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Gormund. His pieces upon Tho. Coriat the

Odcumbian Traveller. Wit and Mirth, or

Pleasant Jefts, &c. As to the author, he is « faid to have been a Gloucestersbire man, and < was bred a sailor; he was at the taking < of Cadiz under the earl of Efex, in 1596, s and at Flores, in the Island-Voyage, next year: - he was besides in Germany, Bohemia, Scot• land, &c. He was many years collector for

the lieutenant of the tower, of the wines • which were his fee from all fhips which

brought them up the Thames ; but was-at

last discharged because he would not pur* chase the place at more than it was worth.

He calls himself the King's Water-poet and

the Queen's Water-man, and did wear the " badge of the royal arms. After the beheading

of King Charles, he kept a public-house ( in Phenix alley, near Long-acre, and set up

the Mourning-Crown, for his sign; but found " it safer to take it down again and hang up s his own head instead of it. It is said he <died about the year 1654*.'


> Taylor, though illiterate, was a man of understanding, but a fingular humourist. In his account of Wood the great eater, above-mentioned, he relates, that he was very near engaging him to eat at one time as much black pudding as would reach cross the Thames, at any place to be fixed on by Taylor himself, betwixt London and Richmond. Being a waterman by trade, he had a mortal hatred to coaches, and wrote a bitter but very diverting invective against them; and upon a suggestion that the watermen were starving for want of employment, preferred a petition to King James I. which was referred to certain commissioners, of whom Sir Francis Bacon was one, the obje&t whereof was, to obtain a prohibition' of all playhouses but those on the bank side, that the greater


Of this stupendous work the Harleian catalogue, it is difficult to give an idea, save by such extracts as those above, and others in Latin of a like kind. Prefixed to it is a Latin dedication to lord Carteret by Mr. Michael Maittaire, dated February 1742-3, and after that, a preface, doubtless drawn up by Johnson, beginning · To solicit a subscription for a catalogue

of books exposed to fale,' wherein with great learning and no less judgment, he points out the excellence and extent of the collection, urges those arguments which should induce men of learning to become purchasers, and anticipates whatever objections could be made to this uncommon species of catalogue, and the method of circulating it.

The several articles are distributed in the order of a common place, that does honour to Johnson and Maittaire, who are supposed to have been jointly the framers of it. Here follows a specimen of the subdivision of the first of the heads therein contained, viz. Theology,

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta.


Græca. Nov. Teftamentum. Biblia Vulgata.

Latina variorum Interpretum.

part of those who were desirous of seeing plays might be compelled to go by water. Taylor himself folicited this petition, and was prepared to oppose before the commiflioners the reasons of the players, but the commiflion was dissolved before it came to 2 bcaring,


Hispanica, Germanica, &c.

in linguis Variis Hodiernis.
Psalteria Metrica.
Concordantiæ & Lexica Biblica.
Comment. Biblicorum Scriptores.


Patres Græci & Scriptores Ecclefiaftici.

Latini & Scriptores Ecclefiaftici.
Conciliorum Compendia.)
Hift. Ecclefiaft.
Vitæ Sanctorum & Theologorum.

Pontificum Rom.
Hist. Ord. Monastic.
Ecclef. Orientalis.

Linguis Hodiernis conscripta.
Theologia Judaica.


Controversia Theologicæ.

Contra Judeos.
Græcorum Scripta contra Latinos.

Contra Ecclef. Roman,
Scriptores pro Romana Ecclesia.



Libri de Jesuitarum Moribus.
Libri de Ritibus, Cæremoniis et Institutis Ecclefiaft.

De Ritibus Græcorum.

Liturgiæ Græcorum. De Ritibus Rom. eccl. &c. Liturgiæ.

Miffalia Angliæ, five ad usum Ecclefiæ Sa

Miffalia Romana.

Miffalia variarum Ecclesiarum.
Liturgiæ orientalium Ecclefiarum.


Ceremonalia & Pastoralia.
Officia Mariæ Virginis.
Horz Romanæ.
Horæ Sarishuriensis.
Hymnorum libri.
Scriptores de Trinitate.
Theologia Gallica.
Scriptores de Ritibus Judaicis.

The catalogue having passed the press, turned out to be very voluminous, and being of a singular kind, Osborne hoped to be able to make the public pay for it; to this end it was, that he directed Johnson to draw up the preface, giving an account of the contents of the library, and containing a variety of arguments to vindicate a solicitation for a subscription, that is to Vol.I. L


say, a demand of five shillings for each volume of the catalogue, to defray the expence of printing it; the volume or volumes fo purchased, to be taken in exchange for any book rated at the same value. This paper, of which a character has already been given, was, as I conjecture, a precursor to the catalogue, and was with great industry circulated throughout the kingdom. It answered its end; the catalogue was printed in five octavo volumes, the collectors and · lovers of books bought it, and Osborne was reimbursed.

While the catalogue was compiling, Johnson was further employed by Osborne to select from the many thoufand volumes of which the library consisted, all such small tracts and fugitive pieces as were of greatest value or were most scarce, with a view to the reprinting and publishing them under the title of the Harleian Miscellany. To recommend a subscription for printing the collection, proposals were published containing an account of the undertaking, and an enumeration of its contents, penned by Johnson with great art; which being very short, may itself be deemed a fugitive piece, and is therefore here inserted.

It has been for a long time a very just complaint among the learned, that a multitude of valuable

pro• • ductions, published in small pamphlets, or in single * sheets, are in a short time, too often by accidents or

negligence, destroyed and entirely loít; and that those authors, whose reverence for the public has hindered them from swelling their works with repetitions, or incumbering them with superfluities, and who, therefore, deserve the praise and gratitude of


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