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Silent was all around,

Save when the swelling breeze
Convey'd the half-expiring sound

Of distant waterfalls, and gently-waving trees.

No tinkling folds, no curfew's parting knell Struck the sequester'd Anchoret's ear ; Remote from men he scoop'd his narrow cell, For much he had endur'd, no more he look'd to fear.

But still, the world's dark tempests past,
What tho' his skiff was drawn to shore,
And shelter'd in retirement fast,

Yet oft his voyage he'd ponder o'er;

Oft in reflection life's rough ocean view,

How mount the stormy waves, how hard to struggle through!

Before his sage revolving eyes
Various phantoms seem'd to rise,
Now retreat, and now advance,
And mazy twine the mystic dance.

Joy led the van, in rapture wild,
Thoughtless of the distant day;
Sweet Complacence, angel mild,

Hied from the frantic pageant far away;
For she was Wisdom's favour'd child,
In revelry untaught to stray.

Joy led the van—her painted vest,
Flowing to th' obsequious wind,
Hope had seiz'd, with flutt’ring breast,
And eager tripp'd behind.

Gay she stepp'd, till busy Fear

Whisper'd in her startled ear

"How many a cup is dash'd with gall,

"How many an evil may befall!”

Aghast awhile she heard the ruthful song, Then faster seiz'd the robe, and hastier danc'd along.

Close Love follow'd in the train,
Love, the queen of pleasing pain:
Placid now in dear delight,
Madd'ning now in deep affright,

And prying keen with jaundic'd eye,
Pierc'd by the sting of hell-born Jealousy.

'Twixt Pride and lust of Grandeur led,
Next Ambition rear'd her head,

By Fhrenzy urg'd o'er every bar to rise,
And seize the visionary prize :

Wild as she rush'd, she scorn'd to mark the ground,
Yet many a slip she made, and many a fall she found.

Pale as the waning moon,

With tear-stain'd cheek and stupid gaze, Withering before life's sunny noon,

Grief crept along in sad amaze,

By many a stroke to keenest misery brought,

Now in a shower dissolv'd, now lost in inward thought.

As the rous'd Tiger gaunt and fell
Kindles into cruel rage,

With flashing glare and murd'rous yell-
Thus Anger past th' ideal stage,

Too fierce for wounds or groans to feel,

Onward she sprung, and shook the bloody steel.

While far behind, with silent pace and slow,
Malice was content to go,

Patient the distant hour to wait,

And hide with courteous smiles the blackest hate.
Secret long her wrath she'd keep,

'Till time disarm'd the foe, then drove her poniard


To Malice link'd, as near allied,

Envy march'd with baneful lour;

Detraction halted by her side,

Upheld by Falshood's feeble power.

"No more!-no more !" the holy Seer exclaim'd, "Passions wild, unbroke, untam'd,

"Must sure the human heart o'erthrow, "And plunge in all the energy of woe.

"Grant then the boon, all-gracious Heav'n, "Let reason ever take the helm ;

"Lest, by unheeded whirlwinds driv'n, "The pinnace frail some gust may overwhelm !

“Hang out the friendly lamp, that clear "From Error's perils she may safely steer; "Till death shall bid each trial cease,

"And moor the shatter'd bark in peace!"





FAREWELL thou dimpled cherub Joy,
Thou rose-crown'd, ever-smiling boy,
Wont thy sister Hope to lead

To dance along the primrose mead!
No more, bereft of happy hours,
I seek thy lute-resounding bowers,
But to yon ruin'd tower repair,
To meet the God of groans, Despair;
Who, on that ivy-darken'd ground,
Still takes at eve his silent round,
Or sits yon new-made grave beside,
Where lies a frantic Suicide:

While labouring sighs my heart-strings break,
Thus to the sullen Power I speak :

"Haste, with thy poison'd dagger, haste,

"To pierce this sorrow-laden breast;
"Or lead me at the dead of night,
"To some sea-beat mountain's height,
"Whence with headlong haste I'll leap
"To the dark bosom of the deep;

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