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Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, and Mother to Hamlet.
Ophelia, Daughter to Polonius, beloved by Hamlet.
Ladies attending on the Queen.
Players, Grave-makers, Sailors, Mosengers, and other Atten"

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Sc E N E, a Platform before the Palace. Enter BERNARD0 and francisco, two Centinell.

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Fram. I think I hear them. Stand, ho! who is Hor. Friends to this ground. [there : Mar. And liege-men to the Dane. Fran. Give you good night. Mar. Oh, farewel, honest soldier; who hath relieved you? Fran. Bernardo has my place; give you good night. - [Exit Francisco. Mar. Holla 1 Bernardo.

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Look, where it comes again.
Ber. In the same figure, like the King that's dead.
Mar. Thou art a scholar, speak to it, Horatio.
Ber. Looks it not like the King? mark it, Horatio.
Hor. Most like: it harrows me with fear and
wonder. -
Ber. It would be spoke to.

Mar. Speak to it, Horatio. [night,

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