A Treatise on Chemistry, Том 1

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D. Appleton & Company, 1882

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Стр. 34 - An inquiry into the relative weights of the . . ultimate particles of bodies is a subject, as far as I know, entirely new : I have lately been prosecuting this enquiry with remarkable success. The principle cannot be entered upon in this paper ; but I shall just subjoin the results, as far as they appear to be ascertained by my experiments.
Стр. 69 - To form some conception of the degree of coarse-grainedness indicated by this conclusion, imagine a rain drop, or a globe of glass as large as a pea, to be magnified up to the size of the earth, each constituent molecule being magnified in the same proportion. The magnified structure would be coarser grained than a heap of small shot, but probably less coarse grained than a heap of cricketballs.
Стр. 231 - ... to the boiling point, the mercury in the barometer tube is found to stand at the same level as that in the trough, showing that the elastic force of the vapour at that temperature is equal to the atmospheric pressure. Hence water boils when the tension of its vapour is equal to the superincumbent atmospheric pressure. On the tops of mountains, where the atmospheric pressure is less than at the...
Стр. 21 - From what has been said there seems the utmost reason to think, that dephlogisticated air is only water deprived of its phlogiston, and that inflammable air, as was before said, is either phlogisticated water, or else pure phlogiston ; but in all probability the former.
Стр. 20 - By the experiments with the globe it appeared, that when inflammable and common air are exploded in a proper proportion, almost all the inflammable air, and nearly one-fifth of the common air, lose their elasticity, and are condensed into dew. And by this experiment it appears, that this dew is plain water, and consequently that almost all the inflammable air and about one-fifth of the common air, are turned into pure water.

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