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.the nineteenth of Fructidor. It is a wonder he did not propose to revise the law for the abolition of royalty ! A party of those men, who were condemned to exile, endeavours to revivecriminal machinations hessre: others of them, ss having fled to England, conspire with the foreign enemy. Rouchon talke of forbearance and indulgenceWhat! is it a time to talk of indulgence, to those men, when the Rhone and the Seine are still tinged with the blood of their unhappy victims! Representatives, there is not now room for half measures. I demand, that all the laws, that have been enacted against emigraruts, shall be applicable to those who shall have withdrawn themselves from' deportation. '

Rouchon -I demand to be heard in opposition to that proposal.

A very great number of voices: to order, to order s

Crochom-When an audacious orator, from this tribune, undertakes the defence of the (tonspirators of the eighteenth of Fructidor; when he dares to presume the innocence of agents of royalty; when, doing honour to himself, by adopting the language of a name dear to the friends of liberty (Condorcet), he maintains that the punishments, inflicted on political delinquencies, ought to be only temposary; the royalists will, no doubt, sinile for a moment. But let them know, that, if a treacherous deputyhas the impudence- .4

RouohorL-You are an ass !

A great number of voices :- to the zI/Zbey 'tast/i Ilion, to the Ahbey ! ,

Crochon continued: - When a man has the impudence to make ttipulations for the interests of roy


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