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Scholars of the third year of standing, that Madras. He was a man of unaffected is, who were admitted between commence benevolence, and blessed by Providence ment of 1807 and 1808 ; profits to com with a fortune which gave him the happy mence from July the 6th, 1810, and to be means of exercising that amiable quality : continued for two years.

At the same a quality which, comparatively speaking, time will be elected two other Scholars

is so rarely possessed by the affluent and of the second year, who were admitted

the great.

No man, perhaps, was better between commencement 1808 and com

qualified to appreciate the weight of the mencement 1809 ; profits to continue for claims, the sufferings, or the merits, of three years. The second election will be those whose cases came before him for on the Friday after Midlent Sunday, 1811, assistance : consequently, whatever obof two Scholars of the first year; profits ject enjoyed his protection, was never to to continue for four years. The fourth be found otherwise than altogether worthy. election will be on Friday after Mid- The large fortune which he had acquired lent Sunday, 1813, of two other Scholars by his protracted stay in the East Indies, of the first year, to succeed those two of he would, we doubt not, had he lived, the third year, who were two of the four

have used, after the example of his kinsfirst chosen, and so on for ever : the man Sir Richard S. in the exercise of that profits to continue for four years, and no best and most god-like of virtues, Chamore. Every Scholar is to take the de- rity; but, no sooner bad he arrived in gree of A. B. in the most regular manner. this country, than it pleased the Almighty, No Scholar to be elected from King's-col- in pity to his bodily sufferings, to call lege, or from Trinity-hall. The electors him off the stage of life. The Right hon.

the Vice Chancellor, the Regius John Sullivan, M.P. (who is married to Professor of Divinity, the Regius Pro Lady Harriet Hobart) will, by the death fessor of Civil Law, the Lucasian Pro of this worthy man, receive a large addifessor of Mathematics, and the Public tion to his already noble fortune, and Orator.

will be enabled, by this unexpected event, P. 309. a. lines 8 and 9 from the bottom, to extend more widely the sphere of his instead of “the line from the second Vis. generosity. count,” read, “the line proceeding from P. 398. b. line 9. read “parishioners.” the second marriage of the first Viscount.” P. 390. b. For Richard read Nicholas

DEATHS. Pennell.

1810. T Mangalore, in his 19th year, P. 392. a. The late John Williams, esq. Jan. 14. Charles Brown, esq. of the was a native of Carmarthen.

He was a

10th Native Infantry, eldest son of Col. man gifted by nature with extraordinary B. mof Amwell Bury, Herts. powers of memory, and an excellent un

May 28. His Highness Mobarek-uderstanding. To these happy endow Dowlah, Nawab of Bengal. His remains ments he added the most patient and per were conveyed, on the following day, severing application to the study of the

with due solemnity, from the palace at Law: his labours were crowned with suc

Moorshedabad to the burial-place of his cess; he became one of the most eminent family at Jaffiergunge. His eldest son Lawyers of modern times. His luminous

succeeds to the vacant Musnud. expositions, sound deductions, clear rea In May last, while accompanying soning, profound and accurate knowledge

Gen. Malcolm's embassy to Persia, Alex. in his profession, were justly appreciated, Fotheringham, esq. fourth son of Alex. in Westminster-hall, byhis contemporaries, Ogilvy F. esq. of Powrie. and will long be recollected by thein with June 1. In the West Indies, in his 21st admiration and merited enlogy; but his

year, Lieut. Richard Bowen, son of the professional and posthumous fame will late Captain Richard B. of the port of not rest on the frail basis of living testi

Bristol. He gave in his conduct a very mony. His edition of Lord Chief Justice

fair promise of being a credit to his coun. Saunders's Reports will remain to after

try and an ornament of his profession. ages a proud and splendid nonument of

July 5. Shot by some person unknown, his intimate acquaintance with the Law3 Dr. James Niblock, a native of Ireland, of his Country, his deep research and eru but for six or seven years last past an in, dition, and his indefatigable and successful habitant of Brunswick county, Virginia. industry in the pursuit of Legal knowledge.

From the posture in which he was found, it P. 393. b. read, " After a very long appeared he instantly fell dead the moand painful illness, which he bore with ment he received the shot. He had ob. the greatest fortitude, aged 78, Willam tained great celebrity and practice as a Darnell, esq, of Hail Weston, Hunting- physician: has a father now living in Iredonshire, and Bermondsey, Surrey." land, but no relation in Brunswick that is

P. 396.b. The late Sir Benjamin Sullivan known of. was for a series of years one of the judges Auy. 14. At Harwich, aged 76, Mr, of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Robert Enefer, parish clerk of St. Nicho



las, which situation he had filled upwards related of him, that at one period of his of 30 years; a man of mild manners, and life, being under sentence of death in greatly esteemed.

Edinburgh gaol, one of the county maAug. 27. At Paris, the wife of Mr. Sala- gistrates, speaking warmly about the pridin de Crans, 2d dau. of the late Col. Win. soner, said that “all the Gordons should Egerton, and sister to the Hon. Arriana be hanged.” This speech was conveyed Margaret Egerton, of Berkeley-square. to the then Duchess of Gordon, who, feel

Aug. 29. At Buff Bay, Jamaica, Mr. ing for the honour of the name, immediThomas Scriven, late of Henbury, near ately exerted all her influence in behalf Bristol.

of Gordon, and succeeded in getting his Sept. 23. At Bristo!, Mr. Richard sentence changed to a few years' solitary Bent, son of Mr. B. of Paternoster-row. confinement.

At Corderia, George Hume Yeats, esq. At Lutterworth, Mr. Chamberlain, atassistant-deputy paymaster to the Forces torney. serving under Lord Wellington.

At Countesthorpe, co. Leic. aged 63, Sept. 24. Aged 47, Aline, the wife of deservedly esteemed, Mr. Rich. Basset. James M. Siordet, esq. of Cadogan-place. Aged 52, Mr. John Marwood, lately

At Cheshunt, Henry Aspinall, esq. of owner of the ship William and Mary, of Lincolu's-inn.

Whitby. In Mortimer-street, Richard Church, In the Wells road, Bristol, Mr. Roesq. late of the civil service, Bombay. bert Smith, sen. formerly an eminent

At Maryport, aged 59, Mary, the wife brewer of Bath. of Capt. Robert Bachanan, of the brig At Duddlestone, near Taunton, Mr. Hawke, of Maryport, and sister-in-law to William Buncombe. the Rev. Dr. Claudius B. famed for his Mr. Ethersey, attorney, of Worcester. literary researches in the East.

At Milborne Port, aged 84, Mr. James At Boston, aged 70, very generally re Hyde. spected, Mr. Robert Marshall, draper and In Dublin, Mr. Charles Campbell, for tailor He had lately retired from busi. 33 years editor of the Dublin Evening ness, with a comfortable independence, to Post. enjoy the close of a well-spent life.

Suddenly, Mr. William Reynolds, attorAged 62, Mr. Southam, of Ersham ; a ney-at-law, at Folkestone, co. Kent. member of the comnion-council at Oxford, Aged 76, John Mills, of Bury, gent. and formerly a baker there. He was found At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aged 80, Mr. drowned in the river Isis, near Bablake Setb Johnson, one of the chamberlains of Hytbe; and is supposed to have fallen in that town. accidentally, while crossing the river late Aged 26, Mr. Richard Plummer, of in the evening.

Dalton, only son of John P. esq. of ShireLately, On Colston's, Parade, Bristol, moore house, 'Tynemouth. Mrs. Barry, widow of the Rev. Dr. B. At Stamfordham, aged 81, Mrs. Mable

At Crowcombe, Somerset, Mr. William Johnson, relict of Mr. W. J. who for Biss, many years a respectable shopkeeper. near 60 years kept the Masons' Arms

Miss Wagstaff, sister to the Rev. Mr. public-house in that place with much W. of Goadby, Leicestershire.

credit. At Harleston, Norfolk, universally re At the High Felling, near Gateshead, spected, J. Redgrave, gent.

aged 80, Mr. Christopher Dudds. Aged 21, Mr. John Clark, one of the At Trimdon-ball, Durham, much laclerks in the bank of Messrs. Pitt and Co. mented, Miss Dunning. of Cirencester. His death was occasioned In Elvet, Darhain, aged S0, Mr. Wm. by swallowing an apricot-stone in the Holmes, blacksmith. course of last summer, which lodged in a In the South Bailey, Durham, aged 78, part not likely to create serious injury; Tiinothy Hutchinson, esq. but, on jumping into the water a few days In Old Elvet, Durham, whither he had since to bathe, the concussion caused its arrived from London the day preceding, removal to so dangerous a part that his in the 25th year of his age, Joseph Badissolution becaine inevitable.

con, esq. Suddenly, Mr. Humphrey Giles, corn At Hexham, suddenly, much and dedealer, of Langford, Wilts.

servedly regretted, Mr. Lancelot Liddel, Aged 74, the wife of Jacob Preston, attorney at law. esq. of Yarmouth, Norfolk,

At Dean-house, near South Shields, Mr. Baker, coach.proprietor, of Lin whilst speaking to his servant, Mr. Thocoln, inuch respected.

mas Humball, a gentleman highly esAt Beverley, aged 78, Mr. Thomas teemed through life, and much lamented Johnson.

by a numerous acquaintance. At Spittal, near Berwick, after a life of At Carlisle, aged 77, Mrs. M. Richardstrange vicissitudes and wonderful es son, widow of Mr. James R. late clerk of capes, aged above 90, T. Gordon. It is St. Cuthbert's,


At York, aged 76, Margaret wife of looked up to by his contemporaries in Mr. Alderman Rhodes.

Irish literature, as possessing that poetiAt Leeds, aged 72, Mr. Christopher cal eminence which ranked him among Smith, formerly an eminent cooper.

the most celebrated of the modern Bards. At Barnsley, Mr. Richard Rock, sur At Hertford, Mary, eldest daughter geon. His professional abilities, and hu of Henry Bradley, esq. mane disposition, will be long remem Suddenly, Mr. Brown, watchmaker, of bered.

Charing-cross. He ate a very hearty At Liverpool, aged 70, Mr. Henry supper, and appeared in perfect health Ashcroft, stonemason.

and spirits. On getting up, he began to At the same place, aged 93, Mrs. Moul- complain, and in about an hour afterton; who retained her faculties till the last.

wards was a corpse ! At Moston, near Chester, aged 52, At Blackheath, William Churchill LawMr. Stephen Howard, land-steward to rie, only son of Peter L. esq.

Massey, esq. of Moston-hall, in Aged 85, Mrs. Delafosse, of Collywhose and his father's employ he had weston, near Stamford. This venerable been upwards of twenty years.

gentlewoman lost her life in consequence At Erdswick-hall, Cheshire, aged 75, of her clothes catching fire on the 3d inst. Mrs. Davies, whose example through life when her sister was present, but so infirm was worthy of imitation.

as to be unable to afford her any assistAt an advanced age, Mr. Woolridge, ance. of Calveley-hall, Cheshire.

At Bristol Hotwells, Georgiana the wife At Heaton-house, Cheshire, Mrs. Par of John Coweher Dod, esq. of Mortimer, ker, upwards of 30 years housekeeper to near Reading the Earl of Wilton.

Elizabeth Hodgson, of Hill House Suddenly, at Peckforton, Cheshire, Bank, Leeds, who had been tapped forty aged 67, Mr. Alexander Kelly, well known times for the dropsy; and, on the difin that and the neighbouring counties, as ferent operations, 140 gallons of water a travelling linen-draper. He was a na were taken from her. tive of Scotland, a man of great strength Oct. 7. At Reading, aged 21, Miss of mind, sound judgment, and facetious Henrietta Josepha Robinson Thornton, disposition; his quaint observations on daughter of H. F. T. esq. political and polemical subjects, will long At Grantham, the wife of Mr. Turner, be remembered by a wide circle of ad grocer, alderman elect for that borough. miring friends and acquaintance.

At David Mustard's, esq. at RomanAt Cromford, aged 72, Mr. Robert bill, Essex, where she was on a visit, Mason, ivho formerly kept the Old Bath after a short illness, Mrs. Ram, relict of at Matlock.

the late Mr. James R. of Monkwick, At Nottingham, aged 72, Mr. John Har Essex. vey, schoolmaster.

In George-street, Manchester-square, Suddenly, at Pickworth, Lincolnshire, Mrs. Halliday, widow of the late William aged 70, Mr. John Middleton, grazier. H. esa of the island of St. Christopher.

At Long Sutton, aged 90, Mrs. Anne At Loughborough, aged 66, Mr. WilCollishaw.

liam Palmer, upwards of 30 years landAt the Rakes House, in Heckington lord of the Plough-inn; from which he Fen, aged 70, Mr. Baker.

had retired a few years. At Burford, near Tenbury, Mr. E. At Souldern Cottage, of a paralytic Ford, brother to the late Admiral F. stroke, aged 71, Mrs. Gabell, relict of

At Hereford, aged 80, Mr. William the late Rev. Henry G. rector of StandPayne, shoemaker ; the oldest tradesman lake. and shopkeeper in that city, having been Oct. 8. Aged about 25, Mr. Platt, son of in business in the same street 55 years. the Rev. Mr. P. of Wilmot-square. He

At Folkestone, aged 89, Mr. Robert dropped down dead while conversing with Spicer.

a friend in Bartholomew-lane. At Lewes, aged 77, Mr. Aaron Lem Aged 77, Mrs. Elizabeth Burden, wipriere, many years a respectable plumber dow, many years landlady of the Wooland glazier.

pack-iun, Boston. At Bath, Mrs. Burleigh, relict of Rev. Oct. 9. At Walworth, Mr. John Fry, R. B. of Badesley, Hants.

of Birchin-lane. At Alphington, aged 90, Mrs. Warden, As Old Brompton, aged 76, Mrs. Nayaunt to the present Bishop of Bangor. lor, relict of Col. N.

Oct. 6. At Newtown, near Kilmactho At Hastings, Elizabeth the wife of Jo. mas, in his 95th year, Denis Macna. seph Cockfield, esq. of Upton, in Essex. mara, commonly known by the name of Aged 85, Mrs. Jane Wilson, of ChorRradh, or Red-haired. During 70 years, ley-wood, Herts. at least, of such a rare course of longe In his 80th year, Mr. R. Morley. vity, this extraordinary man had been



At Clifton, Mrs. Clarke, relict of Rev. At Polegworth, Warwickshire, Mr. WilJohn C. vicar of Hungerford, Bucks. liam Lythall, one of the society of Friends.

In Caithness, Mr. Marcus Gunn, tacks At Sleaford, aged 39, Lieut. George man, of Dalemore, within one day of Wynne, of the 45th regiment of infantry. completing his 95th year,

He and his At Bryn, near Beaumaris, Anglesea,
predecessors have possessed that farm for in his 779th year, Sir Samuel Brooke, bart.
seventeen generations in succession; and Oct. 14. Aged 67, Mrs. Farrel, of
he is succeeded in it by his son, who Clapton.
makes the eighteenth.

At Thatcham, Berks, aged 24, John
Oct. 10. At Sunbury, aged four years, Whiting, esq.
Theresa Caroline, dau. of C. Bishop, esq. At Ensham, Oxon, aged 68, Mr. John

At her daughter's in Kentish Town, Druce. aged 92, Mrs. Mary Hough.

At Witney, Oxon, aged 15, Henry, At Gainsborough, aged 25, of a rapid youngest son of Mr. Turner, bookseller. fever, Miss Heywood, daughter of J. H. Aged 73, Mr. William Smalley, of esq. lately an eminent and respectable so Wisbech. licitor at Nottingham.

Very suddenly, owing to the rupture of
Oct. 11. At Kilburn, aged 69, the wife a blood-vessel, aged 57, Mr.James Wright,
of Mr. Thomas Calladine, of Catharine- ship-broker and ship-owner, of Hull.
street, Strand.

At Plymouth, Mr. George Sinclair, for-
At Sutton-place, Hackney, aged 64, merly an ironmonger at Hull.
Mrs. Sarah Chambers, relict of the late Mary-Ann, aged 6, and, on the 24th,
Mr. Jarvis C. of Gutier-lane, Cheapside. Jane, aged 9, of the scarlet fever, daugh-

At Wincanton, in Somersetshire, Miss ters of Samuel Deverell, esq. of Win-
Catharine Messiter, daughter of the late chester.
Moulton M. esq.

Oct. 15. In George-street, Hanover-
At Grove Cottage, Fulham, aged 70, square, the wife of Nicholas Hall, esq. of
Mrs. Frederica Louisa Parr, relict of Brighton.
Thomas P. esq. late of Portland-place. Mr. John Page, auctioneer, of High

Aged 79, Mrs. Bands, of St. Peter le Holborn.
Bailey, Oxford.

At North Kilworth, co. Leic. after
At Haverfordwest, the wife of John going to bed in good health, Mr. J. Kil.
Colthurst, esq. and widow of the late bourn, mill-wright.
"Thomas Jones, esq. of Carmarthen.

Oct. 16. At Ashburton, Devon, Mrs.,
At Brighton, John James, the eldest Soper Dempster, of Skillo, Sutherlandshire.
son of Sir David Wedderburn, bart. of Aged 64, the wife of Mr. Francis Wal-

ton, of Horseley-down.
Oct. 12. At Islington, aged 26, Mr. J. At Cottingham, near Hall, after being
Gibson, formerly of Middleton Teasdale, confined to her bed 12 weeks, the latter

three of which she lived nearly without
Very suddenly, at Buxton, co. Derby, aný sustenzuce, aged 75, Mrs. Anne Ring.
at wbich place she had arrived only the rose, widow of the late Mr. Martin R.
day before, the wife of Joseph Meilor, Oct. 17. Mr. J. P. Du Roveray, a respect-
esq. an eminent solicitor, of Ashton-un- able merchant. He seated himself at a
der-Line, near Manchester. It is sup. table in Tom's coffee-house, complaining to
posed that she broke a blood-vessel in the waiter of a violent pain in his stomach;
plunging too precipitately into one of the and had scarcely finished the sentence,

when, reclining against the back of the
At his brother's house, near Whetstone, seat, he expired.
Co. Leie. aged 29, Mr. John Simkin, At Thame, Oxon, aged 86, Mr. C.
draper, of Manchester.

Very suddenly, aged 49, Mr. William Aged 30, Mr. Ne Rippe, lately a grocer
Barton Robinson, of New Malton, attor at Stamford. Being on a journey to

London, he had proceeded on the coachOct. 13. At the Dockyard, Portsmouth, box but a few hundred yards from Stamon his way to Madeira, for the recovery ford, when he complained of sudden and of his bealth, Capt. Thomas Smyth, R. N. violent illness. He alighted immediately, son of the Hon. John S. of Heath, near and, being conveyed back to the town, Wakefield, and grandson of the Duke of died a few hours afterwards, at the George Grafton.

and Angel inn. He was of a respectable Aged 42, Mr. Thomas Leigh, drawing family at Wakerley, co. Northampton. master.

Oct. 18. At Ripley, Surrey, the wife of
At Mr. Barkley's, Highbury - grove, the late Capt. Middleton, R, N.
Miss S. A. Urqunart.

Aged 63, Mr. Richard Wilson, of
Aged 19, of a decline, James Pul. George-street, Minories.
brook, printer, son of Mr. P, of Holy At Glasgow, John M'Taggart, esq. of
Mincing-lane and Knoits Green, Essex.




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After a short indisposition, Mr. Samuel Thomas, youngest son of Wm. Wills,
Weston, many years clerk to the Corentry esq. of Streatham.
Canal company.

Oct. 24. In Lamb's Conduit-street, after
At Abergavenny, in his 20th year, Mr. four days illness, aged 69, Wm. Wilkin-
W. Watkins, only son of Mr. W. mercer ; sou, esq.
a youth of promising talents, and upon

At Clifton, in bis 15th year, W. Bligh, the eve of entering into a public seminary, son of Thos. B. esq. and nephew to the to be educated for the Christian ministry.

Earl of Daruley. Oct. 19. Of a rapid consumption, sup In her 20th year, Miss Gween Pearce, ported with exemplary patience and forti- dau. of Mr. Samuel P. of Walthamstow. tude, aged 28, Frances Elizabeth, the Oct. 25. Of a lingering decay, aged 78, wife of Mr. Frederick Turner, of Blooms Mr. Loder, senior inember of the corporabury-square, solicitor. The eminent vir tion of Oxford, who served the office of tues displayed in her character, ber ami. chamberlain in 1761. able manners, and benevolent disposition, At the Post-office, Woodstock, Mrs. caused her to be highly esteemed while Lewington. living, and her death to be deeply lament 'At Teviot-row, Edinburgh, Mrs. Brown, ed by her relatives and friends.

widow of G. B. esq. and daughter of the At Exeter, of a decline, aged 30, the late James Dundas, esq. of Dundas castle, wife of Henry Christopher, esq. com

West Lothian. Mrs. Brown has left one mander of the Sir William Pulteney East sun, Robert Brown, esq. now in India, Indiaman.

and three daughters, Viscountess Hamp-
At Pentonville, in her 74th year, Mrs. den, Lady Wedderburn, and the Hon.
Holman, mother of Mr. H. late of Covent Mrs. Alexander Hope.
garden Theatre.

Edw. Grace, esq. formerly of Win-
At Esher, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. chester.
Wadham Diggle, vicar of Esher, and Oct. 26. At Kentish-Town, in the house
rector of Fyfield, Wilts.

belonging to his vicarage of St. Pancras, Oct. 20. At Addington-place,

in his 75th year, the Rev. Weldon ChampMaidstone, aged 82, Leonard Bartholo. neys, D. D. He was born April 24, 1736, mew, esq.

0.5. was entered of Trinity college, CamAt Walthamstow, the eldest daughter bridge ; B. A. there 1760, M. A. 1767. He of the late Mi. Deputy Long.

was elected a minor-canon of St. Paul's in Aged 13, Penelope, eldest daughter of 1760; and, after filling several offices John Cave, esq. of Brentry-house.

in that cathedral, eventually became Oct. 20. At Gibraltar, Major Grant, of sub-dean thereof. For nearly 50 years he the 89th reg. He was mortaily wounded in was minor-canon of Westminster-abbey; the late unfortunate expedition against a and for almost as long a period minorfort in the vicinity of Malaga.

canon of Windsor. He was successively Oct. 21. Mr. G. Hancock, one of the possessed of the benefices of Kensworth partners in the firm of Ward and Co. and Caddington, Hertfordshire; Langdor coal-ınerchants, of Oxford.

Hills, Essex; and St. Pancras, MiddleAt Lincoln, aged 71, Mrs. Wriggles sex; all in the gift of the Dean and Chapworth, widow of the late Mr. John W. ter of St. Paul's. Dr. C. at one period,

Mc. S. Hali, of Castle-court, Budge. also enjoyed a living from the Dean and row, solicitor.

Chapter of Windsor, who perinitted him In George-street, Edinburgh, in his to resign it in favour of his eldest son, the 86th year, Sir Jaines Hay, bart. of Smith Rev. Weldon C. In the early part of his field and Haystown.

life he was for a short time minister of Oct. 22. Aged 47, Mr. John Hall, ha the chapel at Market-street, Herts, whicha berdasher, of Cheapside.

he resigned S9 years ago. He also held, for Aged 73, Margaret, relict of the late many years, under the patronage of Sir John Hawes, of Stratford-green, esq. Christopher Whichcot, bart., the vicarage

At Guildford, Mr. Charles Booker, sen, of Deeping James, Lincolnshire. He was one of the aldermen of that place.

the oldest Lecturer in London, having At Euw. Ommaney Wrench's, esq.Ches been chosen to the lectureship of St. ter, in his 791h year, Lieut.-col. Wm. Bride's in 1767; and was for many years Hanfield, formerly of the 38th regt. chaplain to the worshipful companies of and several years a resident at Knutsford Goldsmiths, Cutlers, &c. In all his various in Chesbire.

preferments, Dr. Champneys was very inAt Tiverton, Devon, Charlotte, young. defatigable in his attention to the duties of est daughter of the late Rev. Hugh North his profession; and, from his pleasant and cote, of Upton Pyne, near Exeter.

convivial habits, and lively turn of conOct. 23. At Aveley, Essex, of a typhus versation, was much esteemed by the fever, Mr. Thomas Woodthorp, jun,

members of the respectable Corporate


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