According to Kircher, he fell a victim amongst the polypes, in the gulph of Charybdis, on his plunging, for the second time, in its dangerous whirlpool, both to satis

fy thecuriosity of his king, Frederick, and his inclination for wealth.

I will not pre

tend to dctexmhuc, how far-this account has been exaggeratcd. _ 1' These are the individuals which farm one or more hoats from the ranter; and though they are in posseffion ofthem only during the fishery, they are commonly called

the owners of the boats.


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' the rest of the body.

a out two inches srom the thick .

part os the, body, growing gradue ally thinner. The extremity of each ear lies loose, and is surroundedby a double brown sringed line. These lie almost the third of an inch srom the outer part of the shell, and are continually moved by the animal. Next to these, above and below, are situated two other double tsiringed moveable substances, like the branchiae os a fish. These ears and fringes are joined to a' cylindrical piece os flesh, of the sizeos a man's thumb, which is harder and of a more muscular nature than It lies about the centre ofthe shells, and is firmly attached to the middle of' each.This, in fact, is that part of thepearl-fish which serves to open and shut the shells. Where this Column is fastened, we find on the flesh deep impressions, and on the shell.vanous nodes os round or oblong

' Vide Houtt. Nat. Hist. Vol. l. p. xv. p. 8', seq.

sorms that the inside of the shell has the same colour, with the usual pearly lustre, though myservants sound a redish pearl in an oister of this 00lour; yet such an event is very rare. The divers attribute this redness to the sickness of' the pearl-sish; though it is most probable that they had itfi-om their sirst existence. 1 In the (haile they will live' twenty-sour' hours aster being taken out ot the, water. This animal is eaten by the lower class of' lndians, either fresh in their curries, or cured by drying;

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body serves them as a leg or arm, to move from one place to another.

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* The golden tong.
1] Weavefls shuttle.
fi-vGarter stamper? ,

x 'k Mounkscape.
5 Red English admiral.
* 11 Great sand ttampcr.

ola, regia corimu nzurus lapedzizzx,

candu gem/lined jbciclas' cardium. There

I Royal flaircase.
"t Green stampcr.
m] CapspGottw.


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