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Officer hearing writ to have same power as court of record,

315 Effect of discharge,

315 If proceedings against prisoner defective, but he appear to be guilty of mis

demeanor, judge may admit him to bail or remand for new proceeding, 315 Writ to issue for married woman or infant detained by religious association, 316

316 County attorney to prosecute şuch writ if required, In what cases person committed for criminal offense may be removed,


15 Act to regulate division of into justices' and constables' districts, Act regulating terms of circuit court of,


Act allowing additional justices' and constables' districts in,
Act for running and marking line betweec counties of,

73 HARRISON COUNTY Act to establish certain voting places in,


Act to change place of voting in justices' and constable's district, No. 6, in, 67 HENRY AND LAURELAct in relation to justices' and constables' districts in counties of,


Act to amend the act to run and re-mark part of the line between counties of, 57 HOLLOWAY, JOHN G. Act for benefit of,

60 HOPKINS COUNTYAct to change place of voting in,


212-216 Whom a man may not marry,

212 Whom a woman may not marry,

212 In what cases prohibited and void,

212 Issae of illegal marriage when legitimate,

212 Issue of illegal marriage, contracted with belief that the other party is dead, esteemed legitimate,

212 Marriages obtained by force or fraud, or where parties under certain age, &c., may be declared void,

213 Marriages solemnized in another state to evade provisions of act, treated as if solemnized here,

213 Bona fide marriage not invalidated for want of authority in person before whom solemnized,

213 Who may solemnize marriage,

214 License to be first obtained,

214 By whom and where license shall be issued,

215 License to be returned to clerk,

214 Fine of $60 for failing to return license,

214 Certificate to be filed and register made,

214 Fine not exceeding $1,000, and imprisonment not exceeding one year, for solemnizing marriage without license,

215 Fine $500 to $1,000, and expulsion from office, against clerk for knowingly issuing license for prohibited marriage,

215 Judge of county court may issue license in absence of clerk,


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Disposition of estate of female under sixteen who marries,

215 Marital Rights,

216-217 Restricted interest of husband in real estate, chattels real, and slares of wife, 216 Such estate not liable for husband's debts, but liable for necessaries for wife or family,

216 Husband's interest in such estate of wife, not subject to payment of his separate debts,

216 Husband and wife may sell wife's slave or chattels real, and proceeds his, unless otherwise provided for,

216 Husband not responsible for ante-nuptial debts of wife, except to amount received by her other than real estate, slaves, &c.,

216 Foregoing provisions restricted to marriages subsequent to Febʼy 23, 1846, 216 In certain cases, wife may be empowered by court to act as feme sole,

216 Court may, on petition of husband, in certain cases, reroke such authority, 217 Curtesy and Dower,

220-222 When and in what the husband to have curtesy,

220 Of what the wife shall be endowed,

220 Right of dower forfeited by adultery,

220 Wife to be endowed, although no actual possession by husband,

220 When wife not to be endowed of lands sold by husband,

221 When jointure may bar dower,

221 Wife deprived of jointure to be indemnified,

221 Rights of wife before dower assigned,

221 Dower to be recovered against heir, devisee, and purchaser, according to val. ue of estate when received by such heir, &c.,

221 Claim for rent limited to five years against heir, &c.; to commencement of suit, against purchaser,

221 Widow dying after suit brought, damages may be recovered by her representative,

221 Dower not barred hy judgment or decree rendered against husband by de.

fault or collusion,
Heir not bound by ex parte or collusive assignment of dower,

Where several parcels of land held by different devisees, &c., equitable allot-
ment may be made out of one or more,

222 -Wife not to be endowed of land held by equitable right unless so beld by husband at his death,

222 No right of survivorship, where conveyance to husband and wife, except by express terms,

222 Divorce bars all claim to dower,

222 Wife may hold separately, bank stock, &c.,

222 Wife not to alienate estate conveyed, &c., for her separate use, with or without husband's consent,

222 Such estates, heretofore created, not to be sold or incumbered, except by order of court of equity,

222 Wife of infant may, in certain cases, unite with husband's guardian to release right of dower,

217 When wife's land condemned, &c., compensation to be disposed of by court for her benefit, .

217 Wife coming to state without husband may contract as feme sole,

217 Divorce and Alimony,

217-220 For what causes divorce may be decreed to both parties,

217 For what causes, to the party not in fault,

217 For certain other causes, to the wife, when not in like fault,


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For certain other causes to the husband,
Divorce not to authorize marriage of party in whose favor granted within a

year, nor of party against whom, within five years,
Bill for divorce may be answered without oath, and not to be taken for con-

What evidence necessary to sustain charge of adultery or lewdness,
Suit for divorce--where to be brought,
Decree for divorce may be revoked by joint application of both parties; but

no divorce thereafter to be granted them for like cause,
Divorce from bed and board may be granted,
Pending suit for divorce, the court may make order for care, &c., of minor

Divorce from bed and board, how to operate upon rights of property, de,
When husband about to remove or fraudulently dispose of property, wife

may obtain order for alimony, &c.,
No jury in any case for divorce or alimony,
Sales made to defraud wife, void as to her,

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220 220 220

391 391 391 391 391 391 392 392 392



See "Office and Officer,"

Act to authorize sale of estates of,
When sale may be decreed,
How proceeds to be invested,
Bond required before proceeds paid over,
Who are to be parties to petition,
Vicious and ungovernable slaves may be sold,
Life estates in land or slaves may be sold,
Sales to be made at court house door,

Disposition of proceeds,

Jurisdiction of, conferred upon judge of county court, INSURANCE COMPANIES

Tax upon agencies of, not incorporated by this commonwealth,

Penalty upon agent for failing to file statement with clerk and pay over tax,

Legal interest six per cent.,
Contracts for loan, &c., of money, to bear legal interest,
Court of chancery to relieve against usury,
Ưusury paid may be recovered,
Partial payment first applied to interest,
What judgments to bear interest,
Foreign debt or judgment presumed to bear 6 per cent. interest,
Discount, what corporations may take,

Exchange may be taken,

Of remains of Kentuckians who fell at Raisin, act providing for,

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To give bond,


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To be exempted from militia duty,
County jailer to be circuit court jailer,
Duty in regard to prisoners,
United States may use jails,
To have personal charge of jail, and not reside more than 200 yards distant,
Deliver over jail, papers, &c., to successor,
In case of vacancy, sheriff to take charge,
If sheriff cannot act, judge of county court to appoint jailer for occasion,
Jailer may be suspended by county court,
May prosecute appeal from order of suspension,
May execute process of court, in certain cases,
County court to prescribe rules for government, &c., of jail,
Vacancies-how filled, -

To execute bond before entering apon duties,

In Campbell county, act to change place of voting in,

Act allowing an additional magistrates' and constable’s district in,
Act changing the place of voting in an election precinct in,
Act to change the place of voting in election preciuct in,
Act to establish county court of,

Act to establish additional election precinct in,

Act concerning taxon licenses to coffee houses, taverns, and ten-pin alleys in,

An act to change a place of voting in a justice's and constable's district in,

May be compelled to make partition,
No right of survivorship between,

This provision not to affect estates held jointly in trust,

Who entitled to copies of,

To sit with judge of county conrt in laying levy and settling claims,
Liable to be sammoned, to make appropriations, at other times,
To receive $1 per day for attendance at such court,
Attendance may be compelled by surmons and attachment,
Appeal from decision of, lies to county court as heretofore,
Duty to enforce license law,
Act concerning books and records of,
Justices in commission in May, 1851, and administrator of deceased justice,

to deliver records, &c., to county court clerk,
How compliance enforced,
To have jurisdiction of violations of election law when the fine cannot ex-

ceed $50,

When and where elected,

When term to commence,

Act appointing commissioners to divide counties into;
County court may change,


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Act lo regulate the division of Hancock county into,
Act appointing new commissioner to lay off Woodford county into,
Act appointing new commissioner to lay off Warren county into,
Act to allow an additional to Jefferson county,
Clay county to be divided into eight,
Trimble county to be divided into five,
Wayne county to be divided into six,
Pulaski county to be divided into nine,
Act appointing commissioners to lay off Caldwell, Christian, and Breckin-

ridge counties into,
Act to reduce the number of in Mercer county,
Act to establish an additional one in Fulton 'county,
Act in relation to in Henry and Laurel counties,
Act in relation to in Christian county,
Act in relation to in Grant county,
Act to create two additional in Oldham county,
Act in relation to in Logan county,
Act to create an additional one in Pulaski county,
Act to repeal an act establishing an additional onė in Fulton county,
Act changing place of voting in No. 5, in Trigg county,
Act to allow an additional in Barren county,
Act to change districts No. 4, in Green, No. 1, in Crittenden, and the Lewis-

burg and Maysville districts, in Mason county, .
Act to establish district No. 7, and changing other districts in Laurel, and

changing a district in Whitley county,
Act authorizing Christian county to be divided into not less than seven nor

more than eleven,
In Marion county, act to change place of voting in,
In Cumberland county, act to change place of voting in,
In Fleming county, act relating to,
In Owen and Mason countius, act in relation to places of voting in,
Act allowing additional in Hardin county;
Act allowing additional in Scott county,
In Logan county, act to establish place of voting in,
In Carter county, act to change boundaries of,
In Madison county, act concerning certain,
In Jessamine, act to change place of voting in,
In Fleming county, act concerning,
Act allowing additional in Warren county,
Act defining boundaries of, in Pulaski county,
Act concerning in Lewis county,
Act including John G. Holloway in No.5, in Henderson county,
Act making Lafayette a place of voting in No. 5, in Christian county,
Act to alter certain, in Barren county,
Act concerning in Monroe county,
Act to change a place of voting and certain, in Ohio county,
Act to change limits of No. 7, in Kuox county,
Act to appoint commissioners to change boundaries of certain, in Owen

Act to amend Lewisburg district, in Mason county,
Act establishing, --
Act to change place of voting in No.3, ip Simpson county; No. 5, in Wood-

ford county; No. 8, in Breckinridge county; No. 6, in Henderson county,

31 31 34 34 34 35 36

49 49 50 56 58 61 60

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