Mormonism Explained: What Latter-Day Saints Teach and Practice

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Crossway Books, 2008 - Всего страниц: 208
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Sociologist Rodney Stark estimates that by 2080, Mormonism willhave 267 million adherents. As a leading rival to biblicalChristianity in both America and Latin America, it is a religion tobe reckoned with. However, Mormons are not so much a group to befeared by Christians, says author Andrew Jackson, as a missionfield to be cultivated.

As a professor and a pastor in a city that boasts a large LDScommunity, Jackson has had not only many discussions with Mormonneighbors but with current and ex-members from every level of thechurch hierarchy. These conversations have led him to study thisreligion and write this book.

His systematic, concise, and well-documented work offers aneasy-reading explanation of Mormon teaching and practice today.This book is the first place readers will want to turn for a primeron Mormonism's origins and specific doctrines, and what Mormonsbelieve and why.

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This is a very informative book about what the Latter Day Saints teach and practice. Jackson has certainly done his homework, which is evident as he spells out clearly what Mormon's believe and why ... Читать весь отзыв

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ANDREW JACKSON (MDiv, Fuller TheologicalSeminary) is a seminary professor and a senior associate pastor ofdiscipleship and leadership development at a largenon-denominational church in Mesa, Arizona. He has traveled to theoriginal homelands of all the primary religions of the world,taught world religions on the college level, and is a frequentblogger and author.

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