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Aug22 1935

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1868, by


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia





Those who have seen the POLITICAL MANUALS of 1866 and 1867 will un.

derstand the scope of this volume, when told that, upon the same plan it continues the record from the date at which the latter, Manual closed, April 1, 1867, to July 15, 1868. This period has witnessed the complete development of the Congressional Plan of Reconstruction and the Restoration of several States under it. All the Votes, Acts, Orders, and Papers connected therewith will be found gathered and appropriately classified.

The volume contains an abstract of the various new Constitutions and of the Orders of the Commanders of the several Military Districts; the Votes in Congress, State Legislatures, and at the polls on the various topics which have arisen; also the action of President Johnson, his Proclamations and Orders, the attempted Impeachment by the House of Representatives, with the Articles, the Answer of the President, and the Judgment of the Senate; and copious Tables on Revenue and Taxation, Estimates and Appropriations, Banks, Debt, Elections, &c.

In it will also be found General Grant's Political Record, including a full copy of his Testimony, before the Judiciary Committee, on Reconstruction; his Correspondence with President Johnson on various subjects; his PoliticoMilitary Orders, and his relations to Reconstruction. The usual lists of the Cabinet and Congress; the Votes on Political Bills and Resolutions; the Nalional Platforms of 1852, 1856, 1860, 1864, and 1868, with the Letters of Acceptance of the Candidates of the two great parties; and a chapter of General Political Miscellany, will, it is hoped, furnish every important political fact which fairly enters into the great political struggle before the country.


WASHINGTON, D. C., July 15, 1868.


XXIII. Orders, Letters, Messages, and Votes XXX. President Johnson's Proclamations and
in the Senate respecting Secretary Stan Orders .........

.... 82-86

...1-4 Enjoining Obedience to the Constitution and
Request for Mr. Stanton's Resignation, and

the Laws-Extending full Pardon to certain
Reply-Secretary Stantoy's Suspension, and

Persons who were engaged in the late Rebel-
Action of the Senate thereon-Action of Gen-

lion-Proclaiming a General Amnesty-Order
eral Grant-Secretary Stanton's Removal, and

respecting the Transaction of Public Business
votes of Senate thereon-Acceptance of Gen-

---Correcting an Error in previous Proclama-
eral Thomas-Secretary Stanton's Letter “Re-

tion--Orders respecting Reconstruction.
linquishing Charge,” and vote on General Scho-
field's Confirmation.

XXXI. Members of the Cabinet and the 40th


XXIV. The Articles of Impeachment and

Answer-Votes in the House, and Judg-

XXXII. Votes on Political Bills and Resolu-

ment of the Senate ..........

4-22 tions


Vote in House, November 25, 1867—The Final

To continue the Bureau for the relief of Freed-
Effort at Impeachment, and Vote of House

men and Refugees, and Total Expenditures

thereon-Articles of Impeachment, and Votes

of the Bureau-Thanks to ex-Secretary Stan-

thereon-Vote on the Legality of the Court-

ton-Bills respecting the Supreme Court-For

The Answer of President Johnson-The Repli-

the further security of Equal Rights in the

cation of the House-Progress of the Trial-

District of Columbia-The Eight-Hour Law.

The Judgment of the Senate.

XXXIII. Political Miscellany.....


XXV. Correspondence between General Grant

Votes of State Legislatures on XIVth Amend-
and President Johnson, growing out of ment-Votes by the People on proposed Con-

stitutional Amendments in Michigan, Ohio,

Secretary Stanton's Suspension.................22-33

Kansas, and Minnesota-President Johnson's

Telegram to ex-Governor Parsons on Ala-

XXVI. Letters, Papers, Testimony, Politico bama's Ratification of XIVth Amendment-

Military Orders, and Report of General Financial Legislation authorizing the 6's of


.....33-56 1881, the 5-20's, the 10-40's, the Consolidated

Loan of 1865, Legal Tenders, Sinking Fund,

General Grant's Orders respecting Slaves, is

and Limiting the amount of “Greenbacks."

sued in the Field-Letters on Slavery and

Reconstruction; on being a Candidate for Po-

litical Office;. on Results of “Peace on any

XXXIV. National Platforms of 1852, 1856,

Terms;" on Filling the Armies; on Protecting
Colored Soldiers-His Testimony on the Ex 1860, and 1864.....

change of Prisoners-Documents on the Pro-

Democratic and Whig Platforms of 1852—Re-
posed Mission to Mexico-On the Baltimore publican and Democratic Platforms of 1856,
Troubles of 1866–On Martial Law in Texas,

1860, 1864.
Testimony on Reconstruction-Letters on
the Removal of General Sheridan and Sec XXXV. National Platforms of 1868.........104-112
retary Stanton-His Orders and Telegrams

Republican and Democratic Platforms of 1868,

to Military Commanders in the Unrecon-

with the Letters of Acceptance of Candidates,

structed States-1 port as Secretary of War

and sundry Proceedings of the Conventions.

ad interim.

XXXVI. Statistical Tables-Elections, Rov-
XXVII. Digest of Orders of Military Com-

manders, and General Action under the

enue, Appropriations, &C.........

Election Returns since 1860, and Electoral Col-

Reconstruction Acts......

-56-65 lege--Taxation (State and United States) of Na-

Orders of General Schofield in the First Mili-

tional Banks-Internal Revenue Receipts of

tary District-Orders of Generals Sickles and

1867 and 1868-Registration, Disfranchisement,

Canby in the Second Military District-Orders

and Elections in the Rebel States-Revenue
of Generals Pope, Meade, and Swayne in the

Receipts since 1860, and Annual Expenditures
Third Military District-Orders of Generals

from 1860 to January, 1869—Expenditures and
Ord, Gillem, and McDowell in the Fourth Mil-

Appropriations for fiscal years ending June 30,

itary District-Orders of Generals Griffin,

1858, June 30, 1866, 1867, and till January 1, 1868,

Sheridan, Mower, Hancock, and Buchanan, in together with Appropriations for the year 1869,
the Fifth Military District.

and Estimates for same.
XXVIII. Abstracts of now Constitutions.... 66-75 | Addenda ......

Of Maryland and New York, of Alabama, Ar Additional Bill rospecting Freedmen's Bu.
kansas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, North Car-

reau-The Electoral College Bill, and Presi-
olina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Mississippi.

dent Johnson's veto, with the votes on re-pas-

sage-President Johnson's Proclamation on

XXIX. Supplemental Reconstruction Moas-

the Ratification of the XIVth Amendment by

Florida and North Carolina-General Blair's

.76-81 Letter to Col. Brodhead-Speeches of Mr. Sey-
Act of July 19, 1867-Act of March 11, 1868–

mour and General Blair on accepting their
The Arkansas Bill—The “Omnibus Bill-

Nominations-Secretary Seward's certificate
Votes on all, and on various Propositions made

respecting the ratification of XIVth Amend.

during their pendency.

ment-The Funding Bill.







Request for Mr. Stanton's Rosignation and 4.- PRESIDENT JOHNSON TO GENERAL GRANT. Reply.



BIR: The honorable Edwin M. Stanton having WASHINGTON, August 5, 1867.

been this day suspended as Secretary of War, you SIR : Public considerations of a high character are hereby authorized and empowered to act as constrain me to say that your resignation as Secretary of War ad interim, and will at once Secretary of War will be accepted.

enter upon the discharge of the duties of that Very respectfully,


ANDREW JOHNSON. The Secretary of War has been instructed to To Hon. EDWIN M. STANTON,

transfer to you all records, books, papers, and Secretary of War. other public property now in his custody and

charge. Very respectfully, yours, 2.-SECRETARY STANTON TO PRESIDENT JOHNSON.


WASHINGTON, August 5, 1867.

Washington, D. C. SIR: Your note of this day has been received,


.-GENERAL GRANT TO SECRETARY STANTON. stating that public considerations of a high character constrain you to say that my resignation HEADQ’RS ARMIES OF THE UNITED STATES, as Secretary of War will be accepted.

WASHINGTON, D. C., August 12, 1867. In reply, I have the honor to say that public SIR: Enclosed herewith I have the honor to considerations of a high character, which alone transmit to you a copy of a letter just received have induced me to continue at the head of this from the President of the United States, notifying Department, constrain me not to resign the office me of my assignment as Acting Secretary of War, of Secretary of War before the next meeting of and directing me to assume those duties at once. Congress. Very respectfully, yours,

In notifying you of my acceptance, I cannot EDWIN M. STANTON. let the opportunity pass without expressing to To the PRESIDENT.

you my appreciation of the zeal, patriotism,

firmness, and ability with which you have ever Secretary Stanton's Suspension. discharged the duties of Secretary of War. 3.-PRESIDENT JOHNSON TO SECRETARY STANTON. With great respect, your obedient servant, EXECUTIVE MANSION,

U.S. GRANT, General.

WASHINGTON, August 12, 1867
SIR: By virtue of the power and authority

Secretary of War. vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States, you are hereby 6.-SECRETARY STANTON TO PRESIDENT JOHNSON, suspended from office as Secretary of War, and

WAR DEPARTMENT, will cease to exercise any and all functions per

WASHINGTON CITY, August 12, 1867. taining to the same. You will at once trans SIR: Your note of this date has been received, fer to General Ulysses S. Grant, who has this informing me that, by virtue of the power and day been authorized and empowered to act as authority vested in you as President by the ConSecretary of War ad interim, all records, books, stitution and laws of the United States, I am papers, and other public property now in your suspended from office as Secretary of War, and custody and eharge.

will cease to exercise any and all functions perVery respectfully, yours,

taining to the same, and also directing me at

ANDREW JOHNSON. once to transfer to General U. S. Grant, who has To Hon. EDWIN M STANTON,

this day been authorized and empowered to act Secretary of War. as Secretary of War ad interim, all records А



books, papers, and other public property now YEAS—Messrs. Anthony, Cameron, Cattell, Chandler, Cole, in my custody and charge.

Conkling, Conness, Corbett, Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, Ferry,

Fessenden, Fowler, Frelinghuysen, Harlan, Howard, Howe, Under a sense of public duty I am compelled Morgan, Morrill of Maine, Morrill of Vermont, Morton, Nye to deny your right, under the Constitution and Patterson of New Hampshire, Pomeroy, Ramsey, Stewart laws of the United States, without the advice Sumner, Thayer, Tipton, Trumbull, Wade, Willey, Williams, and consent of the Senate, and without legal NAYS--Messrs. Bayard, Buckalew, Davis, Dizon, Doolittle, cause, to suspend me from office as Secretary of Patterson of Tennessee-6. War, or the exercise of any or all functions dricks, Johnson, Norton, Ross, Saulsbury, Sherman, Sprague,

Nor Voting—Messrs. Grimes, Guthrie, Henderson, Henpertaining to the same, or without such advice Van Winkle, Vickers, Yates—13. and consent to compel me to transfer to any [The National Intelligencer stated, in its news person the records, books, papers, and public columns, that Messrs. Henderson and Hendricks property in my custody as Secretary. But inas- were paired, and that Mr. Ross, though present, much as the General commanding the armies of declined to vote.] the United States has been appointed ad interim, and has notified me that he has accepted the

Action of General Grant. appointment, I have no alternative but to submit, under protest, to superior force.


WASHINGTON, D. C., January 14, 1868. EDWIN M. STANTON,

SIR: I have the honor to enclose herewith

copy of official notice received by me last eve

Secretary of War. To the PRESIDENT.

ning of the action of the Senate of the United States in the case of the suspension of Hon. E.

M. Stanton, Secretary of War. According to 7.-SEORETARY STANTON TO GENERAL GRANT.

the provisions of section two of "An act reguWAR DEPARTMENT, lating the tenure of certain civil offices," my WASHINGTON CITY, August 12, 1867. functions as Secretary of War ad interim ceased GENERAL: Your note of this date, accom- from the moment of the receipt of the within panied by a copy of a letter addressed to you, notice. August 12, by the President, appointing you I have the honor to be, very respectfully, Secretary of War ad interim, and informing me your obedient servant, of your acceptance of the appointment, has been

U. S. GRANT, General. received.

His Excellency A. JOHNSON, Under a sense of public duty I am compelled

President of the United States. to deny the President's right, under the Constitution and laws of the United States, to suspend Subsequent Action of President Johnson. me from office as Secretary of War, or to author 1868, February 21-President Johnson sent ize any other person to enter upon the discharge this message to the Senate: of the duties of that office, or to require me to transfer to you or any other person the records, To the Senate of the United States :

WASHINGTON, D. C., February 21, 1868. books, papers, and other property in my

official custody and charge as Secretary of War.

On the 12th day of August, 1867, by virtue But, inasmuch as the President has assumed of the power and authority vested in the Presito suspend me from office as Secretary of War, dent by the Constitution and laws of the United and you have notified me of your acceptance of States, I suspended Edwin M. Stanton from the the appointment of Secretary of War ad interim, of the power and authority so vested in the

office of Secretary of War. In further exercise I have no alternative but to submit, under pro- President, I have this day removed Mr. Stanton test, to the superior force of the President. You will please accept my acknowledgment General of the Army as Secretary of War ad

from the office, and designated the Adjutant of the kind terms in which you have notified

interim. me of your acceptance of the President's appointment, and my cordial reciprocation of the

Copies of the communications upon this subsentiments expressed.

ject, addressed to Mr. Stanton and the Adjutant I am, with sincere regard, truly yours,

General, are herewith transmitted for the inEDWIN M. STANTON,

formation of the Senate. ANDREW JOHNSON.

Secretary of War. [For copies of these orders, see the first and General ULYSSES S. GRANT.

second Articles of Impeachment.] Action of the Senate, January 13, 1868.

Further Proceedings in the Senate. January 13—The Senate resumed considera

February 21—Mr. Edmunds submitted the foltion of the following resolution, reported by the lowing resolution for consideration : Committee on Military Afairs and the Militia, the communication of the President stating that

Resolved, That, having received and considered the 10th instant:

he had removed from office Edwin M. Stanton, Resolved, That having considered the evidence Secretary of War, the Senate disapprove the and reasons given by the President in his report action of the President. of the 12th December, 1867, for the suspension The Senate, by unanimous consent, proceeded from the office of Secretary of War of Edwin M. to consider the said resolution. Stanton, the Senate do not concur in such sus Mr. Dixon moved to amend the resolution, by, pension.

striking out all after the word " Resolved," and Which was determined in the afirmative-inserting as follows: That the President be reyeas 35, nays 6, as follow:

quested to inform the Senate by what authority ho

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