The Border Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly, Том 4

Лицевая обложка
Nicholas Dickson, William Sanderson
Carter & Pratt, 1899

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Стр. 35 - And the airs of heaven played round her tongue, When she spake of the lovely forms she had seen, And a land where sin had never been; A land of love, and a land of light, Withouten sun, or moon, or night: Where the river swa'da living stream, And the light a pure celestial beam: The land of vision it would seem, A still, an everlasting dream.
Стр. 67 - Or footstep of invader rude, With rapine foul, and red with blood, Pollute our happy shore, — Then farewell home ! and farewell friends ! Adieu each tender tie ! Resolved, we mingle in the tide, Where charging squadrons furious ride, To conquer, or to die". To horse ! to horse ! the sabres gleam ; High sounds our...
Стр. 193 - AH, did you once see Shelley plain, And did he stop and speak to you And did you speak to him again ? How strange it seems and new...
Стр. 35 - Kilmeny looked up with a lovely grace, But nae smile was seen on Kilmeny's face; As still was her look, and as still was her ee, As the stillness that lay on the emerant lea, Or the mist that sleeps on a waveless sea. For Kilmeny had been she...
Стр. 74 - The faces of the moving year, even then I held unconscious intercourse with beauty Old as creation, drinking in a pure Organic pleasure from the silver wreaths Of curling mist, or from the level plain Of waters coloured by impending clouds.
Стр. 35 - To tell of the place where she had been, And the glories that lay in the land unseen ; To warn the living maidens fair, The loved of Heaven, the spirits' care, That all whose minds unmeled remain Shall bloom in beauty when time is gane.
Стр. 53 - I retire from the field, conscious that there remains behind not only a large harvest, but labourers capable of gathering it in. More than one writer has of late displayed talents of this description ; and if the present author, himself a phantom, may be permitted to distinguish a brother, or perhaps a sister shadow, he would mention, in particular, the author of the very lively work, entitled
Стр. 93 - For since these arms of mine had seven years pith, Till now some nine moons wasted, they have used Their dearest efforts in the rural field; And therefore, little can I grace my cause In speaking for myself. ' " The warmth with which you have befriended an obscure man, and young Author, in your three last Magazines — I can only say, Sir, I feel the weight of the obligation, and wish I could express my sense of it.
Стр. 88 - mong Graemes of the Netherby clan ; Forsters, Fenwicks, and Musgraves, they rode and they ran : There was racing and chasing on Cannobie Lee, But the lost bride of Netherby ne'er did they see. So daring in love, and so dauntless in war, Have ye e'er heard of gallant like young Lochinvar?
Стр. 56 - You approached it through an old-fashioned garden, with holly hedges, and broad, green terrace walks. On one side, close under the windows, is a deep ravine, clothed with venerable trees, down which a mountain rivulet is heard, more than seen, in its progress to the Tweed. The river itself is separated from the high bank on which the house stands only by a narrow meadow of the richest verdure. Opposite, and all around, are the green hills. The valley there is narrow, and the aspect in every direction...

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