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(23) On this fide Tiber;]. The scene is here in the Forum near the Capitol; and in the most frequented part of the city ; but Cæfar's gardens were very remote from that quarter,

Trans Tiberim longe cubat is prope Cesaris hortos, says Horace; and both the Naumachia and Gardens of Cæsar were separated from the main city by the river, and lay out wide, on a line with mount Janiculuin, where Statius the poet was buried. Our Author therefore certainly wrote;

On that fide Tiber. And Plutarch, whom Shakespeare very diligently studied, in the life of Marcus Brutus, speaking of Cæsar's will, ex-' prelly fays, that he left to the public his gardens and walks beyond the Tiber, where, in that Author's time, the temple of Fortune stood.

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