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Life, 220; To Death, 221;-No. IV.-
The Wife's Last Vigil, 394; Lan
guage, 397; To Ellen (living), 398;
To Ellen (dead), 398; The Sleeping
Babe, 399; Evening Thoughts, 400;
The Garden, a Thought, 400; The
Gipsy Mother, 401; To a Canary
Bird, 402; The Scent of Flowers,
403; The Summer's Flight, 403;
Shadows of Death, 404;-No. V.-
Icilia, 684; The Gifted, 688; A Song,
688; The Spirit-tryst, 689; The Mo-
ther's Faith, 689; The Eclipsed
Moon, 690; The Remembrance of a
Dream, 690; The Bracelet, 691;
Alethe's Doom, 692; The Rainbow
seen in Town, 692; Lines addressed
to a Child, 693; The Absent Ones,

Hall, Mrs. S. C., The Whiteboy; a
Story of Ireland in 1822, reviewed,

Hallam, Henry, Esq., Letter from, on
the claims of Archbishop De Londres,
Heine, H., to George Herwegh, 284;
Lament of a Young Old-Germanist,
284; My Tour through the Father-
land, Chapter III., 286.
Highlands, à Month in the, 463.
Hill, Lord, Life of, by the Rev. Edwin
Sidney, reviewed, 46.

India, Travelling in, 563.

Ireland and her Church, 346, 379, 713.
Ireland, her Evils and Remedies, 61.
Ireland, the Quarterly Review, Letter
of Ofellus, 243.

Irish Dress and Customs--Irish Sta-
tutes, 537.

Irish Protestants, How should they
Meet their present Dangers? 114;
their Duties-Peel and "The Stan-
dard," 601.

Irish Rivers, No. I.-The Blackwater
in Munster, 315, 431.

Italian Poets, No. III.-Tasso, Part
II., 80; No. IV.-Ariosto, 186; No.
V.-Ariosto, Part II., 581.

Jerusalem, 266.

Khidder, 236.

King's Title, the-Irish Statutes, 543.

Lament, the, by Florence, 111.
Last Lay, the, of the Minstrel, 448.
Lisbon, Narrative of a pedestrian jour-

ney from, to Oporto and Braga, 635.
Luck, the, of Lynhurst, 362.

M'Culloch's Treatise on the Principles

and Practical Influence of Taxation
and the Funding System, reviewed, 1.
Magee, William, Archbishop of Dublin
-Gallery of Illustrious Irishmen,
No. XV. 480.

Marriage and Fostering-Irish Sta-
tutes, 542.

Mephistopheles, a night with, 570.
Minstrel, Last Lay of the, 448.
Miscellanea Mystica-Brother Klaus,
175; Ecstasy, 181; How the Devil
spoke truth and shamed a Priest,

Money Matters, or Stories of Gold,
No. I. The Treasure-Box, 223.

Napier, Major-General W. F. P.-The
Conquest of Scinde, with some Intro-
ductory Passages in the Life of Ma-
jor-General Sir C. J. Napier, re-
viewed, 100.

Narrative of a Trial for Witchcraft,

Nevay, I., The Cotter's Birthday, 368.
New Zealand, 405.

Night, a,with Mephistopheles, 570.

Ofellus, Letter of, to the Editor of the
Quarterly Review, 243; to the Editor
of the Dublin University Magazine,

O'Gorman's Practice of Angling, parti-
cularly as regards Ireland, reviewed,


Our Portrait Gallery, No. XXXVII-
Dr. Whitley Stokes, 202.
Outpost Bugle, the, 494.

Palmer, F. P., Song of a pleasant old
Woodman and his wife Joan, at a
Christmas Fire, 729.

Parting, the, by Florence, 110.
Peel and the Standard, 601.
Peel, Sir Robert, his Policy towards
Ireland, 243, 253, 601.

Peel, Sir Robert, and the Protestants of
Ireland, 496.

Platen-Hallermund, the Conqueror and
the Captive, 148.

Poetry The Knight of the Swan, from
the German of Simrock, 30; The
Fisherman, from the same, 37; Love
and Blindness, from the same, 38;
The Death of Poesy, from the same,
39; The Queen of the Nixies, a Bal-
lad, from the same, 40: The Sunken
Treasure, from the same, 42; The
Mysterious Mask, from the same, 43;
The Modern Ulysses, from the same,
45: The Parting, 110; The Lament,
111; A Stranger-minstrel, a Poem,
by S. T. Coleridge, 112; Birthday
Recollections, by Robert Gilfillan,
113; The Last Words of the Pastor
of Drottning, from the German of
Stoeber, 145; The Conqueror and
the Captive, from the German of
Count v. Platen-Hallermund, 148;
The Treasure of Treasures, from the
German of Stoeber, 149; Schill, from
the German of Arndt, 150; The Way-
faring Tree, from the German of Sel-

ber, 151; The two Maidens, 201;
Progress of a Soul, by the late Mrs.
James Gray, 212; A Tale of True
Love, by the same, 214; To a Young
Friend, by the same, 215; The White
Rose, by the same, 216; A Song, by
the same, 216; Sonnet-to Isabel, by
the same, 217; Fragment, by the
same, 217; Withered Trees, by the
same, 218; To the Green Isle fare-
well, by the same, 219; The Bride-
groom to his Bride, 219; A Scene
from Real Life, by the same, 220;
To Death, by the same, 221; Khid-
der, 236; Songs from Beranger, “Le
Tailleur et la Fée," "Adieu Chan-
sons," 240; Sonnet, 242; To George
Herwegh, from the German of Heine,
284; Lament of a young Old Ger-
manist, from the same, 284; My Tour
through the Fatherland, chapter III.,
from the same, 286; The Execution
of Diego Leon, from the German of
Freiligrath, 288; The Cathedral of
Cologne, from the German of Rückert,
290; A Scene off the Coast of Bre-
tagne, from the German of Prutz,
291; The Coming Time, from the
German of Werner, 294; A Melan-
choly History, from the German of
Chamisso, 295; The Midnight Re-
view, from the German of Zedlitz,
296; The Welshmen of Tirawley,
308; The Cotter's Birthday, by I.
Nevay, 368; The Last Lay of the
Minstrel, 448; The Outpost Bugle,
494; A Plea for Illusion, by Calder
Campbell, 495; An Apple and a Spin-
ning-wheel, a Ballad in a Dream, 625;
Icilia, by Mrs. James Gray, 684:
The Gifted, by the same, 688; A
Song, by the same, 688; The Spirit
Tryst, by the same, 689; The Mo-
ther's Faith, by the same, 689; The
Eclipsed Moon, by the same, 690;
The Remembrance of a Dream, by
the same, 690; The Bracelet, by the
same, 691: Alethe's Doom, by the
same, 692; The Rainbow seen in
Town, by the same, 692; Lines ad-
dressed to a Child, by the same, 693;
The Absent Ones, by the same, 694;
Song of a pleasant old Woodman and
his wife Joan, at a Christmas Fire, by
F.P. Palmer, 729.

Portugal as it is-Narrative of a Pedes-
trian Journey from Lisbon to Oporto
and Braga in the spring of 1845, 635.
Protestant Union, 731.

Prutz, R. E., A Scene off the Coast of
Bretagne, 291.

Raphael's Tapestries, by Carl Ludwig
Fernow, 668.

Recollections of the Gifted, 160.
Reviews A Treatise on the Principles

and Practical Influence of Taxation
and the Funding System, by J. R.

M'Culloch, Esq., 1; Lethe, and other
Poems, by Sophia Woodrooffe, 20;
The Life of Lord Hill, late Com-
mander of the Forces, by the Rev.
Edwin Sidney, 46; Ireland and her
Agitators, by Wm. J. O'Neill Daunt,
61; First Repeal Prize Essay-Ire-
land as she was, as she is, and as she
shall be, by Michael Joseph Barry,
Esq., 61; Second Repeal Prize Essay
-Reasons for a Repeal of the Legis-
lative Union between Great Britain
and Ireland, by Alderman Staunton,
61; Third Repeal Prize Essay-the
Rights of Ireland, by the Rev. J.
Godkin, 61; Letter on the Payment
of the Roman Catholic Clergy, by
Henry Drummond, Esq., 61; The
Crisis of 1845-a Letter to Sir Ro-
bert Peel, Bart., by the Editor of the
Northern Herald, 61; The Conquest
of Scinde, with some introductory
passages in the life of Major-General
Sir Charles James Napier, by Major-
General W. F. P. Napier, 100; Nun-
ziatura in Irlanda di Monsignor Gio.
Battista Rinuccini, Arcivescovo di
Fermo, 127; The Practice of Ang-
ling, particularly as regards Ireland,
by O'Gorman, 153; Dramatic Sketches
and other Poems, by the Rev. James
Wills, A.M., 168; The Holy City,
or Historical and Topographical
Notices of Jerusalem, by the Rev.
George Williams, A.M., 266; A
Tour through the Valley of the
Meuse, with the legends of the Wal-
loon country and the Ardennes, by
Dudley Costello, 298; Memoirs of
the Reign of King George III., by
Horace Walpole, now first published
from the original MSS., edited, with
Notes, by Sir D. Le Marchant, Bart.,
vols. III. and IV., 327; Ireland and
her Church, by the Dean of Ardagh,
346, 379; Narrative of Nine Months'
Residence in New Zealand, by Au-
gustus Earle, Esq., 405; New Zea-
land and its Aborigines, by William
Brown, 405; Adventures in New
Zealand, by Edward Jerningham
Wakefield, Esq., 405; Travels in
New Zealand, by Ernest Dieffenbach,
M.D., 405; Narrative of the United
States' Exploring Expedition, by
Charles Wilkes, U.S.N., Commander
of the Expedition, 405; The Cock
and Anchor, being a Chronicle of
old Dublin City, 607; The Early Irish
Church; or a Sketch of its History
and Doctrine, by the Rev. M. W.
Foye, 713; Art Maguire, or the
Broken Pledge, by William Carleton,
737; Rody the Rover, or the Rib-
bonman, by William Carleton, 737;
Parra Sastha, or the History of
Paddy Go-Easy, and his wife Nancy,
by William Carleton, 737; The

Whiteboy, a Story of Ireland in
1822, by Mrs. S. C. Hall, 737.
Rinuccini, Nunziatura di Monsignor
Gio. Battista, in Irlanda, reviewed,

Ruckert, the Cathedral of Cologne, 290.

Saverne, Madame de, 656.

Schilling, the Last Words of the Pastor
of Drottning, 145.
Scinde, the Conquest of, 100.
Selber, the Wayfaring Tree, 151.
Sidney, Rev. Edwin, the Life of Lord
Hill, late Commander of the Forces,
reviewed, 46.

Simrock, Karl Joseph, the Knight of
the Swan, 30; The Fisherman, 37;
Love and Blindness, 38; The Death
of Poesy, 39; The Queen of the
Nixies, 40; The Sunken Treasure,
42; The Mysterious Mask, 43; The
Modern Ulysses, 45.

Slavery Irish Statutes, 544.
Sonnet-Ely Cathedral, 242.
Staunton, Alderman, Reasons for a
Repeal of the Legislative Union be-
tween Great Britain and Ireland, Re-
peal Prize Essay, reviewed, 61.
Stoeber, the Treasure of Treasures,

Stokes, Dr. Whitley, Our Portrait Gal-
lery, No. XXXVII., 202.
Stray Leaflets from the German Oak-
Seventh Drift, 145.

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Wakefield, Edward Jermingham, Ad-
ventures in New Zealand, reviewed,

Wall, Rev. Doctor, F.T.C.D., Letter
to the Editor, 110.

Walpole, Horace, Memoirs of the Reign
of George III., edited by Sir Denis
Le Marchant, vols. III. and IV.,
reviewed, 327.

Watson, Mr., the dismissal of, 375.
Welshmen, the, of Tirawley, 308.
Werner, the Coming Time, 294.
Whychcots, the, a Leaf from the Census
of 1841, 451, 550, 696.

Wilkes, Charles, Narrative of the United
States' Exploring Expedition, re-
viewed, 405.

Williams, Rev. George, the Holy City,
or Historical and Topographical No-
tices of Jerusalem, reviewed, 266.
Wills, Rev. James, Dramatic Sketches
and other Poems, reviewed, 168.
Witchcraft, Narrative of a Trial for,

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Woodrooffe, Sophia, Lethe and other
Poems, reviewed, 20.

Zedlitz, Baron, the Midnight Review,



Portrait of Dr. Whitley Stokes to face page 202.

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