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Your Committee have no'

questionable insssormation which your Committee have received, that these societies sorm a part os the dreadtsiul system which was unhappily esta= blished in Ireland. The Constitution Os the United Irishmen, such as it: was acted upon in Ireland, appears to regulate their procecdings; and copies of' this Constitution have been sound in the possession of persons principally concerned in promoting ' * these O

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daggers, sito be put under leaders of country.

known talents and courage, and formed into three divisions; and were to make an attack, by surprise, at the same moment, on both houses os parliament, on the' tower, and on the bank.

The intelligence obtained srom time to time by government, respecting the proceedings and plans

governmentthe time for a fresh and general insurrectionin Ireland. Intelligence has been received, that in the ports os> France the utmost diligence is used in preparing another expedition to co-operate with the rebels in that kingdom. The time sor making this attempt seems to be in a great measure fixed. The expectation which appears to be generally entertained among the traitors in Ireland tallies, in this respect, with the intelligence which has been laid besore your committee ; and this expectation has been particularly communicated fiom thence to their consederates in this It seems to be intended, at the same time, to attempt a diversion by another French sorce on (lifferent parts of the coasts of this kingdom. The manner in which such expeditious are likely to- be calculated to advance the ends os the conspirators, both in Great Britain and Ireland, and the species of warsare which the French have had

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detention of some of the intended leaders, and perhaps the timidity or reluctance of some- of the parties concerned, prevented any open attempt to realize these extravagant

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templation. > i But, notwithstanding the continuance of every precaution, and although these conlsspirators cannot be ignorant osthe prepared and thrmidable sorce, and the determined spirit and general loyalt with which such an enterprise wou d be immediately resisted, your committee have received undoubted proofs that plans of this nature are now, more than ever, in agitation. _Attempts are actually making, by agents srom Xreland, to concert with the French ' - 2

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the' timely and judicious' use of those extraordinary powers, which parliament has, in its wisdom, from time to time confided to his majestyffls government :

That, either directly or indirectly, a continual intereour-se and con-nection has been maintained between alli these toeieties in Great Britain and Ireland, and that the

i, real objects ofss the instigators os

these proceedings, in both kingdoms, were no other than the en

. tire overthrow of the Britith consti


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