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“ These latter (domesticated Franks) therefore are the original authorities ; and whenever they are themselves induced to publish their remarks, nothing can be more clear than that a few sentences from such sources are worth all the quartos in which they might be dilated.”

With high authorities like these to back me, I commenced my literary campaign; and if my operations have been misconducted, I can only appeal to head-quarters for a lenient judgment,

I have not the usual plea of being urged to publish by the “ kind entreaty of friends ;” for I have none to consult or advise me: and in the hazardous attempt, I have only to depend on my own resources, unaided by the assistance or directions of any one.


March, 30, 1824.




A LARG e impression of my volume having been struck off, the publication of the second edition has consequently been delayed. Instances frequently occur where not a greater number have been printed and the author has been in a third edition. I mention this circumstance chiefly for the information of my friends in India, who are unskilled in the craft of book-mak

I was recommended to put myself in quarto, swimming in a sea of margin-I had always a dislike to that form of publication, it is both inconvenient and expensive

besides which, in India a quarto is thought a great incumbrance.

The success of my unpretending labors has been great, and, considering how very few copies (about ninety) have been sent to India, and it being my first attempt at history, eminently so.

I am now occupied in constructing a Map of India. It is on a plan quite original, the materials are of the best kind. I was several years collecting them while serving in various parts of the Oriental Continent, and they were procured and arranged at much personal labor and at considerable expense to myself.

33, Charter-House-SQUARE,

April 5, 1825.

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