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448 A Satire on Satire. From the Boscombe MS. through Garnett. Shelley (from Pisa) to Hunt, January 25, 1822: “I began once a satire on satire, which I meant to be very severe; it was full of small knives, in the use of which practice would have soon made me very expert. Garnett, Relics, 190.

449 Ginevra. Mrs. Shelley's Note, 1824: "This fragment is part of a poem which Mr. Shelley intended to write founded on a story to be found in the first volume of a book entitled L'Osservatore Fiorentino." Garnett identified the passage L'Osservatore Fiorentino sugli edifizi della sua Patria, 1821, p. 119. In the story Ginevra revives. Compare Hunt, A Legend of Florence, where Shelley's poem is referred to in the preface.

TEXT: 27 even 18391,2.

37 Better 1824.

63 omit, 1824.

457 The Boat on the Serchio. Medwin, Life, ii. 122 : “I have heard Shelley often speak with rapture of the excursions they [Shelley and Williams] made together. The canal fed by the Serchio, of the clearest water, is so rapid that they were obliged to tow the boat up against the current; but the swift descent, through green banks enamelled with flowers and overhung with trees that mirrored themselves on its glassy surface, gave him a wonderful delight. He has left a record of these trips in a poem entitled The Boat on the Serchio, and calls Williams and himself Melchior and Lionel."

TEXT: 1 on || in 1824.

14 Appennines' 18392.

46-51 Rossetti, Forman and Dowden give the first two lines to Lionel, the last four to Melchior.

58-61 18391,2 follow 1824.

61-67 Rossetti inserts these lines, by conjecture, be

[blocks in formation]

TEXT: 112 until 18391,2.

114 clear 18391,2.

117 fir 18391,2.

461 The Zucca.

TEXT: i. 7 poor 18391,2.

iii. 7 18391,2 follow 1824.

8 omit, 18392.

iv. 2 or 18391,2.

storm-benighted Rossetti conj.

8 sun sun or sea Boscombe MS. doubtful.

v. 6 fresh grass 18391,2.

vi. 6 as 18391,2.

x. 2 sun and air 18391,2.

MS. Boscombe.

465 Lines. From the Boscombe MS.

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