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Curat sobolis gigantea

Ante Guipense antrum ; Insistere

Rumpentur Catenæ,
Gladium cordi :

Et proruet lupus.
Tum patris mortem ulciscitur. Pro reditur passus novem

Fyorginæ proles,
Tum prodit magnus

Tristis ab angue
Filius Lodinæ ;

Mala facere non timido.
Incedit Odini filius
Ut cum lupo (seu fratre lupi Nigrescit Sol:

Iormungando) dimicet; Immergitur mari Tellus :
Magnâ audacia

Disparescunt e Celo
Occidit midgardicum anguem. Serenæ Stellæ :
Viri omnes

Sævit ignis
E mundo evacuabuntur. Sub sæculi extremitatem ;

Lambit ascendens flamma
Latrat Garmus valde Ipsum Cælum.



Page 126 For the ground work of this, as well as of the preceding Ode, see BARTHOLINUS de Causis contemptae mortis apud Danos. Lib. 2. c. 14.

Pour the sparkling beverage high;

Be the song with horror franght: Lab'ring earth, and ruin'd sky,

Fix the soul in solemn thought. ) Alluding to the preceding Ode. 127.

Odin next inspire the verse,

Gor’d by the relentless fang ;] Fenris, by whom Odin was slain.

ib. “ Monarchs of the bleak domain.] Amplum ventosum mundum. BARTHOL. 128.

the dome of gold, ] Gimli, the Palace of the Blest ; called otherwise Vingolf, the Palace of Friendship.


In Nastronda's northern plain

Hark, th' envenom'd portals ope :] The place of punishment for the wicked.



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Ser hon uppkoma, &c. Videt illa emergere

Domum stare videt Alterâ vice

Sole clariorem, Terram e mari

Auro tectam Valdé viridem;

In Gimli ; Labuntur aquæ ;

Ibi probi Supervolat aquila,

Populi habitabunt, Quæ in montibus

Et per sæcula Pisces capit.

Gaudio fruentur. Conveniunt Dii

Tum prodit potens ille, In lde campo;

Instante divino judicio, Et de dirutis habitaculis Validus e supe nis Validis loquuntur:

Qui omnia regit; Ibique mentionem faciunt Hic sentiam fert, Magnorum colloquiorum, It causas dirimit, Et Odini

Sacra fata statuit, Antiquorum sermonum. Quæ durabunt. " Ibi deinde

" Advenit suscus « Mirabiles orbes

" Draco volans, “ Deaurati aleatorii

“ Anguis asper, ab imis “ In gramine invenientur,

" Nidensibus montibus; « Quos olim possederant « Pennis suis fertur; 6. Rector deorum,

66 Pervolat campum « Et Odini progenies."

“ Nidhoggus mortuorum.

" Nunc illa terra absorbitur." Ferent non sati Agri fructum :

Domum stare videt Advers quævis cessent:

A sole remotam
Aderit Balderus.

In Nastronda;
Incolent Balderus et Hodus Fores boream spectant;
Odini dirutas ædes,

Distillant veneni guttæ
Bene bellaces Dij.

Intro per fenestras : Nostin' adhuc quid rei geritur? Hæc contexta est domus

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For the original of this Ode, see Hickes's Thesaurus Septentrional. Vol. I. Metro haud multum dissimili carmina sua scripsit Scaldus ille,




auctor libri, cui titulus HERVARER SAGA (quem edidit cl.
Olaus Varelius) ut constat ex dialogo illo inter Hervaram et
Argantyri patris sui manes, à quo ad tumulum stans, ut Tri.
fingum gladium cum eo sepultum daret, rogat.


sects, unless you deliver me the
AWAKE, Argantyr; Hervor, sword which the dwarfs made,
the only daughter of thee and and the glorious belt!
Suasu doth awaken thee. Give
me out of the tomb the hard- Daughter Hervor, full of spells
ened sword which the dwarfs to raise the dead, why dost thou
made for Suafurlama. Hervar- call so? Wilt thou run on to
dur, Hiorvardur, Hrani, and thy own mischief? Thou art
Argantyr, with helmet and coat mad, and out of thy senses, who
of mail, and a sharp sword: with art desperately resolved to wake
shield and accoutrements, and dead men. I was not buried ei-
bloody spear, I ke you all un- ther by father, or other friends.
der the roots of trees. Are the Two which lived after me, got
sons of Andgrym, who delight. Tirfing, one of whom is now
ed in mischief, now become possessor thereof.
dust and ashes? Can none of
Eyvor's sons now speak with Thou dost not tell the truth:
me, out of the habitations of So let Odin hide thee in the
the dead? Harvardur, Hiorvar- tomb, as thou hast Tirfing by
dur! So may you all be within thee. Art thou unwilling, Ar-
your ribs, as a thing that is gantyr, to give an inheritance
hanged up to putrify among in- to thy only child?










I will tell thee, Hervor, what Thou dost well, thou offspring will come to pass : this Tirfing, of Heroes, that thou didst send will, if thou dost believe me, me the sword out of the tomb. destroy almost all thy offspring. I am now better, pleased, O Thou shalt have a son, who af- Prince! to have it, than if I terwards must possess Tirfing, got all Norway, and many think that he will be called Heidrek by the people. False woman, thou dost not

understand, that thou speakest I do by enchantments make, foolishly of that in which thou that the dead shall never enjoy dost rejoice. For Tirfing shall rest, unless Argantyr deliver if thou wilt believe me, maid, me Tirfing.

destroy all thy offspring. Young maid, I say thou art I must go to my seamen. Here of manlike courage, who dost I have no mind to stay longer. rove about by night to tombs, Little do I care o Royal Friend! with spear engraved with ma- what my sons hereafter quarrel gical spells, with helmet, and about. coat of mail, before the door of

ARGANTYR. our hall.

Take and keep Hialmar's

bane, which thou shalt long I took thce for a brave man, have and enjoy. Touch but the before I found out your hall. edges of it, there is poison in Give me out of the tomb the both of them : it is a most cruel workmanship of the dwarfs, devourer of men. which hates all coats of mail;

HERVOR. it is not good for thee to hide it. I shall keep, and take in hand,

the sharp sword which thou The death of Hialmer lies un- hast let me have : I do not fear, der my shoulders; it is all wrapt O slain Father! what my sons up in fire: I know no maid in hereafter may quarrel about. any country, that dares this sword take in hand.

Farewel), daughter! I do

quickly give thee twelve men's I shall keep, and take in my death ; if thou canst believe hand the sharp sword, if I may with might and courage; even obtain it. I do not think that all the goods that Andgrym's fire will burn, which plays a- sons left behind them. bout the sight of deceased men.

Dwell all of you safe in the O conceited Hervor, thu art tomb. I must begone and hastmad. Rather than thou in a en hence, for I seem to be in moment shouldest fall into the the midst of a place where fire fire, I will give thee the sword burns round about me. out of the tumb, young maid, Hickes's Thesaurus Septentri. and not lide it from thee.

oralis, Vol, I. page 123.







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