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Snow, L. D., mission of approved, | Stone, James, malicious conduct of,
364: counselor to T. Ward, 640.
Snow, Willard, mission of approved,
364; member of High Council in
Iowa, 371.

Snow, William, mission of approved,

Soby, Leonard, to collect for tem-
ple, 520.

Solemn assembly, preparation for,
6; counsel concerning, 18;
rangements made for, 32; con-
venes at Kirtland, 99.

South America, missionary sent to,

Speech of General Clark at Far
West, 264-266.

Spencer, Augustine, makes oath
against Smiths, 742, 746.
Spirit, of speculation, 93; of revela-
tion, 368.

Springfield, legislative powers of,

Stake, organized at Adam-ondi-
ahman, 156; appointed at Com-
merce, 371; organization decided
upon, 450; discontinued at Ramus,
558; discontinued at Zarahemla,

Stake of Zion, ordinations in, 24.
Stakes, location of provided for,

109; committee appointed to or-
ganize, 467; appointed, 468.
Stanley, Harvey, married, 14.
Stanton, Daniel, chosen member of
High Council, 157.

Statement, of Joseph Smith on tem-

ple, 563, 564; of A. H. Smith on
temple, 564, 565; of B. Young on
temple, 565, 566; of H. T. Reid,
745-749; of J. W. Woods, 749; of
Governor Ford.749-755; of Phelps,
Richards, and Taylor, 755.
Steamboat race between the Erie

Stout, Hosea, in rescue party, 526.
Strange military tactics, 266.
Suits brought against the people of
Success of elders great, 522.
Supreme Court, appeal to, 317.
Jackson County for damages, 54.

Taropen branch, Tennessee, 85.
Taylor, John, locates in Caldwell
County, 76; discourse of, 102;
called to the apostleship, 166; or-
dained an apostle, 279; chairman
of committee on resolutions, 313;
returns to Far West, 352; farewell
address of, 370; in council at
Preston, 495; sails from Liver-
pool, 520; returns to Nauvoo, 532;
in council, 541; baptizes for the
dead, 552; to present resolution to
Robinson, 555, 556; becomes as-
sistant editor, 557; appointed
editor, 605; against polygamy,
732, 734; arrested for riot-ac-
quitted, 738; biography of, 778,
Teachers, president of, 9; resolu-
tion of, concerning difficulties
and interest, 151.
Temple, keys of, 9; school in, 14:
vail of made, 27; dedicated, 33;
location and description of, 33;
dedication ceremonies of, 33-46;
meeting held in, 46; to be located
at Far West, 77; high priests meet
in, 98; seventies meet in, 98; High
Council meets in, 98; Twelve
meets in, 98; services in, 98; high
school taught in, 98; excavation.
made for, 113; corner stones of,
laid, 157; resolution to build, 116;
at Kirtland the only one approved
of God, 117; (Far West) corner
stone laid, 353; (Nauvoo) corner
stone laid, 519; by-laws for pres-
ervation of, 523; satisfactory
progress of, 532; (Nauvoo) instruc-
tion on building, 542; (Nauvoo)
baptismal font dedicated
scription of, 551; instruction con-
cerning, 552; unfinished, 558-566;
work upon-anxiety for-special
feature, 571; two articles on, 575-
578; committee purchase mills,

and the Rochester, 81.
Steamer, Charles Townsend, elders
take passage on, 80; Erie, elders
take passage on, 80; John Mason,
elders take passage on, 80.
Stewart, Riley, strikes Dick Weld-
ing, 168.

Stewart, U. V., affidavit of, 428.
Stick of Joseph in the hand of Eph-
raim, 22.

Stoddard, Calvin, Devil makes at-
tack on, 1.

Temple Lot, Twelve meet on, 352.

Stoddard, Sophronia, blessing of, Testimony, of D. C. Smith, 45; of


Joseph Smith, Jr., 45; of Oliver


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Times and Seasons, first issue of
373; conduct of by Robinson op-
posed, 552-556; revelation con-
cerning, 557: Robinson's valedic-
tory, 557: Smith and Taylor
editors of, 557; Woodruff takes
superintendency of, 557; carries
Joseph Smith's name for presi-
dent, 726.

Tongues, gift of, 18.
Tower Hill named by Joseph
Smith, Jr., 153.
Translating room, first day occu-
pied. 4.

Travels and trials of seventies camp,

Treason, Joseph and Hyrum Smith
charged with, 741.
Treatment in jail, 284.
Trial, of Oliver Cowdery, 150; of
David Whitmer, 150; of McLel-
lin and McCord, 152; of Smith
and Wight, 192; of prisoners, 316;
of murderers of Joseph and Hy-
rum Smith, 756, 770.
Troublesome times, accounts of,

Trustee, Joseph Smith appointed,

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Turnham, Judge, visits the jail,
315; opinion of, 323.
Twelve, division among, 2; and
First Presidency reconcile differ-
ences, 9; mission of, 9; council of,
9; complain of arrangements in
council, 9; complain of letter
from First Presidency, 9; hurt by
remarks of Hyrum Smith, 9; two
members suspended, 10; false
charges against, 10; prefer
charges against W. A. Cowdery,
11; authority of, next to First
Presidency, 11; President Smith
confesses harshness towards. 11;
subject to none but the Presi-
dency, 12; attend a marriage, 15;
receive endowments and bless-
ings, 17; receive seal of blessings,
23; must agree to ordinations, 24;
offer amendment to resolutions,
25; to look after calls for preach-
ing, 28; meet in temple, 98; re-
turn to Far West, 352-356; meet-
ing of at Far West approved, 363;
mission of to Europe approved,
363; seventies and high priests
accompany to Europe, 364; and
others receive instruction, 368-
370; write an epistle-deliver
farewell addresses-select hymus
-start for Europe, 370; in Great
Britain, 495; council of, at Pres-
ton, 495; arrive at New York, 523;
credit on the work of, 537; to take
burden of church business, 541;
send missionaries, 544; epistle of,
548, 552; disapprove conduct of
Times and Seasons, 552-556; dis-
approve of Robinson publishing
books, 557; important epistle of,
558; write epistle to Europe, 570,
571; write epistle to America,
575; on J. C. Bennett, 584; in
council-instruction to, 613; ap-
point missionaries, 648.

Trustees, Nauvoo House Associa-
tion, 516.

Turley, Theodore, on committee on Union of feeling, 7.

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White, Hugh, land purchased of,
Whitlock, Harvey, restored to fel-
lowship, 21.
Whitmer, Christian, death an-

nounced, 5.

Whitmer, David, president of High
Council in Zion, 5; blessed, 17;
opposition of, 101; goes to Kirt-
land, 116; chosen president of Far
West branch, 118; persists in evil
practices, 140; rejected as presi-
dent, 142; protest of, 143; charges
against, trial and expulsion of,
Whitmer family, courteous treat-
ment by, 148.
Whitmer, Jacob, appointed on

Whitmer, John, president of high
building committee, 113.
Council in Zion, 5; locates in Cald-
well County, 76; connection with
Messenger and Advocate ceases, 85;
appointed to appraise town lots,
113; chosen assistant president of
Far West branch, 119; rejected as
president, 142; in transgression,
140; charges against-protest of,
143; expelled from church, 139,
144; refuses to give up records,
Whitmer, Peter, Jr., chosen on

High Council, 5; dies, 115.
Whitney, N. K., makes a feast, 5;
ordains Bishop Knight, 6; sus-
tained as Bishop, 107; and coun-
selors send out an epistle, 109;
revelation to, 166; bishop of Mid-
dle Ward, Commerce, 371; elected
alderman, 514; has interview with
Prophet, 611, 612; associate jus-
tice Municipal Court, 660.
Wight, Lyman, locates in Caldwell
County, 76; elected colonel of
militia, 114: appointed High
Councilor, 119; acted under or-
ders of Gen. Parks, 115; opposes
Whitmer and Phelps, 141; re-
moves from Far West, 150; resi-
dence of, 153; stake organized at
house of, 156; council at residence
of, 170; chosen counselor to John
Smith, 156; represents saints on
committee, 171; writ issued for
the arrest of, 173; musters a force
to meet the mob, 176; attends
council, 188: trial of, bound over
to court, 192; delivered to militia,
256; sentenced to be shot, 257;

starts for Independence, 259; his | Wilson, Harmon T.. arrests Joseph
account of Far West trouble, Smith, 649, 656, 657.
259-261; committed to jail, 293;
his account of travels and trials,
295-298; in court, remanded to
jail, 316; taken from Liberty jail
to Daviess County, 326, 327; tried,
327; indicted, 328; granted
change of venue, 329; arrives at
Quincy, Illinois, 331; appointed
to receive affidavits, 364; Thomp-
son complains against, 366; speaks
on resurrection, 372; on commit-
tee on affidavits, 446; requisition
for arrest of, 466; on committee
on stakes, 467; trustee of Nauvoo
House Association, 516; chosen
an apostle, 519, 520; to collect for
temple, 520; to present resolution
to Robinson, 555, 556; goes to
Wisconsin, 649; witness before
Municipal Court, 665; testimony
of, 691-696; pays tribute to charac-
ter of Joseph Smith, 774, 775; bi-
ography of, 787-791.
Wightman, Charles. recommended
for ordination, 27.
Wightman, William, recommended

for ordination, 27.

Wight, Mrs. Lyman, and sons visit
the jail, 309; and daughters visit
the jail, 315.

Wight's ferry, city plat selected at,

Wilber, Benjamin, commissioner
in seventies camp, 178.
Willes, Ira J., whipped by the mob,

Williams, Archibald, attorney for
J. Smith, 527.
Williams, F. G., attends council of

Twelve, 9; to sign licenses as
clerk, 30; angel appears to, 45;
opposition of, 101; rejected as
counselor to President, 107, 117,
118; rebaptized. 167; expelled
from church, 359; affidavit of,
439: restored to fellowship, 448.
Williams, F. G. & Co., firm of,
dissolved, 85.
Williams, John, represents citizens
on committee, 170.
Williams, Levi, writ issued for, in-
dicted for murder, tried, ac-
quitted, 756.

Wills. John, indicted for murder-
tried-acquitted, 756.
Wilson, General, delivers an ad-
dress in Far West, 152.

Wilson, L. D., member of High
Council in Commerce, 371.
Wilson, Moses, dishonorable men-
tion of, 331.

Robert, holds military
court-banishes innocent citizens,


Wimmer, Peter, Susan, and Ellen,

affidavit of, 430, 431.
Winters, Hiram, counselor to

Bishop Burdick, 523.
Witnesses in case of Smith and
Wight, 192; brought in by mili-
tary, 290; for the State, names of
-for defense excluded, 292.
Wood, attorney, prosecutes the

prisoners, his fees denied, 316.
Wood, David, counselor in deacons
quorum, 519, 520.
Wood, Joseph, on ordination com-
mittee, 447.

Woodruff, Wilford, called to the
apostleship. 166; ordained an
apostle, 352, 355; his account of
Twelve at Far West. 353-356;
farewell address of. 370; in coun-
cil at Preston, 495; sails from
Liverpool, 520: superintends
printing office, 557; biography of,

Woods, J. W. speaks at the Man-
sion, 745; statement of, 749.
Woods, Sashiel, false statement of,
212, 213.

Woodworth, Lucien, attends trial
of J. Smith, 526.

Word of Wisdom, resolution on, 113.
Writ, for the arrest of Joseph Smith,
Jr., and Lyman Wight, 173; for
riot, 738, renewal of, 740.

Young, Brigham, superintends tem-
ple painting, 27; speaks in tongues,
45; arrives at Salem, Massachu-
setts, 82; holds conference at
Newry, Maine, 82; baptizes Dr.
Richards, 85: returns from his
mission to the east, 103; sustained
as an apostle, 107, 119; leaves
Kirtland, 121; appointed assistant
president, 149; commended, 150;
on committee on resolutions, 313;
visits prisoners, 316; returns to
Far West, 352; farewell address
of-starts for England, 370: in
Preston council, 495; chosen
president of Twelve, 496; sails

from Liverpool, 520; arrives at
New York, 523; returns to Nau-
voo, 532; in council, 541; gives
instruction on temple, 542; bap-
tizes for the dead, 552; remarks
of, at St. George, 565, 566; wit-
ness before Municipal Court, 665;
testimony of, 691.
Young Gentlemen and Ladies Re-
lief Society organized-its pur-
pose, 642.

Young, Joseph, accompanies his
brother Brigham, 82; retained as
president of seventy, 100; com-
missioner in seventies camp, 178; | Zion, High Council of, 5.

account of Haun's Mill massacre,

Young, Lorenzo, assists to plaster
outside of temple, 5.

Young, Richard M., letter from,
449, 450; presides at the trial of
Joseph and Hyrum Smith, 756.
Younger, Joseph, attends trial of J.
Smith, 526.

Zarahemla, building of, advised,
368; conference at. 540, 542, 569;
stake discontinued, and branch
organized, 569.

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