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5 3. Fit/i open, Attempt in Scotland.

The groundwork having been thus laid in cnch kingdom, the first public attempt which was openly directed to the object of overthrowing the government, and effecting a revolution, was made in Scotland, under circumstances which even then evidently marked the connection between the disaffected throughout his majestyfls dominions. An assembly, siyling itsclf " A General Convention of Delegates from the Societies of the Friends of' the People throughout Scotland," met at Edinburgh, on the llth of December, 1792. Thomas Muir, a leading member of this assembly, endeavour-ed to prevail upon its members, at one of their meetings, to receive and answer a paper, intituled, " An Address from the Society of United Irishmen, in Dublin," to the dclcgates for promoting a Reform in Scotland," daled the 23d of N0vember,'l792, and set forth in the Appendix (No. l.); in which the United Irish address the Scotch delegates in what they tcrm " the spirit ofcivic union in the fellowship ofajust and common cause;" and rejoiced, " that the Scotch did not consider themselves as merged and melted down into another country;" butthat in the tion to which the address alluded,

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union of the whole people." __ssA nd they recommended assembling the people in each county in (what they term) " peaceable and constitutional convention ;" the object ofwhich they attempted to disguise by the pretence of retsiorm and petition to parliament. Several members of the Scotch convention appear to have been alarmed at the language of this address, and, notwithstanding the efforts of Muir, no answer was sent; and the meeting adjourned to April, 1793; The conduct of Muir in this assembly formed part osthe charge of sedition upon which he was afterwards tried and sound guilty. His zeal, however, recommended him to the conspirators in Ireland ; and on the l lth vofjanuary, 1793, he became a member of the society of the United Irishmen, of Dublin.

He was absent in France at the time of the second meeting of the Scotch convention, which assembled in April, 1793, and again adjourned itselfto the '29th October following, when it met a third time at Edinburgh, alter the trial of Muir, who was convicted and - lentenced to transportation in August, 1793. It is well known that he afterwards escaped from the place ofhis transportation, and has reccntly refided in France, pursuing a conduct marked by the most inveterate hostility to his country.

This meeting * of the Scotch conWntion in October, 1793, appears lo have been held in concert with several societies in England, and particularly the Constitutional Society and the London Corresponding Society, already mentioned.These societies afterwards sent dele

'i Report ot' the secret committc; of th: house of commons, june, 1794.



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