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SCENE changes to Timon's Hall. Enter VARRO, TITUS, HORTENSIUS, LUCIUS, and other Servants of Timon's Creditors, who wait for his coming out.. Var. Well met, good-morrow, Titus and HorTit. The like to you, kind Varro. ftenfius. Hor. Lucius, why do we meet together?

Luc. I think one business does command us all,
For mine is money.
Tit. So is theirs and ours.

Luc. And, Sir, Philotas' too.
Phi. Good day, at once.

Luc. Welcome, good brother. What d'you think the hour?

Phi. Labouring for nine.
Luc. So much?
Phi. Is not my Lord seen yet?
Luc. Not yet.
Phi. I wonder: he was wont to shine at seven.

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His comfortable temper has forsook him, .
He is much out of health, and keeps his chamber.

Luc. Many do keep their chambers, are not fick;
And if he be fo far beyond his health,
Methinks he should the sooner pay his debts, ..
And make a clear way to the gods.

Ser. Good gods ! Tit. We cannot take this for an anfwer. · Flam. [within.] Servilius, helpommy Lord!

my Lord!

Enter TimỌN, in a rage.
Tim. What are my doors oppos'd against my pal-
Have I been ever free, and must my house [sage?
Be my retentive enemy, my goal ?
The place which I have feasted, does it now,
Like all mankind, shew me an iron heart?

Luc. Put in now, Titus.
"Tit. My Lord, here's my bill.
Luc. Here's mine.
Var. And mine, my Lord.
Cap. And ours, my Lord!
Phi. And our bills.
Tim. Knock me down with 'em----cleave me to
Luc. Alas, my Lord.

• [the girdle.
Tim. Cut out my heart in fums.
Tit. Mine, fifty talents.
Tim. Tell out my blood.
Luc. Five thousand crowns, my Lord.

Tim. Five thousand drops pay that.
What's yours--and yours?
..Var. My Lord —
. Cap. My Lord---

Tim. Here, tear me, take me, and the gods fall on you.

[Exit. Hor. Faith, I perceive our masters may throw

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