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College Department. Dr. G. Thibaut,

Principal. Mr. J. Kibble, M.A.

Profr. of English Literature. Babu Lakshmisankar Misra, M.A. Ditto Physical Science.

Umesáchandra Sanyal, M.A. Ditto Mathematics. Maulavi Muhammed Musa,

Ditto Arabic. Pandit Vindhyaprasád Sukla,

Ditto Sanskrit.


Jabalpnr High School.

(FOUNDED, 1836.)

AFFILIATED, 1860. This institution, originally located in Sagar, but transferred to Ja. balpur in May, 1837, is supported by Government, and is under the control of the Inspector-General of Education, Central Provinces. The School teaches up to the First Examination in Arts from a Standard two years below Entrance. All students who pass the High School Scholarship Examination, a local standard, are admitted on payment of an entrance and monthly tuition fee. In the College classes the fee is two rupees; in the School, one rupee. The en. trance fee is one rupee.

Connected with the School is a boarding-house, in which the majority of the students are provided with free quarters.



W. Young
J. H. Firth.
K. C. Datta.
Dwarkanath Sarkar.
Lala Kunjbihari Lal.
B. Ghantaya.

Ist Assistant
2nd ditto
3rd ditto
4th ditto
5th ditto



Sanskrit College, Calcutta.

AFFILIATED, 1860. This is a Government Institution.

It was founded in 1824 for the encouragement of the study of the Sanskrit language and literature, and at first Sanskrit was studied exclusively. At present English is taught here up to the F. A. Stan. dard and Sanskrit to the standard prescribed for the Honor Exami. nation in Sanskrit as also for the Sanskrit Title Examination in several branches.

The College is open to Hindus, occupying a respectable position in Hindu society, irrespective of caste. The schooling fee is Rs. 5 per month in the College Department, and Rs. 3 and Re. 1 in the School Department. The privilege of the lower fee of Rs. 2 is conceded to 20 students of the College Department and Re. 1 to 100 students of the School Department who are descendants of bona fide pandits. There are three Graduate Scholarships of Rs. 50, 35, and 25, respectively, and there are fourteen senior Scholarships, varying from Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 per month. There are also eight junior Scholarships of Rs. 8 each.

valuable Sanskrit library of manuscripts and printed works is attached to the College, and a Government grant of Rs 600 per annum is applied to the purchase of standard English and Sanskrit works.


.. Pandit Mahesachandra Nyayaratna.

English. Lecturer

... Babu Sibchandra Gui, M A., B.L. Ditto

Bireswar Chatterjee, M.A., B.L. Head Master

Jadunath Mukerjee. Seeond ditto

Ramnath Chatterjee, M.A.
Third ditto

Siddheswar Banerjee, B.A.
And three other English Masters.

Professor of Philosophy and

Pandit Mahesachandra Nyayaratna. Professor of Literature and Grammar

Girischandra Vidyaratna.
Professor of Law

Madusudan Smritiratna,
Asst. Professor of Rhetoric and

Ramnarayan Tarkaratna.
And seven other Pandits.


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Bishop's College.

(FOUNDED, 1820.

AFFILIATED, 1860. This College, founded by Dr. Middleton, the first Bishop of Calcutta, is under the management of the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. It was designed by its founder to be a Missionary Institution, promoting in various ways the spread of the Christian religion among the native population of India, especially by instructing native and other Christian youths in the doctrines and discipline of the Church, in order to their becoming preachers, catechists, and schoolmasters. In accordance with this, its primary object, only those are admitted students who are candidates for the Christian ministry or for other missionary offices.


One Fellowship,-founded by the late Rev. John Natt.
Twenty-one Scholarships,-founded by various societies and indi-



List of Principals. 1821. W. Hodge Mill, D.D. 1867. Thomas Skelton, M.A. 1841. G Undy Withers, D.D. 1873. Robert M. Stewart, M A. 1819. William Kay, D.D. 1875. Rev. John W. Cve, D.D.

Ajmere College.

AFFILIATED, 1862. This Institution was opened originally as a School, which, after having been closed for several years, was re-established on a wider basis in the year 1851. On April 1st, 1868, it was raised to the status of a College, the instructive staff being at the same time augmented and improved to meet its wants.

The endowment is the “ Thomason Scholarship" of Rs. 8 per month for the most proficient scholar in mathematics. An annual donation of Rs. 500 from His Highness the Maharajah of Jeypore is distributed into Junior Scholarships. Connected with the College are a well-supported library, and commodious boarding houses for the reception of pupils from the District Schools.


F. L. Reid. Head Master

T. Harris, B.A. Teacher of Mathematics

Shyamsundar Lal, B.A. Asst. ditto ditto

Pandit Amoluck Chand.

And ten Junior Masters.
Head Sanskrit and Hindi Teacher Misra Salug Ram Shastri.
Head Arabic and Persian Teacher Maulvi Muhammad Hussen.

And six Junior Oriental Teachers.
Connected with the College is a Branch School in the City of
Ajmere, opened on 1st May, 1876.


M. Hazari Mull. And two English Teachers, seven Oriental Teachers, and two Monitors.


Bareilly Collegiate School.

AFFILIATED, 1862. This College is supported by Government, and is under the control of the Director of Public Instruction, North-Western Provinces and Oudh. It was opened as a School in 1836, and constituted a College in 1852. In 1876 it was reduced to the status of a High School.

The College is open to all classes on payment of an entrance and monthly tuition fee, which varies accordingly to the class.


E. A. Phillips. Offg. Ditto

P. Kennedy, M.A. The Head Master is assisted by a large staff of English and Oriental teachers.

Patna College.

AFFILIATED, 1862 This College is supported by Government, and is under the control of the Director of Public Instruction, Bengal.

It was opened as a Collegiate School in 1862, and raised to a Col. lege in 1864. All students are admissible who have passed the University Entrance Examination, and instruction is given up to the standard of the B. A. Examination of the University of Calcutta.

A Law Department was added in May, 1864, and a Lecturer was appointed.

There is an admission fee of Rs. 6; and a monthly tuition fee of Rs. 6 in the General Department; and of Rs. 7 in the Law Department. Two Junior Scholarships, each of the value of Rs. 10 per month, and tenable for two years, were founded by Harbullub Narayan of Soneborsa. They can be held only by those students from the Bhagalpore High School or Monghyr Zillah School who fail to gain Government Scholarships.

There is also a Pearson Scholarship of Rs. 8, tepable for two years which is available only for students from Mozufferpore Zillah School.


General Department. Principal

A. Ewbank, MA,

M. Mowat, M.A.

S. Robson, M A.
Asst. Professor

J. Behrendt.
Asst. Lecturer on Science N. N. Basu, M.A.
Asst. Professor of Sanskrit Chhoto Ram Tiwari.
Head Maulvie

Syud Imdad Imam.

Law Department. Law Lecturer

Nabinchandra De, B.A., B.L.

St. Xavier's College.

AFFILIATED, 1862. This Institution was established under the direction of the Society, of Jesus, in January 1860, in the large building, No. 10, Park Street formerly appropriated by the late Dr. Carew for St. John's College. Since 1868, the adjoining house enlarged and improved, forms part of the College.

Its object is to give to Catholic youths a full course of liberal education, and to train up their hearts to virtue. Pupils of other religious persuasions are also admitted on the same principle of non-interference as the old St. Xavier's College which broke up in 1846.

The College has an Infant class, a Lower and an Upper School Departments, averaging over 400 pupils, and a College Department of about 90 to 100 students. The course of studies embraces all subjects up to the M. A. Standard.

Competitions are held during the year, and medals and prizes in books are awarded to the best scholars at the Christmas Examination.

A solar spectroscopic observatory, a meteorological observatory, and a splendid museum of Physical Science Instruments are attached to the College.

INSTRUCTIVE STAFF. Rector and Profr. of Philosophy. The Very Rev. D. Van Impe, S.J.

Rev. J. Henry, SJ., Prefect of Professors of English Literature Studies.

Rev. R. Deefholts, S.J. Professor of Physical Science Rev. E. Lafont, s.J.

| Rev. E. Younan, S.J. Professors of Mathematics

Rev. P. Hipp, S.J. Professor of Chemistry History Rev. V. Campignealles, S.J. and Physical Geography

Rev. A. De Bie, S.J. Professors of Latin ...

Rev. R. Deefholts, S.J. Professor of Sanskrit

Pandit 0. C. Tarkalankara. Professor of Persian

Maulvi Mearajuddin Ahmed.

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List of Rectors.
Very Rev. J. De Vos, S.J., 1860.
Very Rev. H. Depelchin, S.J., 1864.
Very Rev. E. Lafont, S.J., 1871.
Very Rev. D. Van Impe, S.J., 1879.

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