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Dacca College.

AFFILIATED, 1857. The College is supported by Government, and is under the control of the Director of Public Instruction, Lower Bengal.

It was originally opened as a school, by the General Committee of Public Instruction, in the year 1835. In 1841 it was converted into a College, when a Principal was appointed, and an increase made to the staff of teachers. The College building was erected partly by public subscription, in 1841.

Any undergraduate of the University may be admitted, and instruction is given up to the standard of the M. A. Examination in Honors of the University of Calcutta. Lectures in Law also are delivered, and students are prepared for the B. L. Examination.

Students in the General Department pay a monthly fee of Rs. 6, and in the Law Department, of Rs. 7.

A silver medal, called the Donnelly Prize, the value of the interest on Rs 1,000 subscribed by the native assistants of the late Abkaree Commissioner's office, in memory of the late A. F. Donnelly, Esq., and a prize called the Lewis Prize, the value of the interest of Rs. 500, subscribed by students of the college, in memory of G. Lewis, Esq., one of the former Principals of the college, are awarded annually, the former for proficience in History and the latter for proficience in English.

Two Scholarships, called the Nawab Ahsanullah Scholarships, are held in the 3rd and 4th years respectively.

Attached to the College and under the control of the Principal is the Raj Chandra Hindu Hostel, founded in momory of the late Bábu Raj Chandra Dás, Zemindar and Banker of Dacca. It is supported by an annual contribution from his son, Bábu Protáp Chandra Dás, Zemindar and Banker, and a monthly capitation grant from the Government of Bengal.

Under the control of the Principal are the Collegiate School and the Survey School. The staff of the former consists of a Head Master, eleven Anglo-Vernacular Masters, three Pandits, and one Maulvi; the latter, of a Head Master and two Assistant Masters.


General Department. Principal

(Vacant.) Offg. ditto and Professor of} Mr. John van Someren Pope, M.A. Professor of Logic, Mental and Moral Philosophy,

} Mr. P. K. Ray, D. Sc.
Professor of English Literature, Mr. G. A. Stack, (on deputation).
Professor of Natural Science... Mr. A. Macdonell, M.A.
Lecturer on English

Mr. W. B. Livingstone, (on depu-

tation. Lecturer on English, (tem- } Bábu Nilkantha Majumdar, M.A. porary)

Mathuranath Lecturer on Mathematics

| Bába

Chattopá. dhyaya, M.A.


Medical Officer and Lecturer on

Bábu Priyanáth Basu, L.M.S.
Asst. Professor of Sanskrit Bábu Ramanath Ghosh, M.A.
Lecturer on Arabic and Persian Maulvi Shaik Golam Sobhan.

Law Lecturer

Rajanikantha Chaudhuri, B. A.,



Bábu Kailaschandra Ghosh.


Bábu Haricharn Nág. DONNELLY MEDALISTS. LEWIS PRIZEMEN. 1878. Bipinbihari Sen.

1878. (None awarded).

Hridaynath Majumdar. 1879. Mahendrakumar Ghosh. 1879. Saradaprasad Sen.

Basantakumar Ghosh.

Kalachand Mitra. 1880. Kunjabihari De.


Anantakumár Basu. 1881. Umacharan Banerjee.

Girischandra Sen.

1881. Girischandra Datta.

Chandrakumar Chat.


J, Ireland, M.A.

T. Wise, M.D. 1846

G. Lewis. 1856

W. Brennand (offg.) 1856

L. Clint, B.A. 1857

W. Brennand (ofg.) 1857

W. Brennand. 1873

A. W. Croft, M.A. (offg.) 1874

A. W. Garrett, B.A. (offg.) 1875

A. W. Garrett, B.A. 1875

A. Ewbank, M.A. 1878

J. v. S. Pope, M.A. (offg.)

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Krishnaghar College.

AFFILIATED, 1857. This College was founded by Government in 1845, and is under the control of the Director of Public Instruction, Lower Bengal.

Any person who has passed the University Entrance Examination may be admitted. Students pay a monthly fee of Rs. 5.

The College is a handsome building, standing upon 3 bighas of land, and surrounded by an enclosed compound of upwards of 100 more. It was erected in 1856 at a cost of Rs. 66,876; Rs. 17,000 of which was collected by private subscription. In consideration of the liberality thus manifested in the district, a donor of Rs 1,000 is allowed to place a boy, free of expense, at the College in perpetuity, and another, for every Rs. 500 additional he may

have subscribed. Part of the ground occupied was purchased by Government; for the remainder, the College is indebted to the munificence of the Maharaja of Nuddea and the Maharani Sarnamayi, of Cossimbazar.

In 1871, the B.A. classes (the third and fourth year classes) were abolished by Sir George Campbell, then Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal; and for some years the College only afforded instruction up to the First Examination in Arts. In 1875, however, Sir Richard Temple, on the petition of the chief inhabitants of the district, consented to restore the College to its former status, provided that a considerable share of the increased cost was subscribed for by the community. A sum, amounting to more than Rs. 40,000, was subscribed during the year, and with this endowment the College was re-established on its original footing.


General Department.

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F. J. Rowe, M.A.
English Literature
Offg. ditto

W. H. Paulson, B.A.

J. A. Martin, B.A.

Umeschandra Datta.
Professor of Sanskrit Babu Nakuleswar Bandyopadhyay.
Lectr. in Physical Science Babu Baradaprasad Ghosh, M.A.

Ditto Mathematics ... Babu Nilkanta Sarkar, M.A.
Ditto Chemistry Babu Ambikacharan Sen, M.A.

(on leave for 3 years).

Law Department. Law Lecturer

Babu Baranasi Ray, B.L.

Succession List of Principals. 1845. Capt. D. L. Richardson. 1858. A. Smith, M.A. 1846. M. G. Rochfort.

1870. S. Lobb, M.A. 1855. E. Lodge, B.A.

1874. E. Lethbridge, M.A. 1857. J. Graves, M.A. (offg.) 1877. F. J. Rowe, M.A. 1857. L. Clint, B.A.

1879. W. H. Paulson, B.A.


Berhampore College.

AFFILIATED, 1857. It was opened as a College in 1853.

It was raised to the status of a College, giving instruction up to the standard of the B.A. Examination of the University of Calcutta in 1865.

A Law Department was added in 1864. The status was, however, reduced in 1872, and instruction is now given up to the First Arts Examination of the University of Calcutta. The Law Department was abolished in 1875. It is open to all classes of the community, and any University undergraduate is admissible,

The foundation stone of the building, one moiety of the cost of which was paid by the community, was laid in 1863, and it was occupied in 1869.

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There is attached to the College a Hindoo Hostel, the boarder's fee being Rs. 4 for students, and Rs. 6 for teachers, per mensem. Efforts are being made to build a new Hostel in connection with the College. In aid of this a public meeting was convened in December 1880, at which a public subscription was commenced by the wealthy gentlemen of the district. The plans of the building have been already prepared.


W. B. Livingstone.

Haridas Ghosh.
Asst. Professor of Sanskrit Madhabchandra Tarkasiddhanta,
Lecturer on Chemistry and

Benimadhab Basu.
Head Master

Nilmani Ganguli.
Ten teachers in the Collegiate School.

1853. A. S. Harrison, B.A.
1856. A. Smith, M.A.
1858. R. L. Martin, M.A., Head Master in charge.
1858. S. W. Bradbury, ditto.
1859, R. L. Martin, M.A., ditto.
1861. R. Hand.
1875. G. Bellett, M.A.
1877. Prasannakumar Sarbadhikari (offg.)
1880. W. B. Livingstone.

Doveton College.

AFFILIATED 1857. This College is attached to the Parental Academic Institution, a day and boarding school which was established on the 1st March, 1823, by a body of Christian parents who were anxious to secure for their children the benefits of liberal education, its affairs being con. ducted by a Committee of Management elected chiefly from among the parents.

In 1855 a legacy of rupees Two Lakhs and Thirty Thousand was bequeathed to the Institution by the late Captain John Doveton, which enabled the Committee of Management to extend its sphere of usefulness by the addition, in 1856, of an Infant School or Initiatory Department, and the establishment of a College Department, named in honor of the donor. A few years later a Girls' Department was added.

In 1871 other bequests were made to the Institution by the late Mr. Lawrence Augustus de Souza, of the Firm of Messrs. Thomas de Souza, and Sons of Calcutta. These consist, first, of the interest on a sum of rupees Three Lakhs, made permanently applicable to the maintenance and education of a certain number of boys and girls of East Indian parents of a certain class, who are admitted as boarders, on the “ Lawrence de Souza Foundation," at the age of 10, and kept at school till the age of 18; and second, of the interest on a sum of Rs. 15,000 for the establishment of a Scholarship in English litera.

ture, styled the “ Lawrence de Souza Scholarship.” It is of the value of Rs. 50 per mensem, and is tenable for one year at the Doveton College ; but it is open to any East Indian boy from any School or College, the successful candidate of one year being at liberty to compete for and hold the Scholarship from year to year until he graduates.

In addition to the above, Mr. L. A. de Souza bequeathed a further sum of Rs. 30,000, the interest of which is to be applied towards the education in England of an East Indian youth of ability, with the view of enabling him to compete for the Covenanted Civil Service of India. This is open to any East Indian candidate, whether educated at the Doveton College or elsewhere. Chairman of Committee of Management.-J. H. Belchambers.

Secretary.-H. A. Twidale.

INSTRUCTIVE STAFF. Prip. and Profr. of Classics and Phil. Rev. J. J. B. Coles, M.A.

(Oxford). Profr. of English and History

Mr. C. A. Andrews, B.A.

(Cantab). Profr. of Mathematics and Chemistry, Mr. J. Hardie, M.A., (St.

Andrews University). List of Principals : 1850. Rev. A. Morgan.

1869. R. Dick, M.A. 1855. George Smith, LL. D. 1869. Rev. R. Robinson. 1859. J. W. McCrindle, M.A. 1870. H. Roberts, 1866. J. Sime, B.A.

1877. Rev. J. Robertson, M.A. 1881. Rev. J. J. B. Coles, M.A.

St. Paul's School, Darjeeling.

AFFILIATED, 1857. This School was founded in 1845, and was formerly located in Chowringhee, Calcutta. In 1863, the want of a good school in the hills was much felt, and Calcutta being well supplied with schools, the old premises were sold, and with the proceeds an estate was purchased in Darjeeling, and a new school bearing the same as the school in Calcutta was built.

In 1858, two scholarships, worth 20 rupees a month, were founded as a memorial of Bishop Wilson, who had been from the beginning a warm friend to the school. One is given every year, and held for

two years.

In 1863, Mr. Patrick Arson of Calcutta bequeathed to the school Rs. 3,500-Government securities 5 per cent.-to establish an “Arson scholarship."

The school is managed by a Committee meeting in Calcutta, of which the Bishop of Calcutta is President and the Archdeacon Vice-president. The present Secretary is the Rev Welbore MacCarthy, senior Chaplain of the Cathedral. There is also a Referee in Darjeeling, who inspects the accounts and consults with the Rector in emergencies.

The course of study is that prescribed by the University for its examinations for degrees in Arts, with the addition of religious training upon the principles of the Church of England.

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