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Act to apportion representation,

APPRENTICE—see "Master and Apprentice.”
Act for the


Act requiring to return names and post offices of deaf and dumb children, 26
Act to legalize the appointment of by County Court of Daviess,
Penalty of five hundred dollars for refusing to serve,

275 Oath to be taken by Assessor and assistants,

275 To give bond,

275 To commence duties January 10; return book May 1,

275 Duty before returning delinquent,

276 Penalty for returning improperly,

276 Compensation, what, and how and when to be made,

276 May administer oath to persons listing property,

276-277 Valuation to be as of gold and silver, on 10th January preceding,

276 Slaves to be listed by owner, not hirer,

276 Listing of property to be by items,

277 Assessor to require taxables to say, on oath, what they were worth, January 10th, preceding,

277 Merchants, &c., to list goods on hand April 10, and state value thereof on oath,

277 Assessor to call on merchants between April 10 and May 1,

277 Goods imported afterwards to be listed,

277 Assessor to fix value of estate,

277 Assessor to return list to Clerk,

278 To return also list of tavern-keepers, list of stud horses, &c., &c.,

278 To return qualified voters every eighth year,

278 To return list of delinquents,

278 Not to pay costs in proceeding against delinquents,

279 How to make out tax book,

279 Duty to attend board of supervisors of tax, ·

280 May return tax book after May 1; but be amerced $100 for failure,

280 To execute bond before entering upon duties,

377 Act relating to,

378 Assessors elected in May, 1851, to enter upon duties January 10, 1852. 378 Assessors elected by county court for 1851 to discharge duties of that year, · 378

Duties of-see “Revenue and Taxation.”
Jurisdiction of, conferred upon judge of county court,

43 ATTORNEY AT LAWMust be twenty one years old,

260 Certificate of honesty &c., obtained before license granted,

260 License to be granted upon examination,

260 No person to practice law, without license, except in his own case,

260 Person practicing without license, liable to imprisonment,

260 Attorney liable for neglect of duty,

260 Attorney for commonwealth to prosecute suit in such case, upon request, 260 Attorney may be compelled to refund fee received for business not attend

260 Attorney collecting money and refusing to pay over may be suspended from

practice, Demand first to be made and motion to suspend made within two years, 261 Duty of commonwealth's attorney to attend to such cases,


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ed to,


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An act requiring him to perform certain duties in regard to Owingsville and
Big Sandy turnpike road company,

16 To give opinion to governor, &c.,

262 Salary of,

262 To collect debts due to state,

262 To prosecute appeals, &c., on behalf of state,

262 To prepare drafts of contracts, &c.,

263 ATTORNMENTTo a stranger void, unless by consent, &c.,

245 Conveyance of reversion, &c., valid without attornment,

245 But tenant who pays rent to grantor before notice of conveyance not to be damaged thereby,

245 AUDITOR OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTSAct to organize office of,

380 To perform duties of 1st and 2d auditor,

380 Salary $2,000,

380 Clerk hire, $2,800,

380 When act to go into effect,

380 To execute bond before entering on duties,

377-380 Fine of $200 for failure of duty in reference to tax on non-residents' lands, 288 AUDITORS, MASTERS, AND COMMISSIONERS IN CHANCERYAllowance not to exceed $3 per day, except by consent of all parties,


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Tax on stock,

Payment of revenue by—see "Revenue and Taxation.”
Act allowing additional justices' and constables' districts in,

28 Act to alter certain districts in,

62 BARREN, GREENLAND KENTUCKY RIVERS, Act to provide for collection of tolls upon,

39 (See Collector, Commonwealth's Attorney, and Steamboats.) BASTARDY Cases of, in county courts, to be tried by jury,

46 Who deemed bastard,

332 Unmarried white woman may make complaint,

332 If child less than three years old, tvarrant to issue against person charged as

father, and a recognizance taken for his appearance at next county court, 332 By whom warrants for bastardy may be executed,

332 Party arrested refusing to give recognizance, to be committed,

332 If case continued, recognizance may be respited,

332 Mother of bastard a competent witness,

332 Accused may be sworn at his own request,

332 If convicted, to give bond and security to fulfil judgment,

332 Proceedings upon such bond in case of failure,

333 If bastard die, defendant to be discharged by paying dues up to time of death,

333 If appeal prosecuted, sureties in supersedeas bond liable for amount adjudged against defendant,


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Act extending an act regulating the price of taking up boats on the Ohio
river, to,

20 BOARD OF INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTOfice of secretary of board abolished,

396 Auditor to be secretary er officio,


An act extending to the Biy Sandy an act regulating the price of taking up
boats on the Ohio river,

20 BOATS AND NAVIGATIONWho may have a lien on boats,

357 Boat and officers of, liable for conveying slave out of the state,

351 Penalty upon officers for,

352 How damage to owner to be ascertained,

352 Liens may be enforced by attachment,

332 Bond to be given before attachment issues,

352 Boat may be replevied,

352 Holders of liens may unite in same suit,

352 Liens not to be enforced against purchaser without notice, except within a year,

332 Boats adrift to be taken up, &c.,

353 Compensation therefor,

353 Disposition of boat, when not claimed by owner,

353 Penalty for taking away boats without consent of owner,

353 Part of act of 1794 repealed,

354 Rules to be observed by steamboats to avoid collision,

354 Where fault of collision equal, or un wn, damages to be apportioned, 355 Running races forbidden,

355 Duty of master of boat when carrying powder,

353 Penalty for neglect of,

355 Penalty for placing powder on boat without notice, &c., to officers,

355 Printed copy of certain sections of act to be posted in cabin,

355 Penalty for failure,

355 Fish dams, pevalty for erecting across navigable streams,

355 Continuance of, for five days, deemed new offense,

356 County court to appoint overseers to clear out riffles, &c.,

356 Provisions respecting, when stream bounds two counties,

356 Piers or docks, changing or obstructing current, not to be built within influ. ence of slackwater,

357 Piers of bridges to be kept free from drift, &c.,

357 BOONE COUNTY Act to change lines of justices' and constables' districts in,

80 BRECKINRIDGE COUNTYNew commissioner to lay off into justices' and constables' districts,

19 Act to change place of voting in justices' and constables' district No. 8, in, 67 BRITISH DECISIONSSince 4th July, 1776, may be read in court, but not binding,

263 BROKERSPenalty of $1000 for carrying ou business of, without license,

271 Rates of tax upon license to,

271-272 Clerk of county court to grant license upon certain conditions,

272 BULLITT COUNTYAct to establish additional election precincts in,


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Act to run and re-mark dividing line between counties of, BUTLER COUNTY

Act authorizing the running and re-marking of the boundary lines of, •








47 369

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31 62


New commissioners appointed to lay off into justices' and constables' districts,
Justices' and constables' districts in, act concerning, authorizing an addi.

tional, and changing place of voting in one, CALLOWAY AND GRAVES

Act changing spring terms of circuit court in counties of, CAMPBELL AND PENDLETON

Act to run and re-mark dividing line between counties of, CAMPBELL COUNTY COURT

Act to increase the terms of, CAMPBELL COUNTY

Act to change place of voting in Jamestown in, CARTER COUNTY

Act changing boundary lines of district No. 8 in,

Act in relation to justices' and constables' districts in,

Additional commissioner to lay off into justices' and constables' districts,
Act in relation to justices' and constables' districts in,
Act authorizing division of into not less than seven por more than eleren

justices' and constables' districts,

Act to make Lafayette a place of voting in, ·

Act to establish twelve judicial circuit districts,
Act changing spring terms in Calloway and Graves,
Act to provide for appointment of circuit judges pro tem.,
Judges of to have coucurrent jurisdiction with judges of county court in set-

tling estates,
Authorized to change venue in criminal prosecutions,
To give election law in charge to grand jury,
Have jurisdiction of violations of election law,
Act to fix time of holding,
Judges of, authorized to hold chancery and criminal terms,
Act regulating terms of, in Muhlenburg and Hancock,

Act authorizing judge of Scott circuit court to sign certain records,

Who are citizens,

How citizenship may be relinquished or lost, CLARKE COUNTY COURT

Act regulating terms of, CLAY AND PERRI

Act to define county lines of.

Act to change county lines of,

To be laid off into eight justices' and constables' districts,
Allowed until July 1st, of 1851, to list fee bills, .

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46 52 98


99 106 388 392

257 257


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Act requiring to affix seal of office to testimonials of soldiers of late var

with England, without fee,
Act for benefit of, -
Duties in reference to revenue tax,
To execute bond before entering upon duties,
No compensation for ex officio service,

Duties of in relation to revenue-see Revenue and Taxation."

To pay over to trustree of jury fund moneys received up to each circuit

Submit to Court statement of taxes received, and pay into treasury,

To pay twenty per cent. damages on amount for failure,

To discharge same duties as heretofore,
Not to practice law in court of which he is clerk,
Not to allow office of practicing lawyer to be kept in same room with records

and papers of his office,
To act as commissioner, when judge interested,
Duty when assessor makes return,
To issue summons against delinquents,
To make true copies of tax book, ·
Duities in reference to said book,
Make certificates of exonerations,
Pay over inoneys received up to each circuit court, to trustee of jury fund,
Transmit to auditor abstracts of judgments, &c., in favor of commonwealth,
May be proceeded against by motion, for defalcation,
To submit to court statemevt of taxes received, and pay into treasury,
Clerk and sureties to pay 20 per cent. damages for failure,
To furnish to circuit court clerk list of licenses granted,
When tax book not returned, clerk to copy book of previous year,
File sheriff's receipts for license money,
Transmit sheriff's bond to auditor,
Fees for duties under chapter in relation to Revenue and Taxation,
When tax book returned for correction, no pay,

Duties of in reference to instruments lodged for record-see“Conveyances."

See index of, at the end of this index.

Tax upon license for,

Of tolls upon Kentucky, Green and Barren rivers, to administer oaths in re-

lation to manifests of boats,
Not to receive manifest unless sworn to,

His duty when he suspects frauds, &c.,

Of 5 per cent. allowed clerks,
Of sheriffs, for collection of taxes imposed by county courts on the ad valo-

rem principle, to be same as for revenue tax,

Of officers, act relatiug to,

County court not to appoint one designated by interested parties,

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