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vain to oppose the spread of Sunday schools; 6. The Bible is among the people. It begins they will ultimately overrun the land, and the to be seen und felt that universal religious edudevil bimself cannot help it."--"These Sunday 1 cation, not by sects but by the umpire of all schools have done more for their side," said an sects, is the most effectual check upon the strides enemy to all schemes of Christian benevolence, | of a corrupt ambition. Such an education is as "than any thing else they have ever tried; I am intolerable to the bigot and fanatic, as the light really afraid of them; they spring up as in a of the sun is to the owl and the bat. Considernight, and are spreading all around us."

ate men are persuaded, too, that in a governThe contributions to this specific object, from ment like ours, religious truth is not only the just May, 1830, 10 March 1, 1832, which is the close basis of popular education, and the sure foundaof our fiscal year, amounted to $60,714 60. tion of political freedom, but that the universal

Among the considerations which should urge diffusion of religious knowledge constitutes the us forward, may be mentioned

firmest barrier that can be erected against all 1. The degree of interest which has been ex

dangerous accumulation of ecclesiastical power. cited on this subject over all our country; and

7. Our faith is pledged to the prompt and there is nothing surprising in it. Prospectively, compiete execution of the resolution: and we have it may be said, with literal truth, that the educa reason to believe that the same liberality which tion of the Valley of the Mississippi, is the edu

has sustained us bitherto, will be still shown. cation of our country; our course is not, there- || Every western wind brings to us impassioped fore, to be regarded in the light of dictation or

appeals from the people beyond the mountains, interference. It is a matter of common and mo

and they are our brethren. Whatever of kindmentous interest, that western education should

ness and favor is not in their hands abounds in be thorough, Christian, and universal. The

their hearts. It is a common cause; and though American people constitute one body, though they may say, in view of our happy and prosmany members, and from the very nature of our

perous institutions- This matter belongeth unto compact, if one member suffer, all the members thee; they say, also, in view of their own critical must suffer with it.

relations-Arise, and do it, and we will be with

thee. 2. We may also advert to the evidence which

8. Sunday schools must prepare the way for has been already furnished, that Sunday schools efforts in other departments of benevolence. A are precisely fitted to our great purpose. So modern writer,* of more than ordinary popular. manifestly has this appeared to enlightened citi-lity, assuming that a general rectification of doczens of the west, that they have cordially wel trine and practice, and a revival of primitive comed our agency in every form; and it is to Christianity, are actually about to take place, inmuch of the success of our plans is to be attri- | quires.what preliminary measures might be an

ticipated, as the necessary means of giving irrebuted.

sistible force and universal spread to such a re3. We have cheering tokens that the sacred formation? “What,” he says, “but the placing influence of Sunday schools is making sure and of the sacred canon, the arbiter of all dispute, silent progress. In the midst of a section of the

and the fountain of all motive, previously in the state of Indiana, which, since our resolution | hands of the people of every country?" passed, was an unbroken forest, an agent was Surely, we may reply—the universal adoption passing from one log cabin to another, when he

of some cheap and easy system of teaching, by came to a spot on which the timber was just which they shall be enabled to read the sacred felled, and lay strewed around in every direc canon with facility and intelligence; and that tion. In the midst of this humbled glory of the system is found, and, so far as we know, only forest

, a rude dwelling had been put up, and a found, in Sunday schools. few rods from it he found an interesting little 9. The conviction that error, darkness, and girl

, in her playhouse, built of moss, diligently || bondage, prevail where truth, light and freedom preparing her Sunday school lesson. Her broth

are not found, furnishes a powerful incentive to er was hearing her recite this passage of wonder continued exertion. The education of western ful impori-He called his name Jesus. The children is not neglected. Far from it. The words were upon her tongue before they discov means of both intellectual and moral training are ered the stranger's approach, and he could not

afforded, upon certain conditions, in great but exclaim The wilderness and the solitary | abundance and perfection. Colleges and the place is glad for them, and the desert already higher seminaries of learning have been silenty rejoices and blossoms as the rose.

built up at many of the chief cities and central 4, Without further and higher efforts we towns. Courteous and winning manners. unshall lose that we have gained. The schools we wearied kindness to the sick and distressed, and have established, are in the midst of a scattered great liberality in the erection and endowment of and unsettled population-violent prejudices sur churches and schools, have excited the surprise round them their importance is' but partially and gained the confidence of the unwary. The appreciated teachers are few; leaders, by best of teachers are secured by the highest comwhose boldness and patience, others are encour pensation, and the parent who desires the best aged and upheld, are rare, and suspicion and advantages for his son or daughter, seeks of misrepresentation attach to our object, our mea course the best teachers, and often without resures, and our men. In such circumstances, it is gard to other, and infinitely more important in. safficiently obvious that our course must be up

terests which he puts in jeopardy. And hence ward or downward; we must be constantly on principles and institutions, utterly hostile to those the advance, or on the retreat.

which are the glory and defence of our country, 5. God has given us the rantave ground. Our are gaining strength and influence, day by day. means, and our mode of applying them, have

A direct resistance would only aggravate the been tried and proved. Every good school we

evil. Darkness must be dissipated by light. have established is a trumpet-tongued advocate, Truth must be put upon the achievement of her whose eloquence costs us nothing and is never

* Douglass.


sure and complete triumph. And to this end we whose presence always animated the discouragmust have good schools, and we must have them ed--whose energy always strengthened the every where. The Bible must form the basis of weak, how cordially and vigorously did he enter popular instruction; and the liberty with which with us upon the Mississippi enterprise, and yet Christ makes free, must be proclaimed through how early and mysteriously have his earthly our valleys, and upon the tops of our mountains; purposes been cut off. How soon are his hope from sea to sea, and from sbore to shore; and we and faith exchanged for scenes and songs of must do it and must do it now. For,

heavenly glory. Finally, our power to affect, essentially and

Let us be confident, however, of this one happily, the best interests of our country, is hut thing, that whether our eyes behold it or not, the momentary. Corruption and ignorance come in instiution, to whose support we now renewedly upon us from foreign shores like a flood. Con- pledge ourselves, will ultimately become, if it fusion and discord and violence prevail among has not already become, like the tree which the our own citizens, and in our high places. Our monarch of Babylon saw in the visions of the constitutions are indeed strong; but the firmest night-"I grew and was strong, and the height bands are loosened, and the proudest strength Thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight reduced by successive convulsions. Irreligion, thereof to the end of all the earth. The leaves and the general corruption of the press, will thereof were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and make appalling havoc among such institutions as in it was meat for all." ours; and if God forsakes us, our loftiest battlements will reel to and fro, and what are now ad

MASSACHUSETTS SABBATH SCHOOL UNION. mired as the monuments of our glory, will only serve to accumulate the disastrous ruin.

The seventh annual meeting of the Union was Public sentiment is now worth something. It has done nobly in the contest with intemperance.

holden at the vestry in Park Street Church, on It can do nobly for the cause of religious educa the 30th of May, 1832. After the reading and tion. Let it only be enlightened, and urged on acceptance of the usual reports, the Board of then, and let no man say—it is enough-Ull

Managers brought forward a proposition for a every inbabitant of our country can read his own Bible, and every child's name is registered on

separation between the two denominations, the roll-book of a Sunday school.

which have heretofore been associated in the The impression which this hasty review of Union. After a full consideration of the subject, another year's transaction leaves on the mind

conducted with much harmony and good feeling, of the Board, and which we desire to have made on the minds of all our fellow-laborers in this it was agreed that the interests of each denomigood cause, is that of gratitude and confidence. nation would be promoted hy separate action; a Our strength is renewed for another year of care

divison was accordingly unanimously voted. and toil; hut how fearful is the uncertainty who of us shall be among the living at its close. That

Immediately after this result, a meeting of the man of God, who stood with us here but one Congregational life members and delegates of short twelvemonth since, and who urged us with the late Union was called, at which it was reso much eloquence and feeling. to labor more

solved to organize a new association, for the diligently and directly for the salvation of souls, has ceased from among men, and has a place

promotion of Sabbath schools in this Cominonwith those who, through much tribulation, have wealth. This new organization is called The entered into the kingdom of God. And het too, Massachusetts Sabbath School Society.

The Depository of this Society is at No. 24, * Rev. Joseph Sanford. | Rev. Dr. Cornelius. Cornhill.



tell you what is in our hearts, of our situatioti,

and of our want of help in carrying on the great At the annual meeting of the London Mis work of our heavenly Father among us. sionary Society, in 1831, the following address You have heard of us, I suppose, from your was delivered by Rev. Peter Jones, a Cana

poor children in the province of Upper Canada;

for many of your children, your sons, and your dian chief, a preacher of the Wesleyan connec daughters, have gone from this country to settle tion.

down amongst us in that part of the world. A

great while ago we saw no white people; we Fathers, brothers and sisters, the Great Spirit, were not acquainted with our white brothers and who now looks down upon us, has brought us sisters; we roved by ourselves in the wilderness, together this day to meet in this house. The

living hy hunting and fishing. We caught the Great Spirit, who has put it into our hearts to deer, the bear, and the bearer, and by these anicome together this day, on this occasion, has mals we and our children subsisted; but a great sent his good Spirit into your hearts, and into while ago, I cannot tell how many vears, your my heart, and we, therefore, all rejoice in meet fathers came over to our country, while we were ing together. am a poor Indian from North America, in bands to shake hands with us, and we shook

sitting in ons wigwams, and stretched out their the province of Upper Canada. I have come hands with them as brethren. They then made to you, fathers, brothers and sisters, for the pur- known to us their

desire to sit down by our sides, pose of telling you what the Great Spirit has They said they wished to have a little part of done for us, and what he is still doing, and we l our lands, and we immediately moved a little

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farther on, and gave place to your forefathers, || road to heaven. I hope that we shall all meet and ever since your forefathers came amongst together in our Father's house, where we shall us, we have been on good terms and good friend-be all one in Christ Jesus. This is all I have to ship with them.

say. But let me tell you some things that have transpired since your fathers came among us.

RLV. WILLIAM ELLIS' APPEAL. Before they came we had no kpowledge, no idea, of the fire-waters, what you call whiskey. The following is extracted from a sermon, We were strangers to these things, but some or preached before the London Missionary Society, your wicked fathers brought the poison among us,

at Craven Chapel, May 12, 1831. It will be and what has been the consequences of its introdoction! Why, it has been poisoning us it has

read with more interest from the fact, that the been killing us one after another, and now we writer is personally known lo many of our are left only a handful to weep over the graves churches in this country. and the ruins of our foretathers, and to have sorrow in our hearts. But I do not mention this,

Fathers and mothers, members of Christian my Christian friends, with any thing in my heart churches,-next 10 those of the love of God, let 10 reproach you, because I think it was some of

the first ideas your lovely children imbibe be your white heathens that brought this to us.

missionary ideas. Tell them of the cruelties About eight years ago, the handlul of us that heathen parents practise towards their infants; had been left, heard of the name of Jesus Christ.

and when, at the morning hour, and in the twiMissionaries came among us, and they pointed light of the evening, they clasp a mother's knee, out the way of eternal life. They told us that

and learn to lisp the firsi accents of prayer, leach we had wicked hearts, and that we must repent them to pray also for the children whose parents of our sius. They told us that the Great Spirit know noi God. And if God bless your efforts, had sent his son, Jesus Christ, to die for poor and hear your prayers, for their conversion Indians as well as for white people, and that, if

teach them to regard the conversion of the world we would give our hearts to this Savior, he as the noblest object to which their days can be would have mercy upon is.

We attended to

devoled. Think not of the pain of parting with their words; we called upon God, and he heard them, think of the everlasting happiness that may our prayers, and made' our hearts very glad.resul-of the love of Christ, and of the love of Now, these poor Indians, who had long lived in

God, who gave his only, his beloved Son for us. drunkenness, worship the Great Spirit, like as Let our churches hönor their principles, and you do in this city. Every morning, noon, aud their ancestors, the inen who, rather than sacrinight, the Indians in Canada bow the knee before

fice principle, left their homes-pursued their way the Great Spirit, and they talk to our Father in across the then comparatively untraversed deep heaven, and he hears the Indian's cry; and he ll -sought an asylum in the dreary wilderness of gives to him those things which make his heart America-reared their forest sanctuary-and, in very glad.

the strength of principle, laid the foundation of We have now about ten or eleven missionary that state, which is now (aking its firm stand by stations in Canada, under the charge of the your side among the nations of the earth. We Methodist society, and three or four under the

are, and we ever must be, one with America, in care of the Church of England. The work of a manner in which we can be with no other nathe Lord amongst us is going on very rapidly: tion; and the missionary cnterprise will multiply We might increase our labors to a very great and strengthen the bonds of our union. Already extent if we had only the means, but, on account the descendants of the pilgrims, and the sons of of not having those means which are necessary those churches that sustained the storm at home, lo establish schools and inissionary stations, we imbibing the spirit of their tathers-parlakers of are very much tied in our hands, so that we can: one faith, replenished from the same fountain of not help our poor Indian brethren who are yet love-have kindled their torch at the same lamp destituie of the comforts of religion, and are of Divine truth, and tracing their way in lines of ignorant of Jesus Christ. We have fifteen light across the moral darkness of the world, anschools amongst us, where Indian children are

nounce to the nations the day-spring from on laught to read in English, and many of our boys high. These churches have not been the first in and girls can now read, and they begin to talk

the work; it will not be accomplished by them on paper, and send it to one another.

alone; but God appears to have designed promi. I am very glad, my Christian friends, to meet nently 10 einploy the churches ot Britain and you, and to see what you are doing for the America, in the first stages of that diffusion of spreading of the gospel among the poor benight- 1) the gospel which shall terminate in the universal ed nations of the earth. I heartily wish you suc reign of Messiah. We feel the influence of the cess, and I pray that God may bless and own exertions of our brethren in America—hey are your efforts in so good a cause. I am glad to susceptible of a corresponding impulse from ours; be present at your meeting, so that I may have let iliat impulse be proportioned 10 our station it within my power, when I go back among my and our means. people, to tell them what I have seen in this This cause, also, appeals to those who direct great city, and what I have heard coming out of the movemenis of that institution whose annual your hearts, from time to time, in this place. I festival we now celebrate. There are many am glad to know that God is no respecter of|| whose day, for foreign service, is past, and whose persons, but that he is inerciful to all; that he bas wisdom, matured by years, is best employed at provided his good religion for all; not only for the Board of Direction. But there are others, our white friends, but for us poor Indians: for 1 young, or in the prime of life. Let them inquire find, since I have been among the white people, whether, in dependence on the presence of the that the same hopes fill both our hearts, and il Redeemer, it be not their duty io go forth, for find the same experience in the Indian's heart as five, seven, or ten years, not to visit, but to take in yours. We all rejoice in one Spirit, in one up their abode with the laborers, and 10 combine Lord, in one God, and all walk together in one their energies in the culture of the missionary

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field. Their arrival will be cordially welcomed when the act of uniformity passed, produced as their presence will aid and cheer their breth. effect upon the church as salutary as it was powren, and, on their return, their informalion and erful? Who does not perceive that this triumph experience will be of the highest value in the di of principle, in the arrangements of divine Prorrection of the operations of the society. There idence, prepared the materials and formed the are those who, unable to go themselves, have, in basis on which the foundation of this society was the spirit of that work on which they deliberate, laid? The actual state of the world presents an given up their children; and though they have occasion, on which the successors of ihese noble served the cause faithfully, and efficienily, by || and devoted men may, under happier auspices, their contributions and their counsel, they have give an equally powerful proof of the value of thus given a demonstration of their sincerity, principle, and the importance they attach to the which all understand and acknowledge, and universal diffusion of the gospel. There are which has not been without its effect on the some whose minds are not unoccupied by this church. Whatever they feel, they will never re- || subject; may God add to their number, and lead gret it; it will plant no thorn on a dying pillow. I them forth to the work! but may shed a ray of light on the past, and Students for the Christian ministry, on whom, may enliven the anticipations of the future with

under God, the hopes of the church are fixed for brighter visions of the Redeemer's glory; and the the diffusion of the gospel, it is impossible that nearer they approach to eternity, and the more they realize the blessedness of the gospel, the remain in the nation in which your lot is cast


you should not inquire, whether it is your duty to more grateful they will feel that, while their la- land where the means of Christian instruction are, bors draw to a close, their children are already || comparatively, so abundant, or to go to other engaged in some of the most important depari- | nations perishing for lack of knowledge. I say ments of the work. And there are many others; nothing of inclination, for inclinction only would ministers and laymen, who would feel grateful be a foundation on the sand, but a regard to the to behold their offspring thus engaged. May the

command, from which alone we can derive auLord pour out the spirit of the fathers upon the thority io preach the gospel anywhere. children, and make them a seed to serve him.

That it is the duty of some io supply the ra. Ministers of Jesus Christ, I feel that it would cant churches, and 10 plant others al home, is better become me to take my seat at the feet of readily admitled; but of all the students preparsome Gamaliel, than to address myself to you;ing for the work of the ministry among the deyet I should but in part discharge my solemn nominations by which this institution is supporttrust this day, were I not respecttully, but eam ed, is it possible that it can be the duty of only estly, to invite your attention to this subject. fifteen or twenty to prepare for preaching the

Nurtured by your care, sustained by your in gospel to three-fourths of the population of the • Auence and your prayers, and strengthened by globe? To what are we lo atiribule this con

your efforts, this sacred cause has attained the paratively small number training for missionary stature, and the energy, it now unfolds, and ou work? I am unwilling to suppose it arises from you devolves the sacred trust of leading it on declining piely or devotedness, and must again ward, in its career of conflict and of iriumph. express a belief, that in a great degree it results The churches will respond to your call, and from want of a due consideration of the subjeci. move at your bidding, but cannot be expected You, my beloved brethren, have no pastoral conto go before you. On you devolves the solemn nections to dissolve, and are exempt from a shouresponsibility, which he, who walks amidst the sand ties, that bind to England many already in golden candlesticks, has given, to arouse and the ministry. You seek the sphere of greatest direct the energies which Christendom shall yet need and smallest help. The world is all before put forth for Him who hath purchased his church you; turn not your eyes from its miseries. Let with his blood. On you, the eyes of the world, this subject be contemplated by the light of reve. the eyes of those now in the field, the eyes of lation, in a humble, prayerful frame of mind, the church, the eyes of omniscient purity, espe- with a desire to know, and a readiness to follow; cially rest. Your growing attachment to this the will of God; and a far greater number of cause bespeaks the influence it has secured in students for the Christian ministry cannot fail :0 your hearts, and warrants, under God, the high-perceive it their duty to engage in teaching all est anticipations.

nations. But allow the inquiry to be proposed: are It is not to those only who have given them. there none in the Christian ministry at home, selves up to the work, ihat I would affectionately who could do more than all they have hitherto offer this recommendation, but to the youth of done, by going forth in person to the work, at British churches generallú, to those who have least for a number of years? Is it probable that, been trained to mental efforts, or who are enamong the great number of ministers, especially gaged in tuition; and if to one class more urgentof young ministers, connected with this institu- ly ihan to another, it would be to those who are tion, many of whom have not yet entered upon prosecuting, or have completed, medical studies

. the regular duties of the pastoral office, who

A missionary possessing this advantage would have all one commission to preach the gospel to be doubly valuable; he would be admilied where every

creature, it should be the duty of so many another would be rejected; he would be able to hundreds to confine themselves to one nation; impress divine truth upon the heathen mind, and the duty of only eighty or ninety to go uplo when in a state most susceptible of salutary imall the other nations of the earth? Does not the pression. The very exercise of his profession fact of so few seeing it their duty to go forth, de- would have a tendency to prepossess the heathena prive every Christian minister of one very pow- in his favor, and while seeking to alleviate the erful means of advocacy, when pressing the maladies of the body, be would have the best claims of this cause upon the churches? Can it facilities for recommending the balm of Gilead, be doubted, that the practical demonstration and leading to the great Physician of the soul

. given by the two thousand, (including some of Av individual acquainted with the use of medilish church,) who, in one day, left their pulpits, li ber of any mission; and though a pious medical the brightest lights that ever shone in the Eng-cine, would be a welcome and a valuable memo


practitioner at home may be the means of great parts of Siberia, where I have been for a number good, the present state of the world, and the ua of years, which ought to be brought before the iure of missionary establishments in every direc notice of this meeting. Had this missionary intion, urgently invite such individuals to the work, stitution existed a huudred years ago, and had and promise the most beneficial results. *

missionaries gone to those parts of the world,

they would liave found the land overrun with MISSIONARY ADDRESS.

thai form of superstition which has existed there

for many centuries; but there would not have THE following address was delivered at the been found one priest, properly so called, and thirty-eighth anniversary of the Lo lon Mission not one heathen temple desecrating the ground.

But when we went thither, fourteen years ago, ary Society, by Rev. William Swan, one of

we found nearly lwenty heathen temples rearing their missionaries to Siberia. Mr. S. is the au their heads amid the snows of Siberia, and 10 thor of "Letters on Missions," from which a

these temples were attached 4,000 priests of the number of extracts were made, in the last vol

Buddhu superstition. The simple fact is this, that if, within the last century, Christians have been making, in some parts, the greatest efforts

to propagate the truths of the gospel, the powers It is always expected that a missionary should

of darkness have not been dormant. Their cause deal more in fact than sentiment, and this I shall

has been making progress eastward and westattempt. In proposing the adoption of the report, I cannot help alluding to the tirst para

ward; and, during the period that I have now

mentioned, it has made progress in those very graph of it, which records the death of missiona

parts where missions have been established, and ries during the past year. The instruments en

perhaps, il cannot yet he said to be retrograding. ployed in this cause are mortal, but the luse il

But what we have been engaged in, we trust, seli is immortal; and He whom we serve, lives

bas at least a tendency, and we trust will soon forever. Few of the missionaries, who appeared

have the effect of turning the tide; and, instead once at the anniversary meetings of this institu

of idolatry spreading there, the light of truth will los, before proceeding to their place of destina roll southward and westward io China, that tion, returned to tell what God had wrougbt; but

grand source of idolatry, a sull smaller number returned in health or in

Perhaps I ought to state what have been our circumstances permitting them to go out a chief occupations, during the period of the estab. second time; and it is with feelings which may lishment of the mission. The scriptures, I am be better conceived than I can now express, that

happy to state, have been translated into the I regard myself as among the few who are inus

language of the Montgolian tribes-a language favored. I am again about to re-enter the field

spoken by many of the tribes 10 whom we have of missionary enterprise; and if the question be

access, and spoken within the boundaries of the put, under what impression I go oui a second

Chinese empire by millions. It is spoken and time, I would say, in a few words, under pre. read (for the books in that language are numercisely the same impressions that I went out at

ous) from the shores of the Baikal io the gates of first-the impression of duty, of imperative obli Pekin. We know that the weapon by which the gulion. The charm of noveliy may have passed monster of idolatry must be pierced, is the away, but the charm of obedience to Christ has

sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. not. The enthusiasm of both may vanish, but

That part of the scriptures which has been the visions of faith cheer us as we proceed in printed and circulated among the people, has our work. I might say (in especial reference 10 produced effects, which we, perhaps, cannot the land from which I have returned, and to properly estimate. Our part is to do the work; which I expect soon to proceed again a land of and we should ever remember that success is not which comparatively lilile is known in this coun the criterion of duty. But while we are circutry, and concerning which almost all I could say, lating the sacred volume, from day to day, the would be new, perhaps, to most persons present; light of truth is spreading to those around us in but upon the details, respecting which I cannot

various parts of the country; and we cannot now enter)-I migbi say it is a good land, and doubl but the word, in due time, will have its there is much land there to be possessed. T legitimate effect, and that Siberia will soon should expect to be hissed from this platform stretch forih her hands to God. were I to utter one note of despondency respect You may easily conceive that I fully sympa. ing the missionary cause.

There is no one part thise with ihe affectionate and tender allusion of the world, even to the utmost ends thereof, which has been made to myself and brethren in that is not given to Christ for his possession regard to the prayers which are, and, we trust, We go out to assert his claim in the midst of will continue to be offered to God for us and all idolaters. I am reminded here of the picture, other missionaries. We know that while to do which has been presented to our view by my re the work is ours, we are, at the same time, to do spected friend, who has addressed us, in regard it in the exercise of faith, the language of which to the progress of Christianity, and the state of

is prayer; and this prayer, while I believe it is the world during the last century. I fully con offered up sincerely and constantly by those who cur in what he has brought before you, and per are sent forth in this cause, must not be omitted, haps it may all be expressed in a few words

and is not omitted, by those who continue ai that the prospects of idolatry were never more home. Those who pray sincerely and fervently gloomy, and the prospects of Christianity never will work diligently. But we consider thai, more bright, than they are at this present mo while we go out and you remain at home, we ment. But there is a fact, in reference to those are engaged in one cause, and are fellow-ser

vants of the same Lord—that Lord before whom * Some of the most favorable opportunities that

we must all soon appear either as those who have recently occurred for communicating the gos. went, or as those who sent to the help of the pel to the heathen, have been presented in connec

Lord' against the mighty: we must either go or Lion with the rendering of medical aid.

send. Those who go must necessarily be fole VOL. XXVIII


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