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67. Along thAtlantic rock, undreading, climb,

And of its eggs despoil the Solan's nest. ] An aquatic bird like a goose, on the eggs of which the inhabitants of St. Kilda, another of the Hebrides, chiefly subsist. 69. Are by smooth Annan fill'd, or pastoral Tay,

Or Don's romantic springs, at distance, hail!] Three rivers in Scotland, ib. Then will I dress once more the faded bow'r,

Where Jonson sat in Drummond's classic shade;] Ben Jonson paid a visit on foot, 1619, to the Scotch poet Drummond, at his seat of Hawthornden, within four miles of Edinburgh. ib. The cordial youth on Lothian's plains, -]

Barrow, it seems, was at the Edinburgh university, which is in the county of Lothian.

ODE V. Page 74. What millions perish'd near thy mournful flood

When the red papal tyrant cry'd out-blood!'] Alluding to the persecutions of the Protestants, and the wars of the Saracens, carried on in the Southern provinces of France.

ODE VII. Page 79. Ye green-hair'd Nymphs! whom PAN allows

To tend this sweetly-solemn Wood,] At Ebberstone-Lodge a seat near Scarborough, finely situated with a great command of water, but disposed in a very false taste.

Page 88. Has Romely lost the living greens

Which erst adorn'd her artless grove?]
In Scarsdale, in the County of Derby.

ODE XI. Page 91. —Newton's happy groves!] Newton is the name of a seat belonging to Sir John Price.

ODE XII. Page 93. The writer of this Ode, a near relation, and if we mistake not, brother, of the Author of “ Philemon to HYDASPES," was educated at Magdalen college, Cambridge; and there distinguished himself as an elegant scholar and an amiable man. The Adventures of Pompey the little," were written by him. He died of the small pox, vicar of Edgware, in 1759.

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ODE XVI. Page 109. While Theron warbles Graecian strains,] The author of the Pleasures of Imagination.

ODE XVII. Page 110. The Gentleman addressed in this Ode, was second son of the third Viscount Townsend.

After having filled some of the highest posts under government, with distinguished honour, he died Sept. 4, 1767, aged 42.



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John Bell, British Library, STRAND, Bookseller to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.


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