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Allowed with absolute power, and thy good name
Live with authority: foon we shall drive back
Of Alcibiades the approaches wild,
Who, like a boar too lavage, doth root up
His country's peace.
:' 2 Sen. And Thakes his threatning sword
Against the walls of Athens.

į Sen. Therefore, Timon--

Tim. Well, Sir, I will; therefore I will, Sir; If Alcibiades kill my countrymen, [thus--Let Alcibiades know this of Timon, That Timon cares not. If he fack fair Athens, And take our goodly aged men by the beards, Giving our holy virgins to the stain Of contumelious, bealtly, mad-brained war; Then let him know,---and tell him, Timon speaks it; In pity of our aged, and our youth, I cannot chuse but tell him, that I care not. And let him take't at worst; for their knives care

not, While you have throats to answer. For myself, . ' There's not a whittle in the unruly camp, But I do prize it at my love, before The reverendest throat in Athens. So I leave you: To the protection of the prosperous gods, As thieves to keepers.

Flav. Stay not, all's in vain.

Tim. Why, I was writing of my epitaph,
It will be seen to-morrow. My long sickness
Cf health and living now begins to mend,
And nothing brings me all things. Go, live still;
Be Acibiades. your plague, you his;
And last to long enough! .

i Sen. We lpeak in vain.
Tim. But yet I love my country, and am not

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Dead, fure, and this his grave; what's on this tomb?
I cannot read; the character I'll take with wax;
Our captain hath in every figuré skill,
An aged interpreter, though young in davs:
Before proud Athens he's let down by this,
Whose fall the mark of his ambition is. [Exit.

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fcription upon it. My friend Mr Warburton ingeniously advised me to amend the text, as I have done; and a parfage occurs to me, (from Beaumont and Fletcher's Cupid's Revenge) that seems very strong io support of his conjecture :

- Comfort was never herc;. Here is no food, nor beds ; nor any house

* Built by a better architect than beals. The foldier, seeking by order for Timon, fees such an irregular mole as he concludes must have been the workmanihip of some beast inhabiting the woods ; and such a cavity as either must have been to over-arched, or happened by the casual falling in of the ground. This latter fpecies of caverns, produced by nature, Æschylus, I remember, in his Pronetheus, elegantly calls autóxtit' ävtpa, self-built denso

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