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Rev. William PATTEN, Axsoy G. PHELPs, Esq., Rev. William W.
PHILLIPS, D. D., Mr. John Rankin, key. CHARLES Hall, Mr. Artuye
WATERBURY, Rev. Jos EvH W.WICKHAM, and Rev. John Woodbridge, D.D.,
from the city of New-York; and Rev. Daniel L. CARROLL, ZECHARIAL
Lewis, Esq., Mr. Johs N. Lewis, Rev. Elias W. CRANE, Rev. Isaac Lewis,
Rev. C. C. CUYLER, D. D., Rev. Thomas M. Smith, Orrin Day, Esq.,
CortLAND VAN RENSSELFAR, Esq., Rev. Mark Tucker, D. D., Rev. Ja-
COB VAN VECHTEN, Rev. Chauncey Eppy, Rev. Join Goldsmith, and Rev.
STEPHEN W. Stebbins, from other parts of the state : Rev. Asa HulyER,
D. D., and Rev. BAXTER Dickinson, from New Jersey: Rev. Gilbert R.
LIVINGSTON, D. D., and Rev, THOMAS H. SKINNER, D. D. from Pennsylva.
nia : Rev. Charles A. BOARDMAN, Rev. Edwin Hall, Rev. JOEL H. Linds-
OGDEN, from Connecticut : Rev. Thomas SHEPARD, Rev. Rufus ANDERSON,
and Mr. David GREENE, from Massachusetts : and Rev. Tuomas SAVAGE,
from New-Hampshire.

So that the whole number of corporate members present was 26, and of honorary members 62; or 88 in all. Possibly the names of some honorary members present, were not obtained.

The Recording Secretary read the Minutes of the last annual meeting.

The Rev. Thomas De Witt, D. D. was appointed Assistant Recording Secretary for the session.

Religious Services. The meeting was opened with prayer on the 3d, by Dr. Fay, and on the succeeding days by the Rev. Mr. Merwin and the Rev. Baxter Dickinson ; and was closed with prayer by Dr. McAuley.

The annual sermon before the Board was preached on Wednesday evening in the Brick Presbyterian church. At the same time three other missionary sermons were preached in other parts of the city, by request of the Prudential Committee-by Dr. McAuley, in the Reformed Dutch church in Marketstreet; by Dr. Skinner, in the Bleecker-street Presbyterian church; and by Rev. Mr. Beman, in the Laight-street Presbyterian church.

A public meeting was held in the Chatham-street chapel on Thursday evening, at which extracts were read from the Annual Report, and addresses made by the Rev. Eli Smith from the Mediterranean mission, the Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, and Dr. Beecher. Collection $236.

On Friday, at four P. M., the members of the Board united with many of their brethren in the celebration of the Lord's supper, in the Murray-street church. The ministers who presided on the occasion were Drs. McAuley, De Witt, Hillyer, and Beecher, and the Rey. Mr. Mortimer of the United Brethren. The elders of the Murray-street church were assisted in the distribution of the elements by elders and deacons from among the members of the Board.

Treasurer's Accounts. The Treasurer's accounts, as certified by the Auditors, were read, and were approved by the Board.


The following is a summary view of the receipts and expenditures of the Board during the year ending Aug. 31, 1832.


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$117,392 00 Legacies,

10,349 93 Interest of permanent fund,

2,310 48 Interest on temporary loans,

491 71

$130,574 12 EXPENDITURES. The payments from the Treasury to meet the current charges of the various missions and operations of the Board, were

120,954 95 Sum for which the Board was indebted at the last meeting,

2,941 53 Balance to the credit of the Board, carried to new account, September 1, 1832,*

6,677 64

$130,574 12 The following additions to permanent funds, of which the interest

only can be expended, have been made within the year past, viz.
To the Permanent Fund :
Gain on bank stock sold,

42 50
To the Permanent Fund for support of Officers :
From an individual,

4 20 For profits of the Missionary Herald, received during the year, 1,937 15 Interest, in part, on this fund,

1,062 46–3,003 81

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Committees appointed. Drs. McMurray and Spring and Mr. Lord were appointed a committee of arrangements relative to public services connected with the session.

Dr. Porter, Mr. Strong, and Dr. Cox were appointed a committee to report a suitable notice of the death of the late Corresponding Secretary, Dr. Cor. nelius, to be entered on the records of the Board.

A communication being made to the Board by a committee appointed by the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church to confer with a similar committee appointed by the Board on the subject of foreign missions, Drs. Miller and Edwards, Judge Platt, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Anderson were appointed a committee for such purpose.

Drs. Miller, McAuley, Woods, Cox, and Fay, Gen. Van Rensselaer, and Mr. Hill were appointed a committee to consider and report in what manner that part of the executive business of the Board, which relates to the departa ment of correspondence, can be best performed, and to nominate the necessary officers for that department.

Drs. Woods, Alexander, Cuyler, Allen, and Edwards, Judge Howell, and

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* When it is considered, that no less than fifteen preachers of the gospel, and two printers, are under commission to go forth among the heathen within no long time, and most of them to distant fields, it will be seen that this balance will soon be consumed. The necessary expenses of the existing system for the next year, including the sending forth of these miga sionaries, are estimated at 140,000 dollars. A much larger sum might be very usefully expended in extending and improving the schooling system in the missions generally.

Mr. Tappan, were appointed a committee to consider the subject of electing additional members of the Board and of the Prudential Committee, and 10 nominate suitable persons, should they report in favor of making such additions.

That part of the Report of the Prudential Committee, which relates to home proceedings, was referred to Mr. Strong, Rev. Mr. Merwin, and Rev. Isaac Lewis.

The part relating to Bombay, Ceylon, and southeastern Asia, to Rey. Mr. Beman, Rev. Mr. Savage, and Rev. Mr. Smith.

The part relating to the Mediterranean, to Drs. Alexander and Livingston, and Mr. Wilder.

The part relating to the Sandwich Islands, to Dr. McAuley, Rev. Mr. Carroll, and Rev. Mr. Patten.

The part relating to the Indians east of the Mississippi, to Drs. Allen and Matthews, and Rev. Mr. Van Vechten.

The part relating to the Indians west of the Mississippi, together with the northwestern Indians and those in the state of New York, to Gen. Van Rensselaer, Rev. Mr. Mason, and Mr. Day.

Judge Platt, Mr. Frelinghuysen, and Dr. McAuley were appointed a committee to examine the revised Laws and Regulations of the Board, reported by the Prudential Committee pursuant to directions given at the last annual meeting.

A report made by the Prudential Committee in reference to the salaries of missionaries, was referred to Judge Platt, Mr. Strong, Dr. Allen, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Lord.

The Recording Secretary was appointed a committee to present the thanks of the Board to Dr. Allen for his sermon, and to request a copy to be placed in the hands of the Prudential Committee for publication, and also to present the thanks of the Board to Dr. McAuley, Mr. Beman, and Dr. Skinner, for their sermons preached in behalf of the missionary cause, and to request a copy of each to be placed in the hands of the Prudential Committee for publication.

Mr. Lewis, Dr, Edwards, and Dr. Woodbridge were appointed a committee to examine a correspondence, which has taken place, in the course of the past year, between the Prudential Committee and the President of the United States, relating to the public treatment of the missionaries of this Board among the Cherokces, and report thereon.

Rev. Mr. Patten, Dr. McMurray, Rev. Cyrus Mason, Mr. Tappan, and Mr. Lord were appointed a committee to report during the present session upon the expediency of having a meeting in behalf of foreign missions in the city of New York, during the week of religious anniversaries,

The Hon. Samuel Hubbard, John Tappan, Esq., and Messrs. John C. Proctor, Daniel Noyes, and John Sullivan were appointed a committee to consider and recommend to the Prudential Committee the amount of salary, which each of the officers at the Missionary Rooms shall be authorized to receive during the year.

Dr. Wisner, Mr. Lord, and Rev. Mr. Dickinson were appointed a committee to report a time and place for the next Annual Meeting of the Board, with instructions to nominate a preacher for the same and his substitute,


Reports of Committees and Proceedings thereon.

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Annual Report -The Report of the Prudential Committee was read on Wednesday. The different parts of it were then placed in the hands of committees, as above stated.

The committee on the home proceedings of the Board proposed certain amendments, which were adopted, and the two following resolutions, which were also adopted; viz.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Prudential Committee to consider the expediency of introducing into the Missionary Herald such abstracts of missionary intelligence, and such interesting hints, or topics for discussion, as may suitably be communicated to the churches at their concert for prayer on the first Monday in every month; and of causing the work, if possible, to be so early distributed, that each number of it may be thus communicated during the month for which it is issued.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the members and patrons of the Board to aid in the establishment of suitable libraries at our various missionary stations, by such donation of books as may conveniently be spared, from time to time, from their private collections.

The committee to whom was referred that part of the Report of the Prudential Committee, which relates to the missions west of the Mississippi, and the missions in the northwestern part of the United States, reported, as matter for special gratitude, that among the moral improvements which have followed the revivals of religion in the Indian tribes, it appears to be a settled and uniform principle, that total abstinence from the use and traffic in intoxcating liquors is a necessary part of the Christian character and conduct.

The committees on the missions in India, southeastern Asia, the Mediterranean, the Sandwich Islands, the Indians east and west of the Mississippi, the northwestern Indians, and the Indians in the state of New York, recommended the acceptance of the Report, with only slight amendments.

The Report as a whole was approved, and ordered to be printed, in the usual manner, by the Prudential Committee.

Laws and Regulations of the Board. The Prudential Committee reported a code of laws and regulations, agreeably to instructions given them a year ago. The special committee, to whom these laws and regulations were then referred, subsequently made the following report.

The committee, to whom was referred the code of laws and regulations for the use of the Board and its officers, recommend, that the same, with the exception of a single article, be accepted and approved. This report was adopted, and the recommendation complied with by the Board.

Notice of Dr. Cornelius.—The committee appointed to report a suitable notice of the late Corresponding Secretary, reported the following, which was adopted; viz.

While the American Board remains, and its history is read by future generations, the Secretaries, who have conducted its correspondence by their wisdom and untiring zeal and successful Jabors, will never be forgotten. The names of Worcester and Evarts are precious in our memories,

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Rarely, if ever, has the Board been called to experience deeper sorrow, than by the mysterious providence of God in the sudden death of Dr. Cornelius. We had mourned over the venerable Worcester, and scarcely had we wiped away the tears occasioned by the death of the able and distinguished Evarts, when the wound was laid open and made to bleed afresh in the unexpected removal of Cornelius. These men need no eulogium or praises of ours, no monument of marble to tell of their excellence. They are engraved on our hearts, never to be obliterated till we die. To say less than that they were men of comprehensive minds, and rare spirits, and eminently qualified for a high and wide sphere of action, would be saying too little. Public opinion renders commendation from us, if ever called for, on the present occasion unnecessary. In the death of Dr. Cornelius we have a perfect comment on the words, “My ways are not your ways, nor my thoughts your thoughts." One year ago, this beloved man was with us. Many eyes were upon him as the very person to fill the place, for which he was deemed eminently fitted. Our expectations were raised, and we almost realised the successful results of his operations. But God saw otherwise. He had another place for him, concealed from mortal vision, of more elevated action. And it is for us to be still; it is as it should be. The church, and every missionary and every friend of Zion, sympathised in our grief. Not for his sake do we sorrow. We would not bring him back; we would not break him off from the song

of the ransomed, which, we think, he is raising in the upper kingdom to the glory of God. God has grieved us, but it is for our profit, that we might partake more largely of his holiness. Cornelius yet speaks. The Savior speaks, “Work while it is day." Let no moment be lost, no effort withheld, no zeal abated, no enterprise for Christ and the conversion of the world fail by any thing left undone within the compass of our individual and united power, knowing that though weak in ourselves, yet through Christ strengthening us, we can do all things.

Election of Members.—The committee on the expediency of adding to the number of corporate members reported, and the following persons were elected; viz. Rev. Enoch Pond, Professor in the Theological Seminary in Bangor, Me.; Rev. Nathan LORD, D.D., President of Dartmouth College, N. H.; SAMUEL T. ARMSTRONG, Esq., Rev. Rufus ANDERSON, Mr. David GREENE, and Mr. CHARLES STODDARD, of Boston, Mass.; Rev. Noan PorTER, D. D., of Connecticut; Rev. Cornelius C. CUYLER, D, D., ZECHARIAI LEWIS, Esq., and ORRIN Day, Esq., of the state of New York; Rev. Joun McDoWELL, D. D., and the Hon. Peter D. Vroom, of New Jersey; Rer. GEORGE A. BAXTER, D. D., Professor in the Union Theological Seminary, Virginia; and Rev. James Hoge, D. D., of Ohio.

James Farish, Esq., of Bombay, India, was elected a corresponding member of the Board.

Officers for the year. The committee appointed to consider and report in what manner that part of the executive business of the Board can best be performed, which belongs to the department of correspondence, and also to nominate the necessary officers for that department, reported;—that they unanimously recommend to the Board the choice of three Secretaries,

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