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adjourned to Cambridge – Refuses to provide for

the troops—Conduct of the other colonies—Lord

Hillsborough informs the colonial assemblies that he

will repeal all the duties except that on tea—Mob at

Boston attacks a picket guard of soldiers, who fire

and kill three persons—Trial and acquittal—The

Governor surrenders Castle Island to the Commander

—Their peculiarities—No pre-existing monarchy,

hierarchy, or nobility to contend with—Settlers not a

military people—No mobs—Monarchy the oldest

and most natural form of government in the world—

Laws passed to regulate the price of labour —

Massachusetts was a federative body in miniature.

Secondly, With reference to the period of the

adoption of the federal constitution, and herein of

general predisposition to rebellion—Immediate cause

of revolution—The large republic possesses all the

features of the first: 1st. The same vast territory;

2nd. People of one common origin and language;

3rd. No pre-existing monarchical institutions; 4th.

No powerful neighbours; 5th. No poor; 6th. Im-

portant additions or changes; 7th. Universal tolera-

tion, in consequence of which there is danger of

Romish ascendancy—Growth of sectarianism and

infinite dissent — American Episcopal Church, , its

character, conduct, and growth — Republicanism

favourable to spread of Popery—The error of the

Jesuits in judging of it—State of Popery in purely

Roman Catholic countries, and where Protestantism

prevails — Permanent provision for President and

Judges—High character of the Supreme Court of

the United States—American mode of selecting judges

recommended for colonies—Difference in power of

English and American judges. Thirdly, Reasons

why a republic cannot be successful in England—

Effects of monarchy on society.—Fourthly, Reasons

why it cannot exist in France—Effect of first revo-

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