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Original and Selected Papers. Page

Page Am I my Brother's Keeper ? 125

Westminster-Three Sundays in 123 Are We Doing any Good ?


York Industrial Ragged School 187 Boys' Meetings-New York

210 Destitution and Crime, with some of

Miscellaneous. their Causes and a Remedy sug- Guthrie, Dr., Extracts from a Speech gested . 1 of

51 Dwellings of the Poor, Model Lodg- Duncan Testimonial, the appropria ing Houses, Beer Shops, etc. 149 tion of the

54 Emigration, in connection with Emigrant's Letter from New York:

7 Ragged and Industrial Schools 181 Have Ragged Schools reached their Emigration Movement Testimony


67 of Captain Carr 86 Paris Ragged School

205 Extracts from an Emi

Ragged School Union, Abstract of grant's Letters 87 Eighth Annual Report of the

. 101 Departure of more Emi

Ragged School Union, Proceedings grants.

88 at the Eighth Anniversary of the . 103 Emigration, Shall it be continued ?' 141 Seed Cast into the Ground

137 The Scholars' Appeal 141 Deputation to Sir J.


Gratifying Testimonies 143 A Question which must be Answered 194
The Emigrant's State-
Christian Soldier, The

67 ments of Themselves


Ragged School, Á
Shall the Needy and

Juvenile Aristocracy, To the · 176 Helpless be Emigrants or Convicts? 147 Speak to him kindly

29 Field Lane School and Dormitory 82

The Duke and the Earl

213 Friendless Boy's Home, The Liver

There's Work enough to do

131 pool


Three Views through Time's TeleAsylum for, in New scope; or Past, Present, Future 8 York.

46 Fruit Appearing

Plans and Progress.

81 How shall Prisons be made Empty ? 64 Bible Prizes, 17, 48, 71, 93, 117, 132, Indiscriminate Almsgiving

201 157, 177, 195, 214, 236. Ireland, her Curse and Cure 24 Dublin Ragged Schools

216 Manchester and its Juvenile Refuge, Delegates, Meeting of, from the Visit to 232 Ragged Schools

12, 91, 115 Mint, The

127 Edinburgh Industrial Schools . 68 Parents' Meetings

128 Hull Ragged and Industrial Schools 69 Pauperism versus Ragged Schools

Industrial Classes

10 Prison Scenes.—No. I. The Recep- Lectures to the Poor

214, 235 tion Room

151 Missionary to the Ragged Children No. 11. The Chap- of London

195 lain's Room.

Mothers' Meetings

32 No. II. Continued 189 North Street Schools, The

135 No. III.

206 Preventive and Reformatory Schools, No. IV. Conclusion 227 Conference at Birmingham, DeR. C. of Sheffield Ragged School 47

cemba: 10th, on

15 Ragged Boy, The History of a

4 Preventive and Reformatory School Ragged Schools; their Locality, Ope


50 rations, Condition, and Results:- Ragged School Addresses, No. v. 34 Agar Town 21 Ragged School Repository

94 Hoxton 61 Steppers

50, 72 Gray's Yard, 121 Shoe-blacks' Dormitory, The 50 King's Cross 161 Shoe-black Society, The Ragged School 132 Field Lane

221 Shoe-blacks' Fête, The London 178 Ragged Schools, A Word in Behalf Shoe-blacks, The Dublin .

178 of the

5 Superintendents, The Character and Rough House, The, Hamburg 44 Duties of

30 Thomas Wright, the Prisoner's Friend 173 Writing? Are you able to read



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Correspondence. Page Emigration, On, J. M., Temple 217 Dr. Bell on

236 E. P. W.

57 Golden Lane School, Ladies' Sale on behalf of

57 A Self-Denying Bible Prize Competitor

75 Magazine, The-Its value, and the

importance of being sustained and more widely circulated. Letters

from Dr. Bell of Edinburgh . 72 E. H.

95 A Ragged School Teacher

18 The Poor Man's Friend

37 Adams, John.

57 Parents' Meetings

128 Pictorial Lectures to Parents and Children

135 Rewards to Children

55 Waterford Ragged School

73 Children's Gallery. Bees, a Swarm of, from a Scriptural Hive

58 Bouquet and the Bible, The

58 Children can help God's Cause 158 Edward VI. and his Bible

98 My First Visit

38 Object of Pity, An

99 Ragged Boy's Progress, The

98 Notices of Books, etc. Band of Hope Review

36 Bible Class Magazine

18 Bible Gleanings

137 Chapters on Prisons and Prisoners 97 Faith in Earnest

137 Hearths of the Poor, The

36 Little Henry's Holiday at the Great Exhibition

18 Infant Class in the Sunday School, The

139 Notes and Narratives of a Six Years Mission, etc.

138 Religious Progress and lectures on the Lord's Prayer

137 Reports of Her Majesty's Inspectors

of Schools, Extract from the 198 Scripture Teacher's Assistant 198 Shoe-blacks and Broomers

36 Sunday School Union Magazine 18 Sunday School Teacher's Class Register

18 Tracts for the New Year :

18 Westminster Juvenile Refuge, The

Editor's Portfolio. Benevolence versus Selfishness . 197 Bible Fruit

197 Convicts, Statistics of

· 178

Children of Prisons.

76 Christianity in Humble Life

77 Intemperance, Pauperism, and Crime 9 Juvenile Offenders

195 Lost Child, The

95 Memory of the Good, The

97 Picture, A Fine

76 Singular Avocation and Mode of Life 196 Teachers, The Importance of . 75

Intelligence. Notices of Meetings of SchoolsBrewer's Court Ragged Schools 139 Birmingham, Slaney Street, do. 59 Bermondsey do.

77 Carr Street, Stepney, do..

100 Chatham do.

200 Crown Square, Walworth, do.

18 Compton Place and Sandwich St. do 119 Camden Town do.

. 140 Dorchester Place Refuge .

. 118 Dover Female Ragged School . 140 Dolphin Court, Spitalfields, do. 99 Duncan Yard, Deptford, do.

19 Edward's Mews do.

. 100 Exeter Buildings do.

59 Foster Street do.

100, 219 Field Lane do.

118 Gravesend do..

179 Gray's Yard do.

78 Golden Lane do. Goldsmith Place do.

. 179 Grotto Passage do.

. 160 Hammersmith and Chiswick do. 19 Huntsworth Mews &Lisson Grove do. 78 Hull Ragged and Industrial Schools 79 Ipswich Ragged School Jersey do.

80 Jurston Street do.

59 King's Cross do.

99 Lamb and Flag do. .

120 Liverpool Ragged School

239 North Street, Whitechapel do. 39 Norwich do.

60 Nottingham do.

60 Paddington Wharfs do.

199 Ratcliff Ragged and Industrial Schools

199 Ramsgate Ragged Schools

. 200 Southampton do.

219 Sterling Ragged and Industrial

St. Giles's and St. George's do.
Union Mews do.

40 Windmill Street, Lambeth, do. 199 Whitechapel do.

79 Whitehaven Ragged Schools, The opening of

100 Woolwich Ragged School

19, 89 York do.


· 140


20, 200


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JANUARY, 1852.

Original Papers.


WITH SOME OF THEIR CAUSES, AND A REMEDY SUGGESTED. It is universally admitted that "prevention is better than cure." That destitution is the fruitful source of crime, and, in most cases, the unhappy fruit of improvidence and intemperance, daily observation and experience afford too much proof to admit of the possibility of a doubt. An inquiry, therefore, into some of the causes of those habits of the working classes, which result in destitution and delinquency, must be of importance. It can hardly be considered probable that men would voluntarily plunge themselves and their families into such extreme misery, unless there were some powerful inducements to influence them to such steps, which human nature is not able to resist.

That such inducements exist there is abundant proof. It is to these, which may be regarded as the root of much of the existing evils, that we are desirous to wield the axe, trusting, by the Divine blessing, great good will be the result. For example :

One man, a calker, who was earning on an average £3 a week, seldom took home, towards the support of himself, wife, and five or six small children, more than 98., or at most 158. He rarely returned home sober. This man has now left his wife and family, and gone to


woman is left to do the best she can for herself and her six small children. Thus, those who were once respectable, and ought to be so now, are reduced to extreme necessity. Three of the children have to thank the Ragged Schools for the education they have and are receiving

It has often occasioned much surprise, that the homes of labouring men and mechanics, who have been in constant work, and in the regular receipt of good wages, should be so wretchedly furnished; their wives and children, as well as themselves, so sadly clad, and so scantily fed; so that, in multitudes of instances, the children are literally driven into




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