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aimed to give Paul's sentiments in a plain and fa. miliar manner, and to introduce him into the pul. pit preaching the same gospel, which he preached in Ephesus.

In the course of these meditations, all the great doctrines and duties of the chriftian fyftem have come in our way; for the epistle is a compendium of the gospel. It teaches us the fall and apoftacy of man, and God's purpose concerning his redemption; the character of the Redeemer, and the manner in which he executed his work; the operation of the divine Spirit in applying this redemption ; the nature and design of the christian church, and of the gospel ministry; the various duties which we owe to God, to Jesus Christ, to the Divine Spirit, to mankind, to our fellow Christians, and to our. felves; how we should regard the things of this world, and the things of the world to come; how we should conduct in our secular calling and in all the particular relations of life; how we should be. have in times of affliction and temptation; and how we may enjoy the comforts of religion here, and secure the rewards of it hereafter.

It becomes us to inquire, what improvement we have made in knowledge and piety, while we have been attending to this epistle, and whether we have more deeply imbibed the spirit and sentiment, which it has poured upon us.

In order to the recollection of what we have heard, it may be useful, that we sit down, and read over this epistle with close attention and self appli. cation, with fervent prayer for the guidance of that Spirit, which leads into all truth, and with humble concern, that our hearts may be moulded into the temper here described.

Aad God grant, that we may abound more and more in knowledge and in all judgment, that we may approve the things which are excellent, and may be sincere and without offence until the day of Christ. AMEN.

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