Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry ..., Объемы 13-15

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John Bell, 1791

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Стр. 95 - We'll form their minds, with studious care, To all that's manly, good, and fair, And train them for the skies.
Стр. 120 - This idea which he had formed of excellence led him to oriental fictions and allegorical imagery, and perhaps, while he was intent upon description, he did not sufficiently cultivate sentiment. His poems are the productions of a mind not deficient in fire, nor unfurnished with knowledge either of books or life, but somewhat obstructed in its progress by deviation in quest of mistaken beauties.
Стр. 121 - That this man, wise and virtuous as he was, passed always unentangled through the snares of life, it would be prejudice and temerity to affirm; but it may be said that at least he preserved the source of action unpolluted, that his principles were never shaken, that his distinctions of right and wrong were never confounded, and that his faults had nothing of malignity or design, but proceeded from some unexpected pressure, or casual temptation.
Стр. 88 - To purchase heaven has gold the power? Can gold remove the mortal hour? In life can love be bought with gold? Are friendship's pleasures to be sold ? No — all that's worth a wish — a thought, Fair Virtue gives unbribed, unbought.
Стр. 96 - Our portion is not large, indeed ; But then how little do we need ! For nature's calls are few : In this the art of living lies, To want no more than may suffice, And make that little do.
Стр. 121 - After his return from France, the writer of this character paid him a visit at Islington, where he was waiting for his sister, whom he had directed to meet him: there was then nothing of disorder discernible in his mind by any but himself; but he had withdrawn from study, and travelled with no other book than an English Testament, such as children carry to the school : when his friend took it into his hand out of curiosity to see what companion a Man of Letters had chosen, I have but one book...
Стр. 46 - But think far off how, on the southern coast, I met thy friendship with an equal flame ! Fresh to that soil thou turn'st...
Стр. 94 - Tho' singularity and pride Be call'd our choice, we'll step aside, Nor join the giddy dance. From the gay world, we'll oft retire To our own family and fire, Where love our hours employs ; No noisy neighbour enters here, No intermeddling stranger near, To spoil our heart-felt joys. If solid happiness we prize, Within our breast...
Стр. 73 - WHEN in the crimson cloud of even The lingering light decays, And Hesper on the front of heaven His glittering gem displays ; Deep in the silent vale, unseen, Beside a lulling stream, A pensive youth of placid mien Indulged this tender theme : " Ye cliffs, in hoary grandeur piled High o'er the glimmering dale ; Ye woods, along whose windings wild Murmurs the solemn gale : Where Melancholy strays forlorn, And Woe retires to weep, What time the wan moon's yellow horn Gleams on the western deep :
Стр. 49 - O'er its drown'd banks, forbidding all return ! Or, if he meditate his wish'd escape, To some dim hill, that seems uprising near, To his faint eye, the grim and grisly shape, In all its terrors clad, shall wild appear.

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