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Thou that upon the bench art mounted high,
And warn'st the judges how they tread awry;
Thou that dost oft from pamper'd prelate's toe
Emphatically urge the pains below;
Thou that art ever half the city's grace,
And add'st to solemn noddles solemn pace;
Thou that art us'd to sit on ladies knee,
To feed on jellies, and to drink cold tea;
Thou that art ne'er from velvet slipper free ;
Whence comes this unsought honor unto me?
Whence does this mighty condescension flow?
To visit my poor tabernacle, O!

As Jove vouchsaf'd on Ida's top, 'tis said,
At poor Philemon's cot to take a bed;
Pleas'd with the plain but hospitable feast,
Jove bid him ask, and granted his request;
So do thou grant (for thou 'rt of race divine,
Begot on Venus, by the God of Wine)
My humble suit !-And either give me store
To entertain thee, or ne'er see me more.

Page 132.

-all the studied luxuries

That Lamb, or Locket can devise.] Lamb was Author of a famous book of Cookery, and Locket, master of a famous eating-house.


Page 134. The admirable Author of this Epistle was descended from reputable parents; who, being dissenters themselves, educated their son in their own His mind, however, too liberal to submit to


the clogs of a sect, easily threw off its restrictions. Never was a man of more amiable manners, or of livelier wit. His conversation was the delight of all who knew him, whilst his conduct, in the duties of his office, were most exemplary for ability and attention. To the regret of his acquaintance, and the loss of the community, he was cut off, about the age of 41, at his lodgings in Nag's-head-court, Gracechurch



-Gildon sells,

Poetic buckets for dry wells.] Gildon's Art of


135. Raiment from naked bodies won :]

A painted vest Prince Vortiger had on,
Which from a naked Pict his grandsire won.
HOWARD's British Princes.

ib. From More so lash'd,- -] James More Smith, esquire. See Dunciad, B. II. 1. 50. and the Notes, where the circumstances of the transaction alluded to are explained.

149. Such was of late a Corporation,

The brazen serpent of the nation.] The Charitable Corporation, instituted for the relief of the industrious poor, by assisting them with small sums on pledges at legal interest. The proprietors, however, by the villany of those who had the management for them, were bilked of considerable sums. The conduct of this scheme became, in the year 1732, the subject of a parliamentary inquiry, and some of the

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conductors, being members of the House of Commons, were expelled for their fraudulent transactions.

153. As Psapho taught his birds to sing ;] Psapho was a Libyan, who desirous of being accounted a god, accomplished it by this expedient. Having taken some young birds, and taught them to articulate— "Psapho is a great God:" he let them fly into the woods, where other birds catching the notes, his countrymen sacrificed to him.

154. -a Youth, &c.] Mr. Glover, au thor of Leonides, Medea, &c.


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