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SCENE, a Hall in Timon's House. Enter Poet, Painter, Jeweler, Merchant, and

Mercer, at several Doors..

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(1) Eoch borond it chases.-) How cholesThe flood, in-
deed, beating up upon the fhore, covers a part of it, but can-
not be said to drive the shore away. The Poct's allution is
to a wave, which, foaming and chafing on the thore, breaks,
and then the water icems to be eye to retire
So, in Lear:

The murmuring surge,
That is the unnumltied idle pebbles chafes, déc.
And to in Jul Celcom :

The troubled Tiber, chifing with his fhøres.

Enter certain Senators.
Pain. How this Lord is, followed !
Poet. The Senators of Athens ! happy man! (2)
Paix. Look, more!
Poet. You see this confluence, this great flood of

I have in this rough work siaped out a man,
Whom this beneath-world doth embrace and hug
With amplest entertainment. My free drift
Halts not particular, but moves itself,
In a wide lea of wax; no levelled malice.
Infects one comma in the course I hold,
But lies an eagle-fight, bold, and forth on,
Leaving no tract behind..

Pain. How shall I understand you?

Poet. I'll unbolt to you. You see how all conditions, how all minds, As well of glib and flipp'ry natures as Of grave and austere quality, tender down i Their service to Lord Timon: his large fortune, Upon his good and gracious nature hanging, Subdues and properties to his love and tendance, All sorts of hearts; yea, from the glass-faced flat

terer To Apemantus, that few things loves better Than'to abhor himself; even he drops down The knee before him, and returns in peace Most rich in Timon's nod. · Pain. I saw them speak together.

Poet. I have upon a high and pleasant hill

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(2) Happy men!] Thus the printed copies; but I cannot think the Poet meant that the fenators were happy in being admitted to Timon; their quality might command that; but that Timon was happy in being followed and carefled by those of their rank and dignity.

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