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De Labnrde's View of Spain
Landt's Description of the Feroe Islands
W lk:nson's general Atlas of the World Atlas Classi; a

,_ LAW.

Jurigmmt delivered by Sir J. Nichoil

in the Guise of Keu.p v. Wickts
Letter to Sir J. N'tcho'l
Macuill s Remarks on Prisons
Sir S. Romilly's Ooservatious on the
Criminal Law -

AND PRICE ANNEXED, 95, 190, 286

+77, 573


S3, 189, 285, 380, 475,


Baily's Account of the London Life

Assur .nee Companies
—— Doctrine of Lite Annuities and

Assurances -

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Leslie's Elements of Geometry, &c. 19*

Leybourn's Mathematical Repository 562
Mole's Treatise on Algebra - 152

Woodhouse's Treatise on Trigonometry 25


Haslam's Observations on Madness 269

Robci ton's Treatise on Medical Police 1GI


Dibdin's Edition of Robinson's Trans-
lation of Sir T. More\ Utopia 306
Digest of the Reports for battering the

Condition of the Poor, Part I. 188

Examiner examined, or Logic vindicated 281

Frien lly Gift for Servants and Ap-
prentices - - - - 571

Jub lee morally and politically im-

proved .... j8j

Letter to Mr. Windham on the Rejec-
tion of Lord Erskine's Bill - 184
Letters to a Younger Brother 87
Loekie's Topography of London 37g
Milner on the Catholic Inhabitants

and Antiquities of Irt ind - 227

Nioolson's (Bp.) Correspondence 5i

Oliver's Analysis of Locke's Essay 473

Onesimus examined - - - 89

Payne defended 472

Quid nunc - - - - S(

Selection of Psalms with Hymus for

particular Occasions - . 379

Semplc's Second Journey in Spain 536

Tennani's Indian Recreations, Vol. III. 247

True Stores for Young Persons 570

Williamson's East India Vade Mecum 421


Cea 1 Irabhar ua Gaoidheilge, &c. a
Spelling Book of the Irish Language 417

Ve aebi no Tahiti, &c. a Spelling
Bouk of the Tahcitau Language


Hull's British Flora ...
Philosophical Transactions, of the
Koyal Society, 1809, Part IL '232,315


Harrington's Works of Sh»ekh S.tdee

of Sheei dz


The Age, a Poem

Barlow's Columhiud '.

Battle of the Blocks
Battles of Talavera

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Browne's Philemon • - 265

Crabbe'a Borough ... 546

Coxe's Valentine - - - 471

Delille's Trois Regnes de la Nature 43, 133

Gastronomy, a Poem 90

Hanson's Sonnets and other Poems 284

Hobhouse's Translations and Imitations 174

The Hospital, a Poem - - 284

John the Baptist, an Oxford Prize Poem 92

Mitford's, (Miss M. R.) Poems 374

Pastoral Care, a didactic Poem 567

Patriot's Vision, with a Monody on the

Death of Mr. Fox - 348

Poems on the Abolition of the Slave

Trade, by Montgomery, Grahame

and Benger - . 289, 440

Pryme's Conquest of Canaan 279

West's Mother, a Poem - 164


England the Cause of Europe's Sub-
jugation - - 282

Letter of an American on the French

Government - - 350

Lord Gr. nville's Letter on the Veto 281
Lord Melville's Speech on the Reports
of the Commissioners of Naval Re-
vision - - '" 473
Preparatory Studies for Political Re-
formers - , - 471

Present State of the Constitution 90

Real State of England in 1809 376

Ricardo on the high Price of Bullion 216


Aspland's Oration at Hackney - 283
Attempt to shew the Folly and Danger

of Methodism - - - 186

Barry's friendly Call to a new species

of Dissenters - - 277

Burn's Who Fare's Best - 474

Candour and Consistency united 281

Christian Code, by an old Graduate 91
Cooke's Child's Monitor and Janeway's

Token - . - - 91

Elements of Religion • - 571

Hall's (Bp.) Christian laid forth 183

Ha re's Treatise on the Conduct of God 243

Knowles's Sermons on Satan's Devices 276

Ireland's Westminster Lectures 462

Letter& to a Barrister, by a Looker oil 275
Lowry's Essays on select Passages of

Scripture - - 182

Macculloch's Lectures on Isaiah 515

Macgill's Address to a Young Clergyman 186

Methodism, on the Increase of 374

Nance's Letter from a clergyman to his

parishioners - - 471

Pearson's Prize Dissertation on the

Propagation of Christianity in India 124

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Pennington on the neglect of the Holy


Pharez's Republication of Martin, and

Remarks on Porson, in Confutation

of the Eclectic Review - 62,

Raban's Strictures on Barry's Sermon 277

Remarks on the present State of the

Church, and Increase of Dissenters

Spirit of Christianity exhibited

Taylor's (Bp.) Discourses

— Rule and Exercises of Holy

Living and Dying - - 385

Golden Grove - 385

Thomas's Address on Co-operation with

Magistrates in suppressing Vice 90

Thoughts on the Sufferings of Chiist 358
Tuke's select Passages from Scripture 568
Zeal without Bigotry - - 92

Sermons; ,

Alison's Fast Sermon at Edinburgh 81

Barry's Visitation Sermon at Abingdon 277

Bradley's Jubilee Sermon at Chard 88

Bromley's Visitation .Sermon at Hull 80

Channing's Ordination Sermon at Dor-

chester, North America - 180

Churchill's Jubilee Sermons at Henley S8
Cloutt's Jubilee Sermon at Pell Street 89
Cockin's Jubiiue Sermon at Halifax 372
Coghlan's Sermon on the Fall of David 567
Crattwell's Discourse at Malta 470
Daubeny's Charge to the Archdeacon-
ry of Sarum - - 280
Gisborne's Sermons on Christian Mo-
rality - - - 71
Griffin's Jubilee Sermon at Surry Chapel 83
Hampson's Sermons on several Subjects 330
Hintoii's Sermon on the Union of Piety

and Literature - 87

Hodgson's Discourse on the Existence

of God as discovered by Reason 188

Moore's Sermon on personal Reform bQ'i
Morehead's Series of Discourses oa

the Principles of religious Belief 37

Morris's University Sermon 3rj9

Rees's Discourse on Public Worship 282,
Simeon's University Sermon—The Foun-
tain oPLiving Waters - 84>

Slack's Sermon on uHequal Marriages 567

Smith's Visitation Sermon at Malton 178

Styles' Sermon on the detestable Na-

ture of Sin - - 469

Ward's Jubilium Regis - 188

Williams's Visitation Sermon 474

———— Address to Churchwardens 474

Wilson's Sermon on Obedience the

Path to religious Knowledge, 569

Wrangham's Sermon on earnest Conten-
tion for th« true FaitU • £64

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