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Entries in execution books, evidence,
Auditor's certificates, evidence,
Record books may be re-bound and transcribed, and transcript evidence,
How executions may be issued upon lost records,
Proceedings in case of bonds destroyed,
* Proceedings in case of records of court des yed, obliterated, &c., &c.,
How records of other states to be authenticated,
How records of U. S. to be attested,
Foreign records, how to be authenticated,
When a person to be presumed dead,
How foreign laws to be proved,
Printed laws of U. S., or of other states, in secretary's office, or certified

copies of, evidence,
( See “Witnesses,” “British Decisions," "Acts of Assembly," and "Convey.


All settlements with made by judge of county court,

No suit to be brought against, after petition filed in county court,
Where there are no provisions or live stock on hand to support family of de.

cedent six months, executor or administrator may have valued and set

apart other property for that purpose,
Executor not to act, (except to bury testator and preserve estate,) until

he take oath and give bond,
Oath of executor, what to contain,
Executor and administrator to give bond,
Security need not be required, if will so directs,
Form of bond,
Copy of order granting certificate sufficient,
Indemnity bonds to be given to, by legatees and distributees,
Power to executors to sell lands, by whom to be executed,
Appointing debtor executor does not extinguish the debt,
Executor of executor not executor of first testator,
When administration, with the will annexed, may be granted,
Successors of personal representatives,
Marriage of female personal representative, extinguishes her authority,
When the sheriff shall administer, his rights and duties,
How a personal representative may be removed,
No suit to be brought against until six months after they qualify,
What court may appoint administrator,
Who entitled to administer,
If no one apply, court may appoint at discretion,
Form of oath of administrator,
Estate of non-resident decedent, how disposed of,
Form of administrator's bond,
Distributees to give indemnifying bonds,
Court may require additional sureties in a proper case,
Surety may call on principal to give counter security,
Inventory and appraisement-provisions relating to,
Perishable property to be sold,
Disposition to be made of proceeds of sale, .
Estate need not be sold, upless so directed by testator or necessary to pay


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Administrator to return inventory and sale bill to clerk's office,

254 Pay of appraisers, ..

254 Comty court to enforce return of inventory and sale bill,

254 Account of, to be settled within two years,

254 Interest to be charged on surplus in hands of,

Estate for life of another, to go to personal representative, and be assets, 254
Provision in relation to lauds, slaves, &c., of persons dying after first of

254-255 How rent and hire of slaves, of person dying before the same is due, to be 255 apportioned,

255 Personal representative not liable on account of failure to plead,

255 Who may not be sureties for personal representative,

255 Insolvent estates-provisions respecting,

255-256 How demands against estate to be verified,

256 In suits against the estate, the personal representative may interrogate the claimant, his assignors, &c., as to usury and offsets,

256 Usury to be deducted from demands,

256 Personal representative may recover from creditor to whom he has paid un. due proportion by mistake,

256 EXEMPTION LAWSAct to amend,

78 Defendant allowed to give up exempted property and retain other in its stead, 78 Certain additional articles exempted,

78 When no provisions or live stock on hand to support family of decedent six months, other property may be taken for that purpose,

78 Exempted property liable to sale to pay revenue tax and county levy,

79 EX OFFICIO SERVICENo compensation for,

379 EXPATRIATION How a citizen may expatriate himself,

257 Having become citizen of another state, shall not be considered a citizen of this state,

257 No act of expatriation valid if done while state or United States at war with foreign power,







Act to amend charter of, FAYETTE COUNTY-.

Act to change the time of holding court of claims in, FEE BILLS

Clerks and other officers allowed until July 1, 1851, to list, FEMES COVERT

See “Infants and Femes Covert," and "Conveyances." FERRIES

Act concerning, FLEMING COUNTY

Act relating to justices' and constables' districts in

Act concerning justices' and constables' districts in, FRAUDULENT CONTETANCES AND DEVISES

Conveyances made to defraud creditors void as to creditors, purchasers, and



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Fraud not to affect purchaser for valuable consideration without notice, 342
Conveyance, &c., without valuable consideration, void as to existing credi.

Voluntary sale or charge upon personal property, void as to purchasers, &c.,
prior to lodging for record,

342 Loan for five years, without demand, or writing recorded, deemed to vest right of property with possession,

343 Devisee liable to debts of testator,

343 Liable to same actions as personal representative,

343 If devisee or heir alien before suit, liable for value with interest,

343 Devisee, &c., of devisee, liable to creditors of latter to extent of assets re. ceived,

343 May be sued in equity,

343 Deed taken in name of one and consideration paid by another, deemed fraudulent as to creditors of the latter,

246 FRAUDULENT RECOVERIESTermers may falsify, for their terms,

246 Executions not to be affected by such recoveries,


(See "rSlaves, Rựnaways, Free Negroes, and Emancipation.") FUGITIVES FROM JUSTICEProvision for arrest and surrender of,

311-313 Governor to issue warrant to sheriff or constable for arrest of,

311 Hearing to be had before circuit judge, who shall deliver up, commit, or discharge,

311 If committed and not demanded in three months, to be discharged,

311 Costs to be paid by agent of state demanding fugitive,

311 Special provision where the charge is for kidnapping,

312 Law of U. S. respecting fugitives from justice and persons escaping from service,

312 Persons guilty of offenses in other states and found here, may be arrested and delivered up,

313 Proceedings in such cases,

313 FULTON COUNTYAct to establish an additional justices' and constable's district in,

19 Act repealing act establishing additional justices' and constable's district in,

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All gaming contracts void, -
Property lost, may be recovered,
Recovery against winner, although payment made to assignee, &c.,
If real estate lost, when may be recovered,
Loser may have relief in chancery,
If loser does not suie, stranger may, and recover for self and common.

Stakeholder to return stake, upon notice,
Penalty for keeping faro bank or gaming table,
Implements of gaming may be seized, &c.,
Penalty for permitting gaming table in house, boat, &c.,
Persons arrested, to be held to bail in $600,
Penalty for enticing to game,

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Penalty for allowing gaming in house,

In certain cases, fine to be half the sum lost or won,

359 Common gamblars, how arrested, &c.,

359 Who may be indicted as common gambler,

359 Witness refusing to testify before grand jury to be fined and imprisoned, 360 Town officers sworn to prosecute gamblers,

360 Penalty for refusal or neglect,

360 Witness not bound to criminate himself,

360 Attorney fee to be taxed,

360 Penalty for keeping billiard table,

360 Buildings may be searched for,

361 What security or bail may be required of keeper of billiard table,

361 To what tables, &c., penalties apply,

361 One third of fine for informer-one third for commonwealth's attorney, 361 Fine for white person gaming with free negro or slave,

361 GARRARD COUNTY Act in relation to justices’and constables' district in,

372 GENERAL COURT Act to abolish, &c.,

380-382 Jurisdiction transferred to Franklin circuit court,

381 Buoks, papers, and suits pending to be transferred,

381 Clerk of Franklin circuit court may certify copies of records, &c.,

381 Writs pending returnable to said circuit court,

381 Duty of attorney general,

381 To whom process to be directed,

381 Special term of Franklin circuit court to be held,

381 When motions against defaulting officers to be made,

381 GIFT

Of slave-not valid unless actual possession come to and remain with donee, 238
Act in relation to justices' and constables' districts in,

Act to change place of voting in justices' and constable's district, No. 2, in, 69
Act changing spring terms of circuit court in counties of,


Act to amend the act to run and re-mark part of the line between counties of, 57
Act to provide further for collection of tolls upon,

Act changing justices' and constables' district, No. 4, in,

28 GREENUP COUNTY Act to establish additional election precinct in,


County court may appoint guardians and curators and make settlement

What county court to have jurisdiction of minors' estate,

223 Father may appoint guardian by will,

Guardian, in general, not to act without appointment by court and giving

Judges liable to ward for failing to take covenant or taking insufficient se-


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If will so direct, guardiau may be appointed without security, unless court
deem it inexpedient,

223 Order of preference in appointing guardians,

223 Minor, of fourteen years, may choose guardian,

223 Curator to be appointed during vacancy in office of guardian,

224 Powers and duties of curator same as guardian,

224 Who may sue on covenant,

24 When guardian may be removed by court,

224 · Marriage of a female ward discharges guardianship,

224 Court may remove guardian for eertain cause,

224 Court to inquire annually into solveney of sureties of guardians,

224 On application of surety, court may remove guardian in insolvent or doubt. ful circumstances, or require counter security,

224 Power and duty of guardian,

224-227 Guardiau shall return to court, &c., inventory of ward's estate,

224 May be removed for failure so to do,

225 What inventory shall contain,

225 Inventory to be recorded,

225 How guardian to discharge and sue for debts due by and to his ward,

225 Power of guardian to sell or lease property of ward,

225 Guardian to have custody of ward,

225 Court may allow parent to have custody of ward,

225 No more than income of estate to be expended for maintenance, except in spe. cified cases,

225 Guardian to be charged with ioterest for balance remaining in his hands, 226 When and how often guardian to make settlement,

226 Settlements prima facie evidence in guardian's favor,

226 Courts of chancery to have jurisdiction of such settlements, &c.;

226 Extent of liability upon the covenant,

226 Foreign guardian-powers of,

225 All settlements with guardians to be made by judge of county court,

42 Guardian may be appointed for child when parents have joined Shakers, 220

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Jurisdiction to grant and determine writs of, conferred upon judge

ty court,
By what officers, writ of shall be issued,
Power of circuit judge to issue it, extends over state,
Writ may be granted without seal,
Directed to person having prisoner in custody,
Before whom and when to be returned,
Bond may be required before issuing writ,
By whom it may be served,
Within what time made returnable,
Penalty for failing to obey writ,
When applicant for writ not in custody, judge may, for cause, direct him to

be taken into custody,
Penalty against officer for refusing to prisoner copy of warrant or commit-

Penalty against officer for refusing writ,
Hearing and decision, -
Affidavits may be read in evidence,
Proceedings to be returned to clerk,

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