Shakespeare Survey, Том 40

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Stanley Wells
Cambridge University Press, 28 нояб. 2002 г. - Всего страниц: 256
Contents: Reconstructing Shakespeare, or Harlotry in Bardolatry, Charles Marowitz; Playing Shakespeare, Peggy Ashcroft; Take Me to Your Leda, Terence Hawkes; Sign Theory and Shakespeare, Marvin Rosenberg; Time in Richard III, Guy Hamel; New Concepts of Staging A Midsummer Night's Dream, Maik Hamburger; Henry V as Working House of Ideology, Gunter Walch; Shakespeare and His Sources: Observations on the Critical History of Julius Caesar, Robert S. Miola; The Speculative Eye: Problematic Self-Knowledge in Julius Caesar, William O. Scott; Learning by Talking: Conversation in As You Like It, Martha Ronk Lifson; Measure for Measure: Mirror for Mirror, Ruth Nevo; Allegory and Irony in Othello, Antoinette B. Dauber; Cruelty, King Lear, and the South African Land Act of 1913, Martin Orkin; The Rationale of Current Bibliographical Methods: Printing House Studies, Computer-Aided Compositor Studies, and the Use of Statistical Studies, Manfred Draudt; Shakeapeare's Late Plays in Stratford, Ontario, Roger Warren; Shakespeare Performances in London, Manchester, and Stratford-upon-Avon 1985-86, Nicholas Shrimpton. Also, Critical Studies reviewed by R.S. White, Shakespeare's Life, Times, and Stage reviewed by Richard Dutton, and Editions and Textual Studies reviewed by MacDonald P. Jackson.

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Reconstructing Shakespeare or Harlotry in Bardolatry by Charles MarowITZ I
Sign Theory and Shakespeare by Marvin ROSENBERG
Time in Richard III by Guy HAMEL
New Concepts of Staging A Midsummer Nights Dream by Maik HAMBURGER
Observations on the Critical History of Julius Caesar
Problematic SelfKnowledge in Julius Caesar by William O Scott
Conversation in As You Like It by Martha Ronk LIFSON
Mirror for Mirror by Ruth Nevo
Allegory and Irony in Othello by ANTOINETTE B DAUBER
Cruelty King Lear and the South African Land Act 1913 by Martin ORKIN
Printing House Studies Computer
Shakespeares Late Plays at Stratford Ontario by ROGER WARREN
Shakespeare Performances in London Manchester and StratforduponAvon 198586
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