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Behoves me to keep at utterance. I am perfe&t, (28) That the Pannonians and Dalmatians for




i. e. to the hazard of death. So, likewise, thewhere in our own Author;

But he has a merit
To choak it in the uiterance.'

Gorio : e. in the extremest point.

Rather than fo, come Fate into the list; in is. And challenge me to th' utterance. i. e. to the utmost peril, death itself And our Author frequently gives us the sanie image, with a variation in the expreffion.

There I throw my gage,
To prove it on thee to ch', extreznejt point
Of mortal breathing.

Richard II.
Fot I will throw iny glève to Death himself.

Trcil. and Crefide
will you, the knights
Shall to the edge of all extremity
Pursue each other, G.
Su be it, either to the uttermost;-

Or elfe a breath (18) ~

I am perfect
Tbat the Pannoniaes and Dalmatians, for

Their ti herties, are now in arms.] This cireumftance is again-repeated afterwards by a Romag fenator in this act.

This is the tenour of the Emperor's writ; . That fince the common men are now in action

'Gainst the Pannoniaas and Dalmatians, .bc. From this particularity we may precisely-fix the supposed date of this war on Britain, for the recovery of tribuit in: arrear to Rome; and, at one view, see how our Author has jumbled facts against the known tenour of chronology, In the rath year after the aflaflinarion of Julius Cæcit, (Anjo U. C. 7+9) Auguftus had a design of making a de: leent on Britain : but was diverted from it by an insurrection: of the Pannonians and Dalmatians, in order to floake of their subjection to Rome. . Now this period of time was.com incident with the 13th year of Tenantius's reign, who was : the father of Cymbeline : and Tenantius reigoed nine years'; after this.

Again, we find, from the very opening of our play, skati

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lius Cæfar fubdued Britain eleven years before his assassina. • tion, in the year of Rome $98. This war on Cymbeline

cannot be hefore the 42d year of Augustus : (U. C. 751) fo that here is an interval of 53 years, a time sufficient to eTare the memory of the most dreadful enemy, especially in a people who are boasting of the strength they have acquired face their defeat.

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