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*Person passing, &c., liabilities of
Commonwealth's attorney to receive one fourth of fines,
How passing of such notes may be restrained,
Certificates of deposit, &c., not prohibited,
Corporations not to loan money, &c., unless expressly authorized,
Penalties against officers of corporatious violating this provision,
Contracts in violation of, void,

Corporations may receive notes, &c., as payment or security for debts,

(See "Husband and Wife.") CUSTOM HOUSE, POST OFFICE, COURT ROOM, &c.

Of U. S. exempted from taxation,

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Act to legalize appointment of assessors of tax by county court of, DEAF AND DUMB CHILDREN

Act requiring assessors of tax to return names and post offices of,

Who entitled to copies of,
Words "Property of the State of Kentucky” to be printed upon title page

and stamped upon cover, DEEDS

Deed for land includes buildings, &c., thereon,

(See "Conveyances.") DEFICIT IN TREASURY

Act 10 provide means to meet,
Governor to borrow $50,000,-
Bonds to be issued for,
When to be paid,
If governor cannot effect loan, may allow sheriffs 6 per cent. for revenue ad.


Order and rules of descent of real estate,
Descendants of a class first entitled take per stirpes,
Collaterals of half blood-how they inherit,
No bar that descent is derived through alien,
Bastards inherit on part of mother,
Bastards of same mother inherit from each other,
If parents of bastard marry and recognize him, he shall be deemed legitimate,
Child born within ten months after death of intestate, to inherit,
When no issue, parent takes estate,
Estate derived by gift from a parent to infant who dies without issue, de-

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scends to that parent,
Parceners to be equal in respect to land descended,
Distribution of personal estate—how to be made,
When estate may be distributed,
Widow's renunciation of will-when to be made, and effect of,
Widow's distributable share,
Her right forfeited by adultery,
Husband's right in wife's estate forfeited by adultery and separation,

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Advancements to be brought into hotch-pot,
To be estimated according to property when given,
Maintaining, educating, &c., not to be deemed advancement,
Advancements not to be considered part of estate in estimating widow's

share thereof, -
DISTRIBUTION-See "Descent and Distribution."
DIVORCE AND ALIMONY-See “Husband and Wife,"
DOWER-See "Husband and Wife.”

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Act to run and re-mark dividing line between counties of,

Act to regulate,
Term “election” in statute, defined,
Term “sheriff,” in statute, defined,
Term "officer of election,” in statute, defined,
Election precincts, and places of voting, to be same as districts and places

for election of justices and constables,
Elections in Louisville, where held,
Sheriffs to publish boundaries of districts,
Precincts and districts may be changed by county court, at certain time and

under certain circumstances,
Election for justices and constables to be held on second Monday in May,

1851; on first Saturday in May thereafter,
Terms of justices and constables commence on first day of June after elec-

tion; expire when successors are qualified,
Justices to enter upon duties as soon as receive commission, &c.,
Constables to give bond and take oath,
County courts, in March or April, 1851, to appoint officers of elections for

May, 1851,
County court, in June or July every year, to appoint judges and clerks of

Equal number of each political party to be appointed,
Sheriff to notify officers appointed,
Judges and clerks to take oath,
Duties of judges prescribed,
Duties of clerks prescribed,
Sheriff to give notice of time and place of elections, by advertisement,
If sheriff is a candidate, or his office vacant, coroner to discharge duties,
If coroner absent or office vacant, judge of county court shall appoint a

person to discharge duties,
Persons offering to vote and not personally known, may be sworn and inter-

Foreigner may be required to produce certificate of naturalization,
Rules for determining residence,

Questions to be put to persons objected to for want of citizenship,
Times of holding elections,
Presidential election to be held on Tuesday next after first Monday in No.

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vember, Members of congress to be elected on first Monday of August, Governor may order earlier election in case of called session,

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After election in May, 1831, all other officers not otherwise provided for,

shall be elected on first Monday of August,
Chancellor, clerk, and marshal of Louisville chancery court to be elected in

May, 1851; thereafter in August,
Comparing polls,

Board to compare polls for county judge,
When and where to meet, and duties,
Board to compare polls for county election-how constituted,
Sheriff to deposit poll books with the clerk,
Board to meet and give certificates of election,
How, when and where polls to be compared when two or more counties vote

Certificates of election--where deposited,
Form of certificate,
Board of county examiners to make out and forward to secretary of state

certificates of votes for state officers,
Board of examiners for state officers-of whom composed,
When board of state examiners to meet, and duties,
Three certificates to be made of election of member of congress,
Secretary of state to publish vote given in each county,
In case of a tie, board to determine election by lot,
In case of a tie for presidential electors—how determined,

Sheriffs and county examiners to determine elections by lot, in case of a tie,
Filling Vacancies,

Term “vacancy,” as ysed in article, defined,
Writs of electiou-how signed or attested and directed,
Proclamation to be issued for state elections,
Sheriff shall give notice of election by advertisement,
Writs of election to be issued so as to allow time for such notice,
Writs of election or proclamation to be delivered or forwarded to sheriffs,
First Monday of August to be day of election, except in special cases

Special elections in certain cases may be ordered within six weeks after said

Except in certain cases, day of election to fill a racancy in court of ap-

peals or circuit court shall be held within six weeks after the gov.

ernor receives notice of the vacancy,
To fill vacancy in legislature; when in session, writ to be issued by pre-

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siding officer of proper house, Chief justice to issue writ to fill vacancy in the office of governor, Vacancy in office of sheriff, clerk, surveyor, coroner, county attorney, jail:

er, assessor, justice of the peace, constable, commonwealth's attorney,

or presiding judge, how filled,
Justices to convene at 10, A. M., to fill vacancy in office of presiding judge,
Majority shall act,
In case of tie, sheriff to give casting vote after three ballots,
Writs of election to be issued from the court or the clerk when necessary,

Resignations, to whom to be tendered,
Contested Elections,
Board to determine contested elections of governor and lieutenant governor,

to be constituted by lot, Mode of choosing by lot, Members of board to be sworn,

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When board to meet and organize, ;

92 How menibers to be excused from serving,

92 How deficiency in number of board to be supplied,

92 Powers of the board,

92 In case of a tie, incumbent to retain the office,


92 If person returned not legally qualified, new election to be ordered, Person receiving highest number legal votes to be adjudged elected,

92 Votes of six members necessary to a decision,

92 Speaker of H. R. to issue proclamation for new election,

92 Pending new election, &c., office deemed vacant,

92 Penalty when member of board fails to attend,

92 When board to be dissolved,

92 Contested election of members of legislature,

93 Board for determining contested elections other than for governor-how con. stituted,

93 Members to take oath,

93 By what rules governed in deciding,


93 Majority to decide,

After decision, governor to issue commission or order new election,
Board of contested elections for county and town officers—how constituted, 93
Rules to govern such board,
Decisions to be in writing,
Court to issue writ of elections,

94 Notice to be given of contest,

94 Grounds of contest to be stated,

94 When proof to be taken,

Depositions eridence, but other proof may be introduced,
When taking of depositions to close,
When case shall be heard by the county board,
Who to pay costs, &c.,

94 Pay of officers of elections,

95 Costs of elections paid out of county levy,

95 Compensation to officers of elections, Compensation to witnesses in contested elections,

95 County court clerks to receive twenty-five cents for certificate of election, &c., 95 Election of United States senator,

95 To be held on second Monday of session of general assembly preceding expiration of term,

95 Vacancy occurring during session of general assembly, when filled,

95 Governor to give certificate of elections, &c.,

95 Election of President, &-c.,

96 Presidential electors to meet at the capital first Wednesday of December,

96 They may fill vacancies in their own body, .

96 When officers to commence their duties,

96 What officers governor to commission,

96 When such officers to enter upon duties,

96 County officers, except sheriffs, to enter upoir duties as soon as they qual. ify,

96 Officers elected to fill vacancies, when to commence duties,

96 Officers to hold office until successors qualify,

96 Penalties against frauds on elections,

96-98 Fine of fifty dollars to one hundred dollars, and imprisonment, for voting without residence in procinot, but potiög twion,


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Non-resident voting to be imprisoned in penitentiary from one to three

Penalty of fifty dollars, or thirty days imprisonment, for voting without
having been in state, county, or precinct long enough,

97 Foreigner who votes, or falsely personates another, liable to fine not exceed

ing five hundred dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding six months, 97 One who aids an illegal voter, or bribes a voter, liable to a fine of fifty dollars to five hundred dollars, or imprisonment from three to six months,

97 False swearing at an election, perjury,

97 Judge of election who knowingly receives an illegal vote, liable to fine of $50 to $500, or imprisonment,

97 Fine of $50 for refusing to testify as to qualifications of voters,

97 Justices or judge of election may issue warrants for persons violating election laws,

97 Duty of judge to inform or the penalty any one whom he believes about to violate the law,

98 Duty of election officers to give information of violations of law to next grand jury,

98 Duty of circuit judge to give act in charge to grand jury,

98 Circuit courts to have jurisdiction of cases under this act,

98 Jnstices of the peace to have concurrent jurisdiction,

98 Cases to be tried by jury,

98 Fine of $50 to $500, and imprisonment not exceeding one year, for breaking up or preventing an election,

98 Convicts of larceny, forgery, &c., to forfeit right of suffrage for ten years,

98 Officers failing to discharge, or acting corruptly in duty of comparing polls, &c., liable to fine of $50 to $500,

98 Prosecutions to be commenced within twelve months,

98 Commonwealth's attorney to receive one-third of fines assessed,

98 ELECTION PRECINCTSSame as justices' districts,

81 Act to establish additional in Bullitt county,

379 Council of city of Covington authorized to create two additional in said city, In Greenup county, act to establish an additional,

79 In Jefferson county, act changing place of voting in,

57 In Jefferson county, act to change place of voting in,

70 Act to establish an additional, in Jefferson county,

377 In Muhlenburg county, act to establish,

72 In Scott county, act to establish additional,

369 Act to authorize county court of Woodford to establish,

395 EMANCIPATION-See “Slaves, Runaways, Free Negroes, and Emancipation." ESCHEATOf lands of aliens saved in certain cases,


Act appointing new commissioners to survey and mark dividing line be.
tween the counties of, under act of February, 1849,

1 Act appointing sole commissioner to settle dividing line of,

18 EVIDENCEOf what courts are to take judicial notice, .

335 Copies of journals of general assembly to be evidence,

335 Copies, attested by keeper of documents, evidence,

335 Suits may be founded on copies,

336 Copies of ordinances of towns, da, evidence,


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